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Luke Belton (9 August 1918 – 18 June 2006) was an Irish Fine Gael politician.
A publican from Rathcline, County Longford, he unsuccessfully contested the 1961 general election and was first elected to
Dáil Éireann in the 1965 general election as a TD for Dublin North–Central. He continued to be re-elected for the
constituency (renamed Dublin Finglas in 1977) until losing his seat in the 1981 general election when he stood in the Dublin
Central constituency. He was again unsuccessful in the February 1982 election and the 1987 general election and then retired
from politics.
He was defeated in the Seanad elections of 1981, but was elected to the Administrative Panel of the 16th Seanad in early
1982, and re-elected to serve in the 17th Seanad from 1983 to 1987.
He died in 2006, aged 87.
A number of other Belton family members have also served in the Oireachtas

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                                      John Robb (Ind) · G. V. Wright (FF) ·
       Nominated December 1982        Aidan Eames (FF) · Seán O'Connor (FF) · Frank Wall (FF) ·

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