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									  VOLUME XXXV NUMBER 4                                     A FLORIDA TECH STUDENT PUBLICATION                                                        OCTOBER 6, 2000
C a m p u s                          The Cost of Washing Rising N                                                                                 EWS AND     EVENTS
Parking                                 Ayi-Bonte Salomey
                                                                                                                                                The Titusville Playhouse,
                                        Staff Writer
Over Flows                                                                                                                                 Inc. (TPI) showcases I’ll Be
                                                                                                                                           Back Before Midnight from
   Julian Major                          For a couple of weeks                                                                             Oct. 6-21, 2000. The actual
   Staff Writer                      now, students have been                                                                               performance dates are Oct. 6,
                                     complaining about the some-                                                                           7, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 at 8pm and
    A lot has been said about        what deteriorating state of                                                                           Oct. 15 at 2pm. Ticket prices
the parking problems on cam-         some of the campus laundry                                                                            are $13for orchestra seating
pus. With all the recent and         machines. To compound this                                                                            and $11 for balcony. Seniors
ongoing construction and the         further, the cost of laundry                                                                          and students are eligible for a
fact that this semester’s incom-     has been increased to $1.25.                                                                          $2 discount with proper iden-
ing class was extraordinarily        The recent price increases                                                                            tification. For more informa-
large, complaints are coming         coupled with the fact that                                                                            tion, please call (321) 268-
in from all quarters. Students,      some of the dryers are not                                                                            3711 or visit TPI’s website at
staff and faculty are having         working, have brought about                                                                           http://www.nbbd.com/godo/
more problems than ever find-        many bitter complaints from                                                                           tpi.
ing a parking spot anywhere,         the student population.
much less one that isn’t too far         In an interview with Brian                                                                           Sarah Frias-Torres was
from their campus destina-           Dailey, Director of Auxiliary                                                                         awarded a $5,000 Skelly
tions. As a result, Security, and    Services and Michael                                                                                  Foundation Fellowship for
its parking regulations, are the     Ducatte, Manager of the                                                                               the current academic year.
objects of greater frustration.      Rathskeller, both confirmed                                                                           She earned a bachelor’s degree
Is all this bad sentiment war-       that “Yes, there are problems                                                                         in marine ecology from the
ranted? Here are the facts.          with some of the machines                                                                             University of Barcelona in
    Full-time students pay $37       but there are also tangible                                                                           Spain, and a master’s degree
per semester for parking de-         reasons that explain why this                                                                         in marine environmental pro-
cals, $26 for the summer term.       has been going on.”                                                                                   tection from the University
This seems like a lot to ask             Two weeks before school                                                                           College of North Wales,
when you consider how much           started, some of the machines                                                                         United Kingdom. The Skelly
money students already spend         were not functioning well but                  Photo by Sofoluwe Olurotimi
                                                                    Mike Theret throws another quarter into one of the Florida Tech
                                                                                                                                           fund will provide $15,000 in
on tuition, housing, meal            luckily, the broken parts were                                                                        Florida Tech fellowships for
plans, etc., but it is comparable    replaced. Unfortunately, dur- Washering Machines.                                                     the 2000-2001 academic year.
to other universities in Florida.    ing Orientation Week, due to pany, the owners of the wash- pensate students who lost
At the University of Florida,        the heavy storm and ing/drying machines on cam- money using their panther                                 A festival of cultures in
the Mighty Gators fork over          lightining, some of the ma- pus. Some of the machines in cash to wash at Robert’s, there              planning of Diversity Cel-
$39 per semester, and their          chines failed to operate again. Robert’s Hall were damaged is a 40% discount for all                  ebration 2000 will be held
parking situation is much            This time the parts to repair due to the electrical repairs washing machines on cam-                  Nov. 4 from 9a.m. to 6p.m on
worse. True enough, the city         the damage were not readily taking place on the elevators pus. In other words, residents              Brevard Community College’s
does have an excellent public        available, and it took a while that broke down last semester. pay $0.75 instead of $1.25.             (BCC) Melbourne Campus
transportation system, but           before repairs where com- Six of the dryers in Robert’s This, however, will last only                 and will offer visitors a vari-
many students think nothing of       pleted. Two machines were Hall thus far have been re-
walking or cycling a mile or         repaired by Mac-Gray Com- placed with new ones. To com-
                                                                                                         Continued on Page 2               ety of entertainment, a sam-
                                                                                                                                           pling of diverse foods, and cul-
more to and from school ev-                                                                                                                turally unique exhibits. Admis-
ery day. On the other end of
the spectrum, Embry-Riddle
                                     Police Standoff Near Florida Tech                                                                     sion is free. For more informa-
                                                                      within five minutes with about     peared to have been beaten        tion, call (321) 632-1111 ext.
University is closer to our size        Rich Cannyn                                                                                        33262 or visit celebration.org
and students there pay just $25                                       six squad cars to quickly block    with a gun. Police believe is
                                        Staff Writer                                                                                       h     t    t    p    :    /    /
for the full year. For the record,                                    traffic. They set up a com-        Mr. Brooks shot at this man,
                                                                      mand center at 151 E. Univer-      although he did not have a bul-   www.diversitycelebration.org.
Mr. Jeffrey McCutcheon,
Chief of Security, maintains             Around 3:50 p.m. on Oc-      sity Blvd at Fire Station 75,      let wound. The victim’s inju-
                                                                      where the police were able to      ries were said to be light in         Florida Tech’s Fall Hu-
that the decal fees were drawn       tober 4, 2000, a gun shot was
                                                                      form a general plan for the cri-   nature.                           manities Lecture Series pre-
up based on a survey of over         fired by 18-year-old Gerald
                                                                      sis. A police helicopter landed        At 5:00 p.m. the police       sents “NASA History on the
70 other schools “similar” to        Brooks at the Woodfield
                                                                      in Southgate field as residents    started negotiations with the     Lighter Side: Political Car-
Florida Tech. We can also give       Apartment Complex on 325 E.
                                                                      of Southgate were directed         suspect in the apartment, to no   toons and American Cul-
up those mental images of se-        University Blvd. This is the
                                                                      away from the University exit.     avail. This process continued     ture.” The lecture will be held
curity officers eating pizza on      second standoff that occurred
                                                                          “I had to park my car in       for over two hours until the      on Oct. 26 at 7:30., presented
ticket revenue. That money is        to day.
                                                                      Southgate in order to walk to      police received another phone     by Roger Launius, Ph.D. The
put into a general fund that Fi-         Then at 4:00 p.m., a 911
                                                                      Sunset Trace,” said one FIT        call about the suspect’s loca-    lecture is free and will be held
nancial Affairs controls for the     call was made to the
                                                                      senior.                            tion. At that time, they were     in the F.W. Olin Life Sciences
maintenance of parking facili-       Melbourne Police Department.
                                                                          According to Public Infor-     preparing a tactical approach     Building Auditorium. For
ties and for future parking de-      The caller said that a man was
                                                                      mational Officer Major Wayne       to breach the apartment in        more information, call (321)
velopments.                          shot over in the apartment
                                                                      Torpy, at 4:25 p.m. a man          question. It was later discov-    674-8073.
    What’s this about future de-     complex after a fight between
                                     local residents escalated.       checked into Holmes Medical
Continued on Page 2                      The police responded         Center in Melbourne. He ap-        Continued on Page 2 Continued on Page 2

  Sci/Tech                                           A&P                              Entertainment                                        Op Ed
 History is Made As NASA                        Remember the Titians                   Former Beach Boy Returns                      Olympics, Not All It’s
  Launches 100th Shuttle                            Reviewed                                 to the Coast                             Cracked Up To Be
            Pg. 3                                     Pg. 7                                      Pg. 9                                     Pg. 12
   2        October 6, 2000 ∞ Florida Tech’s Crimson                                                                                                 News
News & Events Continued                    Bolivia Paralyzed Due to Protests
from Page 1                                                                           percent wage increase, which was re-      According to CNN Interactive,
                                              Dianah Siles                            jected by the government. Rural           Banzer mentioned that the govern-
    Auditions for the musical                 News Editor                             schoolteachers reached an agreement       ment will stand firm in its efforts to
“Annie” are open to the public. Ten
                                                                                      with the government. They will re-        eliminate cocaine trafficking in the
girls ages 6-13 are needed and will be         For years Bolivia, dubbed the          ceive 1,200 bolivianos ($191.00) per      country.
asked to sing the last verse of “Tomor-    poorest country in South America, has      year plus a 300 bolivianos ($48.00)           “For us to stop the eradication of
row.” Auditions are on Oct. 14 at          relied on foreign trade, particularly      bonus if they complete 200 days of        coca leaves is to turn over the nation
9:00am. Oct. 15 and 16 are audition        from the United States. In exchange,       classes and pass proficiency exams.       to cocaine traffickers,” he said. “We
dates for men and women for singers        the United States asked the Bolivian       Urban schoolteachers have yet to          are facing acts of sedition that are be-
and dancers at 7:00pm. Also, one well      government to eradicate coca leaf          reach an agreement and continue with      ing led by sectors backed by cocaine
trained dog and “Sandy” looking. The       fields.                                    a fourth week of strikes and protests.    traffickers.”
ability to sit calmly in front of an au-       Coca, the main cash crop in the            Quispe, said CNN, told the gov-           Thus far, roadblocks have spread
dience is a must. Auditions are on Oct.    country, is used to cure high altitude     ernment ministers that the land be-       through the Bolivian Andes. Farmers
7 at 9:00am. For more information,         sickness and kill hunger pangs. Popu-      longs to his people and not the           have interrupted traffic to neighbor-
call Peg or Lyndy at (321) 783-3127.       lar among drug traffickers, the coca       “Kharas,” or the Whites. “The Whites      ing Argentina, Chile, Peru and across
Police Standoff from                       leaf, mixed with the right chemicals,
                                           is also used to create cocaine, the most
                                                                                      should leave the country. We cannot       the country itself, which has decreased
                                                                                      negotiate the blood of my brothers,”      the supply of fruit and vegetables to
Page 1                                     profitable drug in the world. Cur-         he said, with regards to ten lives        city markets. Meat, dairy and other
                                           rently, around 5,000 acres of coca leaf    claimed during the confrontation be-      food products were flown in from pro-
ered that Brooks had abandoned the
                                           remain in the Chapare, a tropical re-      tween the farmers and the army. “Kill     ducing areas. This has caused a loss
apartment before the police were on
                                           gion 380 miles east to Bolivia’s maim      me if you are men!” he added to the       of $100 million, the government esti-
the scene.
                                           capital, La Paz.                           ministers. Quispe is also known as        mated.
    At 7:35 p.m., Brooks was arrested
                                               With the near loss of their main       “Mallku,” Aymara for “the Great Con-          With five percent of what is left of
without force on Tucker Street . He
                                           crops, farmers began protesting to         dor.” He was convicted and served         the coca leaf fields, farmers have de-
surrendered once approached by the
                                           voice their anger towards the Boliv-       time several years ago for attempting     manded a revision of land reform leg-
police, more than half a mile from the
                                           ian government, run by former dicta-       to head a terrorist organization.         islation and a halt to plans for build-
initial apartment complex. The police
                                           tor Hugo Banzer Suarez. Suarez was             “It is sad that Quispe is encourag-   ing three military barracks in the
entered the empty apartment and
                                           democratically voted into office in        ing acts of violence,” said Minister of   Chapare. Banzer said Bolivia would
checked it for evidence.
                                           1997. Negotiations between the gov-        Government Walter Guiteras. Blam-         no longer be producing cocaine by the
    Brooks was charged with at-
                                           ernment and the head of Bolivia’s          ing Quispe for the violence, he added,    end of the year. “We will not surren-
tempted murder and aggravated as-
                                           Farmers Union, Felipe Quispe, began        “Nobody has a right to throw out those    der in our fight against cocaine traf-
sault. After his initial processing he
                                           last Sunday, Oct. 1. The talks, accord-    of us who live on this land.”             ficking, and those who believe we will
will be moved to the Brevard County
                                           ing to CNN Interactive, failed to end          Thus far, protests have even in-      are wrong. We will not tolerate any
Sheriff’s Department pending legal
                                           the two weeks of protests by the           spired university students, especially    more violence and disorder.”
                                           Aymara and Quechua Indians, who            those of the Universidad Mayor de
                                           objected to the destruction of the coca    San Andres (UMSA). In an address            Note: Information gathered from
Parking Continued from                     fields.
                                               Rural public school teachers also
                                                                                      given by President Banzer last Thurs-     CNN      Interactive      (http://
                                                                                      day, Sept. 28, the unrest was blamed      www.cnn.com)
Page 1                                     were also on strike, demanding a fifty-    on drug traffickers in the country.
velopments? Before anyone gets too
excited, a parking garage is apparently
                                           Clothes Cleaning
not in the cards for the near future.
According to Mr. McCutcheon, the
idea has been tossed around a few
                                           Continued from Page 1                        Quote of the Week
times, but there are no ongoing dis-       until October, 15; then the normal
cussions, or set plans for anything like
that. Another issue that students are
                                           price for washing will be charged.
                                               When asked whether it was pos-
                                                                                         “Life Sucks, Get Over It!”
passionate about is the condition of
the parking area northeast of the ten-
                                           sible to increase the number of
                                           washers and dryers, considering the
                                                                                                       - Tami
nis courts. Apparently, paving that        current student population living in
area can only be done under the con-       the dorms, Mr. Dailey said, “Cur-
straints of the South Brevard Water        rently, there is no space to accom-
Association, which would result in the     modate new machines and it is not
loss of about a third of the available     economically feasible to increase
parking spaces. As for any plans for
dealing with the parking problems due
                                           the number of machines.” He fur-
                                           ther explained that adding more
to increased enrollment, there aren’t      dryers and washers involves more
any. The overflow parking that was
                                                                                           Florida Tech’s Official Student Newspaper
                                           money because it means construct-               150 West University Blvd.
opened on the south side of the Olin       ing new gas lines and drainage pipe             Melbourne, Florida 32901
Buildings, was actually implemented        lines. Most of the laundry rooms                Located behind Grissom Hall
from the loss of parking due to the        (with the exception of the one in
construction of the new Student Cen-       Robert’s) were not officially built             Web Address:          http://crimson.fit.edu
ter.                                       for laundry purposes, so it is im-              Phone:                (321) 674-8024, (321) 674-8017
     Mr. McCutcheon counts well over       possible to add more machines to                Fax:                  (321) 674-8024 *51
1700 parking spaces on campus, not         what is already there.                          email:                crimson@fit.edu
counting the overflow area, so the 950         Commenting on price increases,                                    weave_line@hotmail.com
or so students who live on campus          Michael Ducatte explained that
                                                                                           Crimson Staff
shouldn’t have any problem. But for                                                        Editor in Chief:                        James Liakus
                                           natural gas prices have gone up,                Business Manager:                       Doug Guardino
those students off-campus, try to get
                                           adding that another increase is ex-             Arts & People Editor:                   Alex Zambelli
to campus earlier, as competition will
                                           pected in January 2001. This, he                Copy Fuhrer:                            Christina Krawcion
be stiff among students, faculty and
                                           stated, was the main reason behind              Copy Editors:                           Jessica Whitworth
staff for limited resources. As for
                                           the $0.25 increase in prices for                                                        Becky Lovell
fines, Mr. McCutcheon holds that the
security officers have been, and will      washing.                                        Web/Graphics Editor:                    Rich “Mac God” Gray
                                               Students are advised to avoid               News Editor:                            Dianah Siles
continue to be, lenient, but will pe-
                                           overloading the machines because                Sports Editor:                          Leiah Slusser
nalize gross offenses. Parking viola-                                                      Photo Editor:                           Nydia Lugo-Marzan
tions can always be contested by           this reduces the quality of the wash
                                           and, in the long run, causes dam-               Asst. Photo Editor:                     Sofoluwe Olurotimi
merely following the directions on the                                                     Entertainment Editor:                   Sarah Tiso
reverse side of the ticket. Of course,     age to the machines. The amount
                                           of clothes placed in a washer should
                                                                                           Asst. Ent. Editor:                      Michael Giordano
Florida Tech Security has no control                                                       Sci/Tech Editor:                        Mike Mayor
over any Melbourne Police Depart-          weigh between 14 and 16 pounds.                 Cartoonist:                             Chris Sonnenberg
ment citations that drivers receive due        Also, students should hang                  Layout Artist:                          Tami Stuart
to improper parking, so park along         around to take their clothes out
Country Club in the grass at your own      from the machines so that others
risk!                                      can use them.
Science & Technology                                                                                            Florida Tech’s Crimson ∞ October 6, 2000                     3

NASA Prepares for
Centennial Launch                             tigation of the accident went underway.       flown 28 times, Columbia 26, Atlantis        Earth orbit. The space shuttle weighs
   Andy Sokol                                 Finally, over a year and a half later and     22, Endeavor 14, and the remaining 10        more than 4.5 million pounds (2.04 mil-
   Spaced Out Staff Writer                    after numerous safety upgrades on all         belong to Challenger.                        lion kilograms) at launch - over 3.5 mil-
                                              STS components, NASA finally got                  Go ahead, sit back and marvel. Be        lion pounds (1.59 million kilograms) of
                                              back on its feet and launched Discovery       awe-inspired. If you have not seen a         propellants are entirely consumed in the
    At 7:00 a.m. on April 12, 1981, a new     on September 29, 1988. It’s been smooth       launch, make an effort to get to one; feel   next 8.5 minutes.If the main engines of
era in the space age began. At 7:00 a.m.      sailing ever since, and a brief summary       the power and experience both the won-       the shuttle pumped water instead of fuel,
EST, the space shuttle Columbia lifted        of the countless jobs of the STS will         der and the humility. Also, as if you        they would drain an average-sized
off to begin a long, successful, and on-      show the space shuttle has launched a         needed any stimulant to your anticipa-       swimming pool every 25 seconds.
going career for NASA’s new Space             total of 3 million pounds of cargo into       tion, read on for some mind-numbing          During launch, the shuttle’s two solid
Transportation System.         Over the       space along with 596 different passen-        facts provided by NASA...                    rocket boosters consume more than 10
years, the space shuttle has proven it-       gers; the shuttle fleet has collectively          The most complex machine ever            tons (9.07 metric tons) of fuel each sec-
self as an invaluable part of the space       spent nearly 2.5 years in orbit and tal-      built, the space shuttle has more than 2.5   ond and produce 44 million horsepower,
program and today it is the epitome of        lied nearly 15 years of passenger-hours       million parts, including almost 230 miles    equal to 14,700 locomotives. The three-
the highest technology and the icon of        in flight; 24 payloads have been re-          (370 kilometers) of wire, more than          shuttle main engines produce power
near-Earth space travel, as we know it.       trieved in space, 60 have been deployed,      1,060 plumbing valves and connections,       equivalent to 23 times that produced by
    Now, nearly twenty years later, the       and more than 850 have been carried by        over 1,440 circuit breakers, and more        the Hoover Dam.
space shuttle will launch for the 100th       the fleet; the shuttle has supported two      than 27,000 insulating tiles and thermal         The temperatures inside the shuttle’s
time.                                         space stations and has made three main-       blankets.                                    main engines and solid rockets reach
    On mission STS-92, the space shuttle      tenance flights to the Hubble Space Tele-         Total thrust provided by solid rocket    more than 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit
Discovery will continue with the assem-       scope; planetary missions to study the        boosters and space shuttle main engines:     (3,315.6 degrees Celsius), higher than
bly of the International Space Station.       Sun, Jupiter, and Venus have been             7.8 million pounds. By 8.5 minutes af-       the boiling point of iron, yet the main
Our team of astronauts includes pilot         launched from the fleet; hundreds of          ter launch, the shuttle has accelerated      engine’s fuel, liquid hydrogen, is the
Pam Melroy (the third woman ever to           studies of the effects of weightlessness      from zero to about nine times as fast as     second coldest liquid on Earth at minus
pilot the Space Shuttle) and Japanese         on materials, plants, animals and human       a rifle bullet, 17,400 miles per hour        423 degrees Fahrenheit (252.8 degrees
mission specialist Koichi Wakata. The         beings have been conducted in onboard         (28,003 kilometers per hour), to attain      Celsius).
major tasks on this trip to the ISS in-       laboratories. These are many, but not
clude mounting the first piece of the         all, of the accomplishments of the Space
station’s “backbone,” adding a new            Transportation System.
docking port for the shuttle and deploy-           One cannot write a history of the
ing the station’s communications an-          space shuttle and its accomplishments
tenna. The astronauts are also looking        in a small article like this! No, the space
forward to testing new jetpacks that will     shuttle deserves more than these few
serve as a safety backup in case an           paragraphs. Unfortunately, one would
astronaut’s tether snaps.                     have to write an extensive paper that
    Since this is the space shuttle’s 100th   could easily fill this entire newspaper!
launch, this fantastic spacecraft deserves    Therefore, the super-condensed version
a look at its history.                        presented here will have to do.
    Starting in 1981, the Space Trans-             All we can really do is simply sit
portation System held a fantastic and         back and marvel at this super-techno-
perfect track record of numerous tasks,       logical piece of machinery and its dis-
including delivering satellites to orbit      play of both finesse and raw power. If
and performing onboard scientific ex-         needed, we can continue doing just that
periments until January 28, 1986. The         for years to come, since the space shuttle
space shuttle Challenger exploded 73          fleet has plenty of life left in it. Each                                                  Photo provided by NASA
seconds after liftoff, claiming vehicle       orbiter is built to last approximately 100    The Shuttle Discovery rolls into the VAB for stacking in preparation for the
and crew. Shuttle operations were im-         missions each; Discovery’s flight this        100th shuttle launch.
mediately halted as an extensive inves-       week is the 100th total. Discovery has

Encephalitis Gives Big Head
                                              just start moving of their own will.          and since your skull is far stronger
   Mike Mayor                                 Suddenly, while sitting in class, you         then your squishy brain, your noggin
   Lecherous Sci-Tech Editor                  are hurled from your chair as your            is slowly crushed under the pressure.

    It’s a picture perfect evening. The
                                              body starts undergoing convulsions;
                                              later you pass out as you enter a coma.
                                                                                                The symptoms described above
                                                                                            don’t happen to everyone affected
sky is clear and full of stars, the               You, now like many other unfor-           with the disease, but they are all pos-
weather pleasant, and the certain spe-                                                      sible. Encephalitis is not a disease per
cial someone is at your side. Suddenly
                                              tunate folk, suffer from a condition
                                              known as encephalitis. The mosquito           se, but a condition resulting from the                of the
you feel a pinch on your thigh, caus-         that bit you not long ago backwashed          infection of the virus, in much the way
ing you to slap your leg. Examina-            as it drank your sanguine goodness            that AIDS is a condition resulting
tion of your hand reveals the crushed
body of a mosquito, which you
                                              and left in you the gift of an arbovi-
                                              rus. This vicious little menace likes
                                                                                            from HIV infection. There are a num-
                                                                                            ber of viruses that cause this condi-
nonchalantly rub off on your pant leg         to be where the action is, so it moves        tion, the latest of which is the West
and continue on, forgetting the bite.         into the cells of your central nervous        Nile Virus that has recently hit New
That is, of course, until a few weeks         system and takes them over. Slowly            England.                                     happening. In the last five years, at
later, when you start feeling ill. Your       the cells lose control of themselves,             So far as any of the experts know,       FIT, there have been several encepha-
head feels like it’s in a vice grip as        and fall under the iron grip of the vi-       mosquitos are the sole transmitters of       litis scares, one of which forced the
massive headaches rack your mind.             rus’ vicious genomic villainy. A side         the virus, though birds can also carry       cancellation of a FITV showing of
Schoolwork becomes increasingly               effect of this process is the swelling        it for a while until they die. Central       JAWS by Brownlie pool. There is
difficult as your ability to concentrate      of the meninges, a membrane that              Florida, with its massive mosquito           currently no cure for the West Nile
runs away from you like a rat on a            cushions your brain in your skull. As         population is a host to the occasional       Virus; the best advice is still preven-
sinking ship. Soon afterward, some            the membrane expands and swells, it           outbreak, but those good folks at mos-       tion.
your limbs stop moving, while some            pushes against your brain and skull,          quito control try to keep that from
  4        October 6, 2000 ∞ Florida Tech’s Crimson                                                                                    Sports
  Beta Shows Up
                                                                                        Fall Sports Schedule
    Strong for

Intramural Soccer                                                                   10/07/00
                                                                                                  Saint Leo University
                                                                                                  Mercer University
                                                                                                  Rollins College*
                                                                                                                                 Winter Park
                                                                                                                                                   7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                   1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                   7:00 p.m.
                                                                                    10/15/00      University of North Florida    Jacksonville      6:00 p.m.
                                         Latin American boys put the Carib-         10/18/00      Florida Southern College*      Melbourne         7:30 p.m.
  Barry Barnett
                                         bean goal under increasing pressure.       10/24/00      Morehouse College              Atlanta, GA       6:00 p.m.
  Staff Writer
                                         The Creoles succumbed under the            10/25/00      Thomas College           Thomasville, GA         2:00 p.m.
                                         crunch, and they conceded a free kick      10/28/00      Eckerd College*                St. Petersburg    2:00 p.m.
    Last weekend in intramural soc-      at the edge of the box in a dangerous      11/04/00      University of Tampa*           Tampa             7:30 p.m.
cer saw a massive upset in the game      position. Joan Plensa stepped up and
between Beta Koraka FC and Cre-          drove the set piece into the back of       Crew - male
oles FC. This match up always had        the net with some applause.                10/28/00    First Coast Head Race (Varsity Only)     Jacksonville, FL
the possibilities of a great game, and       The rest of the game continued in
                                                                                    11/04/00    Head of the Chattahoochee (Varsity Only) Gainsville, GA
those watching were not disap-           similar fashion. The Creole attack
                                                                                    11/18/00    Fall Freshman Regatta                    Gainsville, FL
pointed. Beta, with their strong Latin   became frustrated and Beta dominated
American influence, had a game plan      without adding to their lead. This re-
that was obviously to prevent Cre-       sult sent shock waves through the in-      Crew - female
ole, Kevin Knights, from playing.        tramural world, where everyone ex-         10/17/00    Head of the Indian Creek         Miami, FL
    Knights has a big reputation due     pected the Creoles to do very well.        10/22-23/00 Head of the Charles              Boston, MA
to his flamboyant displays for the           The rest of the competition has a      10/31/00    First Coast Head Race            Jacksonville
varsity team over the last two years.    new worry, Beta Koracka. Will the          11/07/00    Head of the Chattahoochee        Gainesville, GA
Now that his four years of NCAA eli-     Latin Lads go marching on to the title?    11/08/00    Chattahoochee Chase              Gainesville, GA
gibility has expired, Knights is pa-     Or will this result put a fire under the   11/20/00    Fall Freshmen Regatta            Canal-54
trolling the Creole midfield. Like       Creoles? Beware a Creole backlash
most people interested in soccer at      next weekend, and watch out for the        Volleyball
Florida Tech, Beta knows what            disciplined Beta Koracka.                  10/06/00      Palm Beach Atlantic     BCC-Melbourne            7:00 p.m.
Knights is capable of. With this in          Elsewhere, the “Super Oranges” of      10/18/00      Eckerd College*         BCC-Melbourne            7:30 p.m.
mind, every time Knights looked like     Robert’s Hall, are not only looking        10/21/00      University of Tampa* Tampa                       7:30 p.m.
he would touch the ball he was           like the Dutch but are showing             10/27/00      Barry University*       Miami Shores             7:30 p.m.
swarmed by Beta players, all snap-       glimpses of the Dutch attitude of “To-     10/28/00      Lynn University*        Boca Raton               7:30 p.m.
ping at his ankles like Yorkshire Ter-   tal Football”. The freshmen boys and       11/01/00      Rollins College*        Winter Park              7:30 p.m.
riers.                                   girl trounced Lambda Chi, six-nil,
                                                                                    11/03/00      Florida Southern College*Lakeland                7:30 p.m.
    With Knights effectively out of      with Kenny Johnson netting twice.
                                                                                    11/04/00      Saint Leo University* St. Leo                    7:30 p.m.
the game, the Creoles struggled to           Los Barrachos have yet to get their
make an attacking impact on the                                                     11/08/00      Embry-Riddle UniversityBCC-Melbourne             7:30 p.m.
                                         act together, losing to the impressive
game. The Latin flair of Beta            French Connexion, four-one.                11/10/00      University of Tampa* BCC-Melbourne               7:30 p.m.
Koracka finally began to have an in-     Barrachos have a team full of poten-       11/11/00      Eckerd College*         St. Petersburg           7:30 p.m.
fluence on the game. Early in the        tial, but have already conceded nine       11/17-18/00   NCAA South Regionals TBA                         TBA
first half Koracka broke down the left   goals, and only notched twice. French
wing and the consequent cross re-        Connexion, is doing nicely at the          Cross-country
sulted in Beta taking the lead.          moment with two easy wins under            10/07/00    Disney Invitational    Orlando      8:40am   5K   8:00am 8K
    With the wind in their sails, the    their belt.                                10/13/00    State Championships    Tampa       5:30pm    5K   6:15pm 8K
                                                                                    10/21/00    SSC Championships      St. Leo      TBA      6K   TBA 10K
                                                                                    11/04/00    NCAA Regional          Jacksonville TBA      6K   TBA 10K

Florida Tech Club Corner
         Rugby Team Goes                                                               A t h l e t i c                       C l u b s
           to Ft. Pierce                                                                               Dance Association
                                         playing in his first rugby game and
  Robert M. Burns
                                         Virgil Russell scoring one of the two
                                                                                                           Drill Team
  Visiting Assistant Professor
                                         trys for the combined Florida Tech-                      Florida Tech Bowling Club
  Department of Chemistry                                                                          Florida Tech Rugby Club
                                         Old Red Eye team.
                                             All of the players put out a great                International Cricket Orginization
        On September 23, 2000 ten        effort. Treasure Coast scored two early                       Panther Golf Club
members of the Florida Tech Rugby        trys and a penalty kick to go up by 15                           Ranger Club
Club traveled with the Brevard Old       early in the game. The final score
Red Eye Rugby Club to Ft. Pierce         was 20-10 in favor of Treasure Coast.                            Sailing Club
for a scrimmage game against the             The Florida Tech Rugby Club will                           Skateboard Club
Treasure Coast Pirates.                  again bolster the Red Eye Rugby Club                              Surf Club
   The scrimmage consisted of four       in the first game of the season at                               FIT Archers
20 minute periods and unlimited          Kennedy Middle School in Rockledge                               Karate Club
substitutions at each break. At one      on Oct. 30th against Daytona Beach.
point the Florida Tech players (Virgil       Anyone interested in playing or
                                                                                                         Fencing Club
Russell, Chris Wilkinson, Jeff           watching should contact one of the
Hamilton, Matt Walia, Wakao              club members, Dr. Robert Burns (ext.                             Newly Formed:
Hanaoka, Spencer Dohrman, Luc            8902) or the Red Eye Rugby Hotline                              Co-ed Hockey Team
Flety, Hugo Prada, Todd King and         (727-2203). Practices are Tuesdays                                  Tae-bo Club
Ryan Connelly) made up 10 of the         and Thursdays from 7:00 pm until
15 players on the field. Notable per-    9:00 pm.
formances include Ryan Connelly
Greeks & Organizations                                                                                 Florida Tech’s Crimson ∞ October 6, 2000              5
ROTC Welcome and Awards Ceremony
                                  outstanding unit in Region 1
   Ryan Wheeler
                                  for 1999. The honor is given
   Guest Writer
                                  annually to the top four Army
    The ROTC Panther Bat-         ROTC programs, out of 270
talion recently held their an-    in the nation, for excellence
nual Fall Welcome and             in military science training
Awards Ceremony at Gleason        and academics.
Auditorium. It was an event           Next to follow was the
to recognize the various          presentation of cadet awards.
achievements of Panther Bat-      Several cadets were recog-
talion cadets and to welcome      nized for outstanding
new cadets and cadre.             achievements in the fields of
    The ceremony com-             academics, leadership, physi-
menced with the playing of        cal fitness and completion of
the National Anthem, fol-         airborne and air assault
lowed by the Cadet Creed.         schools. New MS I cadets
The creed is not simply a         were also recognized for win-
motto, but rather the essence     ning either 4-year or 3-year
of what an Army cadet strives     ROTC scholarships.
to be.                                Advanced Camp 2000
    The new Professor of          graduates were also recog-
Military Science, Lieutenant      nized. These cadets success-
Colonel Thomas L. Tate, con-      fully completed their Military                                                           Photo Courtesy of ROTC
tinued the assembly with his      Science III year and were re-     ROTC awards ceremony held in Gleason auditorium.
opening remarks about the         quired to attend five weeks of
Panther Battalion and his         rigorous training at Ft. Lewis,   basic rifle marksmanship and         The ceremony was drawn      every cadet is challenged to
goals for the year. The Battal-   WA. The purpose of ad-            squad and platoon tactical op-   to a conclusion with more in-   push themselves beyond the
ion was honored to receive        vanced camp is to train cadets    erations. Advanced Camp          spiring words from Lieuten-     threshold of mere success in
The Order of the Founders         to Army standards, develop        graduates included Wayne         ant Colonel Tate and the re-    all their endeavors and to up-
and Patriots of America’s         leadership and evaluate of-       Leone, Travis Chapman,           tiring of the colors.           hold the Panther Battalion
Award of Excellence. This         ficer potential. The training     Steve Beltz, Wayne Marken,           Congratulations to all      standard in leadership excel-
award designated Florida          included physical fitness, land   Julie Nalette, John Allen and    who were recognized and re-     lence.
Tech Army ROTC as the most        navigation, grenade training,     Nikesha Patterson.               ceived awards. In closing,
 6          October 6, 2000 ∞ Florida Tech’s Crimson                                                                                                        Events
Calender of Upcoming Events                                Note: Schedule subject to change. An updated schedule can be found at http://events.fit.edu
 Date          Start         End           Group                                        Event                                                Location
 10/6/00       8:00:00 AM    12:30:00 PM   Computer Science Dept.                        Comprehensive Exams-Electrical/Computer Engine      All Purpose Room, Denius Student Center
 10/6/00       9:00:00 AM    10:30:00 AM   Development                                   Campaign for a Rising Star Cabinet Meeting          President’s Dining Room, Denius Student Center
 10/6/00       11:00:00 AM   2:00:00 PM    Catholic Campus Ministry                      First Friday Mass and Luncheon                      All Faith Center
 10/6/00       2:00:00 PM    6:00:00 PM    Financial Affairs                             Bon Voyage Party for Carlos                         President’s & Faculty Dining Rm,Denius Student
 10/6/00       5:00:00 PM    6:00:00 PM    Lambda Chi Alpha                              Lambda Chi Alpha Comittee Meetings                  Q11
 10/6/00       5:00:00 PM    6:00:00 PM    Lambda Chi Alpha                              Lambda Chi Alpha Comittee Meetings                  Q14
 10/6/00       5:00:00 PM    6:00:00 PM    Lambda Chi Alpha                              Lambda Chi Alpha Comittee Meetings                  Q2
 10/6/00       5:30:00 PM    8:00:00 PM    Lambda Chi Alpha                              Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter Meeting                    P133, Library Pavillion
 10/6/00       7:00:00 PM    11:00:00 PM   Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship            IVCF Large Group Meetings                           Room S112, Crawford Science Tower
 10/7/00       8:00:00 AM    10:00:00 AM   Athletics                                     Cross Country Team - Disney Invitational            Orlando
 10/7/00       9:00:00 AM    5:00:00 PM    Library                                       Watercolors of Olde Melbourne Art Exhibit           Library Exhibits First Floor, Evans Library
 10/7/00       11:00:00 AM   6:25:00 PM    Student Activities                            Free Panther Shuttle Service                        Dorm Circle
 10/7/00       6:00:00 PM    10:00:00 PM   Diamond Community School                      Diamond Community School Meeting                    All Purpose Room, Denius Student Center
 10/7/00       7:30:00 PM    9:00:00 PM    Athletics                                     Men’s Soccer Game vs. Saint Leo University          Soccer Field
 10/7/00       8:00:00 PM    1:00:00 AM    Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy        FITSSFF Community Theatre                           Q10
 10/7/00       8:00:00 PM    1:00:00 AM    Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy        FITSSFF Community Theatre                           Q11
 10/7/00       8:00:00 PM    1:00:00 AM    Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy        FITSSFF Community Theatre                           Q13
 10/7/00       8:00:00 PM    1:00:00 AM    Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy        FITSSFF Community Theatre                           Q14
 10/7/00       8:00:00 PM    1:00:00 AM    Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy        FITSSFF Community Theatre                           Q15
 10/7/00       8:00:00 PM    1:00:00 AM    Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy        FITSSFF Community Theatre                           Q16
 10/7/00       8:00:00 PM    1:00:00 AM    Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy        FITSSFF Community Theatre                           Q2
 10/7/00       8:00:00 PM    1:00:00 AM    Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy        FITSSFF Community Theatre                           Q9
 10/8/00       9:00:00 AM    11:00:00 AM   Central Baptist Church                        Central Baptist Church                              Alumni House Conference Room
 10/8/00       9:00:00 AM    11:00:00 AM   Central Baptist Church                        Central Baptist Church                              Room A106, Skurla Hall
 10/8/00       9:00:00 AM    11:00:00 AM   Central Baptist Church                        Central Baptist Church                              Room A110, Skurla Hall
 10/8/00       10:00:00 AM   12:00:00 AM   Library                                       Watercolors of Olde Melbourne Art Exhibit           Library Exhibits First Floor, Evans Library
 10/8/00       11:00:00 AM   12:00:00 PM   Catholic Campus Ministry                      Catholic 11:00 am Mass                              All Faith Center
 10/8/00       1:00:00 PM    3:00:00 PM    Athletics                                     Men’s Soccer Game vs. Mercer University             Soccer Field
 10/8/00       1:00:00 PM    5:00:00 PM    Chinese Student Association                   FIT Chinese Student Association Language Learning   Q10
 10/8/00       1:00:00 PM    5:00:00 PM    Chinese Student Association                   FIT Chinese Student Association Language Learning   Q11
 10/8/00       1:00:00 PM    5:00:00 PM    Chinese Student Association                   FIT Chinese Student Association Language Learning   Q13
 10/8/00       1:00:00 PM    5:00:00 PM    Chinese Student Association                   FIT Chinese Student Association Language Learning   Q14
 10/8/00       1:00:00 PM    5:00:00 PM    Chinese Student Association                   FIT Chinese Student Association Language Learning   Q15
 10/8/00       1:00:00 PM    5:00:00 PM    Chinese Student Association                   FIT Chinese Student Association Language Learning   Q9
 10/8/00       3:00:00 PM    7:00:00 PM    Tau Kappa Epsilon                             Tau Kappa Epsilon Educational Session               Room 137, F.W. Olin Engineering Bldg.
 10/8/00       6:00:00 PM    7:45:00 PM    Alpha Eta Rho                                 Alpha Eta Rho Weekly Meetings                       Room A116, Skurla Hall
 10/8/00       6:30:00 PM    9:00:00 PM    Alpha Phi Omega                               Alpha Phi Omega Brother’s Meeting                   Room A103, Skurla Hall
 10/8/00       7:00:00 PM    12:00:00 AM   Theta Xi                                      Theta Xi Fraternity Study Sessions                  Q15
 10/8/00       7:00:00 PM    8:00:00 PM    Catholic Campus Ministry                      Catholic Mass                                       All Faith Center
 10/9/00       8:00:00 AM    12:00:00 AM   Library                                       Watercolors of Olde Melbourne Art Exhibit           Library Exhibits First Floor, Evans Library
 10/9/00       12:00:00 PM   1:00:00 PM    Catholic Campus Ministry                      Catholic Daily Mass                                 Small Chapel, All Faiths Center
 10/9/00       12:00:00 PM   1:00:00 PM    Computer Science Dept.                        Faculty Meeting                                     Room 240, F.W. Olin Engineering Bldg.
 10/9/00       4:00:00 PM    8:00:00 PM    Protestant Campus Ministry                    Protestant Campus Ministry’s Monday Night Dinner    Fellowship Hall, All Faiths Center
 10/9/00       7:00:00 PM    12:00:00 AM   Theta Xi                                      Theta Xi Fraternity Study Sessions                  Q16
 10/9/00       7:00:00 PM    8:00:00 PM    Women in Aviation, International              Women in Aviation Bi-Monthy Meeting                 Room A120, Skurla Hall
 10/9/00       7:00:00 PM    9:00:00 PM    Athletics                                     Cheerleading Practice                               Gleason Auditorium
 10/9/00       7:40:00 PM    11:20:00 PM   Dance Association                             Dance Lessons                                       Large Chapel, All Faiths Center
 10/9/00       7:45:00 PM    9:15:00 PM    National Society of Black EngineersN          SBE General Meeting                                 Room 239, F.W. Olin Engineering Bldg.
 10/9/00       7:45:00 PM    9:15:00 PM    National Society of Black Engineers           NSBE General Meeting                                Room 240, F.W. Olin Engineering Bldg.
 10/10/00      8:00:00 AM    12:00:00 AM   Library                                       Watercolors of Olde Melbourne Art Exhibit           Library Exhibits First Floor, Evans Library
 10/10/00      8:30:00 AM    9:30:00 AM    Humanities Faculty Meeting Humanities         7th Floor Meeting Room,                             Crawford Science Tower
 10/10/00      12:00:00 PM   1:00:00 PM    Catholic Campus Ministry                      Catholic Daily Mass                                 Small Chapel, All Faiths Center
 10/10/00      6:30:00 PM    8:30:00 PM    Student Run Radio                             Open Meeting for the Student Run Radio              Rathskeller Pub, Evans Hall
 10/10/00      6:30:00 PM    9:00:00 PM    Yoga Club                                     Yoga Club Weekly Session                            Evans 3rd Floor Lounge
 10/10/00      7:00:00 PM    12:00:00 AM   Theta Xi                                      Theta Xi Fraternity Study Sessions                  Q16
 10/10/00      8:00:00 PM    1:15:00 AM    Pi Lambda Phi                                 Pi Lambda Phi Brothers Meeting                      Q2
 10/10/00      8:00:00 PM    10:00:00 PM   College of Engineering                        ASME Meeting                                        Room 118, F.W. Olin Engineering Bldg.
 10/11/00      8:00:00 AM    12:00:00 AM   Library                                       Watercolors of Olde Melbourne Art Exhibit           Library Exhibits First Floor, Evans Library
 10/11/00      8:30:00 AM    11:00:00 AM   College of Engineering                        Dean’s Meeting                                      Room 337, F.W. Olin Engineering Bldg.
 10/11/00      12:00:00 PM   1:00:00 PM    Catholic Campus Ministry                      Catholic Daily Mass                                 Small Chapel, All Faiths Center
 10/11/00      4:00:00 PM    7:15:00 PM    Newman Club                                   Newman Society Spaghetti Dinners                    Fellowship Hall, All Faiths Center
 10/11/00      7:00:00 PM    12:00:00 AM   Theta Xi                                      Theta Xi Fraternity Study Sessions                  Q16
 10/11/00      7:00:00 PM    9:00:00 PM    Athletics                                     Cheerleading Practice                               Gleason Auditorium
 10/11/00      7:45:00 PM    10:00:00 PM   American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronomy            AIAA General Meetings                  Room A110, Skurla Hall
 10/11/00      8:00:00 PM    11:15:00 PM   Lambda Chi Alpha                              Lambda Chi Alpha KAPPA                              P133, Library Pavillion
 10/11/00      8:20:00 PM    9:45:00 PM    Rotaract Club                                 Rotaract Club Meeting                               Q11
 10/12/00      7:00:00 AM    9:30:00 AM    School of Business                            Board of Overseers Meeting/Breakfast                All Purpose Room, Denius Student Center
 10/12/00      8:00:00 AM    12:00:00 AM   Library                                       Watercolors of Olde Melbourne Art Exhibit           Library Exhibits First Floor, Evans Library
 10/12/00      12:00:00 PM   1:00:00 PM    Catholic Campus Ministry                      Catholic Daily Mass                                 Small Chapel, All Faiths Center
 10/12/00      12:30:00 PM   1:30:00 PM    Alumni Affairs                                Focus Group/Campus Observer                         Alumni House Conference Room
 10/12/00      4:00:00 PM    7:00:00 PM    Auxiliary Services                            Awesome Autumn Celebration                          Denius Student Center Plaza
 10/12/00      6:00:00 PM    10:30:00 PM   Campus Activity Board                         Comedian Mike Rayburn                               Gleason Auditorium
 10/12/00      7:00:00 PM    12:00:00 AM   Theta Xi                                      Theta Xi Fraternity Study Sessions                  Q16
 10/12/00      7:00:00 PM    9:00:00 PM    Career Services and Cooperative Education     Texas Intruments Infosession                        President’s & Faculty Dining Rm,Denius Student
 10/12/00      7:30:00 PM    8:30:00 PM    Tae Bo Club                                   Tae Bo Club Meeting                                 Evans 3rd Floor Lounge
 10/12/00      8:30:00 PM    11:30:00 PM   Foreign and Independent Film Society          FS Movie                                            Room 118, F.W. Olin Engineering Bldg.
 10/13/00      8:00:00 AM    5:00:00 PM    Library                                       Watercolors of Olde Melbourne Art Exhibit           Library Exhibits First Floor, Evans Library
 10/13/00      11:00:00 AM   12:00:00 PM   ELS Language Center                           ELS Graduation                                      All Purpose Room, Denius Student Center
 10/13/00      1:00:00 PM    2:00:00 PM    Chemical Engineering                          Chem. Engr. Faculty Meeting                         Room 239, F.W. Olin Engineering Bldg.
 10/13/00      1:00:00 PM    5:00:00 PM    Alumni Affairs                                Alumni Retreat                                      Alumni House Conference Room
 10/13/00      5:00:00 PM    6:00:00 PM    Lambda Chi Alpha                              Lambda Chi Alpha Comittee Meetings                  Q11
 10/13/00      5:00:00 PM    6:00:00 PM    Lambda Chi Alpha                              Lambda Chi Alpha Comittee Meetings                  Q14
 10/13/00      5:00:00 PM    6:00:00 PM    Lambda Chi Alpha                              Lambda Chi Alpha Comittee Meetings                  Q2
 10/13/00      5:30:00 PM    7:30:00 PM    Athletics                                     Cross Country Team - State Championships            Tampa
 10/13/00      5:30:00 PM    8:00:00 PM    Lambda Chi Alpha                              Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter Meeting                    P133, Library Pavillion
 10/13/00      7:00:00 PM    9:00:00 PM    Athletics                                     Men’s Soccer Game vs. Rollins College               Winter Park
 10/13/00      7:00:00 PM    11:00:00 PM   Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship            IVCF Large Group Meetings                           Room S112, Crawford Science Tower
Arts & People                                                                                        Florida Tech’s Crimson ∞ October 6, 2000                  7
Trying to Forget the Titans
                                  is yet another product of       coach on the team. Very re-      book. Ironically, the very       win), but that is not as nearly
   Alex Zambelli
                                  Walt Disney’s factory of        luctantly, Coach Yoast ac-       same movie that fights ste-      annoying as her unbeliev-
   Arts & People Editor
                                  loveable family films in        cepts the offer and manages      reotyping and biasing pre-       ably mature understanding
     What does Walt Disney        which they try to teach us      to talk his players into not     sents us with a whole en-        of the game of football. If it
symbolize to you? Does it         how to live in peace and har-   boycotting the new coach         semble of Hollywood cli-         weren’t for Regal Cinemas’
remind you of your youth?         mony with people of all         and joining the football         ches about racism. “Re-          own Pepsi girl preceding ev-
Does it make you think of all     races and creeds. The story     team. The new interracial        member the Titans” exag-         ery feature presentation, I
the fun times you had in          is told by the daughter of a    team travels to football         gerates to a painful extent.     could guarantee you that you
Disney World? Does it give        local high school football      camp. Hostilities between            The whole town is por-       couldn’t find a more annoy-
you a warm and fuzzy feel-        coach, 10 years after the       the white and black players      trayed as a lair of retarded     ing brat on the big screen.
ing inside as you think of        events that changed their       are apparent, but Coach          racist white rednecks. As             After all this, I’m not sure
Mickey, Donald, Dumbo             lives took place.               Boone puts a stop to them        Coach Boone’s family             it’s necessary to even men-
and every single one of those         We flashback 10 years in    quickly and teaches them         moves into an entirely white     tion the happy ending that
spotted Dalmatian pups?           time and meet coach Yoast       how to play as a team. The       neighborhood and we hear         ultimately ties all lose ends
Well, these feelings are not      (Will Patton), a white foot-    battle, however, is not yet      the next-door white family       of the story and makes sure
mutual. When I see the            ball coach of an all-white      won. The team must now go        comment, “No, dear, they’re      we all cry a little more be-
words “Walt Disney” flash-        school in Alexandria, VA.       back to Alexandria to face a     not the movers. They’re          fore leaving the movie the-
ing across a movie screen, I      The year is 1971 and the        predominantly racist town        moving in!” we can’t seem        ater. And what could possi-
think of Hollywood. I think       bussing laws are being en-      and try to win the state cham-   to escape the feeling that       bly be a better way of doing
of mainstream. I think of po-     forced; T.C. Williams High      pionship.                        writer Gregory Allen             that than letting one of the
litical correctness, blind cen-   School is to become inte-          I’m not sure what made        Howard is just slightly over-    main characters tragically
sorship, cheap emotions,          grated. The school board has    me more nervous: the name        doing it. The story line never   die? Oh, no, I won’t tell you
distorted images of historic      decided to replace Yoast        of Walt Disney or the cap-       curves, never oscillates and     which one it is, but rest as-
facts, stupefied PG rated         with an African-American        tion saying “based on a true     never does anything unex-        sured that his death will
movies and groups of              coach, as the new politics      story” that appeared on the      pected. Years of racial preju-   force a tear-jerking reunion
middle-aged executives sit-       seem to demand such a           screen within the first minute   dice present in the minds of     scene that will make us all
ting around a table and de-       move. New coach Boone           of the movie. If there ever      the teenage football players     believe racism and hatred
ciding what’s good and            (Denzel       Washington)       was a rulebook made for          are erased in a week of foot-    have once and for all been
healthy for the general pub-      doesn’t want to start any ri-   Disney movies, I don’t think     ball camp. Friendships are       completely eliminated from
lic.                              ots, so he offers Yoast the     “Remember the Titans”            made. In fact, the white All-    the happy, politically correct
     “Remember the Titans”        position of an assistant        broke a single rule in the       American football star (and      town of Alexandria, VA. If
                                                                                                   initially the most racist of     in doubt, just pay close at-
                                                                                                   them all), Gerry (Ryan           tention to Trevor Rubin’s
                                                                                                   Hurst), becomes best friends     (“Armageddon”) weeping
                                                                                                   with Julius (Wood Harris),       musical score; the tears will
                                                                                                   in spite of his mother’s dis-    surely come.
                                                                                                   approval. Coach Boone                 Am I biased against
                                                                                                   unites his players by taking     Disney? Maybe I am, but it’s
                                                                                                   them to the Gettysburg           their own fault. Perhaps if
                                                                                                   battlefield and delivering an    they occasionally made a re-
                                                                                                   Academy Award-wannabe            alistic movie that wasn’t as
                                                                                                   speech as we are all ex-         fake as George Bush’s and
                                                                                                   pected to admire his enthu-      Al Gore’s presidential cam-
                                                                                                   siasm and shed a few tears.      paigns then perhaps I just
                                                                                                       Once the avalanche of        might like their movies. Un-
                                                                                                   overwhelming political cor-      til that happens, I can’t turn
                                                                                                   rectness starts rolling, it’s    a blind eye to the sickening
                                                                                                   impossible to stop it. The       political correctness that
                                                                                                   character of Sunshine (Kip       Disney is constantly trying
                                                                                                   Pardue) is introduced to rep-    to shove down my throat. If
                                                                                                   resent the gay community.        you can, be my guest and say
                                                                                                   Of course, as stereotypically    goodbye to five dollars and
                                                                                                   fruity as Sunshine is, he is     fifty cents.
                                                                                                   still tough on the field and
                                                                                                   capable of winning an im-
                                                                                                   portant game for his team
                                                                                                   (which only goes to prove to           Movie Review
                                                                                                   us that even gay people can       Genre: Drama
                                                                                                   play a macho sport). Coach        Director: Boaz Yakin
                                                                                                   Yoast’s young daughter           Remember the
                                                                                                   Sheryl (Hayden Panettiere)        Titans
                                                                                                   is forced to befriend Coach
                                                                                                   Boone’s daughter (only to
                                                                                                   find out in the end that they
                                                                                                   both enjoy it when their dads

                                                                                                                                      Foreign and Independent
                                                                                                                                            Film Society

                                                                                                                                              A Film By
                                                                                                                                          Alfred Hitchcock

                                                                                                                                    Date: Thu 10/12/00
                                                                                                                                    Time: 8:30 PM
                                                                                                                                    Place: Engineering
                                                                                                                                         Complex Auditorium
                                                                                                                                    Admission: Free
   8         October 6, 2000 ∞ Florida Tech’s Crimson                                                                    Entertainment
Further Festival Goes Further
                                                We rose up bright and early to ex-    large oaks and the sleepy river pro-       solo on percussion instruments that
   Jon Adams                                plore the strange people and happen-      vided a beautiful serene backdrop to       covered the entire stage. Steve
   Guest Writer                             ings around the campgrounds. All          the changing sets. The sunset was one      Kimock then erupted into a beautiful
                                            through the night and up until the        of the most magnificent displays of        solo, opening the Door for the crazy
                                            show started, monstrous drum circles      natural beauty I have seen and orange,     Suwwannee teases. Out of nowhere
    You may have seen a concert or
                                            echoed through the beautiful trees,       red and silver rimmed the clouds as        Bruce Hornsby would throw Stephen
two. You may have even attended a
                                            guitar jam sessions were at many          rays of light filled the horizon. It was   Foster’s Suwwannee song into the jam
festival or two. However, there is little
                                            campsites and love was everywhere.        a perfect setting for the Other Ones to    to mesh with Hornsby’s “Just the Way
that can be compared to the environ-
                                            One guy gave us $5, food, and drinks      take the stage.                            It Is.” The final verse of “Dark Star”
ment of a Dead Show.
                                            for playing at his campfire, and an-           The Other Ones started out in a       erupted over top of these two en-
     We entered the Spirit of the
                                            other offered us spare tents for the      powerful Not Fade Away bluesy jam          tangled melodies. Three melodies and
Suwannee the night before the second
                                            night to come.                            and then fell right into “Dark Star.”      experimentations to boot entangled
to last show on the tour so that we
                                                It was 4:20. Everyone was getting     The uncanny thing about the members        into one crazy jam: lotsa mind candy.
could catch the free campground con-
                                            ready for the show in one way or an-      of the Dead is that they are able to       They couldn’t end a Saturday show
cert featuring Grateful Dead cover
                                            other, examining the shops, the com-      communicate exactly what they are          without going into “One More Satur-
band Glass Camels and Live Roots.
                                            puter-generated art, the tapestries, or   going to do with their instruments.        day Night.”
We made our way to the “Stage in the
                                            doing whatever else they wanted to        They faded out of this song into sev-           The Dead left the stage and that
Trees” through Shakedown Street and
                                            do. The gates were opening soon and       eral early Dead songs such as “Big         was when the craziness began: par-
were treated with intense jamming off
                                            Ziggy would take the stage. We            Rail Road Blues” without a pause.          ties, fireworks, weird people, things
of several Grateful Dead classics. In
                                            waited anxiously for the gates to open,   After a little while, Mickey Hart, the     and objects. People were handing out
the short walk to the stage, I had al-
                                            and when they did, we rushed forward      former percussionist/shaman of the         infrared roses after the show, selling
ready bumped into many friends, soon
                                            to get front and center (it was worth     Grateful Dead, led in a song called        more brownies, and just having a
to be friends, drug offers, people sell-
                                            waiting for) and then set up the re-      “Down the Road Again.” “Down the           crazy time. Drum circles filled the
ing grilled cheese, jewelry, glowing
                                            cording equipment. The beauty of the      Road Again” was a beautiful Dylan-         night and the craziest sayings passed
toys, psychedelic movies, tie dyes,
                                            Dead and other improvisational-based      like song showing the band’s love for      through. I think a man said it best
tapestries, incense, brownies, shows
                                            musicians is that they allow taping at    Jerry Garcia.                              when he yelled out to a tree “This was
from other times and lots of
                                            their shows, so if you have the equip-         It was here that the band took a      definitely worth my liver’s prob-
                                            ment you can go home with a relic of      turn for the mellow, jazzy, and mind       lems!”
     Glass Camels opened up as soon
                                            that show.                                probing theme. “Tennessee Jed,” a
as we hit the venue and played like
never before. They ripped up Dead
                                                Ziggy Marley came on the stage        Garcia tune that is usually almost             Concert Review
                                            attempting to live up to his father’s     country-esque, was redone beautifully       Genre: Rock/Reggae
classics such as “China Cat Sun-
                                            reputation and he didn’t do badly. He     with a jazzy reggae feel. Bruce             Venue: Spirit of the Suwanee
flower” and played tunes of their own
                                            played many classic Marley tunes          Hornsby was on the vocals and his                  Campgrounds
such as “Fire on the Bayou.” Then
                                            such as “Lively Up Yourself,”             voice let it ring beautifully. Soon they
they erupted into one of my personal
favorites, “Shakedown Street,” and
                                            “TrenchTown Rock” and “Jammin.”           escaped into a space jam, explora-         Further Festival
                                                 The clouds that had threatened       tions, and craziness. Mickey Hart
the crowd went wild! If this was any
                                            earlier now became a natural canvas       took the lead and showed off his stud-
foreshadowing of tomorrow’s show,
                                            for the rays of the setting sun. The      ies in Bali with a Micronesian drum
we were in for a treat.

Amel Larrieux Has Infinite Soul                                                                                                   FITV Schedule
                                            love-related approach in “Sweet           dustry; there is nothing more pleas-
                                                                                                                                     Oct. 6-15
   Damian Lythcott                          Misery.” A look at the song’s hit         ing to the air than a great singer and        Friday, Oct. 6
   Staff Writer                             music video will explain much of          a simple piano as backup.                       7 P.M.: Repo Man
                                            the song’s theme: the struggle of a           All of the other songs on the al-           10 P.M.: The Green Mile
    Amel Larrieux personifies one           woman in love with a meddling             bum are also excellently written
word: SOUL. The former member               man. Women relax! She is not “pe-         and produced by Larrieux. The title           Saturday, Oct. 7
of the duo Groove Theory has un-            nis bashing” like many female art-        track, “Shine” and “Weather” are               7 P.M.: The Crow
leashed, in my mind, the best album         ists today. Instead, she is account-      all inspirational and as delicious to          10 P.M.: Longest Day
of the year: Infinite Possibilities.        ing for the bittersweet feeling that      the ears as the rest of the album.
She follows artists like Lauryn Hill,       goes along with such a relationship.          If you just want to lay back,             Sunday, Oct.8
Angie Stone and D’Angelo in pro-                Showing her introspective edge        close your eyes and lose yourself,             7 P.M.: Twin Dragons
ducing lyrically sound and intro-           again, Amel sets a groovy tone in         this record is for you. Hey, even if           10 P.M.: MST3K Marathon
spective yet intoxicating music that        “Searching for My Soul.” If you           you want some study-music, this
more than fills the soul.                   don’t nod your head to this song,         lyrical goddess’ soulful meandering           Monday , Oct. 9
    From the very first track, “Get         you don’t have your speakers              will fill that void. The fusion of hip-        7 P.M.: High Fidelity
Up,” you will be hooked. Amel               turned up loud enough. Synthesiz-         hop, R&B, jazz and African                     10 P.M.: Man on the Moon
resonates with atmospheric notes,           ers and Amel’s vocal pleadings            rhythms is certain to throw any lis-
all the while cleverly urging you to        make this song the perfect remedy         tener into a thoughtful mood.                 Tuesday, Oct. 10
rise above life’s ups and downs.            for anyone seeking their inner be-            There is nothing more I can put            7 P.M.: UHF
Her jazzy tones spiral endlessly            ing. She attributes this empty feel-      in words that will convince you that           10 P.M.: American Beauty
into one’s imagination, causing a           ing that she has to the troubles of       this album is the shit. If you are
tidal wave of introspection and re-         our time.                                 someone who appreciates good fu-              Wednesday, Oct.11
flection. You can really relate with            If Amel has a lover, he must be       sion, inspirational and introspective          7 P.M.: The Green Mile
her as she sings, “People try to pull       the luckiest man in the world, be-        lyrics and intoxicating music, I               10 P.M.: The Crow
the wool over your eyes; don’t              cause I have never before heard           would quickly urge you to cop it.
know why they’d want to profit              such passion and poetry expressed         There are infinite possibilities of           Thursday, Oct.12
from your demise.” This is a song           in any song for one person. “Even         the effects this album will have on            7 P.M.: Repo Man
that makes you nod not only in              If” and “Make Me Whole” are two           you, but one thing is sure: they’ll            10 P.M.: Longest Day
musical ecstasy, but also in reluc-         of this 10-song CD’s best pieces.         all be worth it.
tant agreement.                             Think of a rainy day when you are                                                       Friday, Oct.13
    Larrieux challenges society’s           cuddled up under the warm sheets                                                          7 P.M.: Get Shorty
definitions of beauty in the second         with your girl/boyfriend, and you                      CD Review                          10 P.M.: Dragonball
track, “I ‘N I.” With the help of Af-       have captured the essence of these          Genre: Hip-Hop/Jazz
rican drums, reverberating bass and         two songs. Larrieux takes a slightly        Artist: Amel Larrieux                       Saturday, Oct. 14
peaceful undertones, she takes the          gospel approach to “Even If” and                                                          7 P.M.: Silence of the Lambs
                                                                                       Infinite Possibilities
listener through some of her fights         leaves you with a blissfully haunt-                                                      10 P.M.: Bastard!
with this societal flaw and proves          ing feeling in “Make Me Whole.”
that beauty IS in the eye of the be-        The latter is a testament that genu-                                                    Sunday, Oct. 15
holder.                                     ine singing still exists in today’s                                                      7 P.M.: High Fidelity
    The songstress takes a more             technologically enhanced music in-                                                       10 P.M.: American Beauty
Entertainment                                                                                                      Florida Tech’s Crimson ∞ October 6, 2000                        9
Perfect Circle: No Tool Here
                                          Just when one thinks that       about it. It is such a mix of
   Rich Cannyn, Ph.D                  the CD will keep the same           the album as a whole that this
   Staff Writer                       style, “Rose” breaks the mold.      song leaves the listener
                                      Put quite simply, it is lyrically   speechless about it.
    When provocative and              driven poetry with harmony              From here on out, the band
controversial lyrics meet             in the background. The song         seems to have hit experimen-
deep-rooted and harmonious            could easily sit alone as an in-    tation mode with determining
modern music, A Perfect               strumental, but becomes so          which different melodies they
Circle is born. After months          much more when vocals are           can achieve. The traditional
of recording in their garage,         added to it.                        listener has stopped listening
A Perfect Circle releases the             The next song sounds            and a true fan continues on to
twelve-track Mer de Noms              nothing like the first three,       hear where the band might
[French for Sea of Names],            and shows an entirely new           turn. “Thomas,” with its very
which has quickly soared to           side to the band. This song is      subtle beginning, almost
the top of the billboard charts.      the current and first radio         sounds as if the radio isn’t on.
    Perfect Circle is a recently      single released, “Judith.” This     It continues to carry the un-
formed Los Angeles-based              song is truly unique on a           derground melody through
band with members who each            unique album. It is a loud          the song. The wavy vocals
seek to challenge themselves          song that is supposed to hit the    make the piece take on an ee-
through performance. Their            listener in thought as hard as      rie sense as well.
line-up includes Billy                it sounds. According to                 “Renholder” is an almost
Howerdel (composer and gui-           Maynard, “I could hear that         instrumental song that brings
tar), Maynard James Keenan            there was something very spe-       a sense of relaxation over the
(words and vocals), Paz               cial about that song.”              listener proving that good
Lenchantin (bass and violin),             The fifth song, “Orestes,”      bands can entertain with or
Troy Van Leeuwen (guitar)             is the song from which the          without words. The vocals
and Josh Freese (drums).              band takes its name. A true         themselves are set in the back-                Photo courtesy of Virgin Records
    Right off the bat with “The       culmination of the band’s           ground and provide backup to           Maynard James Keenan and the rest of A Perfect Circle.
Hollow,” the listener has the         abilities and efforts are put       the violin, adding harmony.
opportunity to hear the wail-         together changing styles            The song almost takes on a
ing and fulfilling style as the       throughout the entire song.         Middle Eastern style of                adrenaline going from the           ent non-traditional rock band
song speaks about emptying                The next song,”3 Libras,”       acoustics. After listening to          previous song.                      instruments, which sounds
and the need to pursue one’s          is a simple chord progression       that song, all troubles seem to            In the midst of brand new       like a piano and a xylophone.
primal desires. “Magdalena,”          that hooks the listener. The        have been washed away, al-             styles reaching new heights,        It makes for an interesting end
the second song on the CD,            lyrics dance around, catching       most as if inducing a flash-           the original style of the first     to a superb album.
sets the tone for an album of         the listener on the rebound.        back. After a song like that the       seven songs is not left be-
heavy sounds with a soft af-          This makes the song very            listener is in a trance.               hind. “Brena” helps com-
tertaste. It continues the mo-        catchy and easy to sing along           “Thinking of You” breaks           plete the listening circle. This              CD Review
mentum, while at the same             with. It could quite easily be      that trance. Here it sounds as         song brings the listener back
                                                                                                                                                       Genre: Hard Rock
time adding a pounding and            the next single released by the     if A Perfect Circle is attempt-        towards the style of
                                                                                                                                                       Artist: A Perfect Circle
riveting chorus to begin a            band.                               ing to replicate the Nine Inch         “Magdalena” in the begin-
                                          The best thing to be said                                              ning of the CD.
                                                                                                                                                       Mer De Noms
fluctuation in the style of the                                           Nails genre of music. Defi-
CD, which encompasses                 about “Sleeping Beauty” is          nitely one of the fastest songs            “Over,” the last song on
many different styles together        that some songs just exist.         on the CD, it was placed per-          the CD, sounds like an ex-
to create a unique one in the         There isn’t much that can be        fectly on the album. It wakes          periment in random sounds
process.                              said one way or the other           up the listener and gets the           thrown together from differ-

                                                                                                                   Crimson Classifieds
Brian Wilson to                                                                                                      First 30 Words FREE for Florida Tech

Play in Melbourne                                                                                                      Bussiness Rate: 25 cents per word
                                                                                                                   Email your classifieds to Crimson@fit.edu or
                                                                                                                                Call (321)674-8024
                                                                                                                   All Classifieds must be recieved prior to 5:00
                                      eral years. In 1965, Brian          continued recording and                p.m. on Monday of the week of publication and
   Alex Zambelli                                                                                                 paid for in advance.
                                      Wilson suffered a nervous           t o u r i n g , Wi l s o n n e v e r
   Arts & People Editor                                                                                            Free classifieds must either be sent to us by
                                      breakdown and stopped               toured with them again
                                                                                                                 email or given to us on disk.
                                      touring with the band, only         and instead decided to re-
   Brian Wilson, former               to end up working even              vive his solo career in the                                           Wanted
front man of the legendary            harder on his next album.           ’90s.                                              Stock Broker Trainee -Part Time -
Beach Boys, decided to fi-            What came out of his per-                On Sunday, Oct. 15,                    SCOTTRADE, INC. a fast growing nationwide discount stock bro-
nally set out on a new                sonal crisis was Beach              you can witness Brian Wil-             kerage firm seeks sophomore/junior students with buisiness/finance/eco-
American tour. This time,             Boys’ Pet Sounds, one of            son performing many of                 nomics major with customer service background and a desire to lear
however, local fans will              the most influential al-            the Beach Boys’ greatest               about brokerage industry. Immediat opening for 15-20 hours a week for
not need to drive to Or-              bums of the decade. How-            hits at the Maxwell C.                 paid student interrnship in VERO BEACH, FL. Flexible work hours:
lando or West Palm to see             ever, the critics at the time       King Center in downtown                Monday-Friday. Fax resume to: Ms. Diana Dierberg, Intern Coordina-
him perform, because                  didn’t find it too impres-          Melbourne. Although he                 tor, 314-909-9227 or e-mail to : ddierberg@scottrade.com at company’s
Brian Wilson is coming to             sive and the album yielded          will be lacking the rest of            headquarters.
Melbourne on Oct. 15,                 only one hit single. Wilson         his former band, Brian will
2000.                                 continued to work on a              be backed by an entire
   B r i a n Wi l s o n , a l o n g   new album, Smile, but this          symphony orchestra as he
                                                                                                                       Protestant Campus Ministry (PCM)
with his brothers Carl and            time it was the Beach Boys          performs songs from his                                 Activities
Dennis and cousin Mike                who found it too cryptic.           Pet Sounds album. The
Love, formed the Beach                                                                                                * Monday Night Dinner at the All Faiths Center every
                                      Wilson’s creativity was             concert is scheduled to
Boys in 1961. With hits                                                                                           Monday at 6:00 p.m. Home-cooked meals provided for free
                                      hindered and his career             start at 7 p.m. Tickets for
like “California Girls,”                                                                                          to offer some additional variety to your Florida Tech eating
                                      took a nosedive. The ’70s           the concert are priced at
“Surfing Safari” and                                                                                              experience.
                                      and the ’80s were not too           $38/$48 and can be pur-
“Surfing U.S.A.,” the                                                                                                  * Bible Study every Friday at noon in the Rat.
                                      kind to him either: lots of         chased online at http://
Beach Boys became stars                                                                                               For more information, e-mail the PCM Chaplain at
                                      food, lots of drugs, not            www.ticketmaster.com or
overnight and never left                                                                                          pcmrev@fit.edu or check out the PCM website at http://
                                      enough music. Although              by phone at (321) 242-
the charts for the next sev-                                                                                      winnie.fit.edu/~ddawson.
                                      the remaining Beach Boys            2219.
10   October 6, 2000 ∞ Florida Tech’s Crimson   Dilbert
Opinions/Editorial                                                                                         Florida Tech’s Crimson ∞ October 6, 2000                  11
There Is No Food Here School Vouchers ...
     Advisor’s Rant                        Florida Tech, but it is not 2500% big-
                                           ger. I have studied and worked at huge
                                           American universities, such as Ohio
                                                                                       A Matter of Liberty
              Bill Gabrenya                                                                                                        it costs XYZ district $10,000 per stu-
                                           State, where there is also no food.
              Crimson Faculty                                                             Sean C. Payne                            dent, the vouchers might be $6,000-
                                           NTU students aren't bigger spenders
              Advisor                                                                     Guest Writer                             $8,000. Every student that uses a
                                           than FIT students–tuition is virtually
                                           free, if you can come out in the top                                                    voucher leaves $2000-$4000 behind
    I was having dim sum at Ming           1% of the entrance exam–so all kinds             As a professed one-time Republi-       for the public school. So in fact
Court1 on International Drive last         of (brilliant) people can go to school      can, now turned Libertarian, let me         vouchers do increase the amount of
weekend with a group of Taiwanese          there. It's something else.                 take this chance to make the case for       money public schools can spend.
and Taiwanese-Americans, and the               The second crisis comes at dinner.      school vouchers...Let me also come              Even if it is a break-even value, a
conversation took its usual turn:          (Students: this is your future.) After      clean in that I graduated from both a       second positive effect for public
    Eater #1: "There is no food in         a hard day mulling over epistemologi-       private high school (The Stony Brook        schools is smaller class sizes. That’s
Florida."                                  cal movements in cultural psychology,       School) and a private University            right, every student enrolled in pri-
    Eater #2: "I know, I can't get de-     cooking can be nothing but trivial and      (FIT).                                      vate school leaves an empty seat be-
cent noodle soup here."                    tedious. My wife, a Harris engineer,             First and foremost, I don’t believe    hind in the public school. If only 10%
    Eater #3: "My daughter will attend     has been struggling with UNIX and           it is the federal government’s role to      of the students leave, a class of 30
Stanford Medical School in the Fall."      C++ for 9 hours and is similarly dis-       provide for the education of                would drop to 27. This leaves more
    Eater #4: "My son chose Harvard.       inclined (read: essentially comatose).3     America’s children. The constitution        time for the teachers to spend on the
It's really inconvenient that we have      In Taipei, US$20 and 30 minutes will        is clear that those powers not specifi-     remaining students.
to cook every day just to get real food"   realize some truly great food for two,      cally set out for the federal govern-           There are two groups who are fun-
    Eater #5: "These chicken feet are      probably just down the street; in           ment are left to the states and the         damentally opposed to vouchers. The
especially good."                          Melbourne, well, there is the new           people. Education is, by its nature, a      first is the group of Teacher’s Unions.
    The problem is that the world's        Golden Corral on Palm Bay Road,             local issue, nor is there any mention       Without a monopoly on “public” edu-
wealthiest nation (so far) is not par-     across from the Super Wal-mart.             of a federal government role any-           cation, there would be more pressure
ticularly good with food. I have a cri-              4
                                                       !                               where in the constitution.                  on the teachers to perform. There is a
sis with this about twice a day. At            As a social scientist, I feel obli-          Where does this leave school           fear that the better teachers would
lunch, I ask myself, Why can't I step      gated to explain this cultural failing,     vouchers? It is up to the state and lo-     jump ship along with their student’s.
out of my office and get really good       not just complain about it. But I don't     cal governments to decide if they are       But why should teachers be opposed
food, fast and cheap, healthy? When        have a theory. Perhaps if we weren't        appropriate. I, for one, believe they       to smaller class sizes and more money
I was on sabbatical at National Tai-       plagued with multinational fast-food        are.                                        per pupil?
wan University, here were my options:      chains, there would be more variety              There are two basic arguments              The second group opposed is the
    • Two on-campus full-service Chi-      or regional cuisines would have sur-        against vouchers. First, they take          group of died-in-the-wool liberals,
nese restaurants                           vived. Another possibility is that our      money from public schools, thus di-         those who truly believe in their so-
    • Two on-campus burger-ish joints      immigrant ancestors were the ones           minishing even further any good the         cialist theories. They know that if you
(using "burger" loosely)                   who were forced out of their native         public schools can do. Second, if           allow students to get a better educa-
    • Several distribution points for      lands because they were bad cooks or        vouchers are provided, parents may          tion elsewhere, those kids have a bet-
boxed lunches (rice + meat + vege +        indifferent eaters—but that wouldn't        elect to send their children to religious   ter future ahead: a better shot at col-
egg + chopsticks) => US$1.50               explain Chinatowns.                         schools and would somehow be in             lege, a better shot at good paying jobs
    • Over 50 tiny - to - medium size          Newsweek magazine last week             violation of the First Amendment.           and, “ouch,” a better shot at not need-
"restaurants" ringing the campus,          printed a short op-ed piece praising             Let’s disarm the second argument.      ing the government to take care of
ranging from 4 chairs in front of a        food and eating in Taipei that I could      “Amendment I: Congress shall make           them. Of course, if you aren’t as reli-
wheeled cart to 20 tables under A/C.       have easily written myself. The au-         no law respecting an establishment of       ant on Uncle Sam, you are far less
    • One each of the major American       thor is probably back in the States         religion, or prohibiting the free exer-     likely to vote for them, now aren’t
fast food chains, or clones thereof        now, hungry. So am I.                       cise thereof; or abridging the freedom      you.
    • Seven-11 and other convenience           1. I also recommend Chan's Chi-         of speech, or of the press; or the right        This is compounded when you re-
markets, selling Chinese lunch and         nese Cuisine on E. Colonial Dr. just        of the people peaceably to assemble,        alize that, aside from setting stan-
snack food                                 east of Little Saigon for dim sum.          and to petition the Government for a        dards, they will not be able to politi-
    My favorite lunch was a bowl of            2. Pitiful.                             redress of grievances.” As long as          cize the education of the students.
beef noodle soup, "hóng-shao níu-ròu           I don’t want to minimize the            parents are free to choose whichever        Heaven forbid that children should
mìan," US$3. If Campbell's soup, or        finely remodeled SUB café or the            school, religious or secular, their chil-   learn the good about our founding fa-
any soup you've eaten in American,         great work of the University food           dren attend, then Congress has NOT          thers. Worse yet, they may even learn
comes to mind, it's time to travel.        service, but ultimately, this is not real   established a religion. Gee that was        about the constitution and how the
Around Florida Tech, I understand          food.                                       easy.                                       federal government has overreached
you can get a single slice with one            3. But in defense of Harris, their           Only if schools were discrimi-         its constitutional boundaries to invade
topping at the Mighty Mushroom for         monitors have fantastic scan rates          nated against on the grounds of their       more and more of our every day life.
$2.65+tax.           .2                    and they get great office chairs.           theology would we have a potential              Heck, they might even learn some
    Surely NTU is a lot bigger than            4. Still pitiful.                       conflict. Since most proponents do          interesting facts like: A larger percent-
                                                                                       not have a problem with educational         age of Republicans in the House and
                                                                                       standards, as long as these are being       Senate voted for the Civil Right Acts
                      FIT Archers                                                      met, any teachings, religious or other,
                                                                                       above and beyond these standards
                                                                                                                                   than did Democrats. No, we just can’t
                                                                                                                                   let a little thing like the truth stand in
                                                                                       would be irrelevant and not regulated.      our way, now can we?
      Meetings every Saturday at 2 p.m. on the                                              What of the issue of taking money          Yes, a far greater threat is inher-
      2nd floor of the SUB. No experience or                                           from public schools? Every voucher
                                                                                       program that has been proposed takes
                                                                                                                                   ent in school vouchers. It is not that
                                                                                                                                   there will be less money for the pub-
                equipment required.                                                    into account what the public school         lic schools to waste, rather there will
                                                                                       spends per child and offers a voucher       be more educated Americans at the
           Practices to follow afterwards.                                             of lesser value. For every student that     voting booth.
                                                                                       uses a voucher to attend private                Here is one last thing to ponder.
                           Free Sugar!!!                                               school, the difference stays in the pub-
                                                                                       lic school system. In effect, the more
                                                                                                                                   How many of you have a scholarship
                                                                                                                                   of some sort provided by some gov-
                                                                                       students use vouchers, the more             ernment? It doesn’t matter if it is fed-
                                                                                       money is left for the rest of the stu-      eral, state, or even local, you are still
   Pissed Off About Something?                                                         dents.
                                                                                            In case you went to public school
                                                                                                                                   using government money on a private
                                                                                                                                   education. Should you not have to go
     E-mail a Letter to the Editor to crimson@fit.edu or                               and are having trouble with this con-       to a state college if you can’t afford a
                                                                                       cept, let me give you an example. If        private one?
    drop them off in the box in the Student Activities Of-
    fice, located on the second floor of the SUB. Letters                                   To Advertise in the
          must be received by Monday at 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                        Crimson Call 674-8024 and
       All letters need an author and contact information.                                     Ask for Doug
 12         October 6, 2000 ∞ Florida Tech’s Crimson                                                          Opinion/Editorial
What is the Meaning of Life, the
Universe and Everything?

        Sarah Morgan                             Adam Cherwinski                           Christina Decarmo                         Mischa Dembicki
             Freshman                                   Freshman                                   Freshman                                  Freshman
         General Engineering                       Aerospace Engineering                          Meteorology                            Ocean Engineering

          “Find your niche.”                        “Don’t get cold feet.”                      “Controversial.”                                “47.”


Another Pointless Day at the Games
                                           Lithuanian? What if you didn’t even        ality.                                   of dollars to waste in training these
   Richard Cannyn Ph. D.                   follow basketball, then why would              What is the first thing that you     athletes to become gold medal hun-
   Slightly Psychotic                      you even bother turning on the TV?         think of when you picture Tiger          gry machines. The US will cut wel-
                                                At least we can respect the play-     Woods? Can anyone say a blue hat         fare and diminish social security so
    As the Olympic opening cer-            ers who were sent over, or can we?         with a white check in it? Nothing is     that Lance Armstrong, and Mari
emony held in Sydney, Australia            The news will ruin that as well, print-    funnier than when they sponsor a         Holden could take home medals. Bet
started about three weeks ago, NBC         ing in the newspaper about a shitty        looser though. Back in 1996 there        you can’t tell me what sports those
was the proud recipient of this excit-     performance our women’s gymnas-            was a big hoopla from Nike over Dan      were in though.
ing event. They would delay broad-         tics’ team did in the finals almost a      and Dave in the triathlon, but one of        Now that the games are over we
cast everything twenty plus hours so       full day in advance. If they (athletes)    them didn’t even qualify for the team.   can all get back to our normal TV
the American people could watch it         do well it is because of hard work,        People were still convinced that they    lives, and hopefully the new season
real time at home. They would up-          dedication and training, but if they       competed for the gold, because the       of shows will start-up. Not only did
date their website hourly though to        mess up it must be hard luck, previ-       advertisements said so.                  this year’s games have the worst
reflect current results. The bottom        ous injuries, or jet lag. I wish I could       So, another Olympics had came        nelson ratings in a long time, all other
line is no one watched the Olympics        use those excuses in class. Sorry prof,    and went, and with no surprise the       channels were scared to put anything
this year, and with good reason.           I don’t have my research paper the         United States has earned the most        on the box worth seeing, because they
    It seems the only thing that trav-     drive over to school gave me jet lag       medals than any other country. What      figured everyone would watch the
els faster than Michael Johnson run-       and it must be awfully bad luck my         you aren’t supposed to realize is we     Olympics. This made movie theater
ning the 400-meter race is the knowl-      printer has a habit of running out of      sent the more athletes to the games      ticket sales and blockbuster rentals
edge that he will win the event in ad-     ink when I need it the most. Not to        than many of the other countries com-    sky rocket through the roof. Not to
vance. How many times did you sit          degrade our athletes because it is re-     bined, but as long we have the most      worry though, because in two years
down to watch some special event           ally hard to get into the competition,     medals it is all good. It takes hard     this all gets to happen again for the
during the night, to have heard the        and they should be admired for that.       work and dedication to win a medal,      Winter showing of a truly useless
results in advance? The bigger the             But, who really cares that Linghui     or sheer numbers to compete. Our         waste of time, and then, it’s just an-
event the sooner the news spread over      Kong is better than Jan-Ove Waldner        country also seems to have millions      other day at the games.
the airwaves. Whether watching the         in table tennis, or that Yulia
news, listening to the radio, or just      Barsukova barely ousted Yulia        Nuts and Dolts                       by Chris Sonnenberg
plain walking around campus if the         Raskina in rhythmic gymnas-
event was big and worth watching the       tics? In fact, how many people
results were out there.                    actually realize that these ath-
    Other such memorable events for-       letes compete constantly against
ever ruined by the media would be          each other in competitions thor-
the US women’s soccer final against        ough out years? How many
Norway in what would become a 3-2          people even care about the ath-
upset victory in overtime. From 8:00       letes more than just a flag that
a.m. in the morning until the game         they represent? Some would call
aired at 3:00 p.m. the results were        it patriotism, others would call
broadcasted all over the news and to-      it shameless promotion of which
tally unavoidable. Nothing like            country has the bigger missle.
knowing the results and exact times            The media and companies
of soccer goals in the final to take the   like GMC, Gatorade, Nike, and
suspense out of watching the game.         Coke have turned athletes into
In fact, why watch sports at all if you    walking billboards for pushing
don’t really know the competitors,         their materials like drugs.
but know the results in advance.           Names and people become
Would you watch Lithuania cream            nothing more than arms of ad-
Australia if you weren’t a                 vertisers, and loose all person-

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