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									How to maintain your Electronic Cigarettes?
   E-cigs like any other electronic devices should have proper care and must be
   maintained to ensure that all its parts are in an excellent performance. Here are
   some tips to remember in maintaining your electric cigarette.

1. It has replaceable parts so if it needs replacement, do it as soon as possible to
   avoid potential risk in the future.

2. Read the manufacturer's label so that you will know what the parts that needs
   replacement, refilling and cleaning.

3. To avoid defective battery you will only recharge if it has no more charge in it.

4. You can clean the battery with a cotton and alcohol because there are some parts
   of the battery that may accumulate dirt.

5. The batteries and the atomizer must not dip in any liquid because it may cause
   the malfunctioning of the device.

6. Its charger must also be kept properly and cleaned regularly to prolong its
   optimum use.

   Although there are still risks when using fake cigarettes, these risks can be
   overshadowed if eventually it would make you quit smoking. Compared to actual
   cigarettes, electronic ones contain much lesser amount of nicotine thus safer yet
   they remain to satisfy nicotine cravings. They do not give off offensive smoke that
   could not only damage the user but also the people around him. And since
   electronic cigarettes do not give off smoke like regular cigarettes, you can
   practically use it anywhere you want to without getting reprimanded or even
They are also environmentally friendly because it does not require paper for its
wrap or butts thus it lessens the need to cut trees for paper. Also, e-cigarettes are
much cheaper compared to buying packs of cigarettes every day.
Various electronic cigarettes reviews says that it is one of the best way to control
your habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Different electronic cigarettes reviews
say that by decreasing the level of nicotine in your cigarette time by time can
decrease your habit of inhaling nicotine in your body.

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