The advantages of staying in an apartment versus booking a hotel

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					This article tells why it is advantageous to book a service apartment instead of a hotel while away from

The advantages of staying in an apartment instead of a hotel for a

holiday are that you:

1. Get more space

In a hotel you get just one room. In an apartment you get a bedroom or two and

a sitting / living room plus balconies. There will be a cupboard or a loft

where you can keep your baggage so the place doesn't look messy.

2. Get your own kitchen

By cooking meals yourself, you save a lot of money. Hotels charge a

ridiculously high amount for food. If you stay in a service apartment, you

won't have to go though the embarrassment of going to a restaurant, staring at

the expensive menu and coming out because you can't afford it, as the Property

Manager will tell you about the affordable food joints nearby beforehand.

3. Get privacy

There is no one to disturb you. During check in, the Property Manager will tell

you when the housekeeping person will come for cleaning so you won't hear a

knock when you are about to go to the bathroom or get disturbed when you are in

the middle of watching a nice movie on cable TV.

If you are on your honeymoon, unlike in a hotel, there won't be any staff

standing just outside your apartment, looking at themselves as you step out

with your spouse to go for sightseeing giving you a, "I think they did

it" kind of stupid look.
4. Get your laundry done at an affordable price

Hotels charge an exorbitant amount of money for laundry and charge for every

piece of clothing. In a service apartment, the housekeeping lady (in a place

like Goa, India) will be happy to wash your

clothes for you by the bucket. The cost will be much less (Rs.75-Rs.100).

5. Get a homely ambiance

In a service apartment you'll feel as if you are at home with all the necessary

household items and furniture.

6. Get to stay together with your friends and family

Up to 8 of you can stay in a service apartment which brings the cost down by a

lot. You can sit in the sitting room bonding together by watching a movie,

having beer or cold drinks or simply chatting.

7. Get to carry your pet

Most hotels won't allow you to carry your pet and act like pets are a nuisance.

In a service apartment you can keep your pets in specially prepared cozy

kennels and take your kitty inside the apartment. Service apartment owners

understand that pets need to enjoy a vacation too.

8. Don't get charged for every service delivered

In a hotel, you have to pay for every service delivered. For example, the room

service boy will come with bottled water and won't leave till you tip him for

running up a staircase for you.
Or if you order a car for sightseeing from the reception, the price will

include their commission (without you knowing), taking the cost up as if the

profits they make from the room you pay for are not enough.

In a service apartment, a car will be arranged for you without any middleman

eating your money as you'll be paying the owner of the car directly.

9. Don't have to worry about tipping

Since the housekeeping person is paid well, you don't have to be embarrassed

about not giving a tip. You'll also get tips about local places of interest by

the Property Manager without expecting a monetary benefit in return.

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