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Management Strategy for
 Salon’s and Day Spa’s
Facts about Arbonne
• Arbonne was developed in Switzerland in 1975 by a
  man named Petter Mork; and came to the U.S. in 1980.

• Arbonne has over 300 botanically based products
  formulated in Switzerland, manufactured in the U.S.

•   Arbonne is celebrating it’s 25th year Anniversary.
Network Marketing
• In 2003, U.S. bought $29.55 billion in retail
  through network marketing.

• 84% of those sales were generated by less
  than 30 hours of work.
Q: Do I want financial freedom?

      Ask me how…
Beauty, Health and
  is the Industry…

Arbonne is the Company…
Health & Wellness Industry




                  2003                   2010

   “Wellness is currently a $200 billion industry.
    Experts believe it will increase by 500% to
                $1 trillion by 2010”

      Paul Zane Pilzer, leading economist, author and speaker.
  Timing                             $500 Million
* Arbonne has experienced more
than 100% growth in both sales
and business development each
of the last 3 years.
                                 Critical Mass
                                  $50 Million
             Retail sales moves up in position
             Wholesale sales is your paycheck

C = Consultant/Wholesale buyer           Approx. 4% + bonuses
D = District Manager sell 12 find 4      Approx. 8% + bonuses
A = Area Manager help 4 sell 12 find 4   Approx. 14% + bonuses
R = RVP help 4 get to A                  Approx. 17% + bonuses
N = NVP help 4 get to R                  Approx. 18% + bonuses

    It takes a team to move up in each position...
     Your team is your employees or co-workers.
              Spa Package
•   RE9 Skin Care Set
•   RE9 Body Wash                           ½ OFF
•   RE9 Facial Scrub
•   RE9 Deep Pore Cleansing Mask            $700+
•   RE9 Anti-Aging Supplement
                                          Retail Product
•   RE9 Body Serum and Lotion
•   Thermal Fusion Enzyme Mask                 for
•   Awaken Sea Salt Scrub
•   Hand Cream                               $350
•   Herbal Foot Care
•   About Face Line Defiance Foundation      Plus Tax,
•   Color Set: Eyes, Lips and Cheeks      Shipping and
•   Powder                                 Registration
•   SPF Lip Saver
•   Any 1 FREE Product from the Catalog
    Basic RE9 Package
•   RE9 Skin Care Set
•   RE9 Body Serum and Lotion
•   $100 Retail Products for $20
•   Any 1 FREE Product from the Catalog

                           $ 446+
                         Retail Product

             Plus Tax, Shipping and Registration
Salon Strategy
• Involve Everyone: stylist, nail techs, massage therapists,
  estheticians and facialists, front desk staff, commission
  employees, contractors or booth renters.
• Each Technician or employee achieves $6K in Arbonne
  Retail Volume in their start month.
• This gets them to D (CDARN) in her 1st month.

How is it possible to move so much retail in one month?
This is how…
         Let them choose which package
                they want to sell:

      12 Spa Packages (buy $500 get $200) = $6K
 18 RSVP Spa Packages (buy $350 get $350) = $6,300
23 Basic RE9 Package (re9 set get $100 for $20) = $6,118
What’s in it for them?
       12 Spa Packages
      $156.00 commission

     23 Basic RE9 Package
      $159.07 commission

     18 RSVP Spa Packages
   $1,063.80 commission
There’s more…
•   ASAP Points redeemable for trips, jewelry and more!
•   Mercedes Benz Company Car Program when RVP.
•   Monthly paychecks coming straight from Arbonne.
•   Income coming in even when your not working.
•   Great for retirement savings.
•   Unsaturated marked.
•   No territories.
•   Work alongside your current position.
•   No extra invested time outside of current schedule.
•   Build client retention.
What’s this cost to start?
•   Choose which level to start with. Remember your start up package
    counts toward your retail volume goal.

    Buy 6 RE9 Skin Care Sets and
    Get Yours FREE                             Level 1
    An Extra $68 in Products                  $1,294.98
    Buy 4 RE9 Skin Care Sets and               Level 2
    Get Yours FREE
    An Extra $134 in Products
    Buy 2 RE9 Skin Care Sets and               Level 3
    Get Yours FREE
Tips for Getting Started…
•   Encourage staff that this is part of their job and that it will positively reflect
    the salon and help build repeat business.
•   Introduce to every client allowing for them to sample the products
    complimentary before, during or after their service.
•   Offer a discount on their service with the purchase of a Spa Package.
•   Offer a promotion for a free spa service with their Spa Package purchase.

•   Implement RE9 Referral System – Refer 7 to buy $100 and get a FREE set.
•   Encourage staff to pass the business opportunity of selling the Spa
    Packages on, find 4 and they are on their way to A (CDARN).
•   Hold a monthly Client Appreciation Spa Night, invite ALL the clients that
    you have or have not approached with the Spa Packages. Have stations
    where products can be sampled. Explain RE9 Referral program and
    educate them on toxins and mainstream products vs. All Natural. This is a
    great way to close a sale day-to-day. End by ALWAYS inviting them to the
    next Spa Night.
As an Owner
you can look                         Owner
forward to                            AM
your 1st
success in          1st     2nd         3rd       4th
months 2 and
3 and you as     Prospect Prospect   Prospect   Prospect
the owner will     $6K      $6K        $6K        $6K
get your           DM       DM         DM         DM

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