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									Amazing Tours Agency: Enjoy The Wilderness Of The
Amazon Jungles
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Amazon is one of the greatest rivers of the earth nurturing a vast rainforest through its water. Manaus is
the center place of tourist attractions especially for those who are looking for great adventures. It is
known as the Heart of the Amazon and City of the Forest. Manaus is home to a plethora of different
flora and fauna. It has a tropical monsoon climate and comprises the largest and most species-rich
region of tropical rainforest in the world. People are fondly attracted towards the Adventure Trips in

“Amazing Tours Agency” is offering a dynamic young team of local guides who will make your journey
to the Amazon region interesting, enriching, inspiring and full of great fun. We are travel consultants and
jungle tour operators offering our high quality services in Brazil. We are offering our services in the
major known cities of Peru, Colombia and Brazil (Manaus, Santarem, Belem). Apart from these, there
are many local communities worth visiting, maintaining their ancient tradition and far away from
pollution of civilization, like:

       Amazon Jungle – Manaus
       Tours to Presidente Figueiredo – The land of jungle waterfalls and caves
       Novo Airao – Pink Dolphins
       Jau National Park
       Maues – Native communities
       The land of the Guarana and Satere-Mawe Indians

The river boats are a popular and inexpensive way of travelling in the Amazon Region. It ensures safe
travel and we can reserve your place in a hammock or cabin at discounted prices. We offer you reliable
expert advice on boat travel on the Amazonas, Rio Negro, Solimoes and Rio Madeira and Rio Tapajos
river systems. We offer Tree Climbing Tour in Manaus which includes multilingual guides with sufficient
international experience and a solid cultural background and top quality equipments. Our wish is to
share the magic and beauty of the Amazon forest which is full of orchids, bromeliads, birds and

We are dedicated in providing the best fishing trips. We are focused on highly productive Peacock
Bass, Payara and Giant Catfish trips in Brazil. You can experience to Swim With The Dolphin In
Manaus. Select from our luxurious yacht trips, comfortable lodge or exciting safari camp
accommodations at reasonable prices. We also provide airline bookings, visa and document services,
tackle recommendations and specialized tackle sales, travel insurance and much more. Contact us on

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Manaus Jungle Trips

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