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Which Infertility Treatment Is Ideal For You


East Bay Fertility Center is focused on quality patient care. The goal is pregnancy! Our friendly fertility physician and staff value your needs and will spend the time necessary with each individual couple to help them understand their fertility options and formulate a fertility treatment plan to optimize their success. Our Fertility Physician, Dr Glen Andrew DO, and Embryologist have over 20 years of combined experience and one of the highest success rates in the country. We are among the few in the country that have consistently performed Minimal Stimulation IVF with notable success. We have one of the highest success rates in the Country. We were the first to perform IVF in Utah County and the first in the State of Utah to perform Minimal Stimulation IVF.

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									Which Infertility Treatment Is
Ideal For You?
• Because of the revolutionary advancement in the area of
  biological sciences, a lot of successful forms of infertility
  treatment have surfaced in the past years or so. The type
  of treatment is determined after considering a number of
  important factors like the medical history, the reason
  behind infertility, age of the woman and man, if any and
  clearly, the personal choice of the partners.
Infertility in Utah - Treatment Options
for Women

• The inability to conceive can be triggered by a couple of
  variables both in women and men. When it comes to
  women, age, ovulation problems or impaired fallopian
  tubes can result in infertility. Usually, if a woman has
  reached the age of 35, odds of infertility rise by a
  substantial margin.
• On the subject of ovulation problems, the type of
  infertility treatment is mostly through medications.
  Drugs like Metformin and Clomiphene are administered
  to cure Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or POS which is
  considered the most typical form of ovarian problem
  among women. Most of these medicines activate the
  pituitary gland, which in turn induces the ovary to
  discharge the egg.
• In other instances, infertility can be triggered because of
  damaged or blocked fallopian tubes. Under normal
  conditions, fallopian tubes give a passage for the
  transportation of the fertilized egg to the uterus or the
  egg to the sperm. But, if they are blocked or damaged,
  they can hamper the whole process. Normally, various
  sorts of tubal surgery such as salpingectomy and tubal
  re-anastomosis are utilized to repair broken tubes.
• If none of these methods are successful, specialists of
  infertility in Utah normally suggest Assisted
  Reproductive Technology or ART. The most common
  type of ART is In Vitro Fertilization or IVF. Under in
  vitro fertilization treatments, the sperm and egg are
  fertilized outside of the human body in a synthetic
  platform and the fertilized egg will then be placed
  straight in the uterus. In addition, Intracytoplasmic
  Sperm Injection or ICSI is commonly utilized to increase
  the in vitro fertilization success rates. Other types of ART
  or Assisted Reproductive Technology involve assisted
  hatching, wherein the outer coating of the embryo is
  popped open to aid the implantation process.
Infertility in Utah - Treatment for Men
• When infertility in men is a result of premature
  ejaculation, this can be cured with a behavioral or
  medicinal approach. In many extreme cases, infertility in
  men is seen as a result of impeded sperm movement or
  low sperm count. The latter can normally be cured by
  prescribing hormonal medications which enhance the
  general functionality of the man's reproductive system.
  When there is a clear form of blockage blocking the flow
  of sperm cells, it is either treated surgically or the sperm
  cells are immediately taken off from the testes for in
  vitro fertilization treatments.
• Therefore, there is no scarcity of treatment of infertility
  in Utah both for women and men. With that in mind, a
  couple of factors have to be taken into account prior to
  making the last decision. The ultimate failure or success
  of the selected form of treatment is based hugely on
  these factors. Hence, you need to consider your infertility
  specialist or doctor at the earliest opportunity.

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