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              SUBJECT: On-Call/Substitute Approval Procedures
           REFERENCE: PRH Chapter 5, Section 5.2., ETR Accounting Procedures, FLSA


All Job Corps employees responsible for requesting, supervising, or approving the use of on call
or substitute staff.

2.0    PURPOSE:

The purpose of this desktop reference is to provide guidance on the use and approval of On-Call
or Substitute staffing to cover permanent staff absences during time of leave, shortages,
emergencies, or other situations.

3.0    POLICY:

1.     The Human Resources Department shall maintain a current list of qualified candidates
       who are approved by the affected department head and Human Resources Director to
       serve as substitutes/on-call staff.

2.     No substitute may be called to report to work if not on the approved substitute/on-call

3.     Departments with assigned on-call personnel may not exceed the allotted hours
       assigned to that department, unless written approval is given by the Administrative
       Support Director.

4.     Only departments with identified substitutes on the approved organizational chart may
       utilize on-call personnel.
              Education and Training Resources
      The following is a list of the departments with substitutes and the maximum number of
      allowable hours that can be utilized per pay period.

      Department                            Max. # of Hours/Payroll
      a. Independent Living
      b. Academic
      c. CTT
      d. Security

5.    All On-Call or Substitute staff utilization must have prior documented approval by the
      Administrative Support Director (primary) or in the absence of the ASD, approval may be
      given by the Human Resources Director (secondary). Centers may elect to designate
      Center Duty Officers for approval of On-Call or Substitute staff utilization for after hours,
      weekends or holiday shifts.

6.    Written details of justification must be documented and provided for On-Call or
      Substitute staff utilization.

7.    Staff will be held accountable for failure to comply with this policy.

8.    All Staff requesting On-Call staff or Substitutes will be required to document justification
      and obtain proper authorization prior to contacting an On-Call or Substitute staff.

9.    On-call personnel are not to be regularly scheduled personnel nor should they be
      guaranteed a certain number of hours or used as extra staff, when not needed.


Immediate Supervisor and/or Manger

1.    Exhausts all options to prevent the use of On-Call or Substitute staff utilization before
      requesting any Authorization for On-Call/Substitute staff usage. Preventing On-Call or
      Substitute usage includes, but not limited to, making use of salaried staff, not allowing
      employees to report early, stay late, or work during their lunch break, and managing
      leave time to best serve the Center and functional consistency and not individual
      desires. Supervisors should seek input from the Manager.

2.    Completes an Authorization for On-Call/Substitute Staff form including: listing the name
      of the employee requiring to be covered, date, number of hours and reason for the
      required coverage, prior to contacting any On-Call/Substitute staff.

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              Education and Training Resources
3.     Annotates in detail, on the Authorization for On-Call/Substitutes Staff form, what
      caused the need to cover the shift (illness/approved vacation/other leave/emergency
      coverage/ additional personnel, etc.)

4.    Acquires and documents the approval of the Administrative Support Director (ASD). In
      the absence of the ASD, approval for all requests for On-Call/Substitute usage can be
      given by the Human Resources Director. If the Center has elected to designate the
      Center Duty Officer to approve On-Call/Substitute staff, approval may be given by the
      CDO for after hours, weekends and holidays only. If the HRD or CDO approves On-
      Call/Substitute Staff, it will be documented on the Authorization for On-Call/Substitute
      Staff form and the form will be submitted to the ASD the next business day.

5.    Contacts On-Call/Substitute staff to cover the open shift, only if approval is granted.

6.    Attaches a copy of the approved Authorization for On-Call/Substitute Staff form to the
      appropriate time sheet and submits it on the day the time sheet is due to their
      supervisor, manager, or director.

7.    Holds staff accountable for failure to comply with this policy.

8.    Tracks all On-Call/Substitute usage by retaining a copy of the approved Authorization for
      On-Call/Substitute form.

9.    Summarizes the On-Call/Substitute authorized for the pay period and forwards this
      information (On-Call/Substitute Summary Sheet) and the supporting Authorization for
      On-Call/ Substitute forms to the departmental director the Monday following the close
      of the pay cycle.

Department Director:

10.   Collects and reviews documentation, reconciles On-Call/Substitute Authorization Forms
      to Summary On-Call/Substitute Form and indicates approval and acknowledgement of
      all On-Call /Substitute utilization within their directorate by signing the Summary Form.

11.   Submits the Approved Summary Sheets to the Administrative Support Director.

12.   Monitors for compliance with the policy and procedures and meets with the supervisory
      staff for accountability measures for any staff out of compliance.

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                 Education and Training Resources
Administrative Support Director:

13.    Reconciles Summary Sheets and the copies of the Authorization for On-Call/Substitute
       forms that have been approved for the period to the report produced post-payroll by
       the Corporate Office and is charged with facilitating a discussion of the On-Call/
       Substitute utilization with the Sr. Management Team.

5.0    Counsel

Contact the Center Director for counsel and/or interpretation of this policy.

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                Education and Training Resources
                           On-Call/Substitute Authorization Form

Name of Employee to be Covered:

Name of On-Call Staff:


Date of On-Call shift:

Number of Hours of On-Call:

On-Call Justification:

Requested By:                                                       Date: ____________
                       Immediate Supervisor

Approved in Person             Approved via Email/Phone             Not Approved

If approved by email, please attach. If approved by phone, please list date and time of call.

Date__________________               Time___________________

Approved/Denied by:

Administrative Support Director:                                           Date: ____________
                                     (Primary POC)

Human Resources Director:                                                  Date: ____________
                               (Secondary POC)

Center Duty Officer:                                                       Date: ____________
                         (After Hours/Weekend/Holidays POC)

Attach a copy of this approved sheet to your timesheet for backup documentation.

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              Education and Training Resources
                         On-Call/Substitute Summary Sheet


Supervisor/Manager Submitting Summary:

Pay Period:   From         /      /            to            /      /

 Name of Employee      Date of On-Call Shift    Hours Approved          Reason for On-Call

Reconciled with Documentation and Approved by:___________________________________
                                                    Department Director

Attach a copy of this approved Summary Form and supporting Authorization Forms for
backup documentation.

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