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Backup everything on your iPod


Tips help you get the best way and tool to backup everthing on your iPod.

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									Backup everything on your iPod
Why not backup everything on your iPod? We never know what will happen in the next second, your computer maybe cashed, you lost music on your iPod when syncing with iTunes. You get a new computer, iPod, iPhone, you just want to transfer music or photos from old one. Just take a few examples, you get to know how useful to backup your iPod Music, Photos or any other thing. How to backup everything on your iPod? All you need is iPod backup software. Step1: Plug in your iPod to Computer or PC Step2: Run iPod backup software Step3: Click “start” button on the program Step4: Open backup folder. All Video and audio files have been copied from iPod to computer. Download Now Learn more about iPod Backup software Requirements operation system: Windows Vista (all Editions), XP (Home/Pro) or 2000. Other: .net Framework 2.0 or higher support iPod device: iPod Classic / iPod Nano / iPod Shuffle ————————————– The best tool for windows user to transfer music, photos and video from ipod to PC. It can automatically scan iPod to detect New music and videos to have them backed up. Only click one is needed and the speed is very fast, it support all current iPod models.

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