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									Saturday, July 23

Advocacy Track
Location: Dominion Ballroom North [Sheraton, Second Floor]

Theme: Voir Dire and Jury Selection

Moderator: Jerome F. O’Neill, VT

8:30 am      Opening Remarks

8:45 am      Twenty Questions You Must Ask in Voir Dire
             •     What questions to ask
             •     How to ask them
             Lance M. Sears, CO

9:15 am      Inside the Juror’s Mind—The Psychology of Decision Making
             Jaine E. Fraser, Ph.D., TX

10:00 am     Panel: Voir Dire in Your Case
             •      Medical negligence
             Richard D. Hailey, IN
             •      Products liability
              James R. Pratt, III, AL
             •      Motor vehicle
             James S. Rogers, WA
             •      Slip and fall
             Larry Dean Lee, CO
             •      Bad faith
             James C. Plummer, TX

11:00 am     Jury Selection When You Don’t Have Meaningful Voir Dire
             •     SJQs
             •     Surveys
             •     Nonverbals
             Douglas L. Keene, Ph.D., TX

11:30 am     Lunch

Moderator: Karen Roberts, TX

2:00 pm      Challenges for Cause—Exposing Bias
             Randi McGinn, NM

2:30 pm      Dealing with Generation X and Looking Out for Generation Y in Voir Dire
             Neal Howard, IL
3:00 pm   Mass Media and the Politics of Tort “Reform”
          Prof. Michael McCann, University of Washington
          Prof. William Haltom, University of Puget Sound

3:45 pm   How to Overcome Juror Bias Caused by the Mass Media and the Politics of
          Tort “Reform”
          James B. Lees, Jr., WV

4:30 pm   Adjourn
Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bad Faith Insurance Litigation Group
Toronto Ballroom III [H-CL]

Chair: Arnold R. Levinson, CA
Moderator: Lee S. Harris, CA

8:30 am      Opening Remarks

8:45 am      Alternatives in Providing Insurance and Regulating and Controlling
             Insurance Companies
             John Morrison, MT (Montana State Auditor)

9:20 am      Using Experts in Bad Faith Cases
             Richard Langerman, AZ

9:55 am      Market Conduct Examinations—What It Means When the Insurer “Passes”
             Ron Morgan, NM

10:30 am     Insult to Injury: What the UnumProvident Litigation Means to YOU
             Ray Bourhis, CA

11:05 am     Misrepresentation in Life and Disability Insurance—A Canadian Perspective
             Judith A. Hull, Ontario

11:40 am     Adjourn
Saturday, July 23, 2005

Insurance Law Section
Toronto III Ballroom [H-CL]

Chair and moderator: Jeffrey S. Daniel, AL

Theme: Insurance

Three learning objectives:
       1.      Update on case law developments
       2.      Update on legislative developments
       3.      Improve civil litigation skills

2:00 pm       Opening Remarks/Elections

2:15 pm       Panel: Broker/Dealer Liability
              Ingrid M. Evans, CA
              John J. Stoia, Jr., CA

3:00 pm       Health Insurance Sales Fraud
              David J. Hodge, AL

3:40 pm       Settlement Strategies and Preparation in Insurance Cases
              Guy O. Kornblum, CA

4:20 pm       Mediation Strategies from the Mediator's Point of View
              Rodney A. Max, AL and FL

5:00 pm       Adjourn
Saturday, July 23, 2005

Interstate Trucking Litigation Group
Essex [Sheraton, Mezzanine Level]

Chair: Daniel T. Ramsdell, MO
Moderator: Ronald J. Stites, MO

Theme: Why a Truck Collision Case Must Be Handled Differently Than an Auto Collision Case

Three learning objectives:
       1.      To gain a basic understanding of significant and current issues in truck cases
       2.      To gain an understanding of the federal regulations as well as resources available
               for truck cases
       3.      To engage in questions and answers regarding truck cases with panelists and other
               ATLA members

8:45 am               Opening Remarks

9:00 am               Carrier/Shipper Versus Driver Liability
                      Andrew M. Chasan, ID

9:30 am               Why Trucking Cases Are Unique—Spoliation of Evidence
                      Thomas C. Doehrman, IN

10:00 am              Onboard Electronics—Global Positioning Systems, Engine Control
                      Monitors, and Safety Systems and Devices
                      Roland L. Ruhl, Ph.D., P.E., IL

10:30 am              Deposition Questions Defense Lawyers Fear Most in Trucking Cases
                      Sylvester James, Jr., MO

11:00 am              The Back-Up Case—Don’t Back Away from It
                      Daniel T. Ramsdell, MO

11:30 am              Questions and Answers
                      Moderator: Daniel Munley, PA

12:00 pm              Lunch

2:00 pm               The Paperwork Battle: Essential Documents to Discover in Trucking
                      Richard P. Traulsen, AZ

2:30 pm               Web Pages That Help Make Your Trucking Case
                      Michael J. Leizerman, OH
3:00 pm   Hours of Service and Other Violations
          Brian P. Brack, NM

3:30 pm   Why It’s Appropriate to Seek Punitive Damages Against Motor
          Carriers and How to Do It
          Stephen E. McLean, IL

4:00 pm   Questions and Answers
          Moderator: Steven Gursten, MI

4:30 pm   Adjourn
Saturday, July 23, 2005

Law Student Program
Presented by the Law Schools Committee
Conference Room B-C [S-M]

Chair: Philip F. Maher, IL
Moderator: Pradeep Chand, Ontario

Theme: From Law Student to Lawyer: Becoming a Top Plaintiff Lawyer

Three learning objectives:
       1.      Determine what makes a good plaintiff’s case
       2.      The tools for a successful practice and how to use them
       3.      Learn how to get a job and succeed in a plaintiff’s firm

12:30 pm       Opening Remarks

12:45 pm       What Makes a Good Case: Insights and Advice from a Top Trial Lawyer
               Mark S. Mandell, RI

1:15 pm        Tips for a Brand New Lawyer: Practical Advice on Starting a Successful
               Legal Career
               G. Courtney French, AL

1:45 pm        Break

2:15 pm        Flying Solo: How to Start and Build a Law Practice and How to Get and
               Keep Good Clients
               Martha Marie Eastman, KY

2:45 pm        Your First Trial: Answers to Questions You Are Afraid to Ask
               Jeffrey A. Breit, VA

3:15 pm        What Plaintiff Firms Want: Making the Pitch to the Managing Partner
               (Interviews, Résumé Writing, and Networking)
               Howard S. Richman, NY

3:45 pm        Adjourn
Saturday, July 23, 2005

Minority Caucus
Conference Room B-C [S-M]

Chair: Daryl D. Parks, FL
Moderator: Staci M. Yandle, MO

Theme: Maximizing Special Damages When Representing Minority Clients

8:30 am      Opening Remarks
             Daryl D. Parks, FL

8:45 am      Using the Economic Expert to Prove Loss of Earnings and Impaired Earning
             • Special challenges with respect to female and ethnic minority clients
             Robert W. Johnson, CA

9:30 am      The Importance of Vocational Rehabilitation in Establishing and
             Maximizing Lost Earnings/Impaired Earning Capacity
             • Special challenges with respect to female and ethnic minority clients
             • Clients in nontraditional employment situations
             Rosalyn Pierce, PA

10:15 am     Proving Lost Earnings/Impaired Earning Capacity for Clients in
             Nontraditional Employment Situations
             • The unemployed-when-injured client
             • Day laborers and migrant workers
             • Temporary employees
             Sidney T. Marable, AZ

11:00 am     Questions and Answers

11:30 am     Adjourn
Saturday, July 23, 2005

Stalwarts/Hall of Fame Committee
Civic Ballroom [S-2]

Chair and Morning moderator: Leonard A. Orman, MD

Theme: The Best of the Best—Distinguished Trial Lawyers Reveal the Most Effective Concept
or Technique They Use in Trial or in Preparation for Trial

9:00 am      Opening Remarks

9:15 am      Maximizing E-Discovery—How to Get and Keep What the Defense Won’t
             Give You
             Richard H. Middleton, Jr., GA

9:30 am      Fighting the Tort Deform War That Rages Within—The Trial Lawyer’s
             Marcus Z. Shar, MD

9:45 am      Deposition Preparation Software
             William P. Lightfoot, DC

10:00 am     New ATLA Notebooks for Depositions, Trial, and Settlements
             Thomas J. Vesper, NJ

10:15 am     Preparation of the Lay Witness
             Gary J. Bigg, Alberta

10:30 am     Preparation of the Expert Witness at Trial
             Hon. Joan M. MacDonald, Ontario

10:45 am     Proof and Argument of the Value of One Hour of Physical Pain and
             John F. Romano, FL

11:00 am     The Secret of Persuasion: The Power of Personal Conviction
             Gary R. Gober, TN

11:15 am     Lunch
Moderator: Sheldon L. Miller, MI

2:00 pm      Beating the Bias—Effective Jury Techniques
             David B. Baum, CA

2:15 pm      Finding the “Stuff Happens” Juror in Voir Dire
             Lance M. Sears, CO

2:30 pm      Openings: A New Paradigm
             W. Harold Flowers, Jr., CO

2:45 pm      Direct Examination That Involves the Jury
             Dianne Jay Weaver, FL

3:00 pm      Cross-Examination of the Defendant Doctor—Staying Focused
             James Bartimus, MO

3:15 pm      How to Recover from the Surprise Witness
             Gary B. Pillersdorf, NY

3:30 pm      Adjourn

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