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					Architects and Engineering Specification

SpectrAlert Advance Wall Horn
The horn appliance shall be System Sensor model ________. The horn shall be listed to UL 464 and
shall be approved for fire protective service. The horn shall have three audibility options and an option to
switch between a temporal three-pattern and a non-temporal (continuous) pattern. These options are set
by a multiple position switch. The Horn shall operate between 32°F and 120°F. The appliance shall mount
to a standard 4 × 4 × 1½-inch back box, 4-inch octagon back box, double-gang back box or single-gang or
2 × 4 × 17⁄8-inch back box. A universal mounting plate shall be used for mounting ceiling and wall

Horn shall be plug-in and shall have the ability to check wiring continuity via a shorting spring on the
universal mounting plate. The shorting spring shall also provide tamper resistance via an open circuit if the
device is removed. The notification appliance circuit wiring shall terminate at the universal mounting plate.
The horn and the Sync•Circuit™ MDL3 Module accessory, if used, shall be powered from a notification
appliance circuit output and shall operate on a nominal 12 or 24 volts (includes fire alarm panels with built
in sync). When used with the Sync•Circuit Module MDL3, 12-volt rated notification appliance circuit
outputs shall operate between 8.5 and 17.5 volts; 24-volt rated notification appliance circuit outputs shall
operate between 16.5 to 33 volts. If the notification appliances are not UL 9th edition listed with the
corresponding panel or power supply being used, then refer to the compatibility listing of the panel to
determine maximum devices on a circuit.

All notification appliances shall be backward compatible.


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