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 Antares Systems Ltd is a Public Limited Company incorporated (vide ref. no.
  08/23187 of 1997) under the Companies Act, 1956. Antares is promoted by
  NRIs from USA. Mr. B.V. Suresh Kumar heads the company with a team of
  nearly 100 dedicated and experienced professionals.
 The objective of the company is to leverage its business experience and
  technical expertise to provide integrated solutions to several vertical industry
  segments across the globe and strive to provide highest quality robust
  flexible software solutions using cutting edge technology to excel its
  customer’s requirement.
 A premier Information & Communications Technology company based in
  Bangalore, dedicated in providing cutting edge information technology
  products in eGovernance arena for major governments in India and also
  providing IT solutions to business community worldwide.
 Helps businesses to create, transform and integrate e-business. Strong
  domain experience in design and delivery of premium eGovernance
  solutions in government sector.
 Managed by a group of professionals from Information Technology, Science
  and Management background with strong belief in long term customer
  relations with integrity, commitment, continuity, cohesion, speed and
  flexibility of response to clients’ requirements.
 Existence and experience: 10 years in India with a strong entrepreneurial
 Antares is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Antares has the following to its credit:

Strategic business alliance with industry majors for various technology sharing
and process harvesting have been entered with:

      Oracle India
      IBM India Ltd.
      Sun Microsystems India Private Limited, India (Sun planet partner).
      ITI Limited, (A Government of India undertaking under Ministry of
       Information Technology and Communications).
      KEONICS (Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd., -
       A Government of Karnataka undertaking under Ministry of IT & BT)
      BEL (Bharat Electronics Ltd)
      TATA Consultancy Services (Security Solutions)
   edit Solutions dotcom Son Bud, Malaysia.
   Modelytics USA and India
   Cross Matrix (P) Ltd.,

Memberships of the professional bodies

   NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies)
    vide letter dated 22-12-2000.
   Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council, Ministry
    of    Commerce,   Government    of   India   (Registration  number
    02:E&CSEPC:DEL:REG:3779:Bangalore: 2000 - 2001).

   KASSIA (Life Member).

   FKCCI (Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industries).
    (Patron Member)

   IIMM (Indian Institute of Materials Management (Life Member)

Consultant for Asian Development Bank (DACON-001093/09-10-2000).

Registered with Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of
Commerce, Government of India: Importer Exporter Code number:
0797016848 dated 27-03-1998.

Registered with Directorate of Industries and Commerce, Government of
Karnataka: SSI Regna. No: 08 01 AB 02032.


   State of the art development center in Bangalore, India
   Strong domain, R&D, analysis, design, product engineering and quality
   assurance team
   Highly skilled and experienced team of over 80 professionals

   SMART governance
   Net based end-to-end tendering(eTendering-Electronic Tendering)
    activities to automate the procurement system.
   E-business B2B development supporting supply chain activities.
   Bank automation with tale banking/internet banking
   XML based CRM solutions for distribution industries
   EDI & UN EDIFACT based product development
   B2C development including e-Commerce


Skill Domains
With the primary business focus towards becoming a business solutions
provider, the business development exhibits extensive domain expertise in the
following areas:

      Smart Governance
      Banking/Financial sector
      E-commerce (B2C, B2B)
      Web technologies R&D
      ERP/MRP solutions
      CRM
      System Integration
      Data ware housing and mining
      Business process reengineering
      Software product development

Skills Set

Microsoft Solutions Framework
      COM development using Visual Basic and Visual C++
      XML for enabling the essential data bridge using Biz Talk
Open Platform Framework
      Java application framework
      Component Development: Java Beans Packages, EJB
      Middleware Technologies: Served, JSP
      XML, XSL and XSQL

       XML for enabling the essential data bridge
       Design Patterns, Open Platform Specs. & Dev. & Inter-operability

Common Technology Expertise
     HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSL to name a few
     Scripting: Java Script, VB Script
     WAP applications: WML, enabling utilization of WAP Gateway

Design Expertise
      Graphic Design: Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Lead Animator..,
      Macromedia Range of Products, Flash, Shockwave

Web Servers / Application Servers
      IBM Web Sphere, Tomcat, Pramati
      IIS, Apache,

Operating Systems/Platforms
       Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux Red Hat / SUSE

Database Servers
      SQL Server 2000
      Oracle 9i and above
      PostGre SQL
      MySQL, MS Access and other relational databases
      Domino and IBM DB2/400

Payment Gateway/Real – Time Processing

       Shopping Cart, and associated plug-ins
       Payment Processing: Cyber Cash, Revising
       Logistics Integration
       Epayment Gateway with ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank

Security tools - PKI Based Digital Signatures

       Products integrated with Class 2 Digital Certificates
       Technical tie up with M/s. TCS - Tata Consultancy Services for PKI

Financial Capability

Antares has strong base in governance/ERP Solutions. It has executed several
governance projects with its business partners like M/s. KEONICS, Bangalore,
M/s. ITI Ltd whose financial turnover is more than Rs. 500 cores and Bharat
Electronics Ltd (BEL) whose financial turnover is more then Rs. 300 cores as
strategic partners having a capability of investing in development of
infrastructure to high value projects.

The products developed by us represent innovative and high growth business
ideas, which have long-term standing and less competition in the global market
place in the present and emerging economy scenario with sustainable
competitive edge. The products developed are:

This product is an internet based end-to-end B2G e-procurement solution for
buying/selling of goods and services through quotations (RFQ),
tenders/bids (limited, domestic and international) and auctions. It supports A to
Z activities of all types of procurements/auctions based on proactive workflow
concept. Fine details of tendering like creation of vendor database, tender
announcement and corrigendum; tender form processing, opening, negotiation,
tender awarding and management of tender contract operation and re-tendering
are supported in a real time interactive environment. This system creates a true
dynamic market place for both procurers and vendors to interact with each other
and transact business. Tenderwizard is designed on the procurement guidelines
of reputed international bodies and commonwealth countries and developed as a
part of e-governance/procurement automation.

This product is useful to Governments and government departments, Ministries,
autonomous institutions, Central and state government undertakings, public and
private industries, financial Institutions, manufacturing and service sectors of all
the commonwealth countries implementing the e-governance as apart of
administration. Tenderwizard has been evaluated by Technical Advisory Panel
(TAP) of Government of Karnataka, Price Water House Coopers (PWC) and is
under the evaluation of STQC, Government of India and National Institute of
SMART Governance. Tenderwizard has also been appreciated and certified by
Controller and auditor general of Government of India. Asian development
Bank (ADB) has also approved our solution for processing the tenders funded by

Banking wizard
This banking automation software package supports all activities associated with
branches as well as head office. By incorporating RDBMS MS SQL server
database with VB 6.0, this package provides complete GUI front end to the user
community. Data base integrity is ensured with the implementation of advanced
features like triggers and constraints. User access control is defined flexibly
through GUI interface.

New functionalities like tale-banking, anywhere banking and internet banking
can easily be incorporated based on our flexible and advanced design
architecture. Various modules developed are Master controls and security,
savings/current accounts, deposits, loans, bills, DD/pay order, transfer
adjustments, remittances/ clearing, reports, H/O modules like shares, branch
consolidation, investment and borrowings, payroll, inventory control, lockers
etc., tale-banking and others. The Banking wizard software has undergone
extensive evaluation by the bank authorities and nominated evaluators by the
bank and they have appreciated the quality and functionality of the software.

eCommerce Package

This is a B2C e-commerce product developed for soft goods industry
(apparel/footwear/accessories/cosmetics) offering features such as product
profile, net showrooms, Internet shopping with e-payments, personalized flyers,
search and inquiry, event remainders, on the road sales, flexible discount and
allowance logic, multi tiered shipping charges, session statistics, pre-pack/gift
pack configuration, proactive customer service features

Material Management Solution

The Material Management Solution is to maintain all the details of Store
management. The key objectives of this exchange are Demand Aggregation,
Reduced Inventory, Internal Arbitrage (consistency in costs across all
departments), consistent and sustainable vendor development, transactional

Material Management Solution supports entire activity of Inventory process on
the WAN/LAN on real time workflow basis? The product is one of its kinds
because of its sheer nature of being most comprehensive in what it does.
Material Management complies with the Transparency Ordinance/Act
implemented by central and various state governments.

Material Management has been developed with comprehensive market research,
R&D and analysis to support the finest details of the Material Management
activity, which speak volumes of the functional expertise of the development

This product is an Internet client –server based end-to-end B2G e-market place
for Complete Stores management of goods and services. It supports A to Z
activities of all types of Inflow and outflow of Materials based on proactive
workflow concept. Fine details of Procurement, vendor database. This system
creates a true dynamic market place for Department.

As an e-Governance product, Material Management caters to all the intricacies of
the Inventory process – from ‘end to end’. This Material Management solution
comprises of following major modules:
        Access and security model for organizations.
        Dynamic vendor database.
        Procurement related finance transaction tracking
        Procurement operations management
        Dynamic pricing mechanism

Web enabling ERP

This middleware software layer exposes in-house ERP system data on the
Internet band on access controls. Some of the tools developed are

      Transaction level CRM module.
      Financial data inquiry.
      Web order entry.
      Sales force automation.
      BI module.
      Flexible user driven reporting system.
      Bridge to packages like Excel, PDF, Printing etc…

Online Vendor Registration System

Organisations having Suppliers / Contractors / Vendors as empanelled users to
supply goods and materials to the departments have a need for complete
management of supplier accounts and registration. Our web based registration
system provides facility for new suppliers to get instant registration in the site
with their profile, contact details, photographs and qualification documents and
get the unique registration ID on the site.

Client Organisations have the provision of ready data of all suppliers with
classification based on Net Worth, Eligibility, qualifications, territory and

SPECS – Civil Engineering Design/Cost estimation

SPECS is a LAN/WAN based product supporting all components of civil work
related projects. This product is GUI based with user friendly intuitive screens
built with high level of data reliability and security.

Define rates for any time period for various items like material, labor,
equipments etc…These rates can be directly derived from department’s schedule
of rates. Specify Lead Rates for various material groups for components like
conveyance (by distance), loading and unloading, incidental and miscellaneous
charges. Provision for Head load and Lift Charges, Provision for extra addition
to the basic rates for specific Areas like hills, dam construction and any other
hazardous areas. Generate lead rates assuming standard distance from the
supplier source. Allow approval of various cost components and lead rates.

SPECS Definition

Setup specs with flexible unit of measure including multiplication factor. Easy
“copy in” of various items to allow quick definition of specs. Interface source
distance with lead data to accurately project consolidated item and spec rates.
Allow ad hoc definition of items while defining specs. Support the concept of
“sub data” to group commonly used items to enable easy definition of various


Template based work setup with built in component and subcomponent levels.
Easy import of various specs to allow quick definition of work abstract. Allow
import of previous work abstracts. Setup of work details at various levels with L
X B X D definitions. This will auto calculate quantity required to execute the
work at component/subcomponent levels. Geometrical formulae are given for
different shapes. Approval of work abstracts.


Support of various tender scenarios like turn key, specs and items. Setup
tendering criteria including stages (single and two covers), closing and opening
dates etc…Define various documents that need to be associated with the tender
like terms and conditions, drawings etc…

Provision is made for extension of time, cancellation of tender and re-tendering.
This module is fully integrated with our product TENDER WIZARD. With one
click, all the tender data along with schedules and other attachments will be
uploaded to TENDER WIZARD server, ready for e-tendering


Availability of contractor master. Denote provision of tender documents to
contractors. After opening, allow entry of both technical and cost bids of
contractors. Provide comparison statements (technical and cost stages) and do
the evaluation.


Keep record of original offer, negotiated price and agreed offer. Evaluate
contractor’s bids and award the tender to contractors. Support partial awards.

Setup checkpoints to evaluate the work progress. Each checkpoint will allow
tracking of actual work done as opposed to goals (mile stones) and will result in
weighted points for the contractor’s-book (Measurement book) entry and
subsequent inter link with billing. Setup threshold points beyond which the
system will automatically send alerts, reminders, early and severe warnings.
This will also help users to rate the contractor and do contractor performance
including black listing. Derive overall performance of the work execution and
allow drill down of various checkpoints with reasons for nonperformance.


Allow billing of work done with data entry at either at Book level or at bill level.
Also support any number of bills for the work tendered. Allow entry of bill
header whereby user can specify deductions like TDS, rebates, sales tax, and
other miscellaneous charges. Support multiple levels of authorizations.


Allow entry of multiple bills against a check. The same check can contain
multiple bills from different works. Allow entry of sub ledger and other data
from the manual check book into payment module.Release of deposits like EMD,
Security Deposit, Retention money etc

GL Interface

Automatically interface billing data to GL system so that Contractor Voucher
report can be provided. System will auto segregate works as expense and fixed
assets. Expense vouchers are auto generated from the system. At completion
time, system will allow entry of fixed asset voucher, if required. All voucher
entries (auto and manual) are written to GL transaction system which can be
directly interfaced with in house Accounting system.


E-Tendering / e-Procurement / e-Governance


Department of Water Resources
   Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Limited (KBJNL)
   Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Limited (KNNL)
   Cauvery Neeravari Nigam Limited (CNNL)
   Water Resources Department (WRD)
   Jala Samvardhane Yojana Sangha (JSYS)

Department of Energy
   Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL)
   Bangalore Electric Supply Company Limited (BESCOM)
   Mangalore Electric Supply Company Limited (MESCOM)
   Gulbarga Electric Supply Company Limited (GESCOM)
   Hubli Electric Supply Company Limited (HESCOM)
   Chamundeshwari Electric Supply Corporation Limited (CESC)

Department of Transport
   Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC),
   North East Karnataka Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NEKRTC),
   North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC)
   Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC)

Department of Urban Development
   Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)
   Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB)
   Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board (KUWSDB)
   Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation
   Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA)
   Basavakalyan Development Board (BKDB)
   Belgaum Urban Development Authority (BUDA)
   Belgaum Town Development Authority (BTDA)

Department of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (RDPR)
   Panchayath Raj Engineering Department (PRED)
   Karnataka Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (KRWSSA)
   Karnataka Land Army Corporation Ltd (KLAC)

Public Works Department
   Public Works Department (PWD)

Department of Education
   Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)

Department of Municipal Administration
   City Municipal Council of Chickmagalur (CMCCK)
   City Municipal Council of Raichur (CMCRCR )
   Hubli Dharwad City Municipal Corporation (HDMC)
   Mangalore City Corporation (MCC)
   City Municipal Council Bommanahalli (CMCBOM)
   City Municipal Council Mahadevapura (CMCMDP)

Department of Industries and Commerce
   Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB)
   Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation Limited

Department of Information & Technology
   Karnataka Biotechnology & Information Technology Services (KBITS)
   Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre (KSRSAC)

Department of Medical Education
   Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health.
   Institute of Nephro Urology. (INU)


Department of Food and Civil Supplies
   Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited(KSCSC)

Department of Urban Development
   Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP)

Department of Water Resources
   Kerala Water Authority (KWA)


Department of Information Technology
   Electronics Corporation of Tamilnadu Limited (ELCOT)

Department of Energy
   Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd. (MAHAGENCO)


Department of Transport
   Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC)


Ministry of Surface Transport
   Association of State Road Transport Undertakings (ASRTU)
   Delhi Road Transport Corporation (DTC)

Ministry of Shipping
   Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL)

Department of Health & Family Welfare
   Hindustan Latex Limited, Noida
   HSCC (India) Ltd, Noida

II. Engineering software
  (Civil Engineering Design/Cost estimation)

         Tamilnadu Urban Development Corporation – II, Chennai (TNUDP)
         105 Municipalities (Local Councils) of State of Tamilnadu (TNUDP)
         Hubli Darward Municipal Corporation (HDMC)
         Cauvery Neeravary Nigama Limited (CNNL)
         Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL)
         Karnataka Land Army Corporation Ltd (KLAC)

III. Materials/Inventory Management Software

      Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM), Department
       of Energy
      Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (MESCOM), Department
       of Energy
      Hubli Electricity Supply Company Limited (HESCOM), Department of
       Energy (Pilot)

IV. Banking/Financial Solution

      Mandya District Central Cooperative Bank, Karnataka
      Bharatiya Sahakara Bank Limited, Chamaraj Nagar
      Mysore City Cooperative Housing Society, Mysore
      Bharati Cooperative Credit Society Limited, Bangalore
      Survey Settlement And Land Records Dapartment Employees Credit Co-
       Operative Society Limited
      Kalpavruksha Coop Bank, Chikkanayakanahalli.
      City Cooperative Bank Limited, Hassan.
      City Cooperative Bank Limited, Shimoga.
      Abhyudaya Mahila Urban Co-Operative Bank Limited.
      Udaya Souharda Cooperative Credit Society Bangalore.
      Jayanagar Housing Credit Co-operative Society Limited.
      Indian Credit Coop Society Limited. Bangalore.

V. Payroll System

      Hutti Gold Mines, Hutti, Government of Karnataka
      Cauvery Neeravary Nigama Limited
      Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited.
      Zilla Panchayat, PRED,Bagalkote.

VI. Other Projects

A. Government Dynamic Portal

      Rural Development and Engineering Department (RDED), Panchayat Raj,
       Government of Karnataka

B. Water Rate Management Information System

  Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Limited (KBJNL)

C. Online Vendor Registration Solution

  Rural Development and Panchayat Raj, Government of Karnataka.

D. Online Purchase Order Management System

      Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health.
      Institute of Nephro Urology. (INU)
      Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited(KSCSC)

VII. Offshore Projects

      Amerex Group Inc. NJ, USA
      Bardwil Inc. NJ, USA
      Modelytics Inc. NJ, USA
      CIL
      Welspun Limited, Mumbai


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