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					Significant Events in
   the History of

The University of
 West Alabama
         Early History: 1835-1900
• 1835     Livingston Female Academy
           and Livingston Female
           Seminary founded on
                                          July 4, 1836
           February 22.
                                        Trustees elected
• 1839     First students admitted.      Judge Samuel
• 1840     Livingston Female Academy
                                        Dr. J. L. McCants
           incorporated by Alabama
                                         Seaborn Mims
           Legislature; deed recorded   William P. Beers
           in Sumter County Probate     Willis Crenshaw
           Court from J. W. Hawthorn     A. S. Arrington
           to Trustees for two acres.    R. F. Houston
Name is changed to
Livingston Collegiate Institute.

First diploma awarded to Miss
Elizabeth Houston of Livingston.
• Name changed to Livingston Female Academy.
• Men barred from attending the Academy.
                                Julia Strudwick Tutwiler becomes
                                co-principal then first president
                                 • Served for 29 years, the longest of any president
                                 • UWA’s only female president
                                 • Wrote the Alabama state song

During Miss Julia’s tenure…
• 1882   The first Legislative appropriation is received ; it is the
         first from any southern state for the education of women
• 1883 – Name changes to Alabama Normal College for Girls and
         Livingston Female Academy
• 1886   Sumter County becomes a “dry” county as the result of
         Miss Julia’s involvement in the Temperance Movement.

• Name is changed to Alabama
  Normal College for Girls and
  Livingston Female Academy
                 The 20th Century
                 Part 1: 1900-1950
• 1900 – Men are admitted
• 1901 – First diploma is awarded
  to a male student, Frank L. Grove

                      Clipping of
                      retirement from
                      28 years of
                      service to the
                      Association – The
                      Birmingham News
                      June 17, 1956

                                          Grove’s Diploma
      1907           • The institution becomes a public
                       institution controlled by the State
                       of Alabama

      1908           • First alumni association is organized

• The first Webb
    Hall, built in
  1895, burns. It
   is pictured at
                                 Dr. G. W. Brock becomes
                                 president, serving until 1936
                                  • Dr. Brock bought the famous Webb Hall rocking
                                  • Dr. Brock was known for rigid rules but was loved
                                    by students

During Dr. Brock’s tenure…
• The university expands from 4 to 35 acres
• Foust, Bibb Graves and Brock Halls are constructed; Webb Hall is
• Enrollment breaks 500 for the first time in the school’s history
• Local Greek societies begin to appear on campus                    Students in Brock’s Era
• First yearbook (Calyx) is published
• First alumni meeting is held

•   School becomes the Alabama Normal College and
    School of Arts for Women, under the control of a state-
    wide Board of Trustees of State Normal Schools
•   Men are again barred from attendance
•   Webb Hall is rebuilt in
    halves, with about a
    year between each half
1914   • The second Webb Hall burns

1915   • Men are readmitted
       • Name changes to State Normal School,
         Livingston, Alabama
       • The third and current Webb Hall is built and
         occupied, though funding does not allow for
         it to be completed until 1926
       • Institution is placed under the
1919     supervision of the State Board of

1922   • Kilby Hall built as a new elementary
          school building

1929   • The name is changed to State
         Teachers College (STC), Livingston,
       • The College is authorized to grant
         Bachelor of Science degrees

1930    • Bibb Graves Hall is built to house
          administrative offices, classrooms,
          and an auditorium
 • First football team is
   formed of students
   and local boys

• Local Greek societies begin to appear on campus
                                 Dr. N. F. Greenhill becomes
                                 president, serving until 1944
                                  • Dr. Greenhill led faculty in the reorganization of the
                                    teacher-education program
                                  • The tiger mascot appeared first during his tenure.

During Dr. Greenhill’s tenure…
• STC is one of the first institutions in the State to receive
  accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  – 1938
• First collegiate sports are played – 1938
• A Director of Athletics is added to the University faculty
                                                                      Students in Greenhill’s Era
• First homecoming football game
  is played
• L-Club is formed

• Baseball team wins Alabama
  Inter-Collegiate Conference
                                   L-Club in 1962
• Tiger mascot is born when the
  basketball team is called the
  “Ramblin’ Tigers”
• Alma Mater is first sung at assembly
• Marching band is formed
• First student newspaper is published
  (Livingston Life)
                          Dr. W. W. Hill becomes president,
                          serving until 1954
                           • His efforts in recruitment helped raise
                             enrollment from 92 to 431 within two years.
                           • Was known for his public relations skills.

During Dr. Hill’s tenure…
• 1944   First off-campus classes are taught in Mobile
         and Butler.
• 1947   The institution is authorized to grant
         Bachelor of Arts degrees.
         Faculty and course offerings are expanded.
• 1952   Tiger Stadium is built.
                                                             Students in Hill’s era
                   The 20th Century
                  Part II: 1951-1999

• Tiger Stadium is constructed on
  filled in land previously known as
  “Crawdad Creek.”

                                  • Birmingham News says
                                    Livingston is “known as the
                                    friendly college.”
                        Dr. D. P. Culp becomes president,
                        serving until 1963
                          • Had a talent for “stretching a dollar.”
                          • Made efforts to guard students’ “moral
                            and ethical lives.”

During Dr. Culp’s tenure…
• Many buildings are added on campus:
  Faculty Apartments, Patterson Apartments, the Julia
  Tutwiler Library, Young Cafeteria, Sisk Hall and Pruitt Hall.
• The school achieves NCATE accreditation and SACS
• The first master’s degrees are awarded in 1959.
                                                                  Students in Culp’s era
1957   • Name is changed to Livingston State

1958   • Graduate Division and master’s
         degrees in education are authorized

1961   • The institution is first in Alabama to
         receive accreditation by the National
         Council for Accreditation of Teacher
                            • Julia Tutwiler Library is
                              constructed, opened in 1962

• The Society of the Golden Key is founded
                           • Dr. John E. Deloney becomes
                             president, serving until 1972
                       •    Enrollment reaches an all-time high and faculty
                       •    Institution divides into four colleges: Arts and
                            Sciences, Business, Education, and the
                            Graduate School.

• During Dr. Deloney’s tenure…
•   Programs in Early Childhood Education and a graduate
    program in Guidance and Counseling are added.
•   Master’s in Continuing Education and Educational
    Specialist degrees are offered.
•   1963–The Society of the Golden Key is founded.
                                                             Students in Deloney’s era
• Tau Kappa Epsilon becomes the first national
     fraternity on campus and the first national
   fraternity on any campus of the former state
                   normal colleges.
• Liza Howard is UWA’s first African-
  American student
     Majoring in elementary education, she
     graduated in 1969, then earned her
     master’s degree in education from
     Livingston State University.
     She retired from the Sumter County
     School System in 2001 after 30
     dedicated years.
                   • Legislature approves name change to
   1967              Livingston State University

• James D. Crawford writes a new Alma Mater
• The word “state” is removed from the official university
The Tigers win the National Association of Intercollegiate
            Athletics Football Championship
• UWA’s Covered Bridge is dedicated on campus. Built in
  1861, it is one of the oldest covered bridges in Alabama.
  It was moved to campus from the Alamuchee Creek by
  the Sumter County Historical society.
                             • Dr. Asa N. Green becomes president,
                               serving until 1993
                               • He was an avid supporter of athletics,
                                 serving on the Executive Committee of the
                               • He continues to be active in the community.

• During Dr.Green’s tenure…
•   1981   Bachelor of Science in Technology degree is established.
•   1987   Technology Division is established.
•   1993   Livingston University Foundation is established.
•   1993   University is reorganized: College of Natural Sciences
           and Mathematics, College of Business, College of Liberal
           Arts, Division of Nursing, and College of Education.
                                                                      Students in Green’s Era
The Division of Nursing is established
and placed under the supervision of
Dr. Dagmar Brodt, Frederick Brodt,
Celeste Kaul and Sylvia Homan.
Students have class on campus and
work at the Sumter County Memorial
 Pictured L-R are Kaul, Homan, Dr. Brodt, and Mr. Brodt

  1975           • The institution sees its first nationally broadcast
                   athletic event, NCAA Division II Football
                   Playoff, on ABC

  1978           • Women’s intercollegiate athletics are
• First microcomputers appear on campus
• 1984    Jody Wise is elected first female
          president of the Student
          Government Association

• 1985    Bobby Warren is elected first
          African-American president
          of the Student Government Association

   Bobby Warren in the Homecoming   Bobby Warren and President
              Parade                       Asa Green
                             Dr. Don C. Hines becomes
                             president, serving until 1998
                              • Served as Dean of the UWA College of
                                Business, 1981 to 1987.
                              • Promoted regional economic development.

During Dr. Hines’s tenure…
• UWA Rodeo Team is established and rodeo complex built.
• Computers introduced for use in all aspects of student life.
• Programs developed in agribusiness, forestry, and

                                                                 Students in Hines’s Era
• 1995   Name is changed to
         The University of
         West Alabama.

• 1997    UWA’s Phi Kappa Phi honor society
         chapter is chartered.
                           Dr. Ed D. Roach becomes
                           president, serving until 2002
                           • Served as Provost before becoming President
                           • Was a first-generation college graduate who
                             identified well with students

During Dr. Roach’s tenure…
•   UWA becomes the first e-Campus in the state.
•   The softball complex is built and facilities at Tartt Field
    are enhanced.
•   Construction begins on an addition to the Julia Tutwiler
                                                                  Students in Roach’s era
•   The university changes to semester system.
         A New Millennium and
    Into the Future: 2000 and Beyond

• UWA converts from the quarter system to the semester

• UWA has the most extensive network of wireless Internet
  connections in the state
• Dr. Jay Wenger (UWA faculty member) is a Fulbright
                             Dr. Richard D. Holland
                             becomes president
                              • He is the first UWA alumnus to be named
                              • He began his service to UWA as a
                                graduate assistant in 1965.

During Dr. Holland’s tenure…
• The Center for the Study of the Black Belt has been
• Online graduate and undergraduate degree programs are
  now offered.
• The Regional Center for Community and Economic
  Development and the West Alabama Regional Alliance
  have been developed.                                    Students in Holland’s era
• Regional Center for Community and Economic
  Development is established
• Dr. Jay Wenger, UWA faculty member, is a Fulbright
• Alfa Environmental Center opens

                • The University’s first female football player,
                  Tonya Butler, joins the UWA Tigers,
                  playing the position of kicker. Tonya
                  becomes the first female in recorded
                  NCAA history to successfully convert a
                  field goal.
                        Loraine McIlwain Bell
                        (right), for whom the Bell
                        Conference Center is
                        named, sits with a friend,
                        Ollie Odum, while
                        enrolled at Livingston
                        Normal College, c.1914

• Bell Conference Center opens
              • Dr. Nol Alembong of Cameroon, Africa, is
                first visiting Fulbright Scholar
              • Sucarnochee Folklife Festival begins
              • Teaching Excellence Fund is established

• Night football games
  return to campus
• UWA Baseball Team wins
  Gulf South Conference
• Men’s and women’s
  tennis returns to UWA
• Sucarnochee Revue
  radio show begins
• Enrollment reaches 3,000+
• Division of Outreach Services and
  Office of Sponsored Programs are
• Howard R. Vaughan Tennis
  Complex is dedicated
• Locker room and new dugout are
  added to Softball Complex
• “The University We Will Be” capital campaign began, the
  first in UWA history
• Program Enhancement Fund established

• Division of Educational Outreach is
  established (Center for the Study of the
  Black Belt, Continuing Education, bby

• Suttles Entrepreneurship
  Institute and Division of Online
  Programs are established
• Cross Country club house opens
• Foust Gym is converted to band room
• International Education Programs
  begin with Chinese, South Korean,
  Nicaraguan and Mexican institutions
• SGA presents bronze Tiger
• Enrollment reaches 5,000+
• Named managing partner of
  Demopolis Higher Education Center
• University acquires Wesley
  Foundation and Baptist Campus
  Ministries properties
• Faculty Leadership Development Program
  is established
• Comprehensive master facilties plan is
• Celebration of UWA’s 175th Anniversary
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