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					                       BLUE VALLEY RECREATION COMMISSION
                                Regular Meeting Minutes
                                   October 20, 2010



       No one addressed the Commission.


       Chairperson Lou Wade called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. at the Blue Valley Recreation
       Commission Activity Center at 6545 West 151st Street, Overland Park, Kansas. Other
       Commissioners present were Cindy McAlister, Rufus Nye, Mike Seitz, Colleen Browne, Kim
       Galbraith and Don Stebbins. Present also was School Board Liaison, Dan French.
       Representing the team that conducted our audit, Lowenthal, Webb and Odermann, was Brian
       Nyp. Also on hand was retired Basketball Advisory Council member, Dan Gabriel. Monte
       Giddings, of CBIZ Insurance Services/Giddings Group, was also in attendance. Staff
       members present were Steve Baysinger (Executive Director), Jim Chladek (Administration
       Manager), Jim Hook (Special Projects Manager), Terry Thorman (Activity Center Manager),
       Steve Herrig (Recreation Complex Manager) Dawn Harmon (Marketing Supervisor), Darla
       Letts (Aquatics Supervisor), Derrick Wilde (Program Coordinator) and Phyllis Shackelford
       (Executive Assistant).


          The agenda was modified to accommodate our visitors, Dan Gabriel, Brian Nyp and
          Monte Giddings. Under Regular Business, items A., B., and C., will now come before
          the Report from the Director, item H, and the Staff Report, item I, under the Reports

          Move to approve the amended agenda.

          10-11:14                    Moved: Kim Galbraith            Seconded: Mike Seitz
          Motion carried 7-0.


          Move to approve the minutes of the September 15, 2010 meeting.

          10-11:15                    Moved: Cindy McAlister          Seconded: Don Stebbins
          Motion carried 7-0.



          Commission Chair Wade displayed the loser’s bowling trophy from the 2nd Annual Bowl-
          A-Thon Challenge between BVRC Commissioners and members of the Blue Valley
          School Board. He proclaimed his intent to ensure that the BVSD board members took
          possession of the trophy at the end of the 3rd Annual Bowl-A-Thon Challenge. He then
          reminded commissioners that this year marks the 22nd Annual Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser
          benefiting the Blue Valley Blue Streaks - Special Olympics teams and would be held on
          Saturday, November 6th at the AMF College Lanes. He announced that this very
                                                                 Blue Valley Recreation Commission
                                                                           Regular Meeting Minutes
                                                                                September 15, 2010
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  important, worthwhile endeavor was open to the entire community. Proceeds from the
  Bowl-A-Thon help buy team uniforms, awards and equipment. Lou encouraged all of the
  Commissioners to take part in the event. He noted that three of the BVRC Commissioners
  would not be in town for the event, so the remaining four Commissioners would have to
  step up to the plate and take care of business. Lou specified that only legitimate, elected
  school board members and BVRC commissioners will take part in the event.


  Commissioner Seitz presented the Finance and Risk Management Report. He reported
  that the committee is still working on updating the commission policy and the procedural
  guidelines for the solicitation, selection and appointment of patron liaisons to the various
  advisory committees. Mike said that the committee will share their findings with the other
  committee chairs and welcomes their feedback and ideas prior to presenting the final
  reading of the policy changes to the Commission at the January, 2011 meeting.

  Mike informed the Commission that from the financial prospective, both expenditures and
  revenues are right on track with expectation. He reported that the accounts receivable
  balance is currently $1,830, of which, all but $500 are current. Collection of the
  outstanding balances is expected in November.

  Mike notified the Commission that proposals for the renewal of property, casualty and
  worker’s compensation insurance coverage for 2010-2011 were received by the committee
  earlier that evening. He noted that the Finance Committee would present their
  recommendation later in the meeting as a regular business agenda item.


  Commissioner Stebbins reported that the 18th Annual Family Fall Festival was held on
  October 16th. With ideal weather conditions, we had a fantastic turnout with
  approximately 1,500 people taking part. Don said the kids loved the petting zoo, face
  painting and moonwalk. He said the huge kites drew a lot of attention also. Lou and Kim
  both agreed that the Family Fall Festival was absolutely wonderful and that staff had done
  an outstanding job.

  Last month, the F&P Committee began reviewing the ETC survey on indoor recreational
  facilities along with the feasibility study of a multi-purpose indoor recreational facility
  done by Ballard King.

  The committee reviewed the current partnership we have with Johnson County Parks and
  Recreation and discussed better ways to serve the 50+ population. He noted that Drop-In
  Bridge on Monday nights seems to be the trend of the month for the 50+ clientele.

  Our annual Touch-A-Truck event was held on September 18th and proved to be a another
  popular activity. Approximately 200 youngsters were afforded the opportunity to get up-
  close and personal with all their favorite vehicles. They got to climb up and sit in the
  vehicles such as the big fire truck, honk the horns, etc. This year, to the delight of all the
  little kids, we even had a helicopter and a stage coach.
                                                               Blue Valley Recreation Commission
                                                                         Regular Meeting Minutes
                                                                              September 15, 2010
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  Commissioner Nye reported that the Community Relations Committee met Monday and
  that their focus had been on the upcoming 25th Anniversary milestone for the BVRC. A
  one-day event will be planned in celebration of the 25th Anniversary and select special
  events/programs will have a 25th Anniversary flare.


  Steve Herrig reported that the Baseball Advisory Council had met on October 19, 2010.
  Steve stated that the council discussed the summer baseball survey results. Discussion of
  the rule changes for 2010 was slated for the next meeting. The council discussed facilities
  for practice and games; how to maximize and increase field space for next season. It was
  also noted that there will be two openings on the Baseball Advisory Council come
  December 31st.


  Commissioner Seitz reported that the Blue Valley Recreation Commission was given
  special recognition by the Blue Valley Educational Foundation this past Monday for the
  monetary contributions over the years and their assistance in providing extraordinary
  educational opportunities in the Blue Valley School District. An engraved sunflower
  plaque was placed in the BVRC’s honor on the donor wall of the Friends of the Blue
  Valley Educational Foundation.


  School Board Liaison, Dan French, reported that the new Center for Advanced
  Professional Studies (CAPS) building would be dedicated on Thursday, October 21st at
  1pm. He said that the newly completed CAPS facility was built to offer students
  immersion into the business world. Dan said that students must acquire 21st century skills
  to be successful in the ever-changing world of today and that’s what CAPS is meant to do.
  CAPS inspires students to succeed in the critical areas of Business, Bioscience,
  Engineering and Human Services. CAPS is a prime example of how industry and the
  educational system can work hand-in-hand to produce personalized learning experiences
  that prepare the next generations of professionals. Learning is student driven with
  teachers facilitating the learning process through problem based projects. CAPS is about
  students solving real problems, with real tools, used by real professionals, being mentored
  by real employers, leading to real contribution. Dan said that the CAPS building and the
  studies within are simply awesome.

  Dan stated that the new BV Southwest high school was dedicated a couple of weeks ago.
  He reported that their soccer program is off to a good start and their band has already won
  a couple of regional competitions.

  Dan said that the BVSD is ready to move forward with its strategic plan. The initial five-
  year plan has been deployed and the BVSD is ready to look ahead despite the recent
  economic challenges of the district.

  He informed the Commission that he is resigning his position on the Blue Valley School
  Board as of November 30th due to time commitments and employment. His resignation
                                                                    Blue Valley Recreation Commission
                                                                              Regular Meeting Minutes
                                                                                   September 15, 2010
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         will be officially accepted at the November School Board meeting. The school board will
         post the position for 15 days and then will appoint a temporary replacement to fill his
         position from December - June. On June 30th, a replacement will be elected and will be
         seated on the school board July 1st. Dan said it has been a tremendous experience working
         with the school board. On behalf of the Commission, Lou expressed gratitude for all Dan
         has done for the BVRC and said that he has the well-wishes of the Commission and that
         he will be greatly missed. The Commission heartily applauded Dan for the contributions
         he has made and the dedication he has shown.


      A. Basketball Advisory Council Member Recognition

         Derrick Wilde presented long-time Basketball Advisory Council member, Don Gabriel,
         with an engraved plaque to commemorate his ten years service on the council. Derrick
         noted that Don continued to serve on the council several years after his children had
         outgrown the program. Upon accepting the plaque, Don said it had been his pleasure to
         serve in this capacity and that he had enjoyed his tenure.

      B. Approval of annual audit

         Commissioner Seitz reported that the Finance Committee members were presented with
         the financial audit results for fiscal year 2009-2010, as conducted by Lowenthal, Webb
         and Odermann. Mike reported that the Finance Committee recommended approval of the
         fiscal year 2009-10 financial audit as presented.

         Move approval of the fiscal year 2009-10 financial audit as presented by Lowenthal,
         Webb and Odermann, and place the audit on file.

         Chairman Wade said the motion had been made and seconded and asked if there was any
         discussion on this matter. At this time, Jim Chladek introduced Brian Nyp, audit manager
         with the firm that of Lowenthal, Webb & Odermann. Brian gave an overview of the audit
         and referred to the audit letter on findings. Brian said there were no deficiencies.

         10-11:16                    Moved: Seitz            Seconded: Galbraith
         Motion carried 7-0.

      C. Property & Casualty Insurance Renewals

         Commissioner Seitz reported that the Finance, Administration and Risk Management
         Committee had reviewed the proposals for the October 1, 2010 renewal of
         property/casualty and worker’s compensation insurance coverage premiums and plan
         changes and recommended approval of the property and casualty insurance and worker’s
         compensation insurance proposals submitted by Travelers Insurance.

         Move approval of the property and casualty insurance and worker’s compensation
         insurance proposal submitted by Travelers Insurance for an annual premium amount of
         $129,407, not including additions or deletions, effective October 1, 2010, and hereby
         authorize the director to make the purchase.
                                                                Blue Valley Recreation Commission
                                                                          Regular Meeting Minutes
                                                                               September 15, 2010
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  Chairman Wade said the motion had been made and seconded and asked if there was any
  discussion on this matter. At this time, Jim Chladek introduced our insurance consultant,
  Monte Giddings, of CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc/Giddings Group. Monte presented an
  overview of the insurance proposal he had compiled. He explained that both Travelers
  and One Beacon had submitted bid proposals, but that Argonaut had declined to do so this

  10-11: 17                    Moved: Seitz              Seconded: Stebbins
  Motion carried 7-0.


  Steve Baysinger asked the managers for an update on the projects they were assigned.

  Terry Thorman reported that he and Catherine Neidt were asked to solicit local artists to
  see if they would be interested in displaying their artwork at the Activity Center. They
  visited several galleries over the past year or so and were able to hook-up with local artists
  three or four months ago that agreed to display their work at the Activity Center. These
  artists just happen to be part owners of Images Art Gallery, located in downtown Overland
  Park. Images Art Gallery is a co-op of local artists; all of which have expressed interest in
  displaying their artwork at the Activity Center.

  Jim C reported that two months ago, he was contacted by Pam Graverholt who is
  associated with the school district’s FACS Advisory Committee. This committee deals
  with hospitality, culinary arts, textiles and human services. They are looking for working
  programs and possibly mentoring situations. Jim C and Joann Miller attended their
  meeting about a month ago and found that there were potential opportunities for the
  BVRC to offer programs in support of the BVSD. Jim noted that they are also looking for
  non-paying positions where students could utilize their skills within our food and beverage
  operations or serving on a planning committee for one of our special events. These
  students are already learning food quality and product control so their expertise would be
  valuable on our team. Jim C. and Joann came away with many contacts for future

  Steve Herrig reported that he is serving as a liaison to the Blue Valley Student Activities
  Committee for a second year. This committee is made up Dr. Russ Kokoruda, Executive
  Director of School Administration, two school board members, two students from each of
  the Blue Valley high schools, two athletic directors, two middle school vice principals and
  Rich Bechard, Director of Student Activities and Transportation.

  In a follow-up to our Strategic Plan, Steve Baysinger distributed a Balanced Scorecard
  sheet that is used as a customer service strategic measure. Steve said he was sure that the
  Commission had heard the phrase “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Steve
  broke the scorecard down into four distinct areas. The Balanced Scorecard presented
  focused on the actual numbers for fiscal year 09-10 and the projected numbers for fiscal
  year 2010-11. Steve reminded the commission that this is a work in-progress.

  Customer Service Strategic Measure:
                                                             Blue Valley Recreation Commission
                                                                       Regular Meeting Minutes
                                                                            September 15, 2010
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According to the Balanced Scorecard, the BVRC will have approximately 1,439 more
activity registrations this fiscal year over the 2009-10 fiscal year. The Balanced
Scorecard indicates that our partnerships will increase slightly this fiscal year as well.
Financial scholarships awarded will increase slightly this fiscal year too even though our
scholarship program has been changed and now only pays a maximum of 50% of any
activity rather than the entire cost of the activity as it did a year ago. More Blue Valley
children under the age of eighteen will receive the benefits of our scholarship program this
fiscal year and more families will be served as our economy continues to wane and more
people are affected by it. Steve reported that dozens of surveys have been reviewed in
order to weigh how our programs and facilities are accepted and how pleased or
displeased our patrons have been with them. Steve indicated that the Survey Monkey has
proved to be a most valuable tool in assessing how we are doing in this area because it is
done without divulging any names. Thus, patrons feel less vulnerable and are much more
likely to speak their mind and tell it like it is.

Financial Stewardship Measures:

Program and facility revenue are forecasted to increase slightly this fiscal year over the
2009-2010 fiscal year. Non-tax revenues should be up approximately 4% this year;
meaning, revenues generated solely by our activity fees and facility rental fees. Steve said
that we are studying the cost ratio of printing our program guides to the revenue realized
by them. In fiscal year 2009-10, the ratio was 1:40. Steve reported that staff is using the
same gauge to measure the community economic impact as the City of Overland Park
does. For tournaments at the Recreation Complex; we take the number of teams,
multiplied by the number of days of the tournament, multiplied by $250; this formula
gives us a fair idea of the community economic impact the tournament had. We are
projecting that we will have a slightly greater economic impact this fiscal year over last
fiscal year. Cost recovery should show an increase of 20% this fiscal year over last fiscal
year also.

Internal Excellence Measures:

Last fiscal year, we introduced 89 new programs. This fiscal year, that number will drop
to 70; partly because we have run out of room to house anymore new programs. Staff is
going to have to work very diligently to (1) continue to brainstorm new ideas and (2)
locate a facility to house new programs. Staff continues to work on expanding new ideas
that promote childhood wellness and recognize what a severe problem childhood obesity
is and come up with programs that would assist in remedying this situation. The BVRC
staff realizes that the boomers and beyond group is another area that needs to be expanded
as more and more of our patron hit that milestone. Internal satisfaction looks to decrease
about 5% this fiscal year over last so that is an area that needs work too. Steve indicated
that staff could be proud of their commitment to recycle and to preserve and conserve.
Last fiscal year, co-mingle recycles amounted to 6.87 tons; it is projected that that amount
will jump to 8.58 tons this fiscal year. Paper reduction was at 6,500 pounds (84 trees) last
fiscal year. This fiscal year it appears that this number will drop to 4,875 pounds
(63 trees).

Employee Learning & Growth:
                                                                     Blue Valley Recreation Commission
                                                                               Regular Meeting Minutes
                                                                                    September 15, 2010
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       Employee learning and growth is the final area that is covered by the Balanced Scorecard.
       The percentage of leaders trained and the percent of staff trained this fiscal year is
       projected to mirror last fiscal year. Regrettable turnover will probably increase from 4%
       to a bit above 5%. The percentage of 30 day performance appraisals will be increase this
       year from 88 in fiscal year 2009-10 to 100 the present year.


       Darla Letts, Aquatics Supervisor, gave the Staff Report. She covered the areas of
       instructors and lifeguards. Darla informed the Commission that the aquatic department of
       BVRC had dramatically increased the number of swimming classes for kids, adult and
       exercising this fiscal year. In fact, aquatic classes have almost doubled that of 2007.
       Darla reported that private lessons are also available. She stated that instructors often
       have a tough time getting children to pay attention. This year, water classes have been
       added for the special education population. This has proven to be of great interest to the
       special populations clientele. The College Park Family Health Center has teamed up with
       the BVRC to utilize our aquatic resources for the therapeutical needs of their patients.
       Additional beginner aqua fitness and arthritis classes will be introduced in 2011. Our
       open swim times are always busy; kids can’t wait to jump into the pool.

       In June of this year, Darla stated that the BVRC had entered into an agreement with the
       American Red Cross, along with the Red Cross Aquatic Examiner Program. This meant
       that an on-going pro-active assessment of our aquatic staff and the skills, training and pool
       policies would be scrutinized by the American Red Cross. In July, 2010, the BVRC
       aquatics staff was evaluated for the first time.

       Darla reported that the aquatic activities are one of the most popular programs here at the
       Activity Center.



       The next regular monthly meeting of the Commission will take place at 7:00 p.m. on
       Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at the Activity Center.


       Move to adjourn the meeting at 8:22 p.m.

       10-11:18                     Moved: Stebbins                   Seconded: McAlister
       Motion carried 7-0.

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