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					iPod to iPod transfer tips
How would you transfer all the songs off one ipod to another? I am trying to get all the songs off an ipod Nano onto an ipod video. Yes, this is a common question if you are a fan of iPod. A: If you have a new iPod, so you want to transfer old iPod music to new iPod and erase anything on the old iPod so you can give it to other people. B: you computer, or iTunes suddenly crashed, all your music lost, but you have a backup on your iPod, then you transfer your iPod to computer and sync to iTunes again. C: You just want to copy some of the song on your iPod to your friends iPod or your own MP3 player. …. That’s enough, now you need to know how to transfer iPod to iPod, iPod to computer. For iPod to computer, we have already discussed before. Now iPod to iPod transfer Process: If you have only one computer, the process should be: Step1: Download iPod to iPod transfer software. Download Now Step2: Plug your old iPod to computer. Step3: Run iPod to iPod software Step4: Choose where you want to backup your IPod music on your computer or other flash disk, then click transfer. Step5: Add these backup to your iTunes. Step6: Connect your new iPod to the computer and sync with iTunes, and then you can get everything on your iPod. Notice: If you have two computers and want to backup your iTunes, you can use iTunes backup software first. That’s all, enjoy it!

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Description: Tips tell you how to transfer iPod to iPod, this will be helpful if you get a new iPod or your computer crashed and you friends like music on your iPod.