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									Self Directed Support in
      East Sussex
Update and next steps
 Vicky Smith and Jason Fenton
 Personalisation team
 Adult Social Care
Self Directed Support Update
• Implementing SDS – how far have we got?
• Issues, challenges and some ideas
  – New Adult Social Care Support Plan
  – Working with Review information
  – Exploring new service models: Agency
    support for Personal Assistants
Implementing Self Directed
Support (SDS)
• Roll out of SDS From April 2010
• Between April 2010 and March 2011 a
  total of 5,741 service users and 1,674
  carers went through the SDS pathway
• 41.6% of service users have a Personal
• A key systems change refined during
  2010/11 based on learning
Implementing SDS – choices in
• 4,273 people (74%) – services arranged
  and paid for by ASC
• 1,017 people (18%) – Direct Payments
  and ASC arranging
• 451 people (8%) - Direct Payment only
A change to the social care
system and business process ….
• ….that opens the door for a different type of
  conversation to happen:
  • More choice and control over how support is received
  • Different ways of meeting needs and outcomes
  • More flexibility over how support can be received
  • Work in partnership with services users, their families
    and other organisations to look at outcomes
  • Work with the market to identify different solutions
• Changing Culture and Practice
• Shifting away from services to outcomes
• Getting buy-in from existing service users who
  may not want change
• Working within current and increasingly tight
  financial climate
• Demographic challenges with more people
  coming through the door and less available
• Whole Systems change needed – each part
  working in tandem
SDS - work in 2011/12
• Further developing and training staff to support
  culture change and shift to outcomes –
  embedding this in practice
  – Better needs profiling and Resource Allocation
  – New Support Plan Document – outcomes based
  – New Review Document – what’s working and what’s
• Streamlining the whole pathway and User/Carer
  experience - have we got the right
  organisational structure to deliver SDS?
New Support Plan Document
Jason Fenton
SDS Project Officer
Adult Social Care

Tel:01273 335722
New Support Plan Document
• Key changes to shift focus onto outcomes
  that meet identified needs
• Training and development for staff in
  outcomes-based support planning
• Holistic approach to the person
Working with Review information
• Reviewing the review document
• Asking the right questions at the review
  stage about how things have been going
• Systematically collating information
• Sharing information with providers to
  practically support collaboration
• Second half of 2011
Example: using review
• Isle of Wight; commissioners and providers collated,
  shared and analysed service user review information
  with providers
• Identified a group of people who lived geographically
  close together
• They all received home care from the same agency but
  had also said that they were isolated
• The homecare agency then facilitated discussions with
  the service users concerned
• They agreed to use part of their Personal Budgets to
  meet with the other service users once a week
  supported by the agency
Exploring new service models
• Agency support for Personal Assistants
  – Increasing the use of DPs, without needing to
    become an employer
  – Increasing the range of choice, in particular
    for older people
  – Increasing personalisation
• Collaborate with providers to establish
  demand, cost effectiveness, money
  management options and share learning
Overall Strategy for 2011/12
• Market Development Strategy for
• Priorities for personalisation in East Sussex over
  the next three years
• Consultation and engagement
  – Provider Survey – June 2011
  – Discussion and comment via provider forum meetings
    in the Summer and Autumn
  – Publish consultation draft in late 2011
Thank you
Vicky Smith
Head of Policy and Service Development
Tel: 01273 482036

Jason Fenton
SDS Project Officer
Tel:01273 335722

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