Spring Luncheon 2007 Meeting Minutes by lanyuehua


									                        Anchorage Parent Teacher Association
                         General Membership Meeting Minutes
                           Spring Luncheon, May 15, 2007

Call To Order:
The APTA General Membership Meeting and Spring Luncheon was held on May 15,
2007 at the home of Kathy Brooks. Tina Chitwood Smith, President, called the meeting
to order at 12:45 p.m.

Thank You:
First, Tina gave thanks to our school leaders; Cathy, Don, and Keith for an outstanding
year. She also thanked the Hospitality Committee for a great job and Kathy Brooks for
being a gracious hostess. Next, a thank you went out to the following committee chairs’
that were not thanked at previous meetings: Amy Gates, Anita Peel, Marcie Hughes,
Annie O’Leary, Erica Wellemeyer, Kristin DeLong, Janice Cates and Mary Easterling.
Our Auction Chair, Caroline Samuel was presented with a beautiful platter for her time
and dedication to a successful auction. Finally, a thank you went out to all for coming to
the luncheon and participating in each event to mark another great year for the APTA.

Meeting Topics:

I.     Treasurer’s Report:
       Natalie Richards presented the YTD Budget to Actual which reported our total
       income at $141,432.00 for the year with the auction making almost $108,000.
       The budget was approved as presented by the membership.

II.    Principal’s Report:
       Cathy Barnard reported on the following:
       A. APTA Thanks - She gave big thanks to the APTA saying that we are “A
       great group of parents and tremendous leaders.” In addition, she enjoyed
       working with the APTA this past year.
       B. Board of Managers - She went through each item on the funding list from the
       April 16 allocation meeting (sports board, teacher allocations, classroom
       amplification system, lunchroom cash register, technology, and intelligent
       classroom). The total allocation recommendation by the BOM was $100,316.00.

III.   Superintendent’s Report:
       Don Cravens thanked everyone on behalf of the district and stated that he is
       looking forward to next year.

IV.    Secretary’s Report:
       Roxann Falk presented the meeting minutes from the following meetings:
       A. The January 30, 2007 General Membership Meeting Minutes, which were
       reviewed and approved by the membership as presented.
       B. The April 16, 2007 Board of Managers Meeting Minutes which were
       approved by the membership as presented.
V.     Election of the 2007/2008 APTA Executive Board:
       The APTA Nominating Committee presented the following slate of officers for
       election to the Executive Board who were approved unanimously by the
       A. President Elect – Mary Easterling
       B. Vice President of Ways and Means – Lynne Sternberg
       C. Treasurer – Elizabeth Taylor
                 Executive Board Members Returning for 2007/2008 Are:
       D. President – Dena Engliman
       E. Vice President of Programs – Kristin Kelly
       F. Secretary – Roxann Falk
       G. Past President – Tina Chitwood Smith
Also serving on the Executive Board is the school’s Superintendent, Principal and School
                                     Board Liaison.

There being no further business, the APTA General Membership Meeting was adjourned.

Roxann Falk, APTA Secretary

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