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Captain Team
First   Captain Last                                                            Camps
Name    Name         Team Name                                                  ite #
Stefanie    Steel          $2 Dealers                                                58
Meghan      Seefried       Aaron's 1255                                              22
Angie       Lopez          Austin's Bull Riding Buckaroos                             3
Stephanie   Rocero         Austin's Bull Riding Buckaroos II                          4
Riene       Banda          B of A Diablo Market                                      36
Shannon     Thatcher       Banking on a Cure                                         69
Jewel       Berger         Berger Fam                                                57
Lynn        Yanko          Birthday Party Against Cancer (old Team Yanko)           56
Gary        Kruse          BOS Walkers                                              70
Alexandra   Lopez          Bud Kickers- we kick "ash"                               53
Michelle    Henry          Cancer Coolers                                           33
Tera        Moore          Cheer Odyssey- Cheering for a Cure                       40
Angelina    Basilio        Chemofabulous                                            45
Angelina    Basilio        Chemo-fabulous                                           43
Iris        Almazan        Class of 2011                                            51
Tania       Godoy          Class of 2011 YMCA                                       52
Tera        Cardenas       Defeaters                                                65
Shanell     House          Delta Sigma Theta Sorority INC Stockton Alumnae Ch        7
Trena       Huerta         Dopaco                                                   39
Dorthy      Williams       Dopaco # 2                                               37
Carolyn     McCue          Dopaco # 3                                               35
Gina        Atad-Burgess   Edison Cheer                                             42
Ami         Hernandez      FRRC Mad Hatters                                          2
Sheri       Garland        Garlandgirlz                                             28
Lorena      Contreras      Gig Steppers                                              9
Regina      Le             Hope-Faith-Love-Cure                                     38
Tanisha     McCoy          Imperial Walkers                                         62
Candace     Wiliams        Journey For A Cure                                       30
Renee       Ramerez        Jul's Heart and Sole                                     16
Debra       Albury         Justice League of ACS                                    11
Nicholas    Closs          Kidz Against Cancer                                      24
Tamera      Bass           Krewe For A Cure                                         12
Christie    Hill           Larry's Lifesavers                                       60
Alma        Fuentes        Latinos Contra El Cancer                                 27
Erica       Mendoza        Life is "Pretty"                                         17
Luanne      Romero         LuLuLaTush Striders                                      66
Tonie       Hernandez      Making Waves                                             15
Sandy       Stoddard       MASH                                                     13
Melissa     Sory           Mel and Co                                               18
Juanita     Khan           Midtown Youth Advisory Board                             55
Cliff       Stevens       Neumiller Sunguards                                23
Rachele     Debow         Oak ValleyCancer Busters                           68
Victoria    Azevedo       One cup at a time.                                 25
Tony        Vadon         Parents By Choice                                  34
Irene       Andrada       Phi Delta Chi                                      47
Shanna      Johnson       Port City Roller Girls                             19
Nancy       Pots          Power Surges                                       21
Bev         Bernhardson   Racing For A Cure with Target                      41
Dionysia    Mitchell      Shenanigans and Debauchery                         48
Kimberly    Juarez        Shoot for a goal to find a cure                    50
Cindy       Snider        SnideRemarks                                       44
                          Starbucks - 8979&6970
Jamie       Welsh                                                            25
Allison     Takechi       Stockton Collegiate International Schools          54
Novia       Amadore       Stockton Eastern Star and Family                   49
Laurie      Hallquist     Team Hallquist of Prudential CA Reality            34
Theresa     Moreno        Team Jacob                                         31
Elizabeth   Flores        Team Kohls                                         29
Felice      Hernandez     Team Lepe                                          14
Charlene    Alvarez       Team PG&E/Latino ERG                                5
Myeesha     Posovio       Team Rasberry                                      46
Ashley      Fenton        Team Sierra                                        63
Christina   Schuchard     Team Sierra 2                                      64
Lethia      Hill          Unique Visions Dance Company- A very merry b-day    6
Angie       Smith         Walgreens- Stockton                                20
Sharan      Racho         Wanner Family Team                                 10
Fight Back Moment

Childhood cancer- rhabdomyosarcoma
Childhood cancer- rhabdomyosarcoma

Anti-Tobacco Awareness

Brain cancer awareness

Skin Cancer Awareness

Colon Cancer Awareness
Ependymoma Cancer Awareness

Physical Activity

Exercise Your Lifestyle- Wii Stay Fit to Fight Back

Breast cancer awareness- self mammogram info
Services & Support program Awareness
Effects of Lung Cancer

Importance of Exercise Awareness

Skin cancer awareness- sunscreen hand out

Skin Cancer Awareness
ACS Services- Hair Donations

Non Hodkins Lymphoma

Self check methods for breast cancer awareness
Cancer prevention broachers

Physical Activity and Cancer Prevention

Testicular /Ovarian Cancer

Skin Cancer Awareness
Food Fight- Nutrition Awareness

Tobacco Cancer
Tobacco Cancer
Nutrition and Fitness Awareness
Oral cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness
Onsite Fundraiser                                            Activity

Raffle baskets, beverage sales, glow bracelets               Face Painting (maybe)
Raffle baskets, beverage sales, glow bracelets               Face Painting (maybe)

Raffle, Chocolate frozen bananas

Zipper Pulls and Book Mark sales

John Deer Wagon Raffle and snack sales

Raffle, hand made bracelets, glow sticks/necklaces           Bean bag toss
Soda/ water sales and hand knitted hats                      Mini obstacle course

Hourly Raffle, Fight Like a Girl Key Chains, Wii fit games   Wii game fit challenges

Photos w/props                                               Photos
Raffles, cupcake, ice cream and wine glass sales
Superhero crafts, gum and sucker sales                       Kids Crafts

Basket raffle and flat screen raffle
Mexican food sales

Yard sale, coffee, donuts and hot chocolate sales            Boat races for kids

Dinner for Days Raffle- 7 Gc's for 7 Different Restaurants
Hair extensions

Raffle for thunder hockey mini-pack, bike (?), hot sauce sales   Bowling

Beach Cruiser Bike Raffle                                        Soccer hole in one

Coffee sales
Nerf gun target shooting and two crew serenades                  Nerf gun target shooting

Popcorn or Cotton Candy sales                                    Sun visor decorating
Raffle, trail mix buffet, water & food sales

Cupcakes & cold/hot tea. Tea Party Reservations                  Royal Croquet Game
Temporary tattoos and hair paint                                 Temporary tattoos and hair paint
"In the Pink" Raffle

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