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    July 16-20, 2012
 Appleton North High School
                                      Welcome, Colleagues!
The Christa McAuliffe Academy seeks to promote student achievement through the professional staff
development of PreK-12 educators in all subject areas. Hands-on learning is emphasized to help teachers
engage students in collaborative problem solving and higher order thinking. From the courses described
teachers select one course to which they will devote their week’s study.
The Academy also promotes world of work relevance through business tours. On Wednesday morning,
July 18th, participants have an opportunity to tour two businesses and observe how learning is applied in
the world of work. Time is spent talking with business and industry representatives to learn ways to lead
students to skills and experiences that will better prepare them for the world outside the classroom.
The Christa McAuliffe Academy is a collaborative effort of the Fox Cities Alliance for
Education, a division of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc., University of Wisconsin-
Oshkosh and local school districts.
                                           Contract Information:
                                        Mary Jane Grissman, Manager

        Keynote Speakers—Greg Huza & Jim Hawbaker

       Changing The World’s Next Decade with Technology
Technology rate of change is compounding annually and that means the next ten years should pack
in far more technological change than the last ten. Disruptive technology is, by its very nature,
unpredictable, but it is still possible to look at the work being done by Research and Development
labs around the world and see clues as to what the future holds for technology, our lives and our
schools. Greg Huza will highlight the top technologies that people predict will heavily impact our
lives or possibly change the world we live in during the next 10 years!

Greg Huza is a partner in Heartland Business Systems, a provider of technology infrastructure,
software and data center solutions. Heartland is located in Little Chute, Wisconsin. Greg has
received numerous national sales contest awards, named “Wisconsin’s Top 30 Business
Professionals under 30”, and has served on multiple executive advisory boards for the world’s top
technology companies. Greg’s innovated leadership helped the company recently win “VMware
Partner of The Year for the Americas.”Greg studied Marketing at the University of Wisconsin and
The Walt Disney Company.

Jim Hawbaker is the Technology Director for the Appleton Area School District. He is an active member of the State
Superintendent’s Education Data Advisory Committee and a member of the large K12 districts for Wisconsin. Appleton Schools
is noted for being a technical leader among public schools. Whether it is in supporting district initiatives to allow students to
bring in their own devices or the ability to get information posted for parents and guardians in a web based access, Appleton
Areas School District has sought to be leaders in offering these services. Jim comes to the district in Appleton after working as
a consultant for a large technical company in the valley for many years.

                     2012 Academy Daily Schedule
   Monday             Tuesday        Wednesday          Thursday          Friday
   July 16             July 17        July 18            July 19          July 20
 8:00-8:45 a.m.    8:00 a.m.-noon    8:00 a.m.-noon   8:00 a.m.-noon   8:00 -11:30 a.m.
Keynote Speaker
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                                                         Classes          Classes

  Continental                          BUSINESS                         11:30—noon
   Breakfast                         DISCUSSIONS                       CLOSING
 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Keynote Speaker


  Lunch will be provided on site
12:45—3:30 p.m.    12:45—3:30 p.m.   12:45—3:30 p.m. 12:45—3:30 p.m.
     Classes            Classes           Classes         Classes

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                     2012 Courses at a Glance

                Math                                   Literacy
Using Math Expressions in Your           Doctoring Up Your Curriculum!
Classroom                                Grades: 4K/5K, Lisa Mader & Elly Paulson
Grades: K-5, Pat Koniecki
                                         Begged, Borrowed & Implemented:
We’ve got an App for That! Using         Using Mentor Texts
Technology to Enhance Math Instruction   Grades: K-3, Staci Haessly & Dawn Meyer
Grades: 6-12, Mike Weidner
                                         Gotta Keep Writing! Bringing Life to
              Science                    Writing
                                         Grades: 2-5, Gretchen Montee
Science, Literature, & Math, Oh, My!
Grades: K-6, Jaime & Kathy Malwitz          Professional Development

Project & Inquiry Based Learning Using   Beyond Behavior Management:
Notebooking                              Empowering Teachers to Connect with
Grades: 6-12, Larry Scheckel             All Students
                                         Grades: K-12, Julie Martzke
                                         Movement with a Purpose: Part II of
Google Tools for Educators               Active Games, Active Brains
Grades: K-12, Sharon Ellner              Grades: 4K-5th Grade, Carol Hanson

SMARTBoards for Beginners                9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic
Grades: K-12, Julie Lennon               Classroom
                                         Grades: PreK-12, Peter & Joan Tabor
SMARTBoards Advanced: Integrating/
Expanding your Skills
Grades: K-12, Stephanie Markman
                                               Contact Information:
Teaching & Learning with iPads & iPods          Mary Jane Grissman
Grades: PreK-12, Jim Geoffrey            Manager, Christa McAuliffe Academy
Technology with a Little Catch-Up!
Grade: K-12, Gary Krueger                           920-734-7101

                                  2012 Course Descriptions
                                            connections of Math Expressions. Math       proscribe an exact methodology, but
MATH                                        and Literature come to life when            rather will allow teachers to make wise
                                            students connect their favorite stories     use of different approaches for their
Using Math Expressions in                   and engage in hands-on math activities      individual contexts. Each teacher will
Your Classroom – The Basics                 with a technology twist.                    develop a reasonable and practical
                                                                                        personal technology plan, which will
& the Goodies with a Focus                  If Math Expressions is your game, take      allow effective integration of the
on Technology                               this session. You’ll be glad you came!      concepts learned in the course to their
Grade Levels: K-5                           Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed:      teaching next school year and beyond.
Subject: Math                               1-10                                        Common Core Standards Addressed for
Instructor: Pat Koniecki, Math and
                                   We’ve got an App for That!                           Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed:
Technology                                                                              4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Horizons, LLC , Edinburg, TX       Using Technology to
                                            Enhance Math Instruction
Are you looking for ways to enhance
your instruction, share experiences and
                                            Grade Levels: 6-12                          SCIENCE
activities, and learn some ways to          Subject: Math
                                            Instructor: Mike Weidner, Nicolet Science, Literature, & Math,
incorporate technology within your
Math Expressions classroom? Whether
you are new to this program or you have     High School, Glendale, WI               Oh, My!
already been using it, this session will                                            Grade Levels: K-6
                                            We live in the Information Age. While
give you the opportunity to get and         many teachers are digital pioneers, our
                                                                                    Subject: Science, Literature, Math
share successful tips and explore various students are digital natives, and have
technology resources.                                                                   Instructor: Jaime & Kathy
                                          grown up with the ubiquitous presence
                                                                                        Malwitz, Retired Educators
We will start with a general overview of of computers, internet, interactive video
the program, focusing on basic            gaming, and Facebook. Is a worksheet-         Fond du Lac, WI
structures, materials, and strategies, as driven curriculum really the best way to This cross-curricular course will help you
they relate to the Common Core            reach and teach the connected            apply science and math content into the
Standards. You will have the opportunity generation?                               reading literature you are already using
to work on specific topics within your    During this fast-paced week, participantsin your classroom or that which is readily
own grade level, which may include        will be exposed to a variety of          available to you. Explore physical and
discussions about materials, pacing,      calculators, computers, and other        chemical changes through Eric Carle’s
assessment, and other issues and tips.    technologies, all of which can positively“Pancakes, Pancakes!” After reading
You will teach one lesson to your grade   impact the math curriculum. Instead of   “Prince William,” students will become
level team (and of course, have the       being used only to avoid learning key    more aware of the effects of oil spills on
benefit of seeing other lessons taught at facts (as some critics claim), participants
                                                                                   the environment as they use inquiry to
your grade level). If you are currently   will see technology used in such a way todetermine which materials will best
using the program, bring the necessary    allow students to see patterns, make     clean up in an oil spill simulation.
materials to teach one of your favorite   conjectures, check results, and          Learners investigate forces and motion
lessons. If you are new to the program, understand math concepts in a richer       using ramps, Duplo cars, and Hot Wheel
the instructor will provide suggested     way, very consistent with the Standards  cars after reading “Sheep in a Jeep.”
lessons and materials.                    for Mathematical Practice from the       These are just a few of the many
We will integrate the tools of technology  Common core. Instead of the age-old     activities teachers will participate in
to enhance student participation and       “When are we going to use this?”        while taking this course.
total engagement. Math Expressions’        question, students will see math as the Participants will learn how to pull science
interactive website and online resources   way to find the answer to the questions and math content from children’s
(online TE, student text, activity sheets, that they have asked.                   literature and develop hands-on
etc.) will be explored and shared. I have This workshop will be led by an          activities that will be applicable to a
created several activities that can be     experienced educator who has routinely variety of literature, both fiction and non
used on a SmartBoard/Mimio. Imagine        experimented with different approaches -fiction. In addition, participants will be
how excited your kids will be to journey in almost two decades of mathematics      given a variety of graphic organizers and
through the awesome literature             teaching. This workshop will not        rubrics to use in developing these

                                  2012 Course Descriptions
lessons, as well as a book of their choice   homework and school evaluation. The              surveys and share the results.
to take home. Daily literature door prizes   science notebook duplicates the way real         Use Google Tools for team projects
enhance this fun, engaging, hands-on         scientists work. Scientists use laboratory       and collaboration.
workshop.                                    notebooks on a daily basis in their labors       Use Google Sites and other Google
                                             and vocations.                                   Tools to communicate with
Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed:
                                                                                              students, parents and the
1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8                            Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed:
Wisconsin Academic Standards                1-10
Addressed: English A & F; Science A, C, & D Wisconsin Academic Standards                  This course will be taught through a
                                            Addressed: Science A, B, C, D                 variety of teaching strategies. There will
                                                                                          be large group activities, small group
Project & Inquiry Based                                                                   work, online collaboration, and individual
Learning using                                                                            work time throughout the course.
                                                                                          Alternate resources will be provided for
Grade Levels: 6-12                           Google Tools for Educators                   participants who are familiar with some
Subject: Science                             Grade Levels: K-12 Educators &               of the tools. These alternate resources
                                             Administrators                               will provide additional learning
Instructor: Larry Scheckel,                                                               opportunities at an advanced
Retired, Tomah High School,                  Subject: Technology
                                                                                          level. Additional support will be
Tomah, WI                                    Instructor: Sharon Ellner,                   provided for participants new to web 2.0
                                                                                          so that everyone is successful in the
Bring your Science curriculum up to 21st     Pulaski School District,
                                                                                          class. Supplemental video tutorials and
century standards by looking at              Pulaski, WI                                  online materials will be provided for
strengthening your teaching. The course                                                   those learners requiring review and
has three components:                     Do you Google? Most of us are aware of
                                          Google as a search engine to find things        additional practice of the tools taught.
    Exploring 21st Century Content,
                                          on the Internet. Google offers so much Wisconsin Teacher Standards
    Pedagogy, Technology, Thinking
                                          more than just the web search. Google     Addressed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
    Skills, and customization around
                                          Earth, Google Books, Google Maps,
    learner needs.
                                          Google Sites and Google Docs, just to
    Inquiry Based Learning.                                                         SMARTBoards for Beginners
                                          mention a few, help educators and
                                          students learn, apply and share           Grade Levels: K-12
This framework presents a view of 21st    information. Join us as we learn about
                                                                                    Subject: Technology integrating
century teaching and learning that        the many Google tools and how they can
focuses on student outcomes, blending be used for teaching and learning. We
                                                                                    all subject areas
specific skills, content knowledge,       will focus on how these tools allow for
                                                                                    Instructors: Julie Lennon,
expertise, and literacy combined with an collaborative 21st century work for
innovative support system to help         students and staff. You will learn to use Alliance Charter Elementary
students master the abilities required of these tools and develop an action plan    School, Neenah, WI
them in the 21st century.                 for integrating several of the tools into
                                                                                    Did you just receive a SMARTBoard in
                                          the school setting.
Participants will be involved in many                                               your classroom, or are you anticipating
hands-on lab and demonstration            Participants will learn how to:           getting one? Do you need to learn the
activities and will be provided with an        Use Google Tools throughout the      basics? This class is intended for
array of teaching materials. Emphasis is       course to see how these web 2.0      beginners who are just learning the
placed on inquiry-based learning.              tools can be embedded into           components and capabilities of a
                                               teaching and learning.               SMARTBoard. Educators will be working
Science Notebooks are a wonderful tool         Use iGoogle to organize many of      on computers and SMARTBoards with
for students to organize thoughts,             these tools for efficient time       the overall goal being to develop a
consider possibilities, and record             management.                          comfort level with the technology and
observations. For the teacher or parent,       Collaborate through word             produce immediately useable lessons for
the science notebook is a means to             processing, spreadsheets and         their classroom (make & take).
assess understanding and create a              presentations.                       Throughout the week various Web 2.0
portfolio that can serve as a means of
                                               Use Google Forms to easily conduct resources will also be shared; these

                                  2012 Course Descriptions
resources will enhance learning for all     Teaching & Learning with                     nudge in the technology direction? Then
students in your classrooms. PC and                                                      this workshop is just what you need!
Macintosh computers will be available       iPads & iPods
for use so that you are practicing as you   Grade Levels: PreK-12                        We will remove the frustrations you’re
learn.                                                                                   having with all the technology that is
                                            Subject: Technology                          being pushed your way. Maybe a little
Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed:      Instructor: Jim Geoffrey,                    refresher is all you need? This session will
1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10                                                                        focus on getting you back up to speed.
Wisconsin Academic Standards
                                            Kaukauna High School,                        OK?…And we will do it in a fun, relaxed
Addressed: Media & Technology A, D;         Kaukauna, WI                                 atmosphere. Patience is our middle
Environments                                The iPod Touch and iPad are taking           name.
                                            education by storm, and for good             Participants will work with Microsoft
                                                                                         Movie Maker, Digital pictures,
SMARTBoards Advanced:                       reason. There are thousands of apps
                                                                                         WikiSpaces for your classroom, Prezi-a
                                            available designed to capture the
Integrating/Expanding Your                  imagination of the users in order to         new way to do presentations,
Skills                                      create and learn new material. In this
Grade Levels: K-12                          course participants will learn how to set    We will go where you need help… let’s
Subject: Technology & Integration           up an iPad or iPod for classroom use,        get moving again! Sign up today!
                                            make presentations, find great software
of all subject areas                        for classroom use, update it, stream to a    Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed:
                                            projector or television, organize            1, 4, 6, 9,
Instructor: Stephanie
                                            information and much more! Both
Markman, Alliance Charter                   beginners and advanced participants
Elementary School,
Neenah, WI
                                            will leave ready to use this software with
                                            students. Participants must bring their
                                            own iPod Touch or iPad to class.
This class is for those educators who                                                    Doctoring Up Your
have experience with SMART Notebook         Wisconsin’s Foundations for Disciplinary     Curriculum!
and are ready to take their knowledge to    Literacy: The literacy skills of reading,
the next step. We will review the basics
                                                                                         Grade Levels: 4K-5K,
                                            writing, listening, speaking and critical
and then move into more advanced            thinking improve when content-rich           Subject: Early Learning
options using Notebook. We will also        learning experiences motivate and engage
look at integration of Notebook
                                                                                         Instructors: Lisa Mader & Elly
presentations into the curriculum.          Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed: 7     Paulson, Tanner Elementary,
                                                                                         Kaukauna, WI
Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed:
1, 3, 4, 7, 9 10                            Technology with a Little                     Feeling overwhelmed by up and coming
Wisconsin Academic Standards                Catch-Up!                                    district initiatives? Do you find yourself
Addressed: Media & Technology A, D;                                                      running out of time to cover ALL
Environments D
                                            Grade Levels: PreK-12                        curricular areas? Want to find a way to
                                            Subject: Technology, Integrated              make curriculum more fun and usable for
                                                                                         your young learners? Let us show you
                                            Instructor: Gary Krueger, aka                how to “doctor” them up!
                                            Professor Gizmo, Appleton, WI
                                                                                         The main focus of this class will be to
                                            Technology…too confusing? Not enough         take existing curricular programs and
                                            time to figure it out? And now the school    find ways to integrate them into
                                            has just updated your technology and         thematic units while adding more
                                            you can’t find how to do what you used       opportunity for hands on-learning.
                                            to be able to do? Want to know how to        Instead of making preschool or
                                            use Movie Maker to produce some classy       kindergarten fit the needs of a math,
                                            movies? Want to work with digital            science or reading curriculum, why not
                                            pictures and video from your camera? Do      find innovative ways to make the
                                            you need a new way to present material       curriculum fit preschool and
                                            to your class? Or maybe you just need a      kindergarten student needs? Another
                                    2012 Course Descriptions
option would be to research and create        writing process and will be walked              Help your students develop a
materials to strengthen ONE area of           through various mentor text "studies."          repertoire of revision strategies.
curriculum.                                   You will study and discuss wonderful
                                              picture books and the qualities that        Please bring copies of books that you
Using the Wisconsin Early Learning            make them great literature. Anchor          typically use in your classroom for read
Standards and Common Core State               charts will be created. Upon completion     alouds and a copy of any informational
Standards as a guide, educators will          of this course, you will be able to plan    text you use, including textbooks.
work to ensure all curricular and             and implement writing lessons based on
developmental needs including: health                                                     English Language Arts Common Core State
                                              the use of mentor texts. The framework      Standards for Writing: Text Types and
and physical development, social and          for this course is based on Lucy Calkins'
emotional development, language                                                           Purposes; Production and Distribution of
                                              units of study, “The Art of Teaching        Writing; Research to Build and Present
development and communication,                Reading,” “The Art of Teaching Writing,”
approaches to learning and general                                                        Knowledge; Range of Writing
                                              Regie Routman's “Writing Essentials,”
cognition are integrated into and             and various resources by Katie Wood         Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed:
enhanced within existing curriculums.         Ray.                                         1, 2, 3, 4, 6
Participants will need to bring curricular
resources and/or thematic units that          Common Core State Standards Addressed:
they wish to enhance or add to. Ample         1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8
work time will be provided as well as a       Wisconsin State Teacher Standards           STAFF DEVELOPMENT
trip to a local teacher store to shop for     Addressed: 1, 3, 7, 9, 10
supplies.                                                                                 Beyond Behavior
Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed: 1-10   Gotta Keep Writing!                         Management: Empowering
Common Core State Standards for                                                           Teachers to Connect with All
                                              Bringing Life to Writing
Model Academic Standards for Science A-D      Grade Levels: 2-5                           Students
Model Academic Standards for Social           Subject: Literacy, Integrated               Grade Levels: PreK-8 Regular &
Studies A, B, C                                                                           Special Education Teachers
                                              Instructor: Gretchen Montee,
                                                                                          Subject: Classroom Management;
                                              Reading Specialist, Sturgeon Bay
Begged, Borrowed &                                                                        Mental Health
                                              School District, Sturgeon Bay, WI
Implemented: Using Mentor                                                                 Instructor: Julie Martzke,
                                         This course is designed for any and all
Texts in Elementary Writers              educators who are interested in                  Psychologist/Adjunct Professor,
Workshop                                 establishing a writing community within          Hamline University,
Grade Levels: K-3                        their classrooms. Using the Common               Minneapolis, MN
Subject: Literacy                        Core State Standards for Writing as the
                                         foundation for our activities, we will           Over the years when I’ve taught classes
Instructors: Staci Haessly & Dawn explore how to:                                         about students with special needs, the
                                              Nurture the joy of writing in               resounding reaction from regular
Meyer, Westside Elementary,                                                               education teachers has been “But these
                                              ourselves as well as our students.
Kimberly, WI                                                                              are great strategies for ALL students.”
                                              Create a structured classroom
Find out how begging your librarian for       writing community where students            How do we take what we know from the
quality picture books, borrowing ideas        feel safe and comfortable about             world of special education and use it to
and strategies from established authors,      sharing their writing.                      connect with kids who may not be
and implementing mentor texts into            Help students discover the power of         identified with a disorder or disability but
writer’s workshop will allow your             writing to communicate ideas and            still have some of the same needs? This
students to take risks and soar as            influence others.                           course will pull information from what
writers. You will leave with a list of        Teach students to read like writers.        we know about anxiety, depression,
mentor texts and a format that supports       Use an inquiry approach to                  attention difficulties, hyperactivity, and
modeling, instructing, and celebrating.       introduce new concepts and                  social disorders and apply it to your daily
Return to your classroom and watch            investigate ideas.                          classroom practice. Resources are
your writers become authors, not                                                          limited and the best way to increase the
                                              Engage students in constructive
"fixers."                                                                                 success of students who are struggling
                                              conversations about writing.
You will be actively involved in the                                                      is to empower the teachers who spend

                                  2012 Course Descriptions
the most time with them. We will            Movement with a Purpose:                       9 Essential Skills for the
approach your greatest classroom
management issues from a new                Part II of Active Games,                       Love and Logic Classroom
perspective. The majority of challenging    Active Brains                                  Grade Levels: PreK-12
behaviors come from a skill deficit or an   Grade Levels: 4K-5th Grade                     General and Special Educators,
unmet need. This class will help you                                                       Counselors &
identify those needs in a proactive way
                                            Teachers, Phy. Ed., Art & Music
so you will be more able to connect with    Teachers                                       Administrators
the student and identify strategies that    Subjects: All areas                            Subject: Class Management
are more likely to be successful.
                                            Instructor: Carol Hanson,                      Instructors: Peter Tabor, D.C.
Course participants will:                   Kindergarten Physical                          Everest Public Schools , Weston,
  Learn how to identify student needs       Education & Health,                            WI; Joan Tabor, Merrill Area
  to promote prevention of behaviors.                                                      Public Schools, Merril, WI
                                            Whitehall School District
  Consider the impact of cultural
  differences in relation to classroom      This workshop features new movement            Participants in this workshop will
  behaviors.                                and game activities that incorporate           become knowledgeable about and
                                            classroom content to help children             skilled with the concepts of Love and
  Be introduced to strategies related
                                            learn. Imagine classrooms, gyms and            Logic. Participants will be involved in
  to common issues seen in their
                                            playgrounds where there are no                 small and large interactive groups to
  classrooms. This will be tailored
                                            winners and losers, no elimination, and        discuss applications of the Love and
  toward the needs of participants and
                                            everyone participates. Imagine                 Logic principles. Activities will include
  may include, but not be limited to
                                            knowing how to teach games for                 discussion and analysis of situations
  anxiety disorders, depression, social
                                            individuals and partners to whole              presented by participants and those
  disorders, attention and activity
                                            classrooms and everything in between.          shown on various video clips used as
  disorders, fetal alcohol syndrome,
                                            The focus of this workshop is that             part of the course content. Finally,
  and the impact of stress and poverty
                                            learning and movement are fun, and             participants will develop an action plan
  on students and families.
                                            games can be valuable instructional            identifying how they will utilize their
  Learn practical strategies focusing on                                                   learning from this course.
                                            practice! By using games and activities,
  motivation, socialization, attention,
                                            you will create physically active              Participants will learn skills for:
  organization, and movement in K-8
                                            scenarios that enhance learning in the K
  classrooms.                                                                                 Creating classroom and school
                                            -5 classroom, ranging from teaching
  Have an opportunity to brainstorm                                                           environments that stimulate
                                            behaviors to teaching content skills.
  specific plans for specific students.                                                       responsible behavior and high levels
                                                                                              of academic achievement.
Wisconsin Teaching Standards                Easily used by physical education
                                                                                              Preventing misbehavior and
Addressed: 2, 3, 5, 7                       teachers, contained classroom teachers,
                                                                                              increasing instructional time on task.
                                            multiage teachers and
                                                                                              Avoiding power struggles while
                                            paraprofessionals, this format
                                                                                              setting limits with challenging
                                            addresses the cognitive development of
                                            all young learners and, specifically the
                                                                                              Teaching character and responsibility
                                            needs of kinesthetic learners.
                                                                                              through the application of logical
                                            Join us and learn more than 200                   consequences instead of
                                            activities to use with your students!             punishment.
                                            Description of all activities will be in a        Developing a positive, cooperative
   Our people, products and                 three ring binder and all activities will be      relationship with the most difficult
    services make a positive                taught in a non-threatening                       students and their parents.
 difference for our customers               atmosphere.                                       Preserving the learning environment
    and in the communities                                                                    when one or more students become
                                            Wisconsin Teacher Standards Addressed:
  where we live and work by                 4, 5, 7
                                                                                              disruptive and unresponsive to
 respecting and protecting the              Wisconsin Academic Standards
                                                                                              preventative discipline.
        environment.                        Addressed: Physical Education A-F      Wisconsin Teacher Standards
                                                                                   Addressed: 2, 3, 5

                                  Cost of the Academy

 # of         Non-Refundable
Credits       Application Fee         Registration           Credit Cost              Total Due

No Credits            $55                 $300                    ——                      $355

One Credit             $55                $300                    $110                    $465

Two Credits            $55                $300                    $220                    $575

Three Credits          $55                $300                    $330                    $685

Online registration and payment are available at
All checks are payable to the Christa McAuliffe Academy. Final payment is due Friday, June 29, 2012. Some
costs may be covered by your school district. Return the UW-Oshkosh registration form with your

                             UW-Oshkosh Registration
If taking the Academy for credit, the completed UW-Oshkosh registration form (found at the end to this
catalog) must be mailed to the Christa McAuliffe Academy, PO Box 1855, Appleton, WI 54912-1855 along
with the Academy application. Do not send it to UW-Oshkosh.

                                 UW–Oshkosh Grades
Grades will be posted on the UW-Oshkosh web site ( after August 13, 2012.
UW-Oshkosh Student ID#s will be available at the Christa McAuliffe Academy registration desk. If you
attended the Academy or UW-Oshkosh in the past, your Student ID# is the same.

                                   Cancellation Policy
Refunds for cancellations, less $55 application fee, will be made if written request is received by the
Christa McAuliffe Academy Manager, Mary Jane Grissman (, by
June 1, 2012.

                      Requirements for Credit Options
NO CREDIT & FIRST CREDIT:               PROJECT REQUIREMENTS:                    related scientific topic or
Daily attendance/participation at       You must:                                pedagogies appropriate for
the Academy and satisfactory               Attend a short meeting on             active learning.
completion of all assignments.             Monday, July 16 at 3:30 p.m. in       Development and delivery of
                                           ANHS cafeteria.                       an in-service presentation
SECOND CREDIT: A one-page sum-
                                           Submit a project description          based on course content.
mary of your tour experience is
                                           before Wednesday, July 18 to      A course requirement sheet will
required for the 2nd credit option.
                                           the Christa McAuliffe Acad-       be available at the Academy Reg-
The summary is due Friday, July 20
                                           emy Manager.                      istration Desk to assist you in de-
to the Christa McAuliffe Academy
                                           Complete a project. The intent    termining if you would like to take
Manager. The format for the pa-
                                           of the project is to increase     advantage of the additional 3-
per will be available on Monday,
                                           the impact of the Academy         credit option.
July 16 at the registration desk.
                                           course on the participant’s
THIRD CREDIT: A one-page sum-              teaching or to facilitate the
                                                                             FOR MORE INFORMATION
mary of your tour experience is            participant’s dissemination of    Contact:
                                                                             Mary Jane Grissman, Manager
due Friday, July 20 to the Christa         information learned at the
                                                                             Christa McAuliffe Academy
McAuliffe Manager (same as                 Academy to a broader group        PO Box 1855
above), and an additional project          of educators.                     Appleton, WI 54912-1855
is required to receive the third                                             Phone: 920-734-7101
credit. The third credit may be         Examples of projects include:        Fax: 920-734-7161
completed by July 31 with an op-           Development of hands-on les-
tion for an Incomplete grade to            son plans.              
be finished by October 1.                  Research paper on course-

                     Directions & Lodging Information
Directions to Appleton North High School
Appleton North High School, 5000 N. Ballard Road,
is within a mile and a half of US 41 and 441 on Apple-
ton’s northeast side. Take US41 to Ballard Road Exit
(Exit 144); north on Ballard to main entrance of Ap-
pleton North High School. Proceed around building
to east parking lot and entrance.

The Academy suggests:
Cambria Suite
3940 Gateway Dr.
Appleton, WI 54913
Phone 920-733-0101
Cambria Suites is located at Exit 144
                            2012 Steering Committee
John Moore, Chairperson                                Steve Dreger
    Retired, Kaukauna Area School District                  Director of Curriculum and Instructional
                                                            Technology, Neenah Joint School District
Dr. Doug Dugal
     Retired, Integrated Paper Services, Inc.          Peter Pfundtner
                                                            Director of Staff and Organizational
Paul Weisse                                                 Development,
    Associate Principal Appleton East High                  Menasha Joint School District
    School, Appleton Area School District
                                                       Kelli Antoine
Reynee Kachur                                               Director of Curriculum, Instruction &
    UW-Oshkosh, Science Outreach Program,                   Assessment,
    UW-Oshkosh                                              Kaukauna Area School District

Tammy Ladwig, Ph.D.                                    Janna Cochrane
   Assistant Professor, UW-Fox Valley                      Principal, Greenville Elementary School,
                                                           Hortonville Area School District
Kelly Ulmen
     Human Resources Manager                           Matt Reynebeau
     Menasha Packaging – Folding Carton Group             Principal, Xavier High School
                                                          ACES Xavier Educational System

                   Acknowledgments for 2011 Academy

2011 Class Sponsor                    2011 Door Prize Sponsors            Mark’s East Side
Plexus Corporation                    B J Clancy's Grill & Bar            Menominee Casino Resort
                                      Badger Sports Park                  Radisson Paper Valley
2011 Class Supplies Sponsors          Breadsmith-Appleton                     Hotel
Bemis, Inc.                           Bridgewood Golf Course              Red Ox Supper Club
School Specialty                      Cold Stone Creamery                 Riverside Florist &
                                      Culver’s                                Greenhouses, Inc.
                                      Culver's of Darboy                  St. Patrick’s Bookstore
2011 Break Sponsors
                                      Eagle Creek Golf Club               Skyline Comedy Café
Fox Valley Technical
                                      Elevate Hair Studio, LLC            Stone Toad Bar-Grill
                                      George’s Steak House                The History Museum at the
Menasha Packaging, LLC
                                      Good Company                            Castle
UW-Fox Valley
                                      Holiday Inn Neenah                  Van Abels of Hollandtown
                                         Riverwalk                        Village Hearthstone
                                      Hu Hot Mongolian Grill

           2012 Christa McAuliffe Academy Registration
         2012 Christa McAuliffe Academy Registration
All registrants will receive written confirmation of course assignment on or before Friday, June 1, 2012.
Registrations are accepted until July 13, 2012 if class space is available.

Registration is also available online at

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Home Address_______________________________City____________________State________Zip____

Home Phone: ______________Email_______________________________________________________

School District ______________________________School Name________________________________

School Phone: ________________________________Email_____________________________________

Please check one: _____Public School      ______Private School Grade Level/Subject ___________ _____

Attended the Christa McAuliffe Academy before _____Yes _____No

Appleton North High School is handicap accessible. If you are disabled, or if you have special dietary re-
quirements, please describe ______________________________________________________________
Course Selection
List below the title of the course you would like to attend. List two alternatives. You will participate in one
course. Preference in class choice will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

First Choice __________________________________________________________________________

Second Choice ________________________________________________________________________

Third Choice __________________________________________________________________________

Number of credits you are taking (please circle one): 0 credits     1 credit    2 credits    3 credits


                                        2012 Presenting Sponsor

  2012 Christa McAuliffe Academy Registration (continued)
_____ACADEMY PARTICIPATION                            _____ONE GRADUATE CREDIT
     (NO CREDIT)                                      Non-refundable Application Fee           $55
Non-refundable Application Fee          $55           Registration Fee                       $300
Registration Fee                       $300           One Credit                              $110
Total                                  $355           Total                                  $465
PAYMENT: (Payable to Christa McAuliffe Academy)       PAYMENT: (Payable to Christa McAuliffe Academy)
____Enclosed is a check for $355; or                  ____Enclosed is a check for $465; or
____Enclosed is a check for $_____                    ____Enclosed is a check for $_____
    and I will pay the balance of $_______ by             and I will pay the balance of $_______ by
    June 29, 2012                                         June 29, 2012
____Charge $_______ to credit card (complete form     ____Charge $_______ to credit card (complete
    below)                                                form below)

_____TWO GRADUATE CREDITS                             _____THREE GRADUATE CREDITS
Non-refundable Application Fee            $55         Non-refundable Application Fee          $55
Registration Fee                         $300         Registration Fee                       $300
Two Credits                              $220         Three Credits                          $330
Total                                    $575         Total                                  $685
PAYMENT: (Payable to Christa McAuliffe Academy)       PAYMENT: (Payable to Christa McAuliffe Academy)
____Enclosed is a check for $575; or                  ____Enclosed is a check for $685; or
____Enclosed is a check for $_____                    ____Enclosed is a check for $_____
      and I will pay the balance of $_______ by           and I will pay the balance of $_______ by
      June 29, 2012                                       June 29, 2012
____Charge $_______ to credit card (complete          ____Charge $_______ to credit card (complete
      form below)                                         form below)

Name_____________________________________ School______________________________________

Charge to: _____Master Card _____Visa _____Discover _____American Express

Expiration Date: _____________ Card No:____________________________________________________

* A minimum of $55 will be charged to your credit card to reserve your space. Please indicate the amount
you want charged.

All Registrants Must Submit:
   Completed Application         • UW-Oshkosh registration form (if taking for credit)
   Payment by check (payable to Christa McAuliffe Academy) or Credit Card Information

Send to: Christa McAuliffe Academy
         PO Box 1855 • Appleton, WI 54912-1855


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