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The engineering colleges in Noida have established the fact that engineers are bound to achieve great things. Engineering is the only profession that deals with converting scientific knowledge into technology and further in a successful innovation.

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									Why should you choose an Engineering college in Noida??

Engineering is popular as B.tech with college students. It’s an academic and vocational preparation of students
for jobs involving applied science and modern technology. Engineering not only emphasizes on practical
application and understanding of basic principles of science and mathematics, but also helps the students to attain
proficiency in manual skills. The Engineering colleges in Noida strive hard in preparing skilled engineers, and these
colleges are growing at a rapid rate.

Technical occupation is vital in a wide range of fields, including agriculture, business administration, computers
and data processing, education, environmental and resource management, graphic arts and industrial design,
health and medicine. Technical educational curriculum is correspondingly specialized over a broad range. But most
students find themselves in a fix while making a choice for this course. The most common query among all
engineering aspirants is that what is the best engineering branch? What branch would fetch them a good job and
eventually a handsome package?

Every student should understand that they must choose the field as per their interest and aptitude for that

The statistics from the past 10 years show that students taking admission in btech (engineering) have doubled in
number and are taking keen interest in two branches, particularly computer sciences and mechanical engineering.

Mechanical Engineering: This stream is believed to be an evergreen field; experts believe that this stream
is full of opportunities and challenges that give individuals many opportunities to prove themselves at every step,
despite varying market trends. This stream is one of oldest and therefore one of the broadest. The role of a
mechanical engineer involves designing, analysis, manufacture and maintain.

Computer Science & Engineering/IT: Software engineers have doubled in number. So it is no
surprise that this branch is leading! Let it be technological advancements, expanding global markets or
globalization, this stream gives every graduate ample job opportunity in the country and overseas. If you have an
interest in database management and application development, you should seek out this engineering discipline.


Think of btech in biotechnology in India & first name you remember is Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and her
biotechnology company, Biocon. Today, India is considered one of the best destinations for biotechnology industry
because of the availability of state-of-art resources and facilities to carry on newer practices. Therefore, this
stream has vast avenues and possibilities for skilled graduates.

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