United States History by yantingting


									United States History

  EOI Review
Standard I
       Process Skills
This review covers the content for the 2014
   End of Instruction Exam for U.S. History.

  Students are also expected to be able to
    demonstrate process skills such as the
 interpretation of primary sources including
   maps, charts, graphs, political cartoons,
       photographs, and documents.
What 3 amendments are known
 as the Civil War Amendments
because they dealt with issues
    related to the Civil War?

       13 th,   14 th,   &   15 th
What amendment abolished

    13th Amendment
What amendment established
equal protection of the law?

      14th Amendment
What amendment protects
 voting rights for men?

    15th Amendment
What two systems of labor
exploitation replaced the
      slave system?

     Tenant Farming
How were the poor farmers kept
  bound to the landowners?

Which cartoonist popularized
characters like the Republican
Elephant and the Democratic

        Thomas Nast
   What radical group engaged in
 violence to stop the protection of
African-American rights (as well as
those of other non-WASP groups)?

           Ku Klux Klan
What organizations became the
center of religious, social, and
   political life for African-
Americans after the Civil War?

Who reintroduced horses to the

How was land traditionally
 “owned” by most Native

 What was the concept among
most Plains Tribes that involved
demonstrating bravery in battle?

        Counting Coup
 Who were the tribal leaders
considered to be most in touch
    with the spirit world?

What discovery in Colorado and
 the Dakotas drew non-Indians
into Indian land in areas where
  farming was highly unlikely?

 At what incident were over 150
Cheyenne and Arapaho killed in
Colorado by U.S. troops in 1864?

     Sand Creek Massacre
 At what incident were over 80
 U.S. troops killed by a band of
 Sioux led by Crazy Horse along
the Bozeman Trail in the Bighorn
       Mountains in 1866?

     Battle of the 100 Slain
      Fetterman Massacre
What treaty signed by Red Cloud
   relocated most Sioux to the
 reservation along the Missouri
          River in 1868?

     Treaty of Fort Laramie
 What Sioux leaders refused to
sign the Treaty of Fort Laramie?

   Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse
What two tribes were subdued
 during the Red River War?

    Kiowa & Commanche
Who did the Sioux defeat at the
  Battle of Little Bighorn?

          7th Cavalry
Led by George Armstrong Custer
Where did the band of Sioux
led by Sitting Bull find refuge
          for a time?

  What resource crucial to the
   Plains Tribes was almost
completely destroyed during the
        19th Century?

   What book by Helen Hunt
 Jackson condemned the unjust
treatment of Native Americans?

    A Century of Dishonor
     What was the aim of
     Grant’s Peace Policy?

Assimilation of Native Americans
  What two passivist religious
groups worked with the tribes as
  part of Grant’s Peace Policy?

    Quakers & Mennonites
What was the purpose of the
       Dawes Act?

  Allotment of Indian Land
Who was the Sioux that worked
with Henry Dawes to implement
   the assimilation policies?

     Dr. Charles Eastman
When active resistance no longer
worked, what form did resistance
     to assimilation take?

    (Language, Traditions, …)
Who was the Paiute prophet that
led the Ghost Dance Movement?

         (Jack Wilson)
What hope did the Ghost Dance
  offer Native Americans?

     whites would disappear
       buffalo would return
traditional life would be restored
Fear of the Ghost Dance among
  the whites helped to trigger
     what 1890 massacre?

   Battle of Wounded Knee
   What 1980 Supreme Court
decision allowed Congress to pay
 the Sioux $600 million as “just
 compensation” for the loss of
      their Black Hills land?

      U.S. v Sioux Nation
  What was the Sioux reaction
  to the decision in U.S. v Sioux
         Nation in 1980?

 refused to accept the $600 million
refused to give up claim to the land
What cattle trail went from
 San Antonio to Abilene?

      Chisholm Trail
Who were the predecessors of
  the American Cowboy?

     Mexican Vaqueros
   Gauchos of the Pampas
What emancipated group made
up about 25% of the cowboys
     on the cattle trails?

Who cared for the extra horses
    on the cattle drives?

Who managed the cattle drives?

          Trail Boss
Who invented barbed wire?

     Joseph Glidden
What type of entertainment was
organized by Buffalo Bill Cody?

       Wild West Show
What type of beef cattle
replaced the open-range


What act of Congress allowed
people to claim public land for
free under certain conditions?

       Homestead Act
Who were the freedmen that
      moved west?

In what creative way was
“public” land opened for
settlement in Oklahoma?

       Land Runs
 Who wrote the Frontier Thesis
  about how the frontier had
shaped the American character?

   Frederick Jackson Turner
 In what state is Yellowstone
National Park mostly located?

In what state is Yosemite
 National Park located?

 How did naturalist John Muir
  want to conserve nature?

Complete Wilderness Preservation
  For what purpose did Teddy
Roosevelt believe nature should
        be preserved?

         Public Good
What act of Congress started the
western federal water projects?

   National Reclamation Act
        (Newlands Act)
As the southwest was irrigated,
who supplied a great deal of the
          farm labor?

     Mexican Immigrants
What type of temporary housing
was often constructed in areas
  where lumber was in short
   supply be early settlers?

  What crop was often the first
crop for early settlers because of
          its versatility?

 What misnomer applied to the
Southern Great Plains because it
 was believed that agriculture
 would be very difficult there?

   “Great American Desert”
Who invented the steel plow?

        John Deere
Who produced the early reaper
    that vastly improved the
efficiency of the grain harvest?

       Cyrus McCormick
What act of Congress made the
establishment of the land grant
  colleges possible, including
   Oklahoma A & M (OSU)?

          Morrill Act
 What were the large single-crop
farms that were operated like big

        Bonanza Farms
 What type of farm operation
remains dominant in the U.S.?

        Family Farms
Populism was most associated
 with what group of people?

Populism worked to end the
  unfair practices of what
   powerful businesses?

 What was the 19th Century
paper currency not backed by
       gold or silver?

What organization did Oliver
Hudson Kelley start in 1867?

   Patrons of Husbandry
       (The Grange)
    What farmer-owned
organizations did the Grange
   help farmers establish?

Support for what monetary
  policy was part of the
 Populist Party Platform?

 Increased Money Supply
Support for what type of tax
was part of the Populist Party

   Progressive Income Tax
The Populist Party supported
what type of elections for U.S.

       Popular Election
What method of elections did
 the Populist Party support?

       Secret Ballot
     (Australian Ballot)
 Which political party adopted
  much of the agenda of the
Populist Party (People’s Party)?

       Democratic Party
What lending practice along with
business greed helped start the
        Panic of 1893?

     Over-Extended Credit
 Which Democrat ran against
Republican William McKinley in

   William Jennings Bryan
Who made the famous
Cross of Gold Speech?

William Jennings Bryan
Who was William McKinley’s
 second Vice-President?

     Teddy Roosevelt
   (Youngest President)
 What are the 4 factors that
 transformed the U.S. into a
  leading industrial power?

 Abundant Natural Resources
Government Support of Business
     Entrepreneurial Spirit
What did Canadian Abraham
     Gesner develop?

   Oil Distilling Method
 What was the first large-scale
product made from petroleum?

 What process was developed by
Edwin Drake using a steam engine?

           Oil Drilling
What was the huge oil discovery
 near Beaumont, Texas in 1901?

What was the first commercial
   oil well in Oklahoma?

     Nellie Johnston #1
     (Near Bartlesville)
    What was the huge oil field
discovered south of Tulsa in 1905?

           Glenn Pool
What was Tulsa’s nickname in
       the 1920s?

 “Oil Capital of the World”
   What 2 resources found in
abundance in the U.S. were used
    to make iron and steel?

        Iron Ore & Coal
What product made from iron is
more flexible, lighter, and more

What is the name of the process
  of making steel that injects air
into the molten metal to remove
      the carbon impurities?

       Bessemer Process
 What New York construction
 project made of steel linked
Manhattan and Brooklyn across
       the East River?

       Brooklyn Bridge
     (suspension bridge)
  What was the first steel-framed
(designed by Wm le Baron Jenney)?

    Home Insurance Building
 Where was Thomas Edison’s
industrial research laboratory?

       Menlo Park, NJ
What was the purpose of George
  Westinghouse’s company?

   Production & Distribution
Who invented the telephone?

   Alexander Graham Bell
     & Thomas Watson
Who invented the typewriter?

     Christopher Sholes
 How did the government
  encourage the railroad
  companies to build the
transcontinental railroad?

      Land Grants
 Which railroad company built
from the west using thousands
of Chinese immigrant laborers?

        Central Pacific
  Which railroad company built
from the east using thousands of
    Irish immigrant laborers?

         Union Pacific
  Where did the eastward and
 westward construction of the
transcontinental railroad meet?

   Promontory Point, Utah
       (Golden Spike)
What did Professor C.F. Dowd

        Time Zones
      (Railroad Time)
What did George Pullman’s
 company manufacture?

      Railroad Cars
What was Pullman, Illinois?

      Company Town
 (controlled workers 24-7)
What did Granger laws restrict?

   Unfair Railroad Practices
What was the purpose of the
  Interstate Commerce
    Commission (ICC)?

   Regulation of Business
    (abolished in 1995)
 What is the economic system in
  which individuals control the
 production and distribution of
goods, services, and information?

  What was Andrew Carnegie’s
“goose that lays the golden eggs”?

Who wrote On the Wealth of
 Nations about free trade?

       Adam Smith
What sets a fair price for a good
or service in a market economy?

       Supply & Demand
What market force improves the
 quality of a good or service?

What is the French term for the
 concept of free trade with no
   government regulation?

For what two general purposes is
it necessary to regulate business?

   Maintain Fair Competition
    Prevent Worker-Abuse
 What was Herbert Spencer’s
explanation of the gap between
     the rich and the poor?

      Social Darwinism
What phrase was coined by
   Herbert Spencer?

 “Survival of the Fittest”
According to Social Darwinism,
why are some people rich and
        others poor?

development of characteristics
necessary for economic success
What concept was combined with
 Social Darwinism to explain the
gap between the rich and poor?

     Protestant Work Ethic
What are the two general ways
   to create monopolies?

     Vertical Integration
    Horizontal Integration
What type of integration includes
 taking control of the stages of
production and distribution of a
      particular product?

      Vertical Integration
   What type of integration
   includes taking control of
numerous companies producing
  the same good or service?

    Horizontal Integration
   Who were the ruthless and
  shrewd business owners that
      created monopolies?

           Robber Barons
(Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Morgan, Rockefeller)
 What type of companies were
  formed to buy the stock of a
collection of companies in order
     to create a monopoly?

      Holding Companies
     (Morgan’s U.S. Steel)
  What were the organizations
formed to control a collection of
 companies producing the same
good or service as one company?

   (Rockefeller’s Standard Oil)
   What 1890 act of Congress
attempted to regulate the trusts?

     Sherman Antitrust Act
What is the term for a wealthy
 person who gives back to

 What was Andrew Carnegie’s
 most notable philanthropic

        Carnegie Libraries
(Carnegie gave away 90% of his earnings)
What was Cornelius Vanderbilt’s
 most notable philanthropic

     Vanderbilt University
        (Nashville, TN)
What university did John D.
 Rockefeller help found?

   University of Chicago
  What system of production
replaced the cottage industry?

       Factory System
What were the workshops in the
      tenements called?

   What were the 3 primary
reasons children were employed
       in early factories?

   income needed for family
    worked for lower wages
        smaller hands
What was the usual consequence
of being seriously injured on the
    job in the early factories?

      Loss of Employment
What was the biggest advantage
  of hiring women as factory

   worked for lower wages
What did the National Labor
Union persuade Congress to

       8-Hour Workday
(for government employees)
 What method of collective
bargaining did the Knights of
  Labor favor over strikes?

John L. Lewis was the President of
 what union from 1920 to 1960?

      United Mine Workers
John L. Lewis was instrumental in
   electing members of what
    political group to office?

     (Franklin Roosevelt, …)
  What was the movement of
skilled workers who formed the
 first successful labor unions?

        Craft Unionism
 Samuel Gompers helped to
organize what national labor
  union of skilled workers?

American Federation of Labor
          (AF of L)
 What organization merged with
      the AF of L in 1955?

Congress of Industrial Organizations
  (AFL-CIO – Largest U.S. Union)
 What is the economic system in
which the government controls the
 means of production of goods,
    services, and information?

       Who wrote
the Communist Manifesto?

Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels
   What was the slogan of
   International Socialism?

“Workers of the World Unite!”
According to Marxist philosophy,
the end of capitalism will lead to
     the end of what else?

    The State (Government)
 Including National Boundaries
 Marxist ideology states that
everyone should contribute to
society according to his or her

 Marxist ideology states that
everyone should receive from
society according to his or her

According to Marxist philosophy,
what temporary guardian of the
 people needs to be established
    to stamp out capitalism?

 Dictatorship of the Proletariat
What was the primary reason for
  the failure of communism?

Less Productive Than Capitalism
    What organization was
  established by socialists in
  Chicago in 1905 headed by
      William Haywood?

Industrial Workers of the World
Who was a major spokesman for
  the Wobblies that ran for
President as the Socialist Party
   candidate several times?

         Eugene Debs
 In what 2 ways was Sooner
   Socialism different from
   International Socialism?

Used the Democratic Process
   Based on Christianity
The Panic of 1873 led many
companies to do what that
 prompted labor unrest?

       Cut Wages
Workers for what railroad started
the Great Railroad Strike of 1877?

         B & O Railroad
  How was the Great Railroad
   Strike of 1877 stopped?

               By Force
(using state militias and federal troops)
Where did the Haymarket Square
   Riot of 1886 take place?

  What happened to four of the
leaders of the Haymarket Square
 Riot as a result of the violence?

      Convicted & Hanged
 Workers from what company
organized the Homestead Strike
           of 1892?

        Carnegie Steel
Who did the Carnegie Steel
Company hire to battle the
striking workers during the
     Homestead Strike?

 Pinkerton Agency Guards
Which labor leader was arrested
  during the Pullman Strike?

         Eugene Debs
What happened to the strikers
 during the Pullman Strike?

     Fired & Blacklisted
Who are workers hired to
   replace strikers?

What laws, meant to break the
trusts, were used against union
workers in the court injunctions
 used to stop union activities?

        Antitrust Laws
What act of Congress strengthen
antitrust laws and barred courts
from issuing injunctions to stop
        union activities?

     Clayton Antitrust Act
 What union-breaking strategy
was upheld in Coppage v Kansas?

    “Yellow Dog Contracts”
(workers agreed not to join union)
 Who marched 80 injured mill
 children to Teddy Roosevelt’s
home to protest the cruelties of
      child labor in 1903?

 Mary Harris “Mother” Jones
Where was the 1911 industrial
 fire that killed 146 women?

  Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
       (New York City)
 Why were many of the workers
in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
  unable to escape the inferno?

      Doors Were Locked
Why was the FDNYC unable to
 properly fight the fire in the
 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory?

   Ladders Were Too Short
What charges were brought
 against the owners of the
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory?

What is the biggest push and pull
     factor for migration?

     Economic Opportunity
The U.S. frontier and economic
  boom provided what for the
 growing European population
during the nineteenth century?

         Safety Valve
What is the term for migrants
who earn money by working
in a foreign country and then
         return home?

     “Birds of Passage”
  From where did the early
European immigrants come to
          the U.S.?

  From where did the majority of
 European immigrants to the U.S.
come during the 1840s and 1850s?

       Germany & Ireland
  What is the number one
European source country for
   migrants to the U.S.?

From where did the majority of
European immigrants to the U.S.
    come during the 1880s?

 Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia
From where did the majority of
European immigrants to the U.S.
    come during the 1900s?

Italy, Russia, Poland, the Balkans
  How did the U.S. restrict
immigration beginning in the

U.S. immigration policy favored
 immigrants from what part of

     Northern & Western
 What event marked the end of
European mass migration to the
        United States?

         World War I
Chinese immigrants took part in
what 2 major endeavors during
    the nineteenth century?

   Transcontinental Railroad
      California Gold Rush
  The U.S. annexation of what
 territory encouraged Japanese
immigrants to come to the west

  What act of Congress helped to
   create more farmland in the
Southwest, generating a need for
 farm laborers which encouraged
migration from Mexico to the U.S.?

    National Reclamations Act
         (Newlands Act)
 At what famous site were many
of the immigrants arriving on the
      east coast processed?

           Ellis Island
 At what famous site were many
of the immigrants arriving on the
     west coast processed?

          Angel Island
What 4 things did immigrants
 need to demonstrate when
    arriving in the U.S.?

      Physical Health
    Mental Competence
   Plan for Employment
 No Serious Criminal History
Why was immigrant processing
 more harsh at Angel Island?

      Racial Prejudice
      (against Asians)
The Nativism Movement sought
to keep immigrants from which
     places out of the U.S.?

     Non-WASP Countries
(White Anglo-Saxon Protestants)
  Who was exempt from the
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1892?

students, teachers, merchants,
 tourists, government officials
   What did the Japanese
government agree to do in the
Gentlemen’s Agreement made
   with Teddy Roosevelt?

Stop Sending Unskilled Workers
 What did the U.S. agree to do in
  the Gentlemen’s Agreement?

Desegregate San Francisco Schools
For what two reasons did the U.S.
  cities populations rapidly grow
 around the turn-of-the-century?

    International Migration
What inventions improved the
  efficiency of agriculture,
 prompting urbanization?

       Steel Plow
    McCormick’s Reaper
What formed in U.S. cities as a
   result of large numbers of
migrants coming from particular

     Ethnic Communities
Who were the internal migrants
during the Great Migration out
         of the South?

    (To Detroit, Chicago, …)
 Who wrote How the Other Half
Lives about the plight of the cities
that included shocking photos of
         the tenements?

            Jacob Riis
Where were street cars

    San Francisco
Where was the first subway
      system built?

  Mass transit made what
demographic change possible?

What is the most common
disease caused by unclean

 Who were the private waste
collectors in the early industrial

   What city was the first to
implement a fulltime paid police

         New York City
 What 1871 disaster prompted
the enactment of new building
     codes in U.S. cities?

     Great Chicago Fire
  What turn-of-the-century
movement preached salvation
through service to the poor?

  Social Gospel Movement
  Who co-founded
Chicago’s Hull House?

    Jane Addams
What did settlement houses like
     Hull House provide?

 (education, nursing, culture)
During the Gilded Age, who
controlled city politics in the

     Political Machines
 What city’s political machine was
controlled by “Big Jim” Pendergast?

           Kansas City
 Who was the City Boss of
Tammany Hall in New York?

       Boss Tweed
  What did the political machines
provide for the people of the cities?

    Assimilation of Immigrants
  What is the term for personally
profiting from one’s political office?

 The city bosses were usually
popular among city residents.
When they weren’t, how did
     they win elections?

        Voter Fraud
  Who was the cartoonist that
helped arouse public outrage or
the corruption of Tammany Hall
       and Boss Tweed?

         Thomas Nast
 What is the system of hiring
government workers based on
  merit using examinations?

     Civil Service System
Who led the opposition to the
Civil Service System during the
     Hayes Administration?

   (led by Roscoe Conkling)
             Who assassinated
             President Garfield?

                 Charles Guiteau
(thought he should have been awarded a job in the Administration)
What act of Congress established
   the merit system of hiring
 government workers based on

   Pendleton Civil Service Act
Who gained political influence as
a result of the implementation of
     the Civil Service System?

          Big Business
Who lost political influence as a
result of the implementation of
   the Civil Service System?

       Political Machines
 As business gained more influence
 in government around the turn-of-
  the-century, what tax was used to
“protect” American manufacturing?

           (Import Tax)
Who designed New York City’s
       Central Park?

  Frederick Law Olmstead
         Where was the
       first Ferris Wheel?

       Chicago’s White City
(1893 World’s Columbian Exposition)
  What is Boston’s park system
that was created by draining the
        Back Bay Area?

       Emerald Necklace
What does a web-perfecting
     press produce?

Who invented the powered

     Wright Brothers
Who invented the Kodak

   George Eastman
  The founding citizens supported
  public education because of the
link between education and what?

As the U.S. economy matured,
  business supported public
education because of the need
          for what?

     Educated Workers
 Public education became more
 important for agriculture with
    the transition to what?

Scientific Researched-Based Farming
Who trained at normal schools?

The Morrill Act supported the
establishment of what type of

  Agricultural & Mechanical
 (like Oklahoma A & M/OSU)
Parochial schools were established
by what religious group that didn’t
 want their children to receive a
      Protestant Education?

What was a major culture-busting
  purpose of the early Native
American schools established by
   the federal government?

Booker T. Washington believed
that African-Americans should
learn what as part of a gradual
 process of improving status?

        Useful Trades
 W.E.B. du Bois believed that
  African-Americans should
immediately seek what type of

    Liberal Arts Education
  What did the Niagara Movement
founded by W.E.B. du Bois become?

  (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
What were two of the principle
methods used to keep African-
  Americans from voting?

  Poll Taxes & Literacy Tests
What Amendment outlawed
       poll taxes?

    24th Amendment
What protected whites from the
 poll taxes and literacy tests?

     Grandfather Clauses
What are segregation laws often

        Jim Crow Laws
What Supreme Court Case
established the Doctrine of
   Separate But Equal?

    Plessy v Ferguson
What Supreme Court Case
overturned the Doctrine of
   Separate But Equal?

Brown v Board of Education
What happened to thousands of
 African-Americans who were
 suspected of violating racial

    (hanged without trial)
 What was the process of keeping
people like southern sharecroppers
 and Mexican miners obligated to
          their employers?

          Debt Peonage
What has the urban lifestyle of the
turn-of-the century that included
   leisure time been termed?

         “Mass Culture”
Where is Coney Island?

      New York
 What provided both enjoyment
and personal transportation in the
   turn-of-the-century cities?

Who made chocolate affordable
      for the masses?

Where was Coca-Cola

What type of literature did those
like Joseph Pulitzer and William
  Randolph Hearst produce for
       mass consumption?

   Sensationalized Literature
     “Yellow Journalism”
Who wrote The Gilded Age?

       Mark Twain
Where was the first shopping
     center opened?

What type of store did Marshall
 Field first open in Chicago?

      Department Store
Woolworths was what type of

        Chain Store
What catalog stores first made it
 possible for rural residents to
shop without leaving the farm?

  Sears & Montgomery Ward
 What service did the Grange
lobby to have established that
    aided rural shoppers?

  Rural Free Mail Delivery
What did Florence Kelley work to

     Abuses of Child Labor
 What did the Illinois Factory Act

Prohibited Child Labor in Factories
With what part of the Progressive
Movement is Carry Nation most

      (Anti-Saloon League)
What Amendment established the
  prohibition of the sale and
     distribution of liquor?

        18th Amendment
(repealed by the 21st Amendment)
  “Taylorism” and the “Fordist
System” are associated with what
     manufacturing process?

   Assembly Line Production
Scientific management studies were
    often used as evidence to pass
 legislation or to decide court cases
  that improved working conditions
   in the form of what documents?

          Brandeis Briefs
What did Henry Ford help to
create by paying his workers

     More Customers
 Who were the journalists that
wrote about business corruption?

Which muckraker wrote The
History of the Standard Oil

      Ida M. Tarbell
Who first converted privately
owned gasworks, waterworks,
 and transit line to publically
       owned utilities?

       Socialist Mayors
What is the process of the people
 directly proposing legislation?

       Initiative Petition
What is the process of the people
 choosing to vote on proposed

What is the process of the people
  choosing to throw an elected
 official out of office before the
     end of his or her term?

Who chooses party candidates for
   office in a direct primary?

        Party Members
    (not political machines)
What Amendment established
the direct popular election of
        U.S. Senators?

      17th Amendment
For what was Susan B. Anthony
         fined $100?

    (never paid the fine)
What did the liquor industry fear
about women gaining protection
    for their right to vote?

What did many business owners
 fear about women gaining the
protection for their right to vote?

       End of Child Labor
What were the first 4 states to
protect women’s right to vote?

        WY, CO, UT, ID
 What Amendment was used to
argue in favor of equal protection
   for women’s right to vote?

        14th Amendment
What was Teddy Roosevelt’s
progressive reform program

     The Square Deal
Because he was the first to use the
Office of President to improve the
 conditions of life for the common
  people, what is Teddy Roosevelt
     credited with beginning?

     The Modern Presidency
Teddy Roosevelt rose to fame as
 part of what group during the
    Spanish-American War?

         Rough Riders
 Teddy Roosevelt became the
youngest President when which
  President was assassinated?

      William McKinley
How did Teddy Roosevelt end the
       1902 Coal Strike?

Forcing Arbitration on Both Sides
    What is the term for the
President’s ability to use his or
her office to persuade Congress
         and the public?

         “Bully Pulpit”
Who wrote The Jungle about the
Chicago meat-packing industry
operated by those like Gustavus
   Swift and Philip Armour?

        Upton Sinclair
What act of Congress began the
regulation of the meat-packing

     Meat Inspection Act
 What act of Congress began the
process of regulating the safety of
      our food supply and
 implementing truth in labeling?

     Pure Food and Drug Act
Although he broke 90 trusts during
his Administration, William Howard
      Taft lost support of may
progressives when he compromised
              on what?
       Lowering the Tariff
      (Payne-Aldrich Tariff)
What position in government did
William Howard Taft assume after
        being President?

    Chief Justice of the U.S.
 Into what two parties did the
Republican Party split during the
  1912 Presidential Election?

Conservatives (Republican Party)
 Progressives (Bull Moose Party)
Who ran as the Republican Party
Candidate in the 1912 Election?

Who ran as the Progressive Party
(Bull Moose Party) Candidate in
       the 1912 Election?

       Teddy Roosevelt
 Who ran as the Socialist Party
Candidate in the 1912 Election?

         Eugene Debs
Who ran as the Democratic Party
Candidate in the 1912 Election?

       Woodrow Wilson
      (won the election)
  What was Wilson’s progressive
reform program that was an attack
   on the triple wall of privilege
   (trusts, tariffs, high finance)?

          New Freedom
    Woodrow Wilson was the
  President of what university
before becoming President of the

What Amendment legalized the
   progressive income tax
  (graduated income tax)?

      16th Amendment
What system of banker’s banks
 was established during the
  Wilson Administration?

   Federal Reserve System
Who called the Clayton Antitrust
 Act the Magna Carta of Labor
because it made unions legal and
  exempt from antitrust laws?

       Samuel Gompers
  President Wilson increased the
use of the “bully pulpit” by setting
 the precedent of delivering what
   speech in person each year?

   State of the Union Address
Which leader of the Women’s
 Suffrage Movement tired of
playing nice and organized an
around the clock picket line at
      the White House?

        Alice Paul
   (Congressional Union)
What Amendment protects
 women’s right to vote?

    19th Amendment
Standard II
  What is the term for stronger
countries taking over weaker ones
 for military and economic gain?

   What is the concept which
 assumes that countries need to
continuously grow and expand or
         they will die?

     Organic State Theory
Who wrote The Influence of Sea
   Power upon History which
 advocated building a modern
fleet, constructing the Panama
Canal, and establishing bases in
the Pacific and the Caribbean?

   Admiral Alfred T. Mahan
By what name was the U.S. Fleet
    known during the Age of

    The Great White Fleet
  Who directed the Great White
Fleet to circumnavigate the world
  as a show of U.S. naval power
        from 1907 to 1909?

        Teddy Roosevelt
For what two economic reasons
did the U.S. seek new territories
during the Age of Imperialism?

   Raw Materials & Markets
     Which Asian nation was an
    imperialist power during the
       Age of Imperialism?

(not to be confused with China which was a target of imperialism)
 As new technologies improved
  efficiency, what often caused
     economic hardships like

(which is not a bad thing if people somewhere need what is being produced)
During the Age of Imperialism,
what was seen as a solution to

  What concept from a Kipling
 poem assumed that Europeans
 and European-Americans had a
responsibility to “civilize” the rest
         of the world?

   “The White Man’s Burden”
From whom did the U.S. purchase
 Alaska for $7.2 million in 1867?

Who negotiated the purchase of
     Alaska for the U.S.?

Secretary of State William Seward
        “Seward’s Folly”
What territory became the   49 th

        state in 1959?

 Which islands in the Pacific did
 the U.S. come to control during
     the Age of Imperialism?

Midway, Hawaii, Guam, Philippines
Which islands in the Caribbean
 did the U.S. come to control
during the Age of Imperialism?

     Cuba & Puerto Rico
What was the principle economic
interest of the U.S. in Hawaii prior
          to annexation?

What did the U.S. sugar planters
 avoid paying as a result of the
    annexation of Hawaii?

What U.S. base highlighted the
military advantage of annexing

        Pearl Harbor
  What was Queen Liluokalani’s
agenda when she assumed power
          in Hawaii?

    “Hawaii for Hawaiians”
Who led the U.S. takeover of

Ambassador John L. Stevens
Who led the post-Liluokalani
 government in Hawaii?

      Sanford B. Dole
Under what conditions would
President Cleveland agree to
 support the annexation of

 If a majority of Hawaiians
    supported annexation
Who was President when Hawaii
  was annexed by the U.S.?

      William McKinley
What territory became the   50 th

        state in 1959?

From whom did President Pierce
    try to purchase Cuba?

Cuban revolutionary Jose Marti
warned the Cuban people to be
 mindful about the imperialist
ambitions of which country that
   supported “Cuba Libre”?

           The U.S.
What inhumane tactic did Spanish
General Weyler use to deal with
  the Second Cuban Revolt?

Put 300K Cubans in internment camps
  What is the term used for
reporters and publishers who
    produced exaggerated,
untruthful, or sensationalized
 stories in order to sell copy?

      Yellow Journalists
“Yellow Journalism” helped to
    trigger which conflict?

   Spanish-American War
  Who published The New York
Journal during the Age of Yellow

   William Randolph Hearst
Who published The New York
World during the Age of Yellow

       Joseph Pulitzer
What well-know artist did Hearst
   hire to sketch the events
happening in Cuba to be used in
       his publications?

      Frederic Remington
What letter written by a Spanish
 minister and published by The
  New York Journal was seen as
insulting to President McKinley?

        de Lome Letter
What ship exploded in Havana
Harbor on February 15, 1898?

       USS Maine
  “Remember the Maine”
Where did the first military
engagement of the Spanish-
 American War take place?

   Who led the U.S. Fleet that
destroyed the Spanish Fleet in the
  Philippines in just a few short
    hours during the Spanish-
         American War?

   Commodore George Dewey
Who helped U.S. troops defeat the
Spanish in the Philippines during
  the Spanish-American War?

Who led the Rough Riders in
 Cuba during the Spanish-
      American War?

     Teddy Roosevelt
 Who made up the Ninth and
Tenth Cavalry Regiments during
  the Spanish-American War?

   African-American Troops
Why were the Rough Riders given
credit for capturing San Juan Hill
  rather than Kettle Hill in the

  San Juan Hill sounded better
       (Yellow Journalism)
What did Secretary of State John
 Hay call the Spanish-American

    “A Splendid Little War”
What treaty ended the Spanish-
       American War?

      Treaty of Paris (III)
How much did the U.S. pay Spain
     for the Philippines?

          $20 Million
 How did President McKinley
 justify the annexation of the

U.S. would civilize the Filipinos
Why did Booker T. Washington
oppose the annexation of the

Believed we should deal with
 race relations at home first
Why did Samuel Gompers oppose
the annexation of the Philippines?

   Feared Filipino immigrants
   would take American jobs
  What were the three options
 regarding the status of Puerto
Rico following its acquisition by
           the U.S.?

Independence, Statehood, Other
 What act of Congress ended
military rule in Puerto Rico and
established a civil government?

          Foraker Act
In the Insular Cases, what did the
    Supreme Court say was not
   automatic in newly acquired

         U.S. Citizenship
 The people of Puerto Rico are
citizens of which country today?

       The United States
What is the status of Puerto Rico

 (Colony of the United States)
The Teller Amendment stated that
  the U.S. had no intentions of
   taking over which territory?

What document gave the U.S. the
right to intervene in Cuba and to
  establish military bases on the
island such as Guantanamo Bay?

     The Platt Amendment
The Platt Amendment was an
   amendment to which

  The Cuban Constitution
Who led the three-year revolt
  against U.S. rule in the

      Emilio Aguinaldo
On what date did the Philippine
Islands gain their independence
         from the U.S.?

         July 4, 1946
 The Open Door Notes issued by
Secretary of State John Hay dealt
   with trading rights in which

What was the European name of
the Chinese secret society that
unsuccessfully rebelled against
foreign intervention during the
      Age of Imperialism?

          The Boxers
What did the U.S. do with most of
 its share of the funds from the
         Boxer Protocol?

   Returned it to the Chinese
   (earmarked for education)
 What U.S. policy was based on
    the beliefs that (1) growth
depended on exports, (2) the U.S.
 had a right to intervene to keep
markets open, and (3) closing an
 area to U.S. trade was a threat?

     The Open Door Policy
 William Jennings Bryan, Grover
Cleveland, Jane Addams, Andrew
 Carnegie, and Mark Twain were
all part of what group during the
       Age of Imperialism?

   Opposition to Imperialism
  (such as the Anti-Imperialism League)
 What is the term for countries
 that are controlled by foreign
 companies such as those that
  were controlled by U.S. fruit
companies in Central American?

      Banana Republics
Who assassinated President

 (Anarchist) Leon Czolgosz
 Teddy Roosevelt won the 1906
Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating
  a peace between which two

         Russia & Japan
     (Treaty of Portsmouth)
For what two purposes did the
 U.S. build the Panama Canal?

    Military & Economic
Who began the construction of
    the Panama Canal?

From what country did Panama
gain its independence with U.S.

    What type of diplomacy,
associated with Teddy Roosevelt,
includes limited rhetoric backed
    by a show of great force?

      Big Stick Diplomacy
In what document did Teddy
Roosevelt state that the U.S.
would use force to protect its
 interests in Latin America?

    Roosevelt Corollary
 (to the Monroe Doctrine)
   What type of diplomacy,
   associated with the Taft
Administration, includes the use
  of U.S. economic power to
  persuade other countries?

       Dollar Diplomacy
     What type of diplomacy,
associated with Woodrow Wilson,
 includes a concern for American
    values such as democracy?

     Missionary Diplomacy
   In the pursuit of whom did
President Wilson send troops led
 by General John J. Pershing into

          Poncho Villa
      What are the four
   widely-accepted causes of
         World War I?

    Nationalism, Imperialism,
Militarism, & the Alliance System
What is the feeling of loyalty one
   has to his or her nation?

What is an action based on

What is an act of patriotism in
which one puts his or her moral
       principles aside?

       Blind Patriotism
In an extension of nationalism,
ethnic ties caused Russia to see
itself as the protector of which
        group of people?

         Slavic People
     (including the Serbs)
  What is the predominant
language spoken in Austria?

 Imperialism led to what among
the European powers, Japan, and
  the U.S. prior to World War I?

The Alliance System established
    what deterrent to war?

      Balance of Power
The Alliance System caused what
  phenomenon as World War I

Dominoing of War Declarations
  What was World War I called
before it was called World War I?

         The Great War
  What World War I alliance
included Britain, France, Italy,
Russia, and the United States?

          The Allies
 What World War I alliance
included Germany, Austria-
Hungary, and the Ottoman

   The Central Powers
 The assassination of Austrian
 Archduke Franz Ferdinand by
Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo can be
seen as a _____ to World War I.

 Gavrilo Princip was a Serbian
national and a member of what
      “terrorist” group?

       The Black Hand
What was the German war plan
    during World War I which
included dealing a quick blow to
  France and then dealing with

      The Schlieffen Plan
What type of warfare developed
  as the prolonged stalemate
 occurred during World War I?

       Trench Warfare
What two new weapons made a
  significant impact during
         World War I?

      Tanks & Aircraft
 What was the area between the
trenches in trench warfare called?

        “No Man’s Land”
 What do we call “shell shock”

(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
 Who was the U.S. “Ace of Aces”
that faced Germany’s Flying Circus
       during World War I?

       Eddie Rickenbacker
What is aerial combat called?

        Dog Fighting
What is the term for the focusing
of all of a country’s resources on a
  war effort as well as attacking
        non-military targets?

          Total Warfare
  What is the effort made by
governments to control public
     opinion through the
dissemination of information?

How did the socialists view
      World War I?

  Capitalist Imperialism
Who ran against Woodrow Wilson
     for President in 1916?

  Justice Charles Evans Hughes
  What policy, supported by a
 majority of Americans prior to
World War I, meant that the U.S.
 would stay out of the affairs of
  other countries in conflict?

On what isolationist slogan did
  Woodrow Wilson run for
    reelection in 1916?

  “He Kept Us out of War”
What were the German u-boats?

    What document encouraged
 Mexico to go to war against the
    U.S. and promised a German
alliance in re-conquering territory
   lost in the Mexican-American
       Zimmermann Note
    In asking Congress for a
declaration of war, for what did
President Wilson say the world
      must be made safe?

What act of Congress started the
military draft during World War I?

      Selective Service Act
  Who led the American
Expeditionary Force during
      World War I?

 General John J. Pershing
What nickname was given to U.S.
infantrymen during World War I?

  What World War I war hero
changed his mind about being a
conscientious objector when he
decided the war was a just war?

          Alvin York
What is the term for the
 preparation for war?

  What agency was established
 during World War I to regulate
production and transform civilian
   manufacturing to military?

     War Industries Board
 Why was Daylight Savings Time
implemented during World War I?

       To conserve fuel
Who headed the Food
Administration during
   World War I?

  Herbert Hoover
In what two ways was the war
    effort financed during
         World War I?

 Income Taxes & War Bonds
   George Creel headed what
   propaganda agency during
         World War I?

Committee on Public Information
What were hamburgers called
   during World War I?

   “Liberty Sandwiches”
What acts of Congress made it
illegal to speak out against the
war or the government during
          World War I?

  Espionage & Sedition Acts
    Who was the first woman
     elected to Congress?

            Jeannette Rankin
(voted against the declarations of war for both world wars)
What was the Global Pandemic
      of 1918-1919?

      (killed more than World War I did)
  When did the armistice ending
the fighting in World War I begin?

    11th hour of the 11th day
   of the 11 th month in 1918
 Who were the “Big Four” Allied
Powers at the end of World War I?

   U.S. (Wilson), Britain (George),
France (Clemenceau), Italy (Orlando)
  In what post-war speech did
    President Wilson call for a
   reduction of weapons, self-
      determination, and an
international organization aimed
      at maintaining peace?

    Fourteen Points Speech
What was the agenda of Georges
Clemenceau of France at the Paris
      Peace Settlements?

      To punish Germany
What was the agenda of David
Lloyd George of Britain at the
  Paris Peace Settlements?

    To stop the spread of
 What disappointed Vittorio
   Orlando of Italy at the
  Paris Peace Settlements?

Lack of Italian territorial gains
What treaty ended World War I?

      Treaty of Versailles
 (aka Paris Peace Settlements)
What strategic error was made by
  the Treaty of Versailles that
 helped lead to World War II?

    Humiliation of Germany
Why was the U.S. not part of the
     League of Nations?

Senate never ratified the treaty
Why was Germany not a member
  of the League of Nations?

    Excluded by the treaty
  What political movement was
seriously weaken as a result of its
   opposition to World War I?

 Some of the Wobblies formed
what political party following the
      Russian Revolution?

     U.S. Communist Party
What was the fear of the spread
 of communism following the
      Russian Revolution?

      The First Red Scare
 What was the hunting down
 of suspected communists by
the U.S. Attorney General and
J. Edgar Hoover following the
     Russian Revolution?

       Palmer Raids
     (Mitchell Palmer)
Standard III
Who wrote the poem that paid
 for the defense of Sacco and

   Edna St. Vincent Millay
Who was the Secretary of State
under Harding that called for a
moratorium on the construction
of warships at the Washington
      Naval Conference?

     Charles Evan Hughes
   In what agreement did the
European powers, Japan, and the
United States agree to denounce
war as an instrument of national

      Kellogg-Briand Pact
  What act of Congress made it
impossible for Britain and France
 to sell enough goods to the U.S.
        to repay their debt?

   Fordney-McCumber Tariff
 Who was the American banker
 that devised the plan in which
  U.S. banks loaned money to
Germany so they could pay their
 war debt to Britain and France
  who could then pay the U.S.

       Charles G. Dawes
Who was the Secretary of
Commerce in the Harding

    Herbert Hoover
Who was the Secretary of the
  Treasury in the Harding

      Andrew Mellon
Who were the group of President
Harding’s friends that used their
   offices for personal gain?

          “Ohio Gang”
In what scandal during the Harding
   Administration did Secretary of
  the Interior Albert B Fall transfer
   control of some government oil
     fields to private companies?

      Teapot Dome Scandal
 Who said, “The chief business of
the American people is business”?

      “Silent Cal” Coolidge
What early highway linked
 Chicago to California?

        Route 66
What tunnel links New York City
        to Jersey City?

        Holland Tunnel
 Who said, “We are the only
 nation in history to go to the
poorhouse in an automobile”?

         Will Rogers
 What was the name of Charles
Lindbergh’s airplane in which he
flew the first solo non-stop flight
       across the Atlantic?

        Spirit of St. Louis
 What was the name of Wiley
Post’s airplane in which he was
the first to solo fly around the

         Winnie Mae
What airline was the first to offer
 passenger flights across the

          Pan American
What professionals do advertising
    agencies hire to formulate
 persuasive messages based on an
understanding of human behavior?

Kiwanis, Rotary, and Lions Clubs
are what type of organizations?

          Civic Clubs
   To increase sales, how did
businesses in the 1920s make it
possible for people to buy goods
for which they did not have the

       Installment Plans
What act of Congress established
   the Prohibition Bureau?

         Volstead Act
 What were the illegal clubs that
served alcohol during Prohibition?

Who illegally manufactured
and/or sold alcohol during

In what two ways were people
 able to legally obtain alcohol
      during Prohibition?

         As Medicine
    For Religious Services
For what crime was Al Capone
convicted and sent to prison?

        Tax Evasion
For what two reasons did many in
 government favor the repeal of

       Difficult to Enforce
         Needed Taxes
Billy Sunday and Aimee Semple
McPherson were associated with
        what movement?

  Christian Fundamentalism
  What state first made the
teaching of evolution illegal?

What organization organized and
supported the defense of science
    teacher John T. Scopes?

What was the trial of John T.
 Scopes commonly called?

   Scopes Monkey Trial
Who took the lead in the defense
      of John T. Scopes?

       Clarence Darrow
   Who took the lead in the
prosecution of John T. Scopes?

   William Jennings Bryan
What was not at question in the
   trial of John T. Scopes?

  Scopes’ guilt or innocence
    (he admitted his guilt)
At the Scopes Trial, Darrow called
   Bryan to the stand as what?

     An expert on the Bible
Who were the “liberated” women
        of the 1920s?

Who opened the first birth
control clinic in the U.S.?

    Margaret Sanger
Who defeated Jack Dempsey in
 the “Fight of the Century”?

       Gene Tunney
What was the first major “talkie”?

         The Jazz Singer
What was the first major
  animated “talkie”?

   Steamboat Willie
Who termed the 1920s,
  “The Jazz Age”?

  F. Scott Fitzgerald
 Who were the group of writers
that soured on American culture
and moved to Europe (Fitzgerald,
    Hemmingway, Eliot, …)?

      The Lost Generation
  (termed by Gertrude Stein)
What Tulsa neighborhood was
destroyed by the Race Riot of

(Black Wall Street of America)
James Weldon Johnson composed
  what “black national anthem”?

    Lift Every Voice and Sing
What newspaper was published
       by the NAACP?

         The Crisis
Who founded the UNIA which
promoted the “Back to Africa”

       Marcus Garvey
What was the literary and artistic
  movement that celebrated
African-American culture in the

    The Harlem Renaissance
At what Harlem club did those like
the “Empress of the Blues,” Bessie
        Smith, perform?

        The Cotton Club
  Who was the poet from
Joplin, Missouri who wrote
      The Weary Blues

    Langston Hughes
 What philosophy suggests that
government should not attempt
 to regulate the economy and
   should allow free market
  principles to operate freely?

What percentage of people
  owned stocks in 1929

In what type of market does the
    value of stocks increase?

         Bull Market
In what type of market does the
    value of stocks decrease?

         Bear Market
What is the term for buying
    stocks on credit?

    Buying on Margin
What is October 29, 1929, the
day the Stock Market crashed,
      commonly called?

       Black Tuesday
 What caused half of the
nation’s banks to fail during
  the Great Depression?

   Reckless Investments
    Runs on the Banks
How high did unemployment get
 during the Great Depression?

What was the highest U.S.
    tariff in history?

  Hawley-Smoot Tariff
What was the unintended
  consequence of the
 Hawley-Smoot Tariff?

    Seriously reduced
   international trade
 What was the only decade in
history in which the U.S. had a
      net out-migration?

 What organizations provided
relief during the early period of
     the Great Depression?

     Churches & Charities
How high did African-American
unemployment get during the
     Great Depression?

Latinos faced an increased
danger of what during the
    Great Depression?

   For what were women
  often scorned during the
     Great Depression?

Working outside their homes
 Which farmers faced the most
 likelihood of being displaced
 during the Great Depression?

Tenant Farmers & Sharecroppers
As prices fell, what did farmers
    who were in debt face?

What environmental disaster
made the Great Depression

      The Dust Bowl
 What natural phenomenon
helped cause the Dust Bowl?

 What human action helped
   cause the Dust Bowl?

Plowing up the native grasses
 What derogatory term was used
for those who migrated to places
like California to escape the Dust
 Bowl from OK, CO, NM, KS, & ? TX

  Who wrote the Grapes of
Wrath about the Joad Family’s
 experience during the Great

       John Steinbeck
What detrimental situations
were faced by children during
   the Great Depression?

    Many schools closed
Childhood diseases increased
Who was elected President in

      Herbert Hoover
     What was Herbert Hoover’s
        campaign slogan?

“A chicken in every pot and car in every garage”
   What were hoboes
sometimes called during the
    Great Depression?

    “Hoover Tourists”
  What were the shantytowns
  sometimes called during the
      Great Depression?

            Locust Grove
(not really, they were called Hoovervilles)
What did Herbert Hoover believe
weakened people’s self-respect
       and moral fiber?

What dam, built on the Colorado
 River, created Lake Meade?

         Hoover Dam
        (Boulder Dam)
Who were the Bonus Marchers
         in 1932?

    World War I Veterans
   What was the collection of
 programs initiated during the
Roosevelt Administration aimed
at taking the country out of the
       Great Depression?

        The New Deal
  For what three groups was
  Eleanor Roosevelt a major

Women, Children, & Minorities
    What amendment to the
     Constitution moved the
Presidential Inauguration date to
          January 20th?

       20th Amendment
  What was the group of
  professors, lawyers, and
journalists put together by
        FDR called?

      “Brain Trust”
 What was the initiation of the
New Deal programs early in FDR’s
    Administration called?

      First Hundred Days
    How did FDR begin to restore
          faith in banks?

        Declared a Bank Holiday
(closed banks, investigated, reopened solvent banks)
What were FDR’s talks with the
  American people called?

        Fireside Chats
    What agency regulates the
         Stock Market?

(Securities & Exchange Commission)
       What agency insures
         bank deposits?

(Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)
What project reworked existing
dams and built new ones in the
      Tennessee Valley?

 (Tennessee Valley Authority)
What agency built on the success
 of the TVA in providing electric
      serve to rural areas?

(Rural Electrification Administration)
What agency built roads, parks,
 and flood control projects?

 (Civilian Conservation Corps)
 What agency assists people in
   securing home loans?

(Federal Housing Administration)
How did FDR feel about deficit

       Necessary Evil
Deficit spending to stimulate the
   economy is part of which
        economist’s ideas?

     John Maynard Keynes
What is the very important aspect
of Keynesian Economics too often

Pay the debt off during good times
 What conservative organization
   believed that FDR’s policies
interfered too much with the free

    American Liberty League
What was FDR’s plan to deal with
   the rejection of many of his
programs by the Supreme Court?

       “Pack the Court”
Who was FDR’s first appointment
to the Supreme Court who began
to tip the balance of the Court in
        a liberal direction?

          Hugo S. Black
Who was the popular and corrupt
   governor of Louisiana who
planned to challenge FDR for the

          Huey Long
What was Huey Long’s proposed
nationwide social program plan?

What was Huey Long’s
 campaign slogan?

 “Every Man a King”
  What book by Robert Penn
Warren is a fictionalized account
    of Huey Long’s career?

       All the King’s Men
What was the aim of the
Second Hundred Days?

 More Extensive Relief
 What Second New Deal policy
created as many jobs as possible
   as quickly as possible and
 included professionals such as
       artists and writers?
(Works Progress Administration)
 What 1930s act of Congress
protected the rights of workers
     to join unions and to
     collectively bargain?

         Wagner Act
(National Labor Relations Act)
What 1930s act of Congress set
 a standard workweek and
      minimum wage?

   Fair Labor Standards Act
Where did the 1937 Memorial
 Day Massacre take place?

  What 1930s act of Congress
    established the national
retirement insurance program?

     Social Security Act
    Who was the first African-
   American cabinet member?

Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins
During the FDR Administration,
government policy dealing with
 Native Americans moved away
from assimilation toward what?

What was the new make up of the
 Democratic Party during FDR’s
  time that included minority
   groups and labor unions?

    The New Deal Coalition
  What organization refused to
  allow African-American singer
Marian Anderson perform in their
 concert hall, prompting Eleanor
   Roosevelt to resign from the
 Daughters of the American Revolution
    What Frank Capra film
presented the accomplishments
       of the New Deal?

   Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Who wrote War of the Worlds?

         H.G. Wells
Who painted American Gothic?

        Grant Wood
Who wrote This Land is Your Land
  and other songs about his
 experiences during the Great

        Woody Guthrie
Who took the photograph
   Migrant Mother?

    Dorothea Lange
What finally brought the country
 out of the Great Depression?

 Mobilization for World War II
Standard IV
    What was the democratic
government in Germany following
         World War I?

       Weimar Republic
 Who was the dictator of Spain
following the Spanish Civil War?

       Francisco Franco
Who was the Fascist ruler of Italy
    following World War I?

        Benito Mussolini
Who ruled the Soviet Union
  after Lenin’s death?

Of what political party did Adolph
   Hitler become the leader?

 National Socialist German Workers’ Party
The totalitarian regime led by
Tojo in Japan was made up of
         what group?

What region of China did Japan
 invade after World War I?

What African country did Italy
 invade after World War I?

    What former German
territory did Nazi Germany
 first occupy in violation of
  the Treaty of Versailles?

Why was the U.S. not a member
  of the League of Nations?

Senate did not ratify the treaty
What perceived injustice did the
Nye Commission bring to light?

Huge profits made during WWI
 Why did the girl scouts change
the color of their uniforms after
          World War I?

    To seem less militaristic
With what region did FDR’s
Good Neighbor Policy deal?

      Latin America
What acts of Congress attempted
    to keep the U.S. out of the
military affairs of other countries?

         Neutrality Acts
 What country was willingly
annexed into the Third Reich
         in 1938?

 What territory in Czechoslovakia
did Britain and France allow Nazi
Germany to occupy at the Munich

 What did Winston Churchill call
Chamberlain’s willingness to give
Hitler some of what he wanted in
 hopes he would not take more?

 What did Nazi Germany do very
soon after Hitler was appeased at
    the Munich Conference?

 Took the rest of Czechoslovakia
 With whom did Hitler sign a
non-aggression pact in order
to give Nazi Germany time to
       build its forces?

What territories did the Soviet
Union acquire prior to Hitler
breaking the non-aggression

Baltics, Finland, Eastern Poland
Who wrote Mein Kampf?

    Adolph Hitler
Where was Hitler’s lebensraum?

        Western USSR
What geographic theory states
that a country must continually
       grow or it will die?

    Organic State Theory
What country became the first
victim of the Nazi blitzkrieg in
     September of 1939?

Because of the high degree of
 control the Nazi Regime had
  over it, what country was
chosen as the location of the
     Nazi death camps?

What was the Nazi plan to do
away with the European Jews
referred to by the leadership?

    The Final Solution . . .
   to the Jewish Question
Who was the most famous Jewish
scientist that migrated to the U.S.
   just prior to the Holocaust?

         Albert Einstein
What was the name of the ship
carrying mostly Jewish refugees
 that was turned away by the
      Cuban and American
     governments in 1939?

        The Saint Louis
      What was the defensive
  fortification built by the French
along their border with Germany?

          Maginot Line
 What was the early phase of
World War II in Europe called that
 was also known as sitzkrieg?

           Phony War
  From what French city were
 almost 400,000 Allied troops
rescued mostly by small fishing
   craft during World War II?

 What was the southern part of
occupied France in which a French
government was set up that was a
puppet government of the Nazis?

          Vichy France
Who established the French
government-in-exile during
      World War II?

    Charles de Gaulle
What is the German Air Force?

       The Luftwaffe
What is the British Air Force?

       Royal Air Force
What was the pre-Lend-Lease
policy that allowed the sale of
weapons to countries that paid
 cash and provided their own

What was the agreement among
  the Axis Powers that was an
attempt to keep the U.S. out of
         World War II?

        Tripartite Pact
   What 1940 act of Congress
ended U.S. neutrality and made
 it possible to supply the Allies
     with weapons without
      immediate payment?

        Lend-Lease Act
How did FDR refer to the U.S. in
explaining the importance of the
       Lend-Lease Policy?

 “The Arsenal of Democracy”
How did U.S. shipping manage to
successfully deal with the u-boat
           wolf packs?

What agreement about war aims
did FDR and Churchill sign on the
         USS Augusta?

        Atlantic Charter
What was the charter of war aims
  signed by 26 Allied nations?

Declaration of the United Nations
  The Japanese invasion of what
territory prompted the U.S. to cut
off trade with the country prior to
           World War II?

 On what date did the Japanese
  attack the U.S. Naval Base at
      Pearl Harbor, Hawaii?

       December 7, 1941
“A Day Which Will Live In Infamy”
   What response did the
 Japanese expect from the
  attack on Pearl Harbor?

U.S. Fear of War with Japan
What structure was established
 to allow women volunteers
   serve in the U.S. Army?

Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps
How did FDR prevent the planned
  march on Washington led by A.
 Philip Randolph to demand rights
for African-Americans to work and
       fight for their country?

 Issued an executive order limiting discrimination
  The production of what
  symbol of freedom and
prosperity was halted during
  World War II in order to
 produce military vehicles?

   Civilian Automobiles
      What organization was
responsible for the development
   or improvement of wartime
technologies such as radar, sonar,
    penicillin, and pesticides?

Office of Scientific Research & Development
Who wrote the letter to FDR
warning him of the need to
 develop the atomic bomb
    before the Nazis?

      Albert Einstein
 Who directed the
Manhattan Project?

Robert Oppenheimer
Where was the first test
  atomic explosion?

   Alamogordo, NM
 Who were the pioneer
African-American aviators
  during World War II?

 The Tuskegee Airmen
Who was the Supreme Allied
Commander of U.S. Forces in
Europe during World War II?

 Dwight David Eisenhower
What was the code name of
  the D-Day Invasion of
German-occupied Europe?

   Operation Overlord
When was D-Day?

  June 6, 1944
Where did 3 million Allied
 troops land on D-Day?

Who led the air assault on D-Day?

         Omar Bradley
Who led the land assault on D-Day?

         George Patton
What was the last major German
 offensive during World War II?

    The Battle of the Bulge
What was May 8, 1945?

        V-E Day
  (Victory in Europe)
 What was Douglas MacArthur’s
  famous quote when he was
ordered to leave the Philippines?

         “I shall return”
 What was the U.S. strategy in the
   Pacific during World War II in
  which the islands occupied by
Japan were retaken one at a time?

    Island-Hopping Strategy
Who led U.S. forces to victory in
the Pacific during World War II?

        Chester Nimitz
What was the turning point in
the War of the Pacific during
      World War II?

      Battle of Midway
 What was the first major defeat of
Japan on land during World War II?

Who were the Japanese suicide
 pilots during World War II?

Who made the decision to drop
 the atomic bombs on Japan?

   President Harry Truman
  What was the name of the
plane that delivered Little Boy
        to Hiroshima?

        The Enola Gay
 What was the name of the
bomb dropped on Nagasaki?

        Fat Man
    Where did the formal
surrender of Japan take place,
    ending World War II?

        USS Missouri
What was September 2, 1945?

          V-J Day
     (Victory in Japan)
What principle was firmly
   established by the
 Nuremberg War Trials?

Individual Responsibility
Where did the “Big Three”
 meet to plan their post-
 World War II strategy?

       Yalta, USSR
Who directed the seven-year U.S.
 occupation of Japan following
         World War II?

      Douglas MacArthur
 What is the Japanese
 Constitution called?

MacArthur Constitution
   What part of the Japanese
Constitution prohibits the building
  of an offensive military force?

            Article IX
    What act of Congress
provided education, training,
   and loans to veterans?

        The G.I. Bill
Where did the 1943 Zoot-Suit
     Riots take place?

        Los Angeles
 What executive order issued by
 FDR was upheld by the Case of
       Korematsu v U.S.?

Internment of Japanese-Americans
Standard V
  At what European river did U.S.
     and Soviet troops meet to
celebrate the World War II victory?

            Elbe River
What peacekeeping organization
 was formed in San Francisco
   following World War II?

       United Nations
What was the conflict between the
U.S. and U.S.S.R. lasting from 1945
until 1991 that did not include any
  direct military engagements?

            Cold War
Who called the separation of
  Europe into a communist
sphere and a non-communist
sphere following World War II
     an “iron curtain”?

      Winston Churchill
President Truman’s vision of a new
world order following World War II
   was based on what concept?

What was the principle Cold War
   foreign policy objective?

 Containment of Communism
  What post-World War II
doctrine stated that the U.S.
 would provide aid to those
people resisting subjugation?

     Truman Doctrine
  The Marshall Plan primarily
provided funds to rebuild which
      region of the world?

       Western Europe
   How was West Berlin
supplied when Stalin cut off
    access to the city?

       Berlin Airlift
What military alliance was formed
  by the U.S., Canada, and the
 countries of Western Europe
    following World War II?

(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
   What military alliance was
   formed by the U.S. and the
 countries of Southeast Asia to
stop the spread of communism?

        SEATO/Manila Pact
(Southeast Asia Treaty Organization)
 What was the military alliance
formed by the Soviet Union and
the countries of Eastern Europe
    following World War II?

       The Warsaw Pact
What was the first proxy war of
       the Cold War?

         Korean War
  What stopped the Soviets from
 vetoing the UN Security Council
resolution that authorized the use
 of force to defend South Korea?

 Soviets were boycotting the UN
What is the boundary between
  North and South Korea?

        38th Parallel
  What river forms the border
between China and North Korea
   along which 300 Thousand
  Chinese troops met coalition
forces led by Douglas MacArthur
    during the Korean War?

          Yalu River
Why did President Truman fire
    Douglas MacArthur?

(insisted that he be allowed to invade China & use nuclear weapons)
How did the Korean War end?

 What agency investigated
government employees and
dismissed those it suspected
    to be communists?

   Loyalty Review Board
       What Congressional
     Committee investigated
  suspected communists inside
   and outside of government?

(House Un-American Activities Committee)
 What was the group of writers,
  directors, and producers who
refused to cooperate with HUAC
       and went to prison?

        Hollywood Ten
   Who did Richard Nixon help
  prosecute after the statute of
limitations expired, earning him
notoriety as an anti-communist?

          Alger Hiss
    (convicted for perjury)
 What couple was executed for
espionage after the Soviet tested
    their first atomic bomb?

   Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
   Who was the radical anti-
 communist Republican Senator
from Wisconsin that went too far
when he accused the U.S. Army of
    “coddling communists”?

       Joseph McCarthy
(for whom McCarthyism was named)
     During what military
operation did the U.S. test the
    first hydrogen bomb?

        Operation Ivy
  Who developed the strategy
  of brinkmanship which used
  the threat of nuclear war as
       a deterrent to war?

       John Foster Dulles
(Eisenhower’s Secretary of State)
What organization was formed
during the Cold War to gather
 intelligence and to weaken
   governments that were
   unfriendly to the U.S.?

 (Central Intelligence Agency)
What region of the world did the
Eisenhower Doctrine promise to

         Middle East
       (Southwest Asia)
 What was the first manmade
satellite launched into orbit by
      the Soviets in 1957?

           Sputnik I
  Who committed the U.S. to
landing a man on the moon by
    the end of the 1960s?

      John F. Kennedy
  Who was the pilot of the U-2
plane shot down over the Soviet
  Union during the Cold War?

     Francis Gary Powers
    What government program
provided unemployment payments,
 education, and loans to returning
 veterans following World War II?

             G.I. Bill
What prevented the predicted
Post-World War II depression?

  High Demand for Goods
 What post-World War II act of
Congress overturned many of the
 rights previously won by labor
   unions? It was passed over
    President Truman’s veto.

        Taft-Hartley Act
  Who was the first African-
American to play in the majors?

       Jackie Robinson
     (Brooklyn Dodgers)
Who did President Truman defeat
  to win reelection in 1948?

        Thomas Dewey
      & Strom Thurmond
What was President Truman’s
   collection of domestic
  proposals that included
 national healthcare called?

         Fair Deal
Who defeated Adlai Stevenson (D)
  for the Presidency in 1952?

  Dwight David Eisenhower (R)
Who made the “Checkers Speech”
to refute allegations of corruption
   during the 1952 Presidential

          Richard Nixon
 What major infrastructure
 program began during the
Eisenhower Administration?

Interstate Highway System
   What Supreme Court Case
overturned the Plessy v Ferguson

  Brown v Board of Education
 What Supreme Court Decision
ended segregated public schools?

  Brown v Board of Education
What is the practice of selling the
rights to operate a business with
    the condition of following
        corporate policies?

What was the biggest spike in
 population in U.S. history?

        Baby Boom
Who develop the polio vaccine?

          Jonas Salk
Who wrote controversial advice
about child-rearing practices in
          the 1950s?

      Dr. Benjamin Spock
Who painted idealistic images of
American life like After the Prom?

       Norman Rockwell
      Who wrote
The Feminine Mystique?

    Betty Friedan
 Who was the Cleveland D.J. that
helped make rock ‘n’ roll popular?

           Alan Freed
      Who were the
nonconformists of the 1950s?

 Who wrote the beat
movement poem Howl?

   Allen Ginsberg
    Who wrote the beat
movement novel On the Road?

       Jack Kerouac
What act granted citizenship to

     Snyder Act of 1924
What act of Congress changed the
 government’s policy in dealing
  with Native-Americans from
   assimilation to autonomy?

   Reorganization Act of 1934
   What organization was formed
  in 1944 to work for equal rights
    for Native-Americans and to
     maintain Native traditions?

National Congress of American Indians
What was the failed purpose
of the termination policy that
        began in 1953?

End the Reservation System
Who did John F. Kennedy defeat
in the presidential race in 1960?

         Richard Nixon
According to the rules of debate,
 who “won” the (first) televised
 presidential debates between
      Kennedy and Nixon?

  Who gained more political
   support as a result of the
televised presidential debates
between Nixon and Kennedy?

What did President Eisenhower
warn the country about in his
      Farewell Address?

 Military-Industrial Complex
Why did many African-Americans
decide to support Kennedy in the
   1960 presidential election?

  RFK helped arrange for the
   release of MLK from jail
By what Medieval name was the
 Kennedy White House known?

   For what book did John F.
Kennedy receive a Pulitzer Prize?

      Profiles in Courage
Who was President Kennedy’s
     closest advisor?

     Robert Kennedy
    (Attorney General)
     How was the policy of
 “flexible response” different
    from “brinkmanship”?

Included Non-Nuclear Options
  After Fidel Castro became the
ruler of Cuba, upon what country
  did Cuba become dependent?

         Soviet Union
What presidential administration
planned the Bay of Pigs Invasion?

Who ordered the Bay of Pigs
  Invasion which failed?

 What military action was taken by
JFK against the USSR and Cuba when
  it was discovered that the Soviets
had placed nuclear missiles in Cuba?

 Who was the Soviet leader that
decided to withdraw the missiles
 placed in Cuba rather than face
   war with the United States?

From what country did the U.S.
  secretly agree to withdraw
  nuclear missiles during the
     Cuban Missile Crisis?

What did the East Germans do
  when Khrushchev decided
against closing western access
        to West Berlin?

     Built the Berlin Wall
What was JFK’s vision of
  progress called?

  The New Frontier
What international humanitarian
 organization of volunteers was
      established by JFK?

         Peace Corps
  What was the first artificial
satellite launched into orbit by
       the United States?

          Explorer I
 Who was the first
American in space?

  Alan Shepard
   What was the first
communications satellite?

When did the U.S. first land a
   man on the moon?

        July 20, 1969
      (Neil Armstrong)
Where was JFK assassinated on
    November 22, 1963?

          Dallas,   Texas
Who did the Warren Commission
 confirm as the lone assassin of
      President Kennedy?

      Lee Harvey Oswald
 Who administered the oath of
  office to President Lyndon
  Johnson on Air Force One?

          Sarah Hughes
(only woman to administer the oath)
   What was Lyndon Johnson’s
persuasive technique often called?

        “LBJ Treatment”
 What was LBJ’s vision for racial
equality and the war on poverty?

       The Great Society
What act of Congress in 1964
 prohibited discrimination?

  Civil Rights Act of 1964
What EOA program provided job
  training for at-risk teens?

          Job Corps
What EOA program provided
early childhood education for
    at-risk pre-schoolers?

         Head Start
   What federal healthcare
  programs provide medical
insurance for the elderly and
         the poor?

   Medicare & Medicaid
 Who did President Johnson
defeat in the 1964 Presidential

     Barry Goldwater (R)
     What was the
  “Daisy Commercial”?

     LBJ’s Political Ad
(against Barry Goldwater)
Who was the Chief Justice of the
United States when the civil rights
  cases of the 1950s and 1960s
         were decided?

           Earl Warren
  What Supreme Court Decision
required that the states draw their
  political districts based on the
concept of one person – one vote?

          Baker v Carr
  What Supreme Court Decision
required that the states integrate
      their school systems?

  Brown v Board of Education
     (of Topeka, Kansas)
  What Supreme Court Decision
established the Exclusionary Rule?

          Mapp v Ohio
What Supreme Court Decision
 requires that a person being
charged with a crime be given
    legal representation?

    Gideon v Wainwright
What Supreme Court Decision
 requires that a person being
charged with a crime be made
  aware of his or her rights?

     Miranda v Arizona
  What NAACP attorney became
the first African-American to serve
      on the Supreme Court?

       Thurgood Marshall
What is the term for legal

   de jure Segregation
What is the term for segregation
   in fact, but not by law?

     de facto Segregation
   The Brown v Board of Education
Decision that overturned the “doctrine
of separate, but equal” established by
 the Plessy v Ferguson Decision was
     based on what Amendment?

         14th Amendment
   (Equal Protection of the Law)
     Who was the Governor of
  Oklahoma that willingly led the
  integration of the state’s public
schools because he believed it was
     the Christian thing to do?

         Raymond Gary
 Federal troops were used to force
  the integration of what Arkansas
school when Governor Orval Faubus
 attempted to prevent integration?

   Central High in Little Rock
Who refused to give up her seat
on a Montgomery bus in 1955,
  sparking the Bus Boycott?

          Rosa Parks
What organization that practiced
 peaceful civil disobedience was
led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Southern Christian Leadership Council
  What was the organization of
students who practiced peaceful
civil disobedience during the Civil
         Rights Movement?

 (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee)
   What organization first
successfully used the sit-in to
    change the policies of
 discriminatory businesses?

(Congress of Racial Equality)
   Who was the Douglass High
 School teacher in Oklahoma City
that organized her students in the
 sit-in that changed the policy of
          Katz Drug Store?

           Clara Luper
 Who were the mostly college
aged protestors who tested the
enforcement of Supreme Court
 Ruling requiring integration of
   buses and bus terminals?
       Freedom Riders
What was the speech given by
MLK as part of the March on
   Washington in 1963?

     “I Have a Dream”
  What was the Summer of
1964 during which civil rights
  workers helped African-
 Americans in Mississippi to
   register to vote called?

     Freedom Summer
What act of Congress outlawed
  literacy tests for voting?

  Voting Rights Act of 1965
What Amendment outlawed
       poll taxes?

    24th Amendment
   What leader of the Nation of
Islam disagreed with nonviolence
as a means of achieving equality?

           Malcolm X
What phrase was coined by
  Stokely Carmichael?

     “Black Power”
What organization that advocated
self-defense was founded by Huey
     Newton and Bobby Seale?

         Black Panthers
What did the Kerner Commission
 determine was the number one
cause of urban violence in 1968?

         White Racism
         What did the
Civil Rights Act of 1968 end?

 Discrimination in Housing
 What policies adopted by many
companies and universities gave
   preferential consideration to
members of groups that had been
discriminated against in the past?

       Affirmative Action
   Who was the Vietnamese
   nationalist that worked for
Vietnamese independence from
         the French, …?

         Ho Chi Minh
After what document did Ho Chi
  Minh model the Vietnamese
 Declaration of Independence?

U.S. Declaration of Independence
What political ideology did Ho Chi
Minh adopt, putting him at odds
    with the United States?

What line of latitude formed the
 boundary between North and
South Vietnam after the Geneva

          17th Parallel
   Who formed a government
  friendly to the U.S. in South
Vietnam after the division of the

        Ngo Dinh Diem
What was the North Vietnamese

What was the South Vietnamese

         ARVN Army
 Who were the communists in
South Vietnam that battled U.S.
  and ARVN forces during the
        Vietnam War?

    Who was LBJ’s Secretary of
Defense that devised a great deal
of the country’s Vietnam policies?

       Robert McNamara
 Who was the commander of
U.S. forces in Vietnam through
       most of the war?

   William Westmoreland
What was the code name of the
first major bombing operation
 against the North during the
         Vietnam War?

  Operation Rolling Thunder
What infrastructure network
was built by the Vietcong that
aided in their efforts against
   U.S. and ARVN forces?

  What nickname is often
used for those who support
      military action?

What nickname is often
  used for those who
oppose military action?

During the Vietnam War, men
could defer being drafted by
        doing what?

      Going to College
During the Vietnam War, what
group of men were drafted at
  higher rates than others?

The Vietnam War was the first
war in which what technology
played a major role in shaping
       public opinion?

     “Living Room War”
Which two major architects of the
country’s efforts in Vietnam gave
  up their jobs in frustration?

Secretary of Defense McNamara
       President Johnson
           MLK Assassinated
            RFK Assassinated
              Tet Offensive
 Violence at the Democratic Convention
Brown Berets Organized School Walk-Out
  NY Radical Women Crowned a Sheep
  Richard Nixon was Elected President
Who were the candidates in the
 1968 Presidential Election?

     Richard Nixon (R) *
    Hubert Humphries (D)
       George Wallace
  What exit strategy for the
Vietnam War was formulated
     by Henry Kissinger?

Where was the massacre led by
Lt. William Calley, Jr. during the
          Vietnam War?

        Village of My Lai
At what Ohio university were four
   killed and nine wounded by
  National Guard troops during
 violent protest on the campus?

           Kent State
What were the documents released
  to the press by former Defense
Department worker Daniel Ellsberg
   about the secret bombing of
Cambodia during the Vietnam War?

         Pentagon Paper
   (published in the NY Times)
What was President Nixon’s
 goal in leaving Vietnam?

   “Peace with Honor”
 What happened when U.S,
forces left Vietnam in 1973?

 South Fell to the North
What was Saigon, the capital
of the former South Vietnam,
   renamed after the war?

     Ho Chin Minh City
 What was the U.S. casualty
count from the Vietnam War?

      58,000 Deaths
    300,000 Wounded
   What 1973 act of Congress
limited the President’s ability to
wage war without the approval
          of Congress?

         War Powers Act
Who helped organize the
United Farms Workers?

     Cesar Chavez
 Russell Means of what group
organized the march known as
the “Trail of Broken Promises”?

(American Indian Movement)
  In 1973, Aim led a group of
Sioux in a return to what place?

       Wounded Knee
 What organization was formed
  by Betty Friedan in 1966?

(National Organization of Women)
Who began publishing
Ms Magazine in 1972?

   Gloria Steinem
    What Supreme Court
Decision prohibits states from
  making abortions illegal
 during the first trimester?

        Roe v Wade
What proposed Amendment
 would ban discrimination
    based on gender?

(Equal Rights Amendment)
Phyllis Schlafly was a leader in the
 opposition to what movement?

 What was the 1972 law that
   requires equal access to
educational programs including
  athletics for both genders?

           Title IX
What counter-culture phrase was
 coined by Harvard Psychology
   Professor Timothy Leary?

“Tune In, Turn On, and Drop Out”
  Where was the hub of the
counter-culture movement of
         the 1960s?

  Haight-Ashbury District
     of San Francisco
With what type of art is Andy
 Warhol most associated?

          Pop Art
What did Richard Nixon call those
 who wanted order restored?

        “Silent Majority”
 What new approach to federal
grants was initiated by President
Nixon in which states were given
   more control of the funds?

        New Federalism
  Who did President Nixon
nominate as Chief Justice when
    Earl Warren retired?

       Warren Burger
What Amendment established
  the procedures for filling
  vacancies in the Office of
President and Vice-President?

      25th Amendment
What Amendment lowered
  the voting age to 18?

   26th Amendment
       What is the economic
phenomenon in which the country
 experiences high unemployment
  and inflation at the same time?

What organization imposed an oil
embargo against the U.S. in 1973?

(Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)
 What was the period of time
called in which the Communist
  and Non-Communist World
 worked to peacefully coexist?

       Era of Détente
 What was the first nuclear arms
limitation agreement negotiated
       by President Nixon?

             SALT I
(Strategic Arms Limitation Talks)
 What organization orchestrated
the reelection of President Nixon
             in 1972?

(Committee to Reelect the President)
CReeP organized a break-in of what
 complex in which the Democratic
   Party was headquartered in
        Washington, D.C.?

Who did President Nixon defeat in
a landslide in the 1972 Election?

       George McGovern
Who were the reporters from the
    Washington Post that kept
working the Watergate story until
 it received the attention of the
       public and Congress?

    Woodward & Bernstein
Who was identified as Woodward
    and Bernstein’s secret
 government source in 2005?

          Mark Felt
        (#2 in the FBI)
      What was the Nixon
Administration forced to turn over
  to Congress in U.S. v Nixon?

     Oval Office Recordings
Who was Richard Nixon’s Vice-
President that resigned prior to
    the Watergate Scandal?

         Spiro Agnew
 Who became President when
Richard Nixon resigned in 1974?

         Gerald Ford
 How did President Ford protect
   former President Nixon and
attempt to “heal” the nation after
     the Watergate Scandal?

        Pardoned Nixon
The study of history is a search
for our true identity in order to
  give us a reference point to
     create a better future.

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