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									                       Top Tax Mistakes Which Everyone Should Avoid

People often commit a lot of tax mistakes unknowingly even if they already got their tax return. They often
end up spending more than they should for their taxes, but they can actually use the money for other
important things, like bills, everyday expenses and many more. If you are one of these people, then you
might want to read on to committing these top tax mistakes.

       Not using the tax software- Tax programs can help you find deductions and some other items that
        you might miss. Tax software’s will help you avoid simple math mistakes and you’ll be able to
        keep track of your taxes easier.

       Filing separately even while married- Married people actually payless if they file their taxes jointly.
        With the help of tax software, you can try it both and then you’ll be able to see the difference.

       File as a single- If you still have dependents living in your house, filing as a single will help in
        lowering your tax. It is best to file yourself as the head of the household or a qualifying widower.

       If you are helping out a parent or an older child even if you don’t live in the same house, you can
        take an exemption to minimize your taxes.

       This one happens a lot most of the time. When spouses split up, the parent whom the kids are
        living in is expecting that they can handle all the child care expenses because the ex is taking the
        dependency exemption. The credit for the child care and the dependency exemption are different
        issues. Remember that you can only qualify for one but not both.

       You have to report it in your income if you get a Form 1099 from your bank. The IRS will get their
        tax even you report it or not because they will compare their own copy of1099 with your tax

       If you think you can qualify for one or more tax deductions, make sure you take your time in
        determining which one you’ll be benefiting from. Save more on your expenses, non-cash
        charitable donations, or for clothing or furniture. Mileage, job expenses, business cards,
        subscriptions, expenses on home mortgages and other costs of refinancing, health insurance etc.

       Make sure you don’t forget you SSS numbers, addresses and other basic things. People often
        miss out on the simplest things and those simple things are actually the important stuff.

Make sure you take advantage of these tax deductions to save more money. This will also help you out in
your bills and help you in improving your credit scores. Make sure you track your credit reports to the 3
credit agencies as well. These will help you keep track of your finances and to be able to compute all of
your taxes well. Follow the tips above to keep your taxes to a minimum.

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