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					     Keystone Rural Health Center Annual Report – June 2011 – Chambersburg, PA


and beyond
                                                                                                 meSSaGe FrOm THe PreSiDeNT & CeO

                                                                                                 Community Health Centers have been in existence for
                                                                                                 over 40 years and were improving health care long
                                                                                                 before health care reform was signed into law. Keystone
  Keystone rural Health Center, also known as Keystone Health,                                   Health, a Community Health Center and a Federally
                                                                                                 Qualified Health Center, has been expanding services
  is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Federally Qualified Health Center that                             and increasing access to quality and affordable health
                                                                                                 care for 25 years.
  has been serving Franklin County and surrounding areas since            Joanne Cochran
                                                                          President & CEO        During 2010, Keystone made great strides in continuing
  1986.                                                                                          our tradition of improving health care for our community.

                                                                       in 2010 Keystone began the process of implementing electronic Health records
                                                                       (eHrs) in all of our practices. an eHr is a computerized record of a patient’s health
                                                                       information. eHrs give providers quick access to patient health information and
                                                                       diagnostic data; speed tests, treatment orders, referrals, prescriptions and updates
                                                                       of patient records; and increase the speed and quality of patient care. eHrs
  O u r m i SS i ON                                                    automate the workflow to minimize manual tasks and paperwork making the
                                                                       business end of healthcare more streamlined and cost effective.

                                                                       The american recovery and reinvestment act grants that Keystone received in
  Keystone Health eliminates barriers to health care by providing      2009 were put to work in 2010 expanding our dental and behavioral health
                                                                       facilities and constructing a new building at 830 Fifth avenue in Chambersburg.
  affordable, accessible and compassionate medical, dental and         These construction projects are providing increased space that will allow us to
                                                                       expand dental, behavioral health, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, internal
  support services to men, women and children of all ages, races       medicine, and pharmacy services as well as add a new walk-in center.
  and economic backgrounds.                                            Keystone greatly expanded its federal 340B drug discount program in 2010 by
                                                                       contracting with Sunrx (a pharmacy management firm) and adding additional
                                                                       participating pharmacies. This has increased access to the program for our patients
                                                                       throughout the entire county.

                                                                       in our local community, leaders at Keystone Health have been setting the bar fairly
                                                                       high on wellness and improving the quality, affordability, and access to health
                                                                       care. Whatever the future of health care reform is, Community Health Centers,
                                                                       like Keystone Health, will continue to be dedicated to providing primary medical,
                                                                       dental, behavioral, and social services to all residents of our communities while
                                                                       targeting the medically underserved populations. The goal of Community Health
                                                                       Centers is to reduce disparities that individuals face due to poverty, race, language,
                                                                       and culture. While their mission is to ensure access to affordable care for those
                                                                       most in need, Community Health Center’s always welcome the insured who are
                                                                       looking for high-quality primary care.

w w w. k e y s t o n e h e a l t h . o r g
2010 aC H i evem e NT S
Primary Care Services
» 46,940 patients served
» 161,899 total visits
» 1 in 12 patients was best served in a language other than english.
» Nine pharmacies joined the 340B discounted pharmaceuticals program
  bringing the total participating pharmacies to ten.
» Construction began on the expansion of the Keystone Behavioral Health
  and Keystone Dental Care facilities that was funded with a $1,649,965
  american recovery and reinvestment act grant awarded in 2009.
  The dental facility expansion was completed in December 2010. The
  behavioral health facility expansion was completed in January 2011.
» Work began on the construction of a two-story, 52,000 square foot
  facility at 830 Fifth avenue that is being funded by an $11,515,000
  american recovery and reinvestment act grant. The new building
  will allow Keystone to create more space for Keystone Women’s Care,
  Keystone internal medicine, and Franklin County Pediatrics, to expand
  our discounted pharmaceuticals program by adding a Keystone-owned
  pharmacy, and to develop a new service—a walk-in center.

                                                                                             Looking Ahead
                                                                                             » Keystone will host its second free dental care event for the uninsured
                                                                                               and underinsured this spring. The event is sponsored by Highmark and
                                                                                               united Concordia.
                                                                                             » Keystone looks forward to the completion of our new building in
                                                                                               September 2011.
» a new practice management and electronic health records system                             » Keystone Women’s Care, Franklin County Pediatrics, and Keystone
  (NextGen) was implemented. The practice management module was                                internal medicine will move into the new building in September.
  implemented in early 2010 and implementation of the electronic health                      » also in September, the pediatrics practice and the cardiology practice
  records module began in may 2010 and continued throughout the year.                          will be renamed to Keystone Pediatrics and Keystone Cardiology,
» Keystone provided health education in the community by hosting its                           making the names consistent with the form of the other Keystone
  fifth annual autism awareness Fair. The Keystone Hiv Program provided                        practice names.
  education and free Hiv testing at numerous community locations and                         » Providers and staff will be hired for the new practices—Keystone
  events throughout the year. Other community health education was                             Pharmacy and Keystone Walk-in Care—that will open in September.
  provided through partnerships with Healthy Communities Partnership and
  other local organizations.                                                                 » Franklin County Heart Center (Keystone Cardiology) will begin using
                                                                                               electronic Health records this fall.
» During 2010, Keystone Health underwent its fourth on-site accreditation
  survey by The Joint Commission and successfully maintained it accreditation.
» New providers who started in 2010:
                                                                                             Franklin County Heart Center is a specialty practice that is open
                                                                                             to anyone and offers a sliding fee.
                                                                                             Franklin County Heart Center:
                                                                                              » is staffed with six non-invasive cardiologists, one physician assistant,
         Cessar Scott, MD              Julie Teed, PA-C           Venkata Konanki, MD             and two nurse practitioners.
    Keystone Behavioral Health    Franklin County Pediatrics    Franklin County Pediatrics
                                                                                              » Provides cardiology consultations in the Chambersburg and
                                                                                                  Waynesboro Hospitals
                                                                                              » Provides 24/7 coverage at Chambersburg and Waynesboro Hospitals
                                                                                              » monitors stress tests at the Chambersburg Hospital
                                                                                              » Provides all inpatient cardiology services at Chambersburg and
                                                                                                  Waynesboro Hospitals
                   John Rippy, DDS                   Carrie Derk, RDH
                 Keystone Dental Care              Keystone Dental Care
                                                                              James F. & Jean l. Druckenbrod          Dennis l. Byers
                                                                              richard Q. & linda B. Snurr             elizabeth W. Palmer
                                                                              Thomas P. & Carol m. Orndorf            mr. & mrs. David martinez
                                                                              John mcDannell                          Waynesboro Design Services
2010 KeySTO Ne H ea lTH D O NOrS                                                                                      Chester & eleze mcKenzie
                                                                              AmbASSAdorS                             Strickler insurance agency, inc.
PLAtinum AmbASSAdorS                  City answering Service, l.l.C.          Kevin J. & laura J. lorentsen           Diller’s Plumbing & Heating, inc.
Summit Health                         Frank S. & linda elliott                lou & Courtney Graham                   The Bolte Fund
The Wood Foundation of Chambersburg   The Bruce Henderson Trust               Cecil P. & a. Janet Cessna              elizabeth N. Henneberger
mr. Donald Jacoby                     John H. & Helen S. Wingert              mr. & mrs. Julio D. lecuona             Pierre B. Turchi
F & m Trust                           laszlo madaras                          mr. & mrs. Donald r. Gigous             earl D. & Dorothy m. Simmss
John C. & Beeb Good                   Barbara B. Townsend                     Joan S. applegate
Charles S. & Donna i. Bender ii       Sunrise Computers & electronics         Shirley S. rife                         FriEndS oF KEyStonE
Sprint Corporate Center                                                       margaret l. Spencer                     Harold H. angle
Peter C. Zimmerman                    bronzE AmbASSAdorS                      Harry m. & esther G. Buck               anna Bittinger
Charles Q. Smith                      John J. & Jamie mcelwee, Jr.            Dr. David C. Daubenspeck                Jacqueline Campbell
Preston J. & Helen l. moe             Thomas B. edwards                       Sandra abbey                            Christ united methodist Church
Joanne Cochran                        Park ave. Pharmacy inc.                 Jane Sheffler                           louis W. & Patricia l. Connell
Sovereign Bank                        Philip S. Cosentino                     Carl & arlene miller                    Don edwin Creager
Orrstown Bank                         albert S. Berberich                     Donald T. & Christina D. Sollenberger   June m. & raymond Dalby
mrs. Winifred Dittmar                 michael e. & ev Kugler                  Samuel C. Clarke                        Betty m. Danzberger
                                      valley Quarries, inc.                   Brendan T & anne H. Finucane            richard D. eline
GoLd AmbASSAdorS                      international marketing, inc.           mr. & mrs. allen C. rebok               encore marketing
Fort James Foundation                 mr. & mrs. robert losee                 louise Brechbiel                        Norman B. & Patricia m. epstein
The emma W. Hutton Trust              larry H. & Christine Stenger            mcCleary Oil Company, inc.              Charles French
Patriot Federal Credit union          Charlotte murphy                        David e. & marlene Pittman              John C. & anne W. Gale
Smith, elliott, Kearns & Company      la Camera                               mr. & mrs. Harold l. Buhrman            Bill & Dana Happel
The edna v. Stanley Trust             Ned m. & Natalie J. Walter              Snavely’s Garden Corner, inc.           John r. & Kathryn l. Hartley
Chambersburg area Development Corp.   Dean & Donna martz                      Steve & Bonnie Hoffman                  Kermit & Clarisse Hicks Foundation
Father Carl Steffen                   The Benjamin r. Pierce Charitable       mr. & mrs. allen e. Jennings, Jr.       Norma J & michael G. Holsopple
lew and F. lucille Stence                 endowment
                                                                              richard N & Brenda m. Bodner            luella m. & ray e. Holtry
Janie a. morgan Fund                  lois B. Gonder
                                                                              molly a. Cochran                        martha G. Hunsberger
C. Glenn & lorraine e. Koons          John r. & martha Walker
                                                                              Gail vaughn                             Gary lukacs
The Frank B. leidig Trust             mary englerth
                                                                              Wayne l. & Jane K. mowrey               maurice l & Carol T. marotte iii
Plummer engineering                   Hawley memorial Presbyterian Church
                                                                              Wenger & myers insurance, inc.          Janet a. mcallen
Wm.& Diane Nitterhouse Foundation     Glen & Glen
                                                                              mr. & mrs. John mason                   anne r. miller
Helen m. lucas                        Fresh express, inc.
                                                                              Brian l. Hart                           alice B. mower
edward Zuroweste                      Bigler media
                                                                              Kathy J. Bowman                         Patrick W. & Pamela O. O’Donnell
The First Natl. Bank of Greencastle   arthur l. & Phyllis y. Conrad
                                                                              Donald F. Waters                        Ted F. & Bonnie l. rabold
William r. & Dorothy e. erickson      The Foundation For enhancing
                                                                              Father Jude Dawson-amoah                l. michael & Donna J ross
David a. & angela l. Hoffmann             Communities
                                                                              FCCTC PNP alumni association            Jay T. & Betty m. upperman
anonymous                             mr. & mrs. Samuel King
                                                                              William G. George                       laura a. velasquez
T.B. Wood’s, inc.                     John W. & Helen D. elliott
                                                                              mr. & mrs. llewellyn Dando              Janice F. Williams
                                      Chambersburg Beverage, inc.
                                                                              Chambersburg Community improvement      William N. Wingerd
SiLvEr AmbASSAdorS                    alice m. Brumbaugh
Joseph r. Wertime                     ambrose C. & Patricia W. Potrzebowski
louise C. monack                      James P. & Nancy B. Probst
The Butcher Shoppe                    mr. & mrs. James e. radcliffe
Deetta antoun                         J. edward & marie l. Beck, Jr.
mr. & mrs. J. Fred Stenger            Patricia & Karl Shreiner
Public Opinion/Gannett Foundation     Harold C. & Joanne Gabler Jr.
First Nat’l Bank of mercersburg       russell G & Susan O. Smith
lady moon Farms, inc.                 Karen G. Sloan
Denis m & Kathy Diloreto              SaSHS Honor Society
ventura Foods                         ramsey G. Diliberto
David S. & Helen O. Platt             air Hill Brethren in Christ Church
John H. & Sandra Gates                John l. & Cora Grove
Noelker and Hull associates, inc.     Chambersburg rotary
Donald H. & luella Small              michael a. Starr insurance, inc.
Dr. yvette Brown                      united Defense l.P.Paladin Production
michael & alice Palmer                    Division
Joseph W. Gotwals                     John l. agett
w w w. k e y s t o n e h e a l t h . o r g               2010 Patient Composition

                                                                                                                    Private Insurance
O u r Primary Ca re Servi C e S
» Family medicine
» Internal medicine
» Dental
» Obstetrics/Gynecology
» Pediatrics
» Behavioral health                                                 Uninsured
» Individual and family counseling
» Medication management with psychiatrist
» Crisis intervention                                                                                              2010 Expenses
» Translation                                                                                   Fringe Benefits
                                                                                                10.4%                  Salaries & Wages
» HIV case management; free, confidential testing and                    Contracted
                                                                         Services 2.6%                                 60.0%
  prevention education
» Support services, when needed
» Healthy Beginnings Plus for uninsured pregnant women
                                                          Medical Supplies/
» Statewide Migrant Farmworker Programs                   Pharmaceuticals
» Discounted prescription drug program
» In-patient care at Chambersburg Hospital
                                                             Facilities - 4.1%

                                                            Amortization - 2.5%
                                                               Provisions for Bad Debts

                                                         2010 Sources of Fiscal Support
                                                                                                Federal Grants -
                                                                                                Capital Projects
                                                                             All Other Grants   8.5%
                                                                             .8%                                    Federal Grants
                                                                                                                              Net Patient
                                                                                                                              Service Revenue
                                                           Other Revenue                                                      61.2%
          at 820 Fifth avenue, Chambersburg, are:
            » Keystone Family medicine (263-4313)                               at 767 Fifth avenue, Suite B-3a, Chambersburg, is:
            » Keystone Behavioral Health (263-0384)                             » Keystone Dental Care (263-4462)
            » Keystone Hiv Program (217-4350)

                                                                                in the Summit Health Center at 757 Norland avenue,
                                                                                Chambersburg, are:
          in the Summit-Keystone Pavilion at 755 Norland avenue,
          Chambersburg, are:                                                    » Franklin County Pediatrics, Suite 206 (263-0550)
           » Keystone Women’s Care, Suite 101 (217-6830)
           » Keystone internal medicine, Suite 207 (217-6804)
                                                                                » Keystone Crisis intervention Program is located in an office off
           » Franklin County Heart Center, Suite 201 (217-6944)                   the er in the Chambersburg Hospital, 112 N. Seventh Street
           » Keystone Health executive and administrative Offices,                (264-2555 or 1-866-918-2555)
             Suite 200 (263-2230)                                               » Keystone Health has Farmworker Program offices in
                                                                                  Chambersburg (Franklin County), Gettysburg (adams County),
                                                                                  reading (Berks County), and Berwick (Columbia County).
                                                                                  reach the program’s administration office at 217-6004.
                                   A United Way Agency                          » The Keystone Pharmacy Program is operated through contracts
                                                            Accredited by The     with various pharmacies throughout Franklin County.
   This institution is an                                   Joint Commission
Equal Opportunity Provider.

Keystone Rural Health Center                                                                                                             NoN-profit
Administrative and Executive Offices                                                                                                    orgaNizatioN
755 Norland Avenue, Suite 200                                                                                                            U.S. poStagE
Chambersburg, PA 17201                                                                                                                        paiD
                                                                                                                                        pErmit No. 134
                                                                                                                                      ChambErSbUrg, pa

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