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Malta, 30 Aug – 01 Sep 2011

                MNO Cloud Use Cases

  Source: Rogers Wireless
  Contact: Ed O’Leary (,
  George Babut (
• This document provides a brief description of
  the first Cloud Use Case from the List of
  potential Cloud Use Cases relevant to LI Work
  shown on slide 3

Rogers Wireless     MNO Cloud Use cases           2
       List of Potential Cloud Use Cases
               relevant to LI Work
•   Use Case 1: File Sharing Service with single MNO
•   Use Case 2: MNO uses a Cloud server
•   Use Case 3: MNO uses a Cloud server that provides redirection
•   Use Case 4: The MNO hosts a cloud in its network
•   Use Case 5: SMB or Enterprise use multiple MNO networks
•   Use Case 6: Same as Use Case 5, but each MNO has a Cloud
    Server that proxies (extension of Use Case 2)
•   Use Case 7: Same as use case 6, however MNO cloud server
    provides redirection (extension of Use Case 2a) to the 3rd party
    cloud App server
•   Use Case 8: SMB or Enterprise use multiple MNO with their own
    Clouds (extension of Use Case 5)
•   Use Case 9: Enterprise extension to the cloud
•   Use Case 10: Local Break out
• Note: This is not an exhaustive list of use cases

Rogers Wireless             MNO Cloud Use cases                        3
                      Use Case 1
• MNO offers a cloud service, File Sharing Service, see
  “Dropbox” as a real world example
• The service can be white labelled by the MNO, such that
  the user does not know its from a third party
• The third party can choose its own third party provider for
  the service hosting
• The MNO may be a converged operator providing may
  access domains (3gpp, Non 3gpp, wireline, cable,
• There are various business models offering the service
  which provide different architectures and implementations

Rogers Wireless         MNO Cloud Use cases                     4
                  Regulatory Domain
• Each regulatory Domain may have some
  constraints on the service delivery
• The File Sharing cloud infrastructure may be
  required to operate in the same domain as
  the LEA pending the delivery or lack of
  delivery of LI information

Rogers Wireless       MNO Cloud Use cases        5
                                                               Use Case 1
                                                                                                                                                  Laptop computer
                               Broadband modem
              IBM Compatible

                                                           Cable Services

                  Radio tower                                                                                                 Cloud


       Laptop computer

                                      Radio tower

                                                                            LI Server

       Laptop computer                                                                                   3 rd party Cloud Service
                         Cell phone


                                                                                                                       Raid drive

                                                                                                                 Example Cloud Service
                                                                                                                 ie File Sharing Service
                                                                                                                       like Dropbox
                                                                                        LEA Collection

Rogers Wireless                                                         MNO Cloud Use cases                                                                         6
                  Use Case 1 Description
                         (1 of 3)
• In this case, a Small medium business (SMB) has opted to
  use File sharing Service for all its users. An MNO was
  selected that provides Broadband and Wireless
  connectivity and provides an integrated service across both
  domains of it users to access files,
• Read write and delete privileges are controlled by an Admin
  determined by the SMB for each user.
• This may or not be controlled by the MNO, but by
  preconfigured access rules to the Service. (ie initial setup)
• The MNO may have an Admin facility to the Cloud Service
  for user support (ie user set up configuration, clean up,
  network size, debug and problem resolution)

Rogers Wireless         MNO Cloud Use cases                   7
                  Use Case 1 Description
                         (2 of 3)
• The service may use encryption from the application
  on the users device and provide end to end
  encryption from the application to the server.
• The files stored on the File Sharing Server may be
  encrypted (end to end security from user to user)
• The MNO may provide the encryption services
• The Cloud Service provider may provide the
  encryption service
• The user may provide its own encryption service

Rogers Wireless         MNO Cloud Use cases             8
                  Use Case 1 Description
                         (3 of 3)
• In this use case a third party service is used and
  that party has hosted the service on another third
  party application server.
• The Third party Service resides in a country not in
  the regulatory domain of the MNO nor LEA
• The third party APP Server is also not in the same
  regulatory domain as the MNO
• The service is setup that allows a user while not
  on the MNO network, to access the File sharing
  via another access domain ( ie Internet Cafe)
Rogers Wireless         MNO Cloud Use cases         9
                           Use Case 1 LI Issues
                                 (1 of 2)
• While in the MNO domain, LI on the target is captured
• When the target is not on the MNO domain, and accessing the File Share,
  LI may not be captured.
     – The third party APP Server, may be in a different Regulatory Domain
          • Regulatory procedures may block LI capture
                  – Legal proceeding to block access, or to restrict information collected
                  – Divulgence of the LI action can occur in the legal proceeding
                  – Safe harbour risk management
     – The third party APP Server is in the same Regulatory Domain, but may be
       running an Application from a Third party Service Provider that is not in the
       same Regulatory Domain
                  – Same as above
                  – May not have access to the files or file system (application rules, application space, and or
                    encryption, files may be store in a non native structure)
• The 3rd party APP Server may not have LEA interfaces to support LI
• The 3rd party Service provider may not provide LI access features or

Rogers Wireless                             MNO Cloud Use cases                                                     10
                          Use Case 1 LI Issues
                                (2 of 2)
• Use case example, Insider trading
     – User uses the internet cafe to post insider trading in the File Share, and
       deletes posts afterward.
• A warrant has already been issued on the suspected target prior to the
  insider trading.
     – Any and all traffic on the MNO is captured.
          • Analysis of the existing data leads LEA to issue further warrants
                  – Since the MNO is not supposed to know what going on, the Cloud service provider information
                    may not have been passed to LEA
• A warrant to third party APP, may only provide a snap shot of the system
  the day the warrant was issued.
     – This warrant may be late, or delivery may be late
•    A warrant to the 3rd party Service provider, may provide a snap shot at the
    time the warrant was issued.
     – Log files may not be provided,
     – the file in question may not be retrieval able.

Rogers Wireless                           MNO Cloud Use cases                                                 11
• There are cloud-specific LI aspects to be
  studied in SA3-LI
• It’s up to the group to discuss and decide how
  the work in this area should be tackled
• This is one of the basic use cases that we’ve
  identified, we should look also at the other
  identified use cases as per slide 3

Rogers Wireless       MNO Cloud Use cases      12

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