; Backup evething on iphone to new computer
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Backup evething on iphone to new computer


A tips about how to backup everything on your iPhone to new computer and PC.

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									Backup evething on iphone to new computer
So here’s the thing, my old computer crashed on me so I bought a new one. All of my music and contact info and everything is on my iPhone, and I need it on my itunes. Even if it is extremely complicated, please tell me how to put everything from my iPhone to my computer! Additional Details: a lot of my music is from different places. I haven’t bought that many from itunes. Answer: You should be able to register your old itunes account on your new pc, they let you register up to 5 PCs. Once you do that it will re-download your music and should let you back up your iPhone. But for the question has been mentioned, the best solution is get a iPhone to computer backup software which will help you transfer and back up everything on iPhone to new computer. Download iPhone Backup Software (Windows) iPhone Backup for Mac

The first step is connect your iPhone to new computer, then run the iPhone backup software, the software will scan your iPhone automatically. Then you click copy, everything will be copy to your new computer. Remember, the software only copy data on your iPhone, it will not erase anything!

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