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How to Convert PowerPoint 2013 to Video Format?

When PowerPoint 2010 was firstly introduced, people were very excited about its new function: Save

PowerPoint as WMV video directly. The disappointing thing of PowerPoint 2010 is that it doesn't support

MP4 output format. Since so many devices including iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, Zune, PSP, etc.

use MP4 as the default video playing format, people are wondering whether Microsoft will improve

PowerPoint to video function in the next edition. Along with the latest Microsoft 2013 released, we can

know the answer is affirmative.

In this article, I will show you the simple steps of how to save PPT presentations as video format in

Microsoft 2013. Follow the step-by-step instructions, then you will be able to view PowerPoint 2013 on

your iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Xoom, Kindle Fire, Zune, and more!

Steps: Save PowerPoint 2013 as video

STEP1: Launch your PowerPoint 2013 program on your computer. After creating a presentation, click

File -> Export. Choose and click "Create a Video" option just as below:

STEP2: In the right appearing window, you can choose computer & HD displays, whether to record

timings and narrations for the presentation, seconds spent on each slide.
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STEP3: After making all necessary settings, click "Create Video". In the pop-up window, you can

customize the output file name, folder, as well as choose the output type: MPEG-4 video, or Windows

Media Video (WMV).

Important Tip:

Original sound in PowerPoint 2013 will not be preserved to the exported video files. This is a

disappointing point in PowerPoint 2013. If you do need to create a vivid video (with sound) from

PowerPoint 2013, a 3rd party PowerPoint to video converter will help. I myself use PPT2Video Pro,

which can convert ppt, pptx, pps, ppts into up to 130 video output formats. After conversion, all original

features will retained. The converted videos are compatible with various devices, YouTube, Facebook,

websites and blog. See the detailed guides here: Convert PowerPoint to Kindle Fire.

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