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Learning from the Past_ Living in the Present_ Inspiring the Future by dfhdhdhdhjr


									Learning from the Past,
 Living in the Present,
  Inspiring the Future
      Nereida Esparza
    MMSP Recipient 2010
Learning from the Past
            Where I came from
   Born in Chicago
    – Growing up among the dishwashers, gardeners, and
      steel mill workers – like my father
   Our family returns to Mexico
    – My father’s dream of returning to live in his homeland
      fulfilled, but his hopes for a good education for his
      children shattered
   My parents’ sacrifices serve as motivation to
    pursue education as a means to success
    What Healthcare Meant to Me
 To my family, medical care was an ER visit
 My first real interaction with healthcare –
  as an interpreter for my grandfather
 My mind opens to the possibility of a
  medical career
            Community Service and
   Health Professions Recruitment
    and Exposure Program
    – Invite minority high school
      students to interact with
      medical students and faculty
      in order to increase awareness
      of opportunities in health
    – Help strengthen young
      students’ motivation to pursue
      careers in healthcare
   Multicultural Community for
    the Academic Advancement in
    – Promote academic success of
      minority medical students
    – Facilitate scholarship and
      mentorship between students,
      housestaff, and faculty
       Research – Reaching Out
   Health Care Disparities
    – Talking face-to-face with primary care
      physicians working on the Southside of
   Medical Interpretation
    – Assessing the quality of Spanish medical
      interpretation at University of Chicago Medical
Living in the Present
      Focusing on Primary Care
   The Family Doctor as Patient Advocate
    – The primary care physician is the first step in
      access to healthcare
   Being involved in the Community
    – By making health awareness an integral part
      of every doctor visit
    – By continuing to participate in community
      programs promoting health and health
     MacNeal Family Medicine
 Located in Berwyn,
  only a few miles from
  downtown Chicago
 Serves a diverse
  community – of all
  ages and multiple
  ethnic backgrounds
 Focus on local
Inspiring the Future
       NMF – The Monash/Mitchell
   Motivation to continue in the realm of
    primary care and continue to be involved
    in local community
    – Allows a focus on ideals, not finances
   Inspiration to give back and continue to
    help those that come after us
    – Paying forward the generosity granted to me
         Looking towards 2040
   ‘Health’ as more than medical care
    – A holistic approach by looking at the person
      as a whole – influenced by the surrounding
   Focus on disparities
    – Eliminate health disparities – by providing
      equitable care and educating providers
    – Increase minority recruitment into healthcare
      – by providing the means and the motivation
         Looking towards 2040
   Define the health care needs of Chicago
    – Addressing the impact of chronic medical
      diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and
   Prevention of disease
    – Helping provide preventative services to all
      and create awareness of their importance
    Inspiring My Career Goals
 Provide high quality primary care for
  underserved communities
 Educate the community on their health,
  giving them the means to make changes
  in their lives
 Motivate young minorities to pursue their
  dreams, despite adversities
 Help ease the financial burden of
 Alberto and Teresa Esparza, my parents,
  for being the inspiring light on my quest.
 Dr. Monica Vela, a true role model.
 Everyone at NMF and MMSP – for their
  generosity and dedication to our
  communities and our futures.

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