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CN Fund:09/10
Cumbria Cancer Network   Cancer care network event

Cumbria County Archery   Junior squad coaching and
Association (CCAA)       development opportunities

North Lakes Foodbank     Running costs

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To support the provision of a day of learning and support and access to
bereavement services for all cancer support groups in Cumbria, their families,
friends and carers as well as others affected by cancer.
CCAA would like to provide junior squad coaching and development opportunities
for junior members of the association. Two levels of coaching will be provided with a
view to selecting the best team to represent the county in 2010 and build
development for future team selection. Coaching will be provided for Youth
Development (any archer aged 9-20 having shot a minimum of one outdoor season
any bow style commitment to improve) and Youth Performance (any archer aged 9-
20 competing regularly for a minimum of 2 years up to at least county level any bow
style should be aiming at national level competition and / or national squad). In this
way the junior squad remains open and accessible to any archer who wishes to
pursue their chosen sport to county level. All participating archers will be provided
with coaching and support for goal setting and general archery development. Squad
sessions will consist of group and individual coaching, participation in team building
archery games, discussions on motivation, diet and preparation for outdoor
competitions. Some sessions will provide specialist coaching or equipment
maintenance for recurve, compound and longbow archers. Support and advice will
The project officially started on 17 July 2009. Since that date a lot of start up work
has taken place with a view to 'going live' with the first food distributions in
November 2009. A large proportion of our costs to date have been covered by gifts
'in-kind' whilst applications for grant funding are being made. We would therefore
like the grant to fund the following items: use of grant up to 31 March 2010: £800 for
printing costs of leaflets and banners; £700 for the transport costs of volunteer
drivers distributing Emergency Food Boxes in rural areas and drivers collecting food
for the warehouse; £500 for equipment for the warehouse; £1,500 for the rental of
the Distribution Centre/Warehouse facility; £500 for administration costs (£4,000
total grant).

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                Monitoring information                         Grant            Website


Junior archers have increased access to squad training         £684.75 http://www.cumbriaarcherya
and have the opportunity to meet other junior archers        
from Cumbria. Their skill levels have been improved
and some of them have entered local and national
competitions in order to gain more experience of
shooting in a competitive environment.

Hope you don't mind me dropping you an email as its a        £1,500.00
bit of a 'begging letter' but just wanted to update you on             uk
the North Lakes Foodbank and ask for some funding.
Our distribution centre/warehouse on Challoner Street
was flooded last week and we still have not been able to
get in to it to see how bad things are but we are
assuming that we have lost most of the food we have
collected and the limited amount of equipment that we
had been able to afford to purchase so far eg scales,
shelving and a banner. We are now desperate to find
some space to operate from and to replace the
equipment we have lost (temporarily Lorton Street
Methodist Church have offered us their foyer to operate
out of). All of this activity is going to have a cost
attached and so therefore we are very much on the look
out for funding. The good news is that although we
cannot access Challoner Street we are not short of
food. We have been offered food from other
Foodbanks across the Country. Yesterday we received
a delivery of over 3 tonnes of food and have been
offered lorry loads more if we can use it and more
importantly from a practical point of view - if we can
store it. If it helps with funding applications we are now
operating in Maryport and Workington. This was much
sooner than we expected but events have somewhat
overtaken us! Ewanrigg Community Centre in Maryport
is now a 'satellite distribution centre' and yesterday we

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