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									                    How Can You Prepare Yourself For Layoff?

The amount of people who are facing layoffs are increasing more and more because of our
economy’s instability. Whether you have a feeling that you are next, it may be best to start
preparing for layoff. There are some things you have to do to prepare for it and to make sure
that you’ll be able to handle the situation better. Here are some things you should start doing in
case you face a layoff.

      It is advisable to start managing your finances starting now to get your bills in order.
       Start right by dealing with the things that you really don’t need to get it off the list. Get of
       that landline phone that you really don’t use because it is just causing you to spend more
       money. Try to get rid of unnecessary bills as much as possible so that in case you get
       laid off, there will be less things for you to pay for.

      You might want to cut down on your leisurely expenses as well. If you are fond of eating
       out during the weekends, you might want to consider cutting it in your to do list to avoid
       spending the money that you can actually as an emergency fund in case you lose your

      If you have insurance through your company, take advantage of all the medical
       checkups such as dental, health, vision and many more. All these medical check-ups
       can add a lot if you add everything up. You can also ask your doctor to give you a
       prescription of a month’s supply to save p from going to the doctor often.

      It is also best to put your resume all together so that you can start on faxing it other
       companies as soon as you get laid. These may be simple things but they can really help
       you out a lot if you start on it early. Also, you will have a faster chance of getting a new
       job if you do this.

      Get in touch with your old friends or contacts because they can help you out in getting a
       new job. It would also help to make new friends and pay attention to anyone who is
       hiring. Check out newspapers as well because there will be ads posted on it.

      If you really think that you’re going to get laid off, don’t wait for it to happen, instead, start
       fixing your resume and start sending them to other companies you plan to work for.

Don’t forget to pay for all of your bills as well. Because it will improve you credit score and your
credit rating, which will actually come in handy if you’re going to get a loan if in case you get laid
off. Make sure your credit is in good shape and you will be able to use your credit for
emergencies without the hassle.

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