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Social Media Management
    (for facebook)
!   Facebook management
  !   Scheduling
    !   Best tools to use
  !   Getting started
  !   Quick tips
Facebook Scheduling
!   Write your posts ahead of time!

!   Spend 30 minutes (once a week) writing your posts
    for the week.

!   Posts can be images, updates, invitations, etc.

!   Once you have your posts written – schedule them!

!   Spend 15 – 20 minutes a day being active
Facebook Scheduling
!   On most facebook accounts you can schedule
    on your timeline.

!   Use a tool to manage and schedule all of your

!   We use and recommend
!   Manage all your social networks in one tool
  !   Save time
  !   Stay organized
  !   Outsource management
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Your Dashboard (FB)
Things you can’t schedule
!   Spend 15 -20 minutes a day ..
  !   Saying Happy Birthday!
  !   Joining Events
  !   Responding to posts
  !   Responding to messages
  !   “Like” or comment on items in your newsfeed
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      Creating a Plan
    !   Share a quote as an image

    !   (once a week)

    !   Find a great quote

    !   Create an image
       !   Use
!   Your success

!   Your goals

!   Your family (relationship building with your

!   Business tips/ideas

!   Your blog posts
Spark Discussions
!   Topics – ask questions

!   Conduct polls (fb page, groups)

!   Post images and videos that spark discussions

!   Relate to breaking news and hot topics (google
    news alert: )
Quick Tips
!   Keep content fresh

!   Keep posts active (like, comment)

!   Participate in groups

!   Comment on your news stream

!   Say happy birthday!
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