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					                                           Wisconsin Heritage
                                           – yours to enjoy

                                                           isconsin, above all, is
                                                           people. People of the
                                                           great woodland tribes
                                                           whose ancestors hunted
                                           and gathered in the basin of the Great
                                           Lakes; Yankees from the “original thir-
                                           teen” headed west for more elbow
Welcome Travelers                          room; European immigrants whose
                                           plows and winter wheat homesteaded
Wisconsin is a rich blend of Native        the rolling hills of Wisconsin; and peo-
American, European, African                ple of Asian, Hispanic and African
American, and Asian cultures. All have     ancestry who – though last to arrive -
contributed to our great Wisconsin         have added their own unique ingredi-
culture – from art and architecture, to    ents to this broadly-seasoned stew of
trade, education, and style. In            humanity.
Wisconsin, we value our diversity, cele-       Together and separately, and not
brate our traditions, and take comfort     always perfectly, they poured their hopes
in the common spirit that binds us.        and dreams, their labor and their love
    This edition of the Wisconsin          into the small spaces and the large places
                                           of what has become Wisconsin.
Heritage Traveler catalogs some of the
                                               They left their monuments as they
state’s best art and history museums.
                                           passed; of mud and timber and field-
Together they tell the story of            stone, of brick and mortar and steel.
Wisconsin – the story of the Ojibwe        They painted and carved and dug and
warrior, the French voyageur, the          built and left their marks.
German painter, and the tens of thou-          Much of what they created remains,
sands of immigrants from countries         and much has been re-created as it once
around the world, who all made             was, preserved and honored in museums
Wisconsin their home.                      and historic sites across Wisconsin. There
    The people of Wisconsin are proud      is much to see and experience. Visit an
of their history and culture. We wel-      authentic re-creation of an Indian village
come you to Wisconsin and hope you         where ceremonial drums still thunder
enjoy experiencing our rich culture.       and feathered dancers still fill the fire-
                                           light. Ride an old-fashioned steam train
                                           through the fragrant pine of a Wisconsin
                                           forest. Climb the conning tower of a
                                           WWII submarine. Soar, vicariously, with
                                           Wausau’s famous “Birds in Art.” You can
                                           even join the circus for a day in the
Jim Doyle                                  hometown of the Ringling Bros.
Governor                                       It’s Wisconsin history; and it’s all
                                           here for you to enjoy.
How to use this guide __________________________2                Mid-Continent Railroad Museum _____________30
                                                                 National Railroad Museum ___________________30
Museum Locator Map _________________________ 3
                                                                 Sidebar: The Yellowstone Trail _________________31
Native American Heritage ______________________ 4                Pier Wisconsin & the S/V Denis Sullivan _______32
  Forest County Potawatomi Cultural Center                       Port Washington 1860 Light Station ___________32
       & Museum______________________________4                   Sidebar: Wisconsin Lighthouses _________________33
  Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park ______________5             Wade House _______________________________34
  George W. Brown Jr. Museum _________________5                  Wisconsin Automotive Museum _______________34
  Indian Agency House _________________________6                 Wisconsin Maritime Museum _________________35
  Madeline Island Historical Museum _____________6
  Oneida Nation Museum_______________________7                Military Heritage _____________________________36
  Sidebar: Petroglyphs, pictographs & effigy mounds __7         Fort Winnebago Surgeons’ Quarters Museum ___36
  Wa-Swa-Goning______________________________8                  Richard I. Bong WWII Heritage Center ________37
                                                                Wisconsin Veterans Museum __________________37
European Heritage _____________________________9                Sidebar: Territorial Forts of Wisconsin___________38
  Heritage Hill State Historical Park ______________9
  Little Norway _______________________________9              Famous People & Historic Homes _____________39
  Norskedalen Nature & Heritage Center ________10               Capt. Frederick Pabst Mansion _______________39
  Sidebar: Father Samuel Mazzuchelli ____________11             Circus World Museum _______________________39
  Old World Wisconsin ________________________12                Fairlawn Mansion ___________________________40
  Swiss Historical Village Museum ______________12              Galloway House & Village ___________________41
Wisconsin History ___________________________ 13                H.H. Bennett Studio ________________________42
  Milwaukee Public Museum ___________________13                 Lincoln-Tallman House ______________________42
  Chippewa Valley Museum ____________________14                 Octagon House, Hudson_____________________43
  Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame_______________15               Octagon House/First Kindergarten ____________44
  Kenosha Public Museum _____________________15                 Outagamie Museum _________________________44
  Milton House Museum ______________________16                  Taliesin ____________________________________45
  Neville Public Museum ______________________16                Ten Chimneys ______________________________46
  Sidebar:Birthplace of the GOP _________________17             Villa Louis _________________________________46
  Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center___________18              Sidebar: Famous Wisconsinites _________________47
  Oshkosh Public Museum _____________________18
  Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum _____19           Art Museums_________________________________48
  Wisconsin Historical Museum _________________20                Charles Allis Art Museum ____________________48
  Wisconsin Historical Society Headquarters ______20             Elvehjem Museum of Art_____________________48
  Wisconsin State Capitol _____________________21                Haggerty Museum of Art ____________________49
                                                                 John Michael Kohler Arts Center ______________50
Early Industry________________________________22                 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum __________50
   Camp Five Museum Complex_________________22                   Madison Museum of Contemporary Art ________51
   Dells Mill Historical Landmark & Museum _____22               Milwaukee Art Museum______________________52
   Sidebar: Beer & Cheese _______________________23              New Visions Gallery _________________________52
   Hoard Historical Museum & National Dairy                      Paine Art Center and Gardens ________________53
        Shrine _________________________________24               The Phipps Center for the Arts________________54
   Mining Museum and Rollo Jamison Museum ___24                  Racine Art Museum _________________________54
   Pendarvis __________________________________25                Rahr-West Art Museum ______________________55
   Rhinelander Logging Museum ________________26                 Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum__________56
   Stonefield & the State Agricultural Museum_____26             West Bend Art Museum______________________56
   Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center _________27              Sidebar: The William F. Eisner Museum of
Transportation Heritage_______________________28                 Advertising & Design ________________________57
   Door County Maritime Museum ______________28               County, Community & Area Contacts __________58
   EAA Air Adventure Museum__________________28               More Sources of Tourism Information __________62
   East Troy Electric Railroad Museum ___________29           Acknowledgements __________________________IBC

How to use this guide

        his edition of the Wisconsin Heritage Traveler includes descriptions for seventy-two
        Wisconsin art and history museums. The list is by no means definitive, but it does
        contain many of Wisconsin’s best museums.
    Each narrative includes a description of the property: historic focus, major collections, fea-
tured artifacts and cultural significance. We want you to know what you can expect to see and
experience. You’ll also find contact information: the property’s Web site address, phone num-
ber, hours of operation, admission prices and handicapped accessibility. We’ve also included
street addresses so that you can use Internet mapping URLs to get driving instructions.
    The index below lists the properties alphabetically and references their respective page num-
bers. Note also that the properties are numbered. The numbers reference the map on the
accompanying page. As you travel, use it to string multiple sites into an exciting driving tour of
Wisconsin art and history.

  Map Index
  No. Historic Site                                Page       No. Historic Site                               Page
  1.    Forest County Potawatomi Cultural Center &            36.   Mid-Continent Railroad Museum __________30
        Museum _________________________________4             37.   National Railroad Museum ________________30
  2.    Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park ___________5       38.   Pier Wisconsin & the S/V Denis Sullivan ____32
  3.    George W. Brown Jr. Museum ______________5            39.   Port Washington 1860 Light Station________32
  4.    Indian Agency House______________________6            40.   Wade House ____________________________34
  5.    Madeline Island Historical Museum__________6          41.   Wisconsin Automotive Museum____________34
  6.    Oneida Nation Museum ___________________7             42.   Wisconsin Maritime Museum ______________35
  7.    Wa-Swa-Goning __________________________8             43.   Fort Winnebago Surgeons’ Quarters Museum 36
  8.    Heritage Hill State Historical Park___________9       44.   Richard I. Bong WWII Heritage Center _____37
  9.    Little Norway ____________________________9           45.   Wisconsin Veterans Museum_______________37
  10.   Norskedalen Nature & Heritage Center _____10          46.   Capt. Frederick Pabst Mansion ____________39
  11.   Old World Wisconsin _____________________12           47.   Circus World Museum ____________________39
  12.   Swiss Historical Village Museum ___________12         48.   Fairlawn Mansion ________________________40
  13.   Milwaukee Public Museum ________________13            49.   Galloway House & Village ________________41
  14.   Chippewa Valley Museum _________________14            50.   Hearthstone ____________________________41
  15.   Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame ___________15          51.   H.H. Bennett Studio ____________________42
  16.   Kenosha Public Museum __________________15            52.   Lincoln-Tallman House ___________________42
  17.   Milton House Museum ___________________16             53.   Octagon House, Hudson _________________43
  18.   Neville Public Museum ___________________16           54.   Octagon House/First Kindergarten ________44
  19.   Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center _______18         55.   Outagamie Museum______________________44
  20.   Oshkosh Public Museum__________________18             56.   Taliesin_________________________________45
  21.   Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum__19         57.   Ten Chimneys ___________________________46
  22.   Wisconsin Historical Museum _____________20           58.   Villa Louis ______________________________46
  23.   Wisconsin Historical Society Headquarters___20        59.   Charles Allis Art Museum _________________48
  24.   Wisconsin State Capitol __________________21          60.   Elvehjem Museum of Art _________________48
  25.   Camp Five Museum Complex _____________22              61.   Haggerty Museum of Art _________________49
  26.   Dells Mill Historical Landmark & Museum __22          62.   John Michael Kohler Arts Center___________50
  27.   Hoard Historical Museum & National Dairy              63.   Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum _______50
        Shrine__________________________________24            64.   Madison Museum of Contemporary Art_____51
  28.   Mining Museum and Rollo Jamison Museum 24             65.   Milwaukee Art Museum __________________52
  29.   Pendarvis _______________________________25           66.   New Visions Gallery______________________52
  30.   Rhinelander Logging Museum _____________26            67.   Paine Art Center and Gardens _____________53
  31.   Stonefield & the State Agricultural Museum _26        68.   The Phipps Center for the Arts ____________54
  32.   Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center______27          69.   Racine Art Museum ______________________54
  33.   Door County Maritime Museum ___________28             70.   Rahr-West Art Museum ___________________55
  34.   EAA Air Adventure Museum ______________28             71.   Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum ______56
  35.   East Troy Electric Railroad Museum ________29         72.   West Bend Art Museum __________________57

                                                                                                                                                                              o         r
                                                                                                                                                                        p eri
              M inn e so t a                                                                                                                      k eS

                             Duluth               Superior                                        Bayfield           5
                                                   44                                                               La Pointe
                                                 48                     13               Washburn

                                                                                                                    Saxon    2
                                                                                                                                              Hurley                                                M ic h igan
                                                                              27                                                             51
                                                                      Gordon             Cable                                                    Mercer

                             2     Danbury                                                                                                                         51
                                                                                   Hayward                                                                                               Eagle
              v   er                      Trego
                                                                                                                     Falls                        3     Lac du Flambeau                  River                                        Florence
                                                                                Stone Lake                                                             7                                                                  70

                                       Spooner                                                                                                                 Minocqua
                                                                                                    70                             Fifield                                                     Three      55
         Grantsburg                                                                                                                                                                            Lakes
                        35                        63                   Rice                                                                                   Rhinelander 30                                                   8
                                                                       Lake                                                                                                                          1       25
                                                                                                                                                  8                                                             Laona
      St.Croix                   Balsam                                                                  8                                                                                               Crandon                     Amberg
          Falls                  Lake                                 Cameron                                                                                           Tomahawk
                                                                                              Ladysmith                                                                                                                                                                         Gills
                                                                                                                                     13                                                                                            Lakewood                                    Rock

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ellison Bay
                                                                                                                                                                                            45                                                 141
                                                                                              Cornell                                                                    Merrill                                Langlade
St. Cr

                                                   64                                                                                             64
               New                                                                                                    64                                                                         Antigo                                              Marinette                        57
               Richmond                                                            Bloomer                                           Medford                                                                                          64
          Hudson                                                 Chippewa
          53                                                                             Cadott           Stanley                                                            63
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     55                               41   Peshtigo
       68      94                                                    Falls                                             29                                                                                                                                                  42
                                                                                                                                                         29                  Wausau                               Keshena
                  35                                                                                                                 Abbotsford                                                Bowler                                                  Oconto         33
                                            Menomonie                    14                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sturgeon Bay
                                                                               Eau Claire                                           13                                                                       Gresham
             Prescott                                                                                                                                                    Mosinee                       29
                                                                                             26                                                                                                           Shawano
                                                                                                                                                                    39                Tigerton                           Bonduel
                                                                                                                            Marshfield       66                         51
                                                        10                      Osseo                                                                                                                                                  29                               Algoma
                                                                                                                                                                              Stevens Point                                              18 Green Bay
                   Mi                                                                                                 Neillsville                                                                              45
                         ss            35                                                                                                                                                                                              6 15   8
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    New London           37 De Pere                   Kewaunee
                                 is                     Alma                                       94                             Wisconsin Rapids                                        10    Waupaca
                                      si                                                                                                  Nekoosa

                                           p                                            53                                                                                                      50 55
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Kaukauna         43
                                                                       Fountain                                                                                               39         Menasha Appleton
                                                                                                                                                                                            Wild Rose

                                                                                                                                Warrens                       13
                                                                       City                                                                                                   51                     Neenah                           Two Rivers
                                                   Ri                                                                           32                               Wautoma                        41
                                                                               Trempealeau                                                                                          Omro                      57                   Manitowoc
                                                             v                   35         West Sparta Tomah                   21
                                                                                                                                                                        21                         Oshkosh            151        42 70

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  L a k e M ic h ig a n
                                                                                                                                                            Coloma                          34 20               Chilton
                                                                                            Salem                                     Necedah

                                                                                                           90                                                                                 67                              43

                                                                                                                                 90                                        Lake            26      Fond du
                                                                                        La Crosse                                                                                                  Lac     Greenbush
                                                                                                                            Mauston               82                              Ripon                      40                   Sheboygan
                                                                                               10                    Elroy                                                                            49                  23
                                                                                                                                                                   Markesan                                  Plymouth
                                                                                                              33                                            39                                                            62 Kohler
                                                                                         Coon                                       Wisconsin 50 23
                                                                                        Valley 14                                                           51                 Waupun                                 57
                                                                                                                                        Dells                 Portage                                      45                43
                                                                                                    Viroqua                                     47                                     151           41
                                                                                                                           Reedsburg      33                     4            Beaver                           West
                                                                                                                                                 Baraboo 43                                   Horicon          Bend             39
                                                                                                                                         36                                     Dam
                                                                                       35                               Richland              12         r                                                33
                                                                                                                                                      ve                                                        72          Port Washington
                                                                                                            14          Center                     Ri       90                           26 Hartford
                                                                                                                                     23   Sauk Prairie 94                                                41
                                                                                                                                                                                Columbus                              Cedarburg
                                                                                                      61                      Spring       City du Sac 39                151
                                                                                                                                                                                   Watertown Germantown                 Brown

                       Iow a                                                  Prairie du Wauzeka
                                                                                  Chien 58
                                                                                                           W i s c o n s i n Green

                                                                                                                                         Blue 9
                                                                                                                     Dodgeville Mounds 18 151
                                                                                                                                                            24 45 64
                                                                                                                                                                      Sun Prairie
                                                                                                                                                               22 60

                                                                                                                                                                                                16 Menomonee

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       61 65
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      21 Milwaukee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      13 38 71
                                                                                                 18                                                                   Stoughton Atkinson                                   46 59
                                                                                                     Fennimore 18                                        92                                             57        New
                                                                                                                     Mineral                                                            27          11       43 Berlin
                                                                                                                         Point                                   14          90 26
                                                                                                                                                                                      Palmyra          Eagle
                                                                                                                            151 29              12 New Glarus                                12     35                 94
                                                                                    Cassville 31          Platteville                                                         39 Milton                                      69
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Burlington                   Racine
                                                                                                Potosi             28
                                                                                                                             Belmont                69              Janesville 17          Delavan              11
                                                                                               Dickeyville Benton              Shullsburg Monroe                    11                                                    16
                                                                                                                                          11                     Brodhead             43
                                                                                                                                                                                                               50               Kenosha
                                                                                                                      Hazel Green                                      Beloit               Geneva

                                                                                                                                                                                   I l l inois                                                                   Chicago
                                                                                    0        10      20        30          40

                                                                                                                                                                         = Wisconsin Travel Information Center location

Native American Heritage
    Forest County                     designed main diorama details           A language kiosk allows
      Potawatomi                      the historic ties of the           visitors to look up words or
  Community Cultural                  Ojibwe, Ottawa and                 phrases in the Potawatomi
   Center & Museum                    Potawatomi people, a confed-       language and hear how it
                                      eration known as the Council       should sound. Also, several

        he Potawatomi have            of the Three Fires.                well-known children’s stories
        a long history as one             The exhibit begins with a      have been translated into
        of the original inhabi-       short video on the tribe’s his-    Potawatomi and may be
tants of what is today the            tory followed by a graphic         heard in both languages.
midwestern United States.             display of the original lands      Exhibits are also signed in
Lands once occupied by the            occupied by the tribe, and the     both English and
Potawatomi include all or             subsequent movements forced        Potawatomi.
parts of Michigan, Ohio,              on the tribe during the period          The museum facility is
Indiana, Illinois and                 of the “Removal.” Of special       fully accessible with ramps
Wisconsin.                            interest is the Wall of Treaties   and an elevator.
    Opened in 2002, the cul-          containing replicas of each of     Forest County Potawatomi
tural center and museum               the tribe’s forty-three            Museum & Cultural Center
house a tribal archive, library       American and seven Canadian        5460 Everybody’s Rd.
and gift shop as well as a per-       treaties; the Potawatomi           Crandon, WI 54520
manent 2,700 square foot              signed more treaties with the      800/960-5479, 715/478-7474
exhibit entitled “People of the       US government than any             Open daily 9am-4pm.
Three Fires.” The beautifully         other tribe.                       Admission fee: adults $3, seniors (55+)
                                                                         $1, students (5-12) $1, under 5 free.

                                                                                                                   FORTS FOLLE AVOINE

Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park.


                                                                                                  George W. Brown, Jr.
                                                                                                  Ojibwe Museum and
                                                                                                    Cultural Center

                                                                                                         he museum and cul-
                                                                                                         tural center celebrate
                                                                                                         the customs, history
                                                                                                 and art of the Ojibwe group
                                                                                                 referred to as the Lac du
                                                                                                 Flambeau Band of Lake
                                                                                                 Superior Chippewa.
                                                                                                     The museum offers cul-
                                                                                                 tural exhibits, visitor tours,
                                                                                                 videos, interactive displays, a
                                                                                                 tribal gift shop, and beautiful
               George W. Brown, Jr. Ojibwe Museum and Cultural Center.
                                                                                                 dioramas depicting the four
                                                     An authentic reconstruction                 seasons of Anishinabe
                  Forts Folle Avoine                                                             (“Original People”) life as it
                   Historical Park                   of a Woodland Indian Village
                                                     compliments the forts.                      has been lived here for cen-
                                                                                                 turies. This small outpost of

                    n the fall of 1802 along         Costumed, talented inter-
                    the Yellow River just            preters illuminate the culture              Native American history is
                    above Yellow Lake, two           of the early Native American                important to Wisconsin
               fur trading companies built           residents and Euro-American                 because it reminds us that
               outposts less then 100 feet           explorers.                                  before the European settlers
               apart. The North West                      Other facilities available at          came, the Ojibwe and many
               Company arrived first and             the Park include a 1918 log                 other tribes occupied this area.
               built a trading post, a cabin         visitor center that houses two                  On the main museum
               and a stockade. In                    museum exhibits, banquet                    floor there can be found an
               November, the XY                      rooms, and a gift shop. The                 array of Ojibwe crafts includ-
               Company traders built a sin-          award-winning Palmer House                  ing beadwork, clothing, bas-
               gle structure combining               History Research Library pro-               ketry, tools, and artwork. The
               trading post and living quar-         vides fur trade records and                 museum’s significant holdings
               ters. This was the only place         county and township govern-                 include a 24-foot dugout
               on the continent where                ment records. The 80-acre                   canoe, birch bark canoes, a
               competing companies were              site also offers cross-country              recreated French fur trade
               such close neighbors.                 skiing and nature trails along              post, and a world record stur-
                   After two seasons of trad-        the beautiful Yellow River.                 geon taken from one of the
               ing with the local Ojibwe,                 The Forts’ visitor center,             reservation’s many beautiful
               both forts were abandoned.            the library, and most trails are            lakes.
               Forgotten for 165 years, the          wheelchair accessible. Golf                     There are also more than
               trading site was rediscovered         carts are available for those               5,000 archived photos dating
               in 1969 by archaeologists             who have difficultly walking.               from the early 1800’s to the
               from the Wisconsin Historical                                                     present. Images include the
                                                     Forts Folle Avoine Historical               reservation’s Bureau of Indian
               Society. Based on their               Park
               research, the fur trade posts         8500 County Road U
                                                                                                 Affairs boarding school, the
               were reconstructed by the             Danbury, WI 54830-0159                      area’s lumberjack era, and
                                                                       early Indian Bowl dance
               Burnett County Historical             715/866-8890
               Society. Today, visitors can                                                      shows.
                                                     Open May 28-Sep 4, Wed-Sun, 9am-5pm.
               tour the two forts and exam-          Admission fees: adults (12+) $7, children
                                                                                                     Accommodations for the
               ine the many items collected          (6-12) $5, under 5 free, families $20.      handicapped include designat-
               from the archeological dig.                                                                            continued...

                                           Native American Heritage,

                                           ed parking, wheelchair access,
                                           and an elevator to each exhib-
                                           it floor.
                                           George W. Brown, Jr. Ojibwe
                                           Museum & Cultural Center
                                           603 Peace Pipe Rd.
                                           Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538-0804
                                           Open May-Oct, Mon-Sat 10am-4pm;
                                           Nov-Apr, Tue-Thu 10am-2pm.

                                                                                                                                                               WISCONSIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY
                                           Admission fees: adult: $3, children (5-
                                           15) $2, children under 5 free.

                                            Indian Agency House

                                                   uilt in 1832 for John
                                                   Kinzie, Indian Agent              Madeline Island Historical Museum.
                                                   to the Ho-Chunk
                                           (Winnebago) Nation,                       Juliette Kinzie would write of           Madeline Island
                                           Portage’s Indian Agency                   those years at the fort in Wau-         Historical Museum
                                           House is a slice of frontier              Bun, The “Early Day” in the

                                           life in the Wisconsin                     Northwest.                                       adeline Island, his-
                                           Territory.                                     Restored in 1930, The                       torically the spiri-
                                                With ten rooms, five fire-           Indian Agency House is today                     tual home of the
                                           places and wallpaper, the                 furnished with antiques dat-         Ojibwe people, became an
                                           house was large and fancy for             ing from the time of the             important fur-trading center
                                           the frontier. Kinzie and his              Kinzie’s occupancy. The              for the French in the late
                                                         wife, Juliette,             house is owned by The                1600s. Over the next three
                                                            brought fur-             National Society of The              centuries the island would
                                                               nishings and          Colonial Dames of America in         also see the arrival of mis-
                                                                household            the State of Wisconsin. The          sionaries, loggers, fishermen,
                                                                  items              property’s visitor center hous-      boat builders, coopers, and
                                                                   from              es changing exhibits and a           by the 1890s, tourists and
                                                                   New               museum store, which sells            summer cottagers.
                                                                   York,             copies of Wau-Bun. The                     In the original historic log
                                                                   including         grounds include a Prairie            museum building and the
                                                                  the first          Garden, access to the Portage        modern Capser Center, visi-
                                                                 piano in            Canal and a handicap accessi-        tors can explore this fascinat-
                                                               Wisconsin.            ble portion of the Ice Age           ing story through a lively
                                                             The house still         Trail.                               musical orientation program,

                                                         stands on its                    The property is not             changing exhibits, a summer
                                           original spot overlooking the             wheelchair accessible.               lecture series, and interactive
                                           portage between the Fox and                                                    programs for kids and fami-
                                                                                     Historic Indian Agency House
                                           Wisconsin Rivers and facing                                                    lies.
                                                                                     Agency House Road
                                           the site of Fort Winnebago.               Portage, WI 53901                          Exhibits of rare and one-
                                                The Kinzies moved to the
                                                                                               of-a-kind artifacts, many of
                                           fort in 1830. They lived in                                                    them found on Madeline
                                                                                     Open mid-May thru mid-Oct, Mon-Sat
                                           the house from its completion             10am-4pm, Sun 11am-4pm.
                                                                                                                          Island, tell the whole story of
                                           in the fall of 1832 until the             Admission fee: Nominal.              the area’s exploration and set-
                                           summer of 1833. Later,                                                         tlement, from prehistory to

the present day. Prehistoric
relics from the days of Ojibwe
habitation rest alongside trade
                                                                           Petroglyphs, pictographs
goods, missionaries’ effects,                                              & effigy mounds
tools of the lumbering and

                                                                                        isconsin is rich in Native American history.
maritime industries, and other
                                                                                        Cultural artifacts can be found in several
remnants of the island’s
                                                                                        excellent tribal museums as well as in petro-
human presence. The muse-
                                                                           glyphs, pictographs and effigy mounds of the
um’s outstanding collection
                                                                           Woodland and Mississippian Indian cultures.
illustrates more than 300
                                                                                More than 100 rock
years of Madeline Island and
                                                                           art sites have been dis-
northern Wisconsin history.
                                                                           covered in Wisconsin.
     Owned and operated by

                                                                                                                                                 PHOTO COURTESY OF ROCHE-A-CRI STATE PARK
                                                                           Roche-A-Cri State
the Wisconsin Historical
                                                                           Park, just west of
Society, the Madeline Island
                                                                           Friendship in Adams
Historical Museum is fully
                                                                           County, is the only
accessible to persons with dis-
                                                                           interpreted rock art site
abilities.                                                                 in the state. An accessi-
Madeline Island Historical                                                 ble ramp and observa-
Museum                                                                     tion deck allow all visi-
9 Colonel Woods Avenue
La Pointe, WI 54850-0009
                                                                           tors to view the petro-
                                                                                                           Roche-A-Cri State Park petroglyphs.                                       glyphs and pictographs.
and/                                                                       It is estimated that the petroglyphs were carved before
866/944-7483, 715/747-2415
                                                                           900 A.D. and pictographs appeared only 400-500 years
Open MD-first wknd in Oct, daily
10am-5pm.                                                                  ago. Interpretive panels present interesting facts, drawings
Admission fees: adults $5.50, seniors                                      of the art, and a map to help visitors locate carvings and
(65+) $4.95, children (5-12) $2.75,                                        paintings on the park’s signature 300-foot rock outcrop-
family $15.                                                                ping.
                                                                                Copper Culture State Park at Oconto features an
      Oneida Nation                                                        Indian burial pit from the Copper Culture about 6,000
                                        AZTALAN STATE PARK BY DON ABRAMS

        Museum                                                             years ago, the oldest cemetery site in Wisconsin. A small
                                                                           museum displays artifacts and photos of the original 1952

         pened in 1979, the                                                archeological dig at the site.
         Oneida Nation                                                           Aztalan State Park, east of Lake Mills, contains one
         Museum is one of                                                  of Wisconsin’s most important archaeological sites. It
the older Native American                                                        showcases an ancient Middle-Mississippian village and
museums in the                                                                           ceremonial complex that thrived from 1000-
United States. The                                                                          1300AD. They built large, flat-topped
museum pre-                                                                                    pyramidal mounds and a stockade around
serves Oneida                                                                                    their village. Portions of the stockade
cultural                                                                                          and two mounds have been recon-
resources and                                                                                     structed in the park.
assures their                                                                                         High Cliff State Park, on the east
accessibility to                                                                                shore of Lake Winnebago south of the
the community                                                                                 Fox Cities, contains excellent examples of
and the public.                                                                            effigy (animal-shaped) mounds constructed
    Exhibits explain the                                                              from 600-1300AD. Other Wisconsin state parks
worldview and history of the                                               with effigy mounds include Governor Nelson near
Oneida (People of the                                                      Madison, and Wyalusing just south of Prairie du Chien at
Standing Stone), and then                                                  the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers.

Native American Heritage,                      Wa-Swa-Goning                depicts the Ojibwe way of life
                                                                            – one that honored the earth

focus on expressive culture,                          a-Swa-Goning is a     and the interdependency of
social change and cultural                            re-created 17th       all living things. See wig-
continuity. Exhibits include                          century Ojibwe        wams, willow fish traps, birch
traditional and ceremonial                 village constructed amid the     bark baskets and canoes,
dress, pottery, wampum belts,              towering pine, aspen and         bows, arrows, spears, hides
lacrosse, and a variety of his-            white birch of the Lac du        and much more. Try the
toric documents and artifacts.             Flambeau Indian                  game of Double-Ball. Enjoy a
The museum also showcases a                Reservation in Northern          story in the teaching lodge.
special exhibit of intricate lace          Wisconsin. Built on twenty       See primitive fire making.
including many pieces fash-                acres along the shore of               Group tours for schools,
ioned as early as 1900 by trib-            Moving Cloud Lake,               scouts or seniors can be
al members.                                Waswagoning (“the place          scheduled from mid-May thru
    The museum is complete-                where they spearfish by          Sep. The museum is open for
ly wheelchair accessible.                  torchlight”) is the original     individual and family tours
                                           Ojibwe name for the area.        from mid-June thru Aug.
Oneida Nation Museum                       This unique outdoor muse-
W892 County Road EE
                                                                                  Village trails are accessible
Oneida, WI 54155
                                           um strives to historically       by light wheelchairs.                       preserve the culture of the
920/869-2768                                                                Wa-Swa-Goning
                                           Ojibwe whose seasonal
Open Tues- Fri, 9am-5pm, Feb-Dec; plus                                      State Road 47 & County Road H
                                           migrations for food and          Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538
Sat, 9am-5pm, Jun-Aug. Closed Mon &
Jan.                                       materials are reflected in the
                                           displays.                        715/588-2615, 715/588-3560
Admission fees: adults $2, seniors (55+)
                                                                            Open June 15-LD, Tues-Sat, 10am-4pm.
$1, children (under 17) $1.                     An educational walking      Admission fees: adults $7, seniors and
                                           tour along a rustic trail        children (under 12) $5.

                                                                                                                     RJ & LINDA MILLER

Wa-Swa-Goning Ojibwe Indian Village.

                                                                       European Heritage
                                                          Heritage Hill State             The park also offers special                         Little Norway
                                                           Historical Park                events, programs and theme

                                                                                          days that feature a number of                            estled in a wooded

                                                                  eritage Hill State      hands-on activities for visitors                         valley among the
                                                                  Historical Park         to enjoy.                                                foothills of Blue
                                                                  invites you to expe-        All of Heritage Hill’s                     Mound lies Little Norway, a
                                                       rience a living history            twenty-five historic buildings                 collection of a dozen
                                                       tableau of Wisconsin’s early       are wheelchair accessible via                  authentic log buildings that
                                                       European history.                  ramps. All bathrooms are                       preserve the character of the
                                                            Visitors are invited to       accessible as well. Heritage                   Norwegian pioneers who
                                                       travel into the past on guided     Hill offers a transportation                   settled in this part of
                                                                   and self-guided        system that travels through-                   Wisconsin.
                                                                      tours to explore    out the 54-acre park; it does                       The original cabins, built
                                                                        four time peri-   have limited wheelchair space.                 in 1856, have been preserved.
                                                                         ods in                                                          Several of the old farm build-
                                                                                          Heritage Hill State Park
                                                                          Northeastern                                                   ings have been transformed
                                                                                          2640 S Webster Ave.
                                                                          Wisconsin’s     Green Bay, WI 54301                            from stables and granary into
                                                                          rich history.                         charming little cottages. A
                                                                                          800/721-5150, 920/448-5150                     sod-roofed cabin and a spring
                                                                          Journey to
                                                                                          Open MD-LD, Mon & Tue, guided tours
                                                                          our La Baye     only, 10:15am-2:15 pm; Wed-Sun, self-          house, which protects the val-
                                                                         area (1672-      guided tours only, Wed-Sat 10am-4:30pm,        ley’s natural spring, were built
                                                                                          Sun noon- 4:30pm.
                                                                        1830) to learn                                                   about 1930. All the buildings
                                                                                          Admission fees: adults $8, seniors (62+) $7,
                                                                     about fur trading    children (5-17) $6, under 4 free.              are furnished with the simple

                                                                 and early law.                                                                               continued...
                                                       Witness life at a frontier mili-
                                                       tary post as you visit Fort
                                                       Howard in 1836, the year
                                                       Wisconsin became a territory.
                                                       A Growing Community
                                                       (1850-1912) depicts some of
                                                       the trades that were found in
                                                       Green Bay during the last half
                                                       of the 19th century. Lastly,
                                                       explore the Ethnic
                                                       Agricultural area (1848-1905)
                                                       to see how the Badger state
                                                       immigrants built sturdy hous-
                                                       es, cultivated the land, and
                                                       adjusted to life in America.
                                                            Heritage Hill is brought
                                                       to life against a breathtaking
                                                                                                                                                                             RJ & LINDA MILLER

                                                       backdrop of 25 historic build-
                                                       ings. Costumed interpreters
                                                       show you how people lived,
                                                       worked, and played long ago.       Little Norway.

                    European Heritage, continued...     rative Norse antiques and arti-             Norskedalen Nature
                                                        facts unique in the United                  & Heritage Center
                    furniture, tools, art and crafts
                                                        States including jewelry and
                    of the pioneer. A pleasant lit-

                                                        silver, glassware, china,                         egun in 1977,
                    tle stream splashes among
                                                        embroidery, rosemaled chests,                     Norskedalen is today
                    several trout pools.
                                                        hand-carved furniture and                         a 400-acre complex
                         But the property’s signa-
                                                        musical instruments.                      that includes an arboretum,
                    ture structure is the “Norway
                                                             Costumed guides lead                 five miles of nature trails, a
                    Building,” a reproduction of a
                                                        tours of the property.                    visitor’s center/museum and
                    12th century Norwegian
                                                        Considering the age of the                a reconstructed 1880’s
                    Stavkirke (church). It is a
                                                        buildings, there is no wheel-             Norwegian farmstead.
                    striking hewn pine structure
                                                        chair access. However, staff              Tucked into Wisconsin’s
                    with a high peaked roof and
                                                        accommodates the disabled in              southwestern corner, the
                    carved dragonheads in the
                                                        whatever way possible.                    region is marked by steep
                    gables. It was built in
                                                                                                  ridges and long, narrow val-
                    Trondheim, Norway for the           Little Norway
                                                        3576 County Road JG
                                                                                                  leys popular among early
                    1893 Columbian Exposition
                                                        Blue Mounds, WI 53517                     Norwegian immigrants;
                    in Chicago. At the close of                      hence the name
                    the Expo, the building was          608/437-8211
                                                                                                  Norskedalen, or
                    dismantled, eventually making       Open May 1-Oct 31: July & Aug 9am-
                                                        7pm; May, June, Sep & Oct 9am-5pm.        “Norwegian Valley.”
                    its way to Little Norway to be
                                                        Admission fees: adults $10, seniors $9,         The Thrune Visitor’s
                    rebuilt in 1935. It holds a
                                                        children (5-12) $4.                       Center, constructed in 1982
                    collection of ornate and deco-
                                                                                                  with a major addition in
                                                                                                  1991, houses the Center’s

                                                                                                  museums, meeting rooms,
                                                                                                  gift shop, and a library spe-
                                                                                                  cializing in natural history
                                                                                                  and Norwegian immigrant
                                                                                                  history and genealogy.
                                                                                                       The Bekkum Homestead
                                                                                                  recreates a typical local farm
                                                                                                  at the turn of the century.
                                                                                                  The first buildings were
                                                                                                  moved to the site during the
                                                                                                  summer of 1982 from neigh-
                                                                                                  boring farms. Local families
                                                                                                  donated nearly all of the arti-
                                                                                                  facts that enrich the buildings.
                                                                                                  The homestead includes a
                                                                                                  house, summer kitchen,
                                                                                                  springhouse, corncrib, grana-
                                                                                                  ry, outhouse, chicken coop,
                                                                                                  machine shed, stable, barn,
                                                                                                  blacksmith’s shop, and stor-
                                                                                                  age shed.
                                                                                                       Norskedalen owns and
                                                                                                  operates a second property,
                                                                                                  The Skumsrud Heritage
                                                                                                  Farm, located on 43 acres
                                                                                                  about 4 miles southwest of
                                                                                                  the main complex. The prop-
                    Bekkum Homestead atNorskedalen Nature & Heritage Center.


                                                                          Father Samuel Mazzuchelli

                                                                                 ather Samuel Mazzuchelli was one of the preemi-
                                                                                 nent Catholic missionaries of the 19th century.
                                                                                 He is remembered as a teacher, an accomplished
                                                                          architect, a builder of churches, and a charismatic spiri-
                                                                          tual leader.
                                                                               Born in Milan, Italy in 1806, Mazzuchelli entered the
                                                                          Dominican Order when he was seventeen. In 1828
                                                                          he began his life as a missionary, posted to
                                                                          Mackinac Island on the Great Lakes frontier.
                    Norskedalen in winter.                                     Five years later, he moved to the
                    erty is an open-air museum                            Upper Mississippi River Valley to minister
                    with eleven restored pioneer                          to the lead miners in the area where today
                    log buildings nestled in a pic-                       Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa meet.
                    turesque valley with a creek,                         Mazzuchelli traveled a circuit of area min-
                    croplands and forested hills.                         ing communities that included the rough-
                    The property includes the                             and-tumble Wisconsin towns of Benton,
                    1853 Skumsrud pioneer log                             New Diggings, Lead Mine, Shullsburg and

                                                                                                                                           FATHER MAZZUCHELLI
                    cabin as well as the later
                    Thrune farm home.                                          In 1844, he built a church at New Diggings.
                         The Thrune Visitors                              Today, this small, weather-beaten Greco-Gothic church is
                    Center is handicapped accessi-                        the only surviving Mazzuchelli wooden church. Efforts
                    ble, as are restrooms at the                          are underway to restore this important architectural testa-
                    shelter house. The roughly                            ment to his faith. (From June-Sept the church is open
                    paved trail to the Bekkum                             Sun from 1-4pm, 608/744-3438.)
                    Homestead is navigable by                                  In 1847, he founded an order of teaching nuns, the
                    wheelchair, or accommoda-                             Sinsinawa Dominicans who built their Mother House at
                    tions can be made to shuttle                          Sinsinawa Mound in the far southwestern corner of
                                                                                                              Wisconsin. The sisters
                                                              DON DAVENPORT

                    visitors to the homestead site.
                    Norskedalen’s half-mile High                                                              exhibit a variety of
                    Hope Springs Trail, located in                                                            Mazzuchelli artifacts
                    one of the most beautiful                                                                 including his desk, chal-
                    parts of the arboretum, is also                                                           ice, chasuble, and penance
                    handicapped-accessible, com-                                                              chain, (open Mon-Fri
                    plete with interpretive signs                                                             10am-noon & 12:30-
                    and benches. Additionally, a                                                              3:30pm, Sat & Sun
                    close-captioned Norskedalen                                                               12:30-3:30pm, 608/748-
                    video is available.                                                                       4411).
                                                                                                                   The Mazzuchelli lega-
                    Norskedalen Nature & Heritage
                    Center, Inc.                                                                              cy includes the founding
                    N455 Ophus Rd.                                                                            of forty parishes from
                    Coon Valley, WI 54623                                                                     Mackinac Island south to
                                                                                                              Muscatine, Iowa. In
                                                                          St. Augustine Church, New Diggings. 1993 Pope John Paul II
                    Open Apr 15-Oct 31, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm,
                    Sat 10am-4pm, Sun noon-4pm; Nov 1-                    proclaimed Mazzuchelli “Venerable,” the first step to
                    Apr 14, Mon-Fri 10am-4pm, Sun noon-                   Catholic sainthood. He died in 1864 and is buried in the
                                                                          cemetery of St. Patrick’s Church in Benton, one of twenty
                    Admission fees: adults $5, children (k-
                    12) $2, family $12.                                   churches he designed and built.

                               European Heritage, continued...     ter of our ancestors in the late                                                                    Swiss Historical
                                                                   19th century. Stroll village                                                                            Village
                                Old World Wisconsin                streets past homes and shops.

                                                                   Chat with merchants and                                                                               he 14-building Swiss

                                         estled in the heart
                                                                   townsfolk. Wander the farm                                                                            Historical Village,
                                         of the Kettle
                                                                   pathways. Savor the sweet                                                                             which has hosted
                                         Moraine State
                                                                   smells of home-cooked meals                                                                  many thousands of visitors
                               Forest thirty-five miles
                                                                   prepared on wood burning                                                                     since it opened in 1942,

                                                                                                                SWISS HISTORICAL VILLAGE BY RJ & LINDA MILLER
                               southwest of Milwaukee,
                                                                   stoves. Watch as historic                                                                    tells a unique story of Swiss
                               Old World Wisconsin, an
                                                                   breeds of oxen and horses                                                                    immigration to Wisconsin.
                               outdoor museum of immi-
                                                                   work the fields. Try your                                                                    It also documents the intro-
                               grant and pioneer history,
                                                                   hand at some of the crafts -                                                                 duction and development of
                               awaits you. With more than
                                                                   and don’t forget to bring                                                                    Swiss-style cheese making in
                               65 historic buildings relocat-
                                                                   your camera.                                                                                 the Badger state.
                               ed from their original
                                                                        Plan to spend the day                                                                        Among popular
                               Wisconsin sites, you can
                                                                   exploring the 576-                                                                           displays are a Swiss bee house,
                               explore the very farms,
                                                                   acre site. A                                                                                   an original 1855 pioneer
                               homes, churches and stores
                                                                   motorized                                                                                        cabin, a log replica of the
                               of the state’s early settlers.
                                                                   tram takes                                                                                         first church/schoolhouse
                                    The museum has grouped
                                                                   you from                                                                                            in New Glarus, and a
                               its historic buildings to re-cre-
                                                                   one ethnic                                                                                           replica of an 1890’s-era
                               ate a Crossroads Village and
                                                                   area to                                                                                              cooperative cheese fac-
                               10 ethnic farmsteads featuring
                                                                   another.                                                                                             tory.
                               the heritage of the German,
                                                                   Or, hike                                                                                                  New Glarus was
                               Finnish, Norwegian, Danish,
                                                                   Old World’s                                                                                         founded in 1845 by the
                               Polish, Yankee, and African-
                                                                   award-win-                                                                                         Emigration Society of the
                               American pioneers who immi-
                                                                   ning nature                                                                                      Canton of Glarus. The
                               grated to Wisconsin.
                                                                   trails through                                                                                community’s continuing ties
                               Costumed interpreters and a
                                                                   beautiful woods and                                                                          to Switzerland are reflected in
                               series of special events further
                                                                   prairies that abound with                                                                    the museum’s Hall of
                               illuminate the past.
                                                                   wildlife. Visit the museum gift                                                              History. Descendants of
                                    Rediscover how hard
                                                                   shop for unique gift items.                                                                  Green County’s early Swiss
                               work, determination, and per-
                                                                   Enjoy a snack, lunch, or the                                                                 pioneers donated most of the
                               severance defined the charac-
                                                                   famous Friday night fish fry in                                                              museum’s large collection.
                                                                   the charming historic atmos-                                                                 Their ancestors played a key

                                                                   phere of the museum’s                                                                        role in the development of
                                                                   Clausing Barn Restaurant.                                                                    Wisconsin’s dairy industry.
                                                                        Reasonable accommoda-                                                                        Continuous tours of the
                                                                   tions will be made for handi-                                                                facility are hosted by local
                                                                   capped individuals. Call ahead                                                               guides; or tour buildings on
                                                                   to make arrangements.                                                                        your own. The village muse-
                                                                                                                                                                um is on level ground and
                                                                   Old World Wisconsin
                                                                   S103W37890 Highway 67
                                                                                                                                                                almost all buildings are easily
                                                                   Eagle, WI 53119                                                                              accessed by the handicapped.
                                                                   866/944-7483, 262/594-6300                                                                   Swiss Historical Village Museum
                                                                   Open May 1-Oct 31; Mon-Fri 10am-                                                             612 7th Avenue
                                                                   4pm, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm, (10am-5pm                                                           New Glarus, WI 53574
                                                                   daily in July & Aug).
                                                                   Admission fees: adults $14, seniors. (65+)
                                                                                                                                                                Open May 1-Oct 31, daily 10am-4pm.
                                                                   $12.80, children (5-12) $8.50, family
                                                                   pass $39.                                                                                    Admission fees: adults $7, children $3,
                                                                                                                                                                group tour discounts.
                               Old World Wisconsin.

                                      Wisconsin History
                         Milwaukee Public               adventure around the world          tribes of Wisconsin: Chippewa
                             Museum                     with giant images and 12,000        (Ojibwe), Menominee,
                                                        watts of surround sound.            Oneida, Potawatomi,

                              onsidered one of the           Travel the world and cele-     Stockbridge-Munsee and
                              best natural history      brate the cultures of Africa,       Winnebago (Ho-Chunk).
                              museums in the            the Arctic, China, Japan,                Stand inches away from a
                     United States, the                 India, the Pacific Islands and      life-size Tyrannosaurus rex,
                     Milwaukee Public Museum            Middle, Central and South           Triceratops, and Stegosaurus
                     offers 150,000 square feet         America. Walk through the           in The Third Planet. The
                     of world-class exhibits, a         vanishing ecosystem of a            exhibit features a walk-in ice
                     year-round calendar of sup-        Costa Rican rain forest and
                     porting lectures and special       see spectacular plants and ani-
                     events, and a collection of        mals. Visit the ancient civiliza-
                     6.2 million specimens and          tions of Egypt, Syria, Greece
                     objects.                           and Rome. Learn how archae-
                          Enter the Milwaukee           ologists piece together puz-
                     Public Museum and witness          zles of the past.
                     natural wonders, cultures and           Witness Wisconsin’s var-
                     scientific discovery millions of   ied animal and plant life in
                     years in the making. The           Wisconsin Woodlands. Hear
                     Museum’s three floors of           the sounds of singers at a tra-

                                                                                                                                   TOURISM PHOTO FILE
                     exhibits transport visitors to     ditional drum in A Tribute to
                     the past and offer a glimpse       Survival. Thirty-seven life-size
                     into the future. The Museum        figures modeled from actual
                     is also home to the                tribal members highlight a
                                                                                            Puelicher Butterfly Wing.
                     Humphrey IMAX Dome                 recreation of a Wisconsin
                     Theater, a six- story tall the-    Woodlands Indian Powwow,            cave and a walk through lime-
                     ater that takes audiences on       featuring the present-day           stone cavern. Visitors can also
                                                                                            see one of the world’s largest

                                                                                            Torosaurus skulls, measuring
                                                                                            9-feet long and 8-feet wide.
                                                                                                 The contributions of
                                                                                            European immigrants to the
                                                                                            settlement of the United
                                                                                            States and Wisconsin are
                                                                                            highlighted in European
                                                                                            Village. Thirty European
                                                                                            homes showcase “old coun-
                                                                                            try” authenticity through arti-
                                                                                            facts and architectural detail.
                                                                                            This “living exhibit” changes
                                                                                            seasonally as members of the
                                                                                            local community decorate
                                                                                            their homes for the holidays.
                     Milwaukee Public Museum.                                                                       continued...

                          Wisconsin History, continued...     excitement of scientific dis-
                               Experience a bygone area
                                                                  The Milwaukee Public
                          in Streets of Old Milwaukee.
                                                              Museum and the Humphrey
                          Hundreds of original period
                                                              IMAX Dome Theater are
                          objects and structural ele-
                                                              accessible to those using
                          ments, including doors, win-
                                                              wheelchairs or with limited
                          dows, counters, railings, stair-
                                                              mobility. Wheelchairs are
                          cases and gingerbread trim
                                                              available on site for rental.
                          from actual buildings built
                          between 1850 and 1900 were          Milwaukee Public Museum
                          used to construct the exhibit.      800 W Wells St
                                                              Milwaukee, WI 53233-1478
                               Walk amidst thousands of
                          butterflies in the Puelicher        414/278-2702, or 888/700-9069

                                                                                                                                                      RJ & LINDA MILLER
                          Butterfly Wing, a walk-             Open daily 9am-5pm. (Evening IMAX
                                                              shows Fri & Sat.)
                          through tropical garden. The        Admission fees: adults $8, seniors (62+)
                          adjacent area features live         $7, children (3-15) $5.50, under 2 free,
                          bugs and elaborate interactive      Milwaukee County residents with ID         Chippewa Valley Museum.
                          stations that outline why but-      free every Mon.
                                                                                                         exhibit asks why some farm
                          terflies and insects are critical
                                                                    Chippewa Valley                      families cling to this rural way
                          to the environment.
                                                                       Museum                            of life, while others do not.

                                                                                                              In addition, the museum

                                                                        estled under a                   maintains an 1882 school-
                                                                        canopy of pine trees             house and 1860’s Norwegian
                                                                        in scenic Carson                 log house on the grounds;
                                                              Park, the nationally recog-                serves treats in a working
                                                              nized Chippewa Valley                      19th century ice cream parlor;
                                                              Museum (CVM) collects,                     and charms visitors with an
                                                              preserves and tells the sto-               eight-foot, 21-room doll-
                                                              ries of the Chippewa Valley                house. Its research library
                                                              and its people.                            holds 26,000 archival items,
                                                                   CVM offers three long-                including 14,000 photo-
                                                              term exhibits as well as a vari-           graphs. A genealogy section
                                                              ety of programs and smaller                includes city directories and
                                                              exhibits. Paths of the People              extensive area cemetery direc-
                                                              traces the Ojibwe Indians                  tories.
                                                              from their arrival in the                       The museum is complete-
                                                              Chippewa Valley 300 years                  ly wheelchair accessible. While
                          Streets of Old Milwaukee.           ago, through treaties and                  wheelchair-bound visitors
                                                              boarding schools, to the pow-              have been in the log house,
                               Exploring Life on Earth        wow grounds of the 1990s.                  neither historic structure
                          showcases the research and          Settlement & Survival follows              offers easy handicap access.
                          collection of Milwaukee             the flood of immigrants –
                          Public Museum scientists.                                                      Chippewa Valley Museum
                                                              Yankees, Germans,                          1204 Carson Park Dr.
                          With real specimens and             Norwegians and others – to                 P.O. Box 1204
                          interactive displays, the exhib-    the sawdust cities of the lum-             Eau Claire, WI 54702-1204
                          it explores the variety of life     ber boom; then lets visitors
                          on Earth and how it has             discover what happened after               Open MD-LD, Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun
                          changed over time. Life-size        the “inexhaustible” pinery                 1-5pm, Tues ‘til 8pm; LD-MD, Tues-Sun
                          dioramas, multimedia stations       disappeared under the axe.                 1-5pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Tues ‘til 8pm.
                          and animatronics augment the        CVM’s 2004 Farm Life                       Admission fees: Adults $4, ages 3-17
                                                                                                         $1.50, under 3 Free; Tues eve free to all.

                                             Green Bay Packers
                                               Hall of Fame
                                               Located one level below
                                          the main floor of the
                                          Lambeau Field Atrium, the
                                          new Packers Hall of Fame is
                                          25,000 square feet of pure
                                          Packers glory where you can
                                          see, touch and feel more than
                                          80 years of riveting history.
                                               A moving, 12-minute
                                          movie about the Packers, pro-
                                          duced for the team by NFL
                                          Films, starts the Hall of Fame
                                          experience. Beautifully recre-
                                          ated moments are around

                                                                                                                                                           TOURISM PHOTO FILE
                                          every corner. Interactive
                                          videos line the hallways.
                                          There are 77 exhibits featur-
                                          ing Packers fans, the Ice
                                                                             Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.
                                          Bowl, and today’s team. A
                                          huge kid’s area lets little fans   until the visitor reaches the     areas, including the visiting
                                          do the Lambeau Leap, throw         plaques of all 131 members of     team locker room. Bring your
                                          passes and kick field goals.       the Packers Hall of Fame and      camera for outstanding photo
                                               A recreated office of leg-    a display of the team’s three     opportunities.
                                          endary coach Vince Lombardi        Super Bowl trophies.                  Both the Packers Hall of
                                          and lockers of all twenty              Many fans include a stadi-    Fame and the Lambeau Field
                                          Packers in the Pro Football        um tour of Lambeau Field.         Stadium Tours are wheelchair
                                          Hall of Fame are among the         You can walk through the          accessible.
                                          highlights of this unique          team tunnel to the field and      Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame
                                          space, which does not end          see several behind-the-scenes     1265 Lombardi Ave.
                                                                                                               Green Bay, WI 54304

                                                                                                               888/442-7225, 920/569-7512
                                                                                                               Open daily 9am-6pm, (hours may vary
                                                                                                               for home games).
                                                                                                               Admission fees: adults (12+) $10, seniors
                                                                                                               (62+) $8, youth (6-11) $5, under 5 free.

                                                                                                                      Kenosha Public

                                                                                                                      enosha Public
                                                                                                                      Museum exhibits
                                                                                                                      detail how Wisconsin
                                                                                                               has changed over the last
                                                                                                               425 million years. Pull trilo-
                                                                                                               bites out of a tropical coral
                                                                                                               reef. Visit the Mesozoic
                                                                                                               world of the deinonychus.

                                          Kenosha Public Museum.                                                                          continued...

Wisconsin History, continued...                                                     rehabilitated to accommodate
                                                                                    visitors and the tunnel was
See a Paleo-Indian hunting
                                                                                    enlarged and lined with stone.
party attack woolly mam-
                                                                                         A guided tour explores
moths during the Ice Age.
                                                                                    the entire inn, including the
See Wisconsin’s oldest water
                                                                                    tunnel. Tours focus on the
vessel. Discover the complex
                                                                                    history of Milton, the life and
and sophisticated Aztalan
                                                                                    times of Joseph Goodrich, the
culture that flourished in
                                                                                    operation of his stagecoach
Wisconsin 1000 years ago.
                                                                                    inn, and the unique features
Tour a Native American vil-
                                                                                    and functions of the Milton
lage from the 18th century.
                                                                                    House itself. Constructed of
Meet the state’s first Euro-
                                                                                    lime mortar, the Milton
American explorers and
                                                                                    House is recognized by the
                                                                                    Portland Cement Association
     The museum’s signature
                                                                                    as the first concrete home in
exhibit is the largest and most

                                                                       DON ABRAMS
complete mammoth ever
                                                                                         Both the first floor of the
excavated in North America.
                                                                                    inn and the cabin are handi-
In 1992, a KPM archaeologist       Milton House Museum.                             capped-accessible. A video of
began excavating two woolly
                                                                                    the second floor and
mammoth skeletons in west-         Milton House Museum                              Underground Railroad display
ern Kenosha County. Those            National Historic                              is available for those who are
bones show cut marks made
by stone tools. Carbon dating
                                         Landmark                                   unable to negotiate the stairs.
                                                                                    Milton House Museum

indicates their age to be                  he Milton House
12,500 years old – 1000 years              National Historic                        18 S Janesville St.
                                                                                    Milton, WI 53563
earlier than the previously                Landmark, an 1844              
accepted date for the presence     stagecoach inn, is                               608/868-7772
of humans in the Americas.         Wisconsin’s only document-                       Open May 1-LD. Open Sat & Sun in
The mammoth bones are dis-                                                          May, 10am-5pm; MD-LD daily, 10am-
                                   ed Underground Railroad                          5pm.
played as they were found at       site.                                            Admission fees: adults (12+) $5, seniors
the excavation site along with          The unusual hexagonal                       (62+) $4, children (5-12) $2, under 5
a life-sized skeletal replica.     three-story house was both an                    free.
     The Kenosha Public            inn and the family residence
Museum is fully accessible,        of Joseph Goodrich, the                          Neville Public Museum
with two elevators.                founder of Milton. Goodrich                        of Brown County
Wheelchairs are available for      was a Seventh Day Baptist

use in the Museum.                                                                           he rich history of
                                   and an outspoken abolitionist.
Additional accommodations                                                                    Green Bay and
                                   His inn was a clandestine stop
may be made with 72 hours                                                                    Northeastern
                                   on the Underground
notice.                                                                             Wisconsin can be explored
                                   Railroad; a forty-foot tunnel
                                                                                    at the city’s Neville Public
Kenosha Public Museum              connects the inn to a small
5500 First Ave.                    log cabin east of the main
                                                                                         Walk through time in the
Kenosha, WI 53140                  house.                                                         permanent exhibition, On the
                                        The tunnel, originally an
                                                                                    Edge of the Inland Sea, a trip
Open Sun & Mon noon-5pm; Tue-Sat   earthen structure about three
                                                                                    starting at the end of the last
9am-5pm.                           to five feet high, is believed to
                                                                                    Ice Age. Dioramas and arti-
Admission fees: free               have been constructed shortly
                                                                                    facts illuminate the area’s
                                   after the house was complet-
                                                                                    unique geology, indigenous
                                   ed. In 1953, the property was

                     wildlife and Native American
                     culture. Relive the arrival of
                     Frenchman Jean Nicolet in
                                                        Birthplace of the GOP

                     1634. Follow the era of                      estled in rural east central Wisconsin, the city
                     British influence, the building              of Ripon is home to a building with a special
                     of Fort Howard, and                          place in our nation’s history. In the center of
                     Wisconsin statehood in 1848.       the city, beside meandering Silver Creek, is The Little
                          Thousands of artifacts,       White Schoolhouse. Built in 1850, this National
                     photographs, and film trace        Historic Landmark is the birthplace of the Republican
                     the development of Green           Party.
                     Bay through the mid-20th                2004 marked the 150th
                     century. The museum also           anniversary of the historic
                     features changing history          meeting that took place here
                     exhibits focusing on various       on March 20, 1854. This
                     aspects of Wisconsin’s past.       was the first grassroots meet-
                          The permanent collec-         ing by members of three
                     tion, open by appointment, is      existing political parties to
                     the heart of the museum. The       form a new party called

                                                                                                                                   COMMENDERE BARNES
                     diversity of the region is pre-    Republican, which ignited a nation-
                     served in more than one mil-       al movement.
                     lion objects including histori-         The museum contains artifacts that relate the story of
                     cal artifacts, original artwork,   the meeting, as well as others that tell about the founding
                     and archeological specimens.       of Ripon and what school-life was like for children in the
                     The film collection – an           1850’s.
                     invaluable resource for educa-          Located at 303 Blackburn St., The Little White
                     tors and researchers – includes    Schoolhouse is open May 1-Oct 30; daily MD-LD 10am-
                     more than 100,000 prints;          4pm; Sat & Sun only May, Sep & Oct. Admission fees
                     1,000,000 negatives (taken         are adults (12+) $1, under 12 free.,
                     for the Green Bay Press-           920/748-6764.
                     Gazette from about 1950-                 There is a wheelchair ramp into the building making
                     80); and 4,000,000 feet of         it accessible to the handicapped.
                     local television news film.

                                                                                           The Neville and its park-
                                                                                       ing lot are accessible for the
                                                                                       handicapped with ramps, an
                                                                                       elevator, and accessible rest-
                                                                                       rooms. Wheelchairs are avail-
                                                                                       able. The Neville Theater
                                                                                       (auditorium) can also accom-
                                                                                       modate visitors in wheel-
                                                                                       Neville Public Museum
                                                                                       210 Museum Place
                                                                                       Green Bay, WI 54303
                                                                                       Open Mon, Tues, Fri & Sat 9am-5pm;
                                                                                       Wed & Thur 9am-8pm; Sun noon-5pm.
                                                                                       Admission fees: adult (16+) $4, child (6-
                                                                                       15) $2, under 5 free. Free admission 9-
                                                                                       10am Mon-Sat.
                     Neville Public Museum.                                                                       continued...

              Wisconsin History, continued...        constraints. Topics include         Creek National Wildlife
                                                     Lake Superior, lighthouses,         Refuge through an interactive
               Northern Great Lakes                  fishing, Native American cul-       exhibit.
                  Visitor Center                     ture, farming, tourism, com-            The Northern Great
                                                     mercial fishing, mining, and        Lakes Visitor Center building

                      he interactive exhibits
                      of the Northern                more. Peek inside an 18th           and grounds were designed to
                      Great Lakes Visitor            century fur trader’s cabin;         provide universal accessibility
              Center tell the stories of the         hear and feel the rumble of         for every visitor. Wide hall-
              Great Lakes Region. They               the explosion after pushing         ways, automatic doors, out-
              are the stories of the Native          down the dynamite plunger at        door paths, an elevator and
              American, the fur trader, the          the head frame of a deep-shaft      spacious restrooms accommo-
              lumberjack, the miner, the             iron mine; or step back and         date all handicapped visitors.
              sailor and the farmer. Spend           listen to voyageurs singing as      Northern Great Lakes Visitor
              a few minutes or a few                 they paddle their birch bark        Center
              hours exploring the center’s           canoe across Lake Superior.         29270 County Road G
                                                          Visitors can browse the        Ashland, WI 54806
              two floors of cultural and                                       
              natural history exhibits.              center’s annually changing          715/685-9983
                   The center’s dioramas and         exhibits that interpretively dis-   Open daily 9am-5pm, (‘til 7pm during
                                                     play the arts and culture of        summer).
              displays interpret the interac-
                                                     the region. In 2005, an             Admission fees: free
              tion of human cultures with
              the land and natural resources         exhibit exploring the history
              of the region. The center’s            of forestry will be on display            Oshkosh Public
              design allows visitors to pick         in conjuncture with the 100th                Museum
              and choose topics according            anniversary of the U.S. Forest

                                                                                                 he Oshkosh Public
              to their interests and time            Service. Nearby, visitors can
                                                                                                 Museum tells the rich
                                                     also explore the Whittlesey
                                                                                                 story of the explo-
                                                                                         ration, settlement, and

                                                                                         development of Oshkosh
                                                                                         and the Lake Winnebago
                                                                                         Region of Wisconsin. It is
                                                                                         the story of Native
                                                                                         Americans, French fur
                                                                                         traders, European immi-
                                                                                         grants, pioneer farmers,
                                                                                         shopkeepers, and lumber
                                                                                              Discover the museum’s
                                                                                         many innovative and exciting
                                                                                         exhibits. Visitors can hear the
                                                                                         haunting sounds of a
                                                                                         Norwegian Hardanger fiddle.
                                                                                         They can marvel at the intri-
                                                                                         cate 1926 scale model of the
                                                                                         city’s Paine Lumber
                                                                                         Company, once “The World’s
                                                                                         Largest Lumber Co.” Kids of
                                                                                         all ages will love exploring
                                                                                         “Grandma’s Attic,” the exten-
                                                                                         sive “Waterways & Wildlife”
                                                                                         exhibit, or stand in awe of the
              Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center.

                                              eight-foot tall Apostles Clock.
                                              The museum also displays
                                              impressive collections of folk
                                              art, glass and ceramics, mili-
                                              tary memorabilia and Native
                                              American culture.
                                                   The museum and its
                                              extensive archives are housed
                                              in the 1908 Edwardian man-
                                              sion of former lumber baron
                                              Edgar P. Sawyer. With interi-
                                              ors by New York’s famous
                                              Tiffany Studios, the Sawyer

                                                                                                                                                                          DON ABRAMS
                                              home is an architectural mas-
                                              terpiece. The museum com-
                                              plex is further augmented by             Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum.
                                              the modern William Steiger
                                                                                           Wisconsin Black                     labor, both in America and
                                                                                           Historical Society                  Wisconsin; the key historical,
                                                   Find out why the                                                            social and economic events
                                              Oshkosh Public Museum was                        Museum
                                                                                                                               that have affected and influ-
                                              voted the No.1 family muse-

                                                                                               he Wisconsin Black              enced African Americans as a
                                              um in the Fox River Valley for                   Historical Society              workforce. There are sections
                                              three straight years.                            Museum documents                on slavery, agriculture, and
                                                   The museum is ADA                   and preserves the historical            the industrial revolution that
                                              compliant and wheelchair                 heritage of African descent             led blacks in America from
                                              accessible.                              in Wisconsin. The museum                the farm fields to the facto-
                                              Oshkosh Public Museum                    collects and exhibits materi-           ries. The exhibit does much
                                              1331 Algoma Blvd.                        als depicting this heritage. It         to dispel the myth of black
                                              Oshkosh, WI 54901-2799                   also serves as a resource cen-
                                                                                                                               people as lazy underachievers,
                                              920/424-4731                             ter for all people interesting          acknowledging them as proud
                                              Open Tue-Sat 10am-4:30pm, Sun 1-         in Wisconsin’s rich African             and industrious workers.
                                              4:30pm. Closed Mon & holidays.           American heritage.                           Another museum high-
                                              Admission fees: free to museum; $2 a          Museum exhibits current-           light is a giant 14-panel mural
                                              person requested for special exhibits.
                                                                                       ly focus on African American            tracing African American his-
                                                                                                                               tory from ancient Egypt to
                                                                                                                               the early settlers of rural

                                                                                                                               Wisconsin and Milwaukee.
                                                                                                                               George Gist artfully executed
                                                                                                                               this larger-than-life panorama.
                                                                                                                                    The museum is not
                                                                                                                               wheelchair accessible.
                                                                                                                               Wisconsin Black Historical
                                                                                                                               Society Museum
                                                                                                                               2620 W. Center St.
                                                                                                                               Milwaukee, WI 53206
                                                                                                                               Open Tues-Sat 9am-5pm.
                                                                                                                               Admission fees: unguided tours are free;
                                                                                                                               guided tours are adults $5, children

                                              Oshkosh Public Museum.                                                                                     continued...

Wisconsin History, continued...

   Historical Museum

        ocated on Capitol
        Square in downtown
        Madison, the
Wisconsin Historical
Museum tells the story of
the state’s rich history from
arrival of the earliest Native
Americans to the successive
waves of European migra-
tion. Explore Wisconsin’s
distinctive heritage and a

                                                                                                            JIM BACH
variety of other American
history topics through arti-      Wisconsin Historical Museum.
facts, photographs, full-scale
dioramas, audio-visual pre-       Identity through Wisconsin              grown to comprise the largest
sentations, and interactive       Folk Objects.                           library in the world dedicated
multimedia programs.                   The museum is fully                exclusively to North American
      The museum offers four      wheelchair accessible with              history. The Society’s library
floors of permanent and           automatic doors, accessible             and archives hold numerous
changing exhibits. Explore        restrooms, and elevators.               collections of national impor-
the People of the Woodlands       Wisconsin Historical Museum             tance, ranging from early
exhibit, which highlights the     30 N. Carroll St.                       American frontier history to
stories of native people living   Madison, WI 53703                       late 20th-century social action
in Wisconsin before and after         movements, such as civil
the fur trade. You can also                                               rights. Highlights include his-
                                  Open Tues-Sat, 9am-4pm; closed Sun &
enter an Aztalan-style house      Mon.                                    toric diaries including that of
and investigate the science of    Admission fees: Suggested donation      Sgt. Charles Floyd, the only
archaeology.                      adults $4, children 18 & under $3, or   member of the Lewis and
     Tour two hundred years       $10 family donation.
                                                                          Clark expedition to die on
of Wisconsin history in the                                               their journey of discovery; the
museum’s third and fourth           Wisconsin Historical                  Wisconsin Genealogy
floor exhibit, On Common            Society Headquarters                  Research Service; tens of
Ground. Explore themes                                                    thousands of historic

                                         ounded in 1846 —
unique to Wisconsin History              two years before                 Wisconsin images from the
from settlement days to the              Wisconsin statehood              19th and 20th centuries
present. Discover a frontier      — the Wisconsin Historical              including the magnificent
lead mine, track immigration      Society moved from tempo-               H.H. Bennett collection; rare
routes, explore work and play     rary quarters in the second             books, handwritten manu-
in a lumber camp, and exam-       state Capitol to its present-           scripts, and antique maps that
ine Wisconsin’s political her-    day headquarters on the                 illustrate 250 years of
itage.                            University of Wisconsin-                Wisconsin history.
     From April 15th, 2005        Madison campus in 1900.                      The Wisconsin Historical
through June 2006, explore            Today the Society ranks             Museum on Madison’s
Wisconsin folk culture in a       among the pre-eminent state             Capitol Square and a
temporary exhibit called          historical agencies in the              statewide network of 10 his-
Person to Person: Crafting        nation. Its collections have            toric sites provide one of the

                                           nation’s most comprehensive            Wisconsin State Capitol                Visitors can tour the
                                           laboratories for the study,                                              chambers that house the three

                                           appreciation and enjoyment                        isconsin’s State       branches of government –
                                           of midwestern frontier histo-                     Capitol lies on an     executive, judicial and legisla-
                                           ry. The Society also leads the                    isthmus bordered       tive. The Governor’s
                                           way in working to preserve             by Lakes Monona and               Conference Room is styled
                                           Wisconsin’s built and archae-          Mendota. This majestic            after the small council cham-
                                           ological heritage through a            granite structure designed        bers of the Doge’s palace in
                                           variety of historic preservation       by George B. Post & Sons          Venice. The Supreme Court is
                                           programs.                              was built between 1906 and        decorated with German and
                                                The Wisconsin Historical          1917 at a cost of $7.25 mil-      Italian marble, mahogany fur-
                                           Society’s headquarters build-          lion.                             niture and four murals that
                                           ing is fully accessible to per-             Reaching a height of over    illustrate historical events that
                                           sons with disabilities.                265 feet, the Capitol dome is     have influenced current
                                                                                  topped by an elegant gilded       Wisconsin law. Wisconsin’s
                                           Wisconsin Historical Society
                                           Headquarters                           bronze statue, “Wisconsin.”       bicameral legislature meets in
                                           816 State Street                       The interior of the Capitol       its second floor chambers.
                                           Madison, WI 53706                      showcases 43 unique varieties     The Senate is decorated with
                                                                                  of stone from around the          French and Italian marble,
                                           Open Mon-Thur 8am-9pm, Fri & Sat       world, hand-carved furniture      walnut furniture, and a mural
                                           8am-5pm, closed Sun. (During UW        and glass mosaics. The mural      depicting the opening of the
                                           break periods, closing is 5pm.)        “Resources of Wisconsin”          Panama Canal. The Assembly
                                           Admission fees: free.                  decorates the rotunda’s interi-   features New York and Italian
                                                                                  or dome.                          marble, Wisconsin oak furni-
                                                                                                                    ture, and a mural symbolizing

                                                                                                                    Wisconsin’s past, present and
                                                                                                                         There are three handi-
                                                                                                                    capped-parking stalls located
                                                                                                                    at the foot of the stairs on
                                                                                                                    East Washington Avenue.
                                                                                                                    Handicapped accessible
                                                                                                                    entrances are located at East
                                                                                                                    and West Washington
                                                                                                                    Avenues, Wisconsin Avenue
                                                                                                                    and Martin Luther King Blvd.
                                                                                                                    Many of the restrooms are
                                                                                                                    also accessible. There are ele-
                                                                                                                    vators throughout the build-
                                                                                                                    ing making all rooms featured
                                                                                                                    on the tour accessible.
                                                                                                                    Wisconsin State Capitol Building
                                                                                                                    2 E. Main St.
                                                                                                                    Madison, WI 53702
                                                                                                                    Open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat & Sun
                                                                                                                    8am-4pm. Tours Mon-Sat at 9, 10 &
                                                                                                                    11am and 1, 2 & 3pm; Sun at 1, 2 &
                                                                                                                    3pm. (Additional 4pm tour weekdays in
                                                                                                                    Admission fees: free.
                                           Assembly Chamber, Wisconsin State Capitol.

                        Early Industry
  Camp Five Museum                        Enjoy a memorable ride          Camp Five Museum’s
                                     on the newly renovated 1916     attractions are handicapped

    n the late 1890’s, Camp          Lumberjack Special Steam        accessible.
    Five began operations as         Train. The train runs from an   Lumberjack Special Steam Train
    a logging camp in                1880’s Soo Line to Camp         & Camp Five Museum Complex
northern Wisconsin. In               Five Museum’s many attrac-      5480 Connor Farm Rd.
1914, a farm was developed           tions. At the logging muse-     Laona, WI 54541
at the site by the Connor            um, you can watch a black-      800/774-3414, 715/674-3414
Lumber & Land Company                smith pound and shape your      Open mid-June thru Aug, Mon-Sat,
to raise meat, produce, and          very own mini-horseshoe in a    11am-4pm. Train rides at 11am, noon,
draft horses for other area                                          1 & 2pm.
                                     roaring furnace. See frying
logging camps. All logging                                           Admission fees: adults $16, children (4-
                                     pans three feet across. Learn   12) $6, family $45.
camps of the era were num-           how draft horses pulled huge
bered in succession as               sleds piled thirty feet high
forestry moved from one
                                                                       Dells Mill Historical
                                     with logs.                       Landmark & Museum
location to another; hence                Camp Five’s attractions
the “Camp Five” designa-

                                     include motorized surrey             n operation since 1864,
tion.                                rides through the forest,            the Dells Mill is an
    Camp Five is the only            friendly farm animals at the         impressive five-story
logging company farm in              corral, and pontoon boat        structure built of hand-hewn
Wisconsin still in existence.        rides on the Rat River. The     timbers secured by pegs of
Today, the farm is still in          museum’s season also            oak. Powered by the waters
operation. Most of the lum-          includes captivating special    of Bridge Creek, the mill
ber company-era buildings            events such as Cowboy           ground flour and feed for
remain, including the                Reenactments, Family            more than 100 years. In
foursquare Sears farmhouse.          Forestry Expo, WWI              1968 the mill was converted
In 1996, Camp Five was               Doughboys, the Lumberjack       into a museum, although
added to the National                Cook, and the Fall Festival.    grinding is still done on spe-
Register of Historic Places.                                         cial occasions.
                                                                                                                TOURISM PHOTO FILE

Lumberjack Special Steam Train, Camp Five Museum.


                                                                    Beer & Cheese

                                                                           or those with only a nodding acquaintance with
                                                                           the state, Wisconsin is beer and cheese. OK – we
                                                                           can work with that.
                                                                         The United States consumes nearly 190 million bar-
                                                                    rels of beer each year, of which about 45 million barrels
                                                                    are produced by the Miller Brewing Company
                                                                    of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1997 statis-
                                                                    tics). That’s 25% of total sales – a
                                                                    whopping $3.5 billion. And that’s
                                                                    what keeps Milwaukee famous. Free
                                                                    walking tours of the Miller Brewery
                                                                    are offered Mon-Sat from 10:30am-
                Dells Mill Museum.                                  3:30pm,,
                     Visitors receive a guided                      800/944-5483.
                tour of the mill that is not                             Equally famous are several
                                                                    regional brewers including the Jacob

                                                                                                                                   MILLER BREWERY TOUR BY DON ABRAMS
                only a Wisconsin Registered
                Landmark, but is also on the                        Leinenkugel Brewing Company of
                National Register of Historic                       Chippewa Falls (tours Mon-Sat from
                Places. On exhibit, visitors                        9am-5pm,, 715/723-
                will find a slice of country life                   5557), the Joseph Huber Brewing Company of Monroe
                from days gone bye including                        (tours Thur, Fri & Sat at 11am, 1 & 3pm,
                plows, scythes, butter churns,            , 608/325-3191), and the Stevens
                a rope-making machine,                              Point Brewery (tours Mon-Sat at 11am & 1:30pm,
                sleighs, buggies, a covered               , 800/369-4911).
                wagon, and a collection of                               Wisconsin’s dairy industry produces 13% of the
                Civil War memorabilia. But                          nation’s milk and 25% of its butter. Our cheesemakers
                                                                    lead the nation, producing 2.275 billion pounds of cheese
                the most intriguing exhibit is
                                                                                                          each year – fully 26%
                                                            DON ABRAMS

                the mill itself. In addition to
                                                                                                          or the national total.
                3,000 feet of belting and 175
                                                                                                          In 2004, Wisconsin
                pulleys – all powered by water
                                                                                                          cheesemakers gar-
                – the mill’s machinery
                                                                                                          nered eleven of the
                includes its old water wheels,
                                                                                                          thirty-two gold
                drive shafts, core wheel, barrel
                                                                                                          medals awarded to
                stencils and cup elevators.                                                               U.S. producers in
                     Only the mill’s main                                                                 the World Cheese
                floor, containing the bulk of                                                             Awards.
                the museum’s exhibits, is                                                                      Thirty-five
                wheelchair accessible. There                                                              Wisconsin cheese
                are no restrooms on the prop-                       The art of cheesemaking.              factories offer tours
                erty.                                               or viewing opportunities. The Union Star Cheese Factory
                Dells Mill Museum                                   in Fremont offers tours Mon-Sat from 8-10am, 800/354-
                E18855 Cty. Rd. V                                   3373. Lakeview Farms in Bristol offers tours Mon-Fri at
                Augusta, WI 54722                                   10:30am and again at 2pm, 800/806-6952. Cedar Grove
                                                                    Cheese in Plain offers tours Mon-Sat from 8:30am-
                Open May 1-Oct 31, daily 10am-5pm.
                Admission fee: adults $7, students $3.50,
                                                                    1:30pm, 800/200-6020.
                children (3-6) $1.50.                                    For more Wisconsin beer and cheese information, visit

Early Industry, continued...

   Hoard Historical
  Museum & National
    Dairy Shrine’s
   Visitors Center

         isit the Hoard
         Historical Museum
         in Fort Atkinson to
learn the fascinating history

                                                                                                         TOURISM PHOTO FILE
of this area. Meet Abraham
Lincoln during the 1832
Black Hawk War, William
Hoard – the father of the
                                     The Mining Museum.
Wisconsin dairy industry,
and internationally known            sights and sounds of dairy            Mining Museum and
poet Lorine Niedecker.               farming – past, present and          Rollo Jamison Museum
     Visitors will enjoy walking     future.

through the historic 1864                The Hoard Museum and                    ounded in 1964, The
Hoard home featuring period          the National Dairy Shrine’s                 Mining Museum
rooms and modern exhibits,           Visitors Center are handi-                  traces the develop-
including a spectacular collec-      capped accessible with an            ment of lead and zinc min-
tion of local Native American        automatic front entrance, an         ing in the Upper Mississippi
artifacts. A research room and       elevator, and a wheelchair for       Valley through models, dio-
small gift shop are also locat-      public use. However, the             ramas, artifacts and photo-
ed in the house. On our              1841 Foster House is not             graphs. A guided tour
grounds, just a short walk           handicapped accessible.              descends ninety steps into
from the museum, is the                                                   the 1845 Bevans Lead
                                     Hoard Historical Museum &
1841 Foster House, the first         National Dairy Shrine’s Visitors     Mine. Tours also include a
                                     Center                               visit to a head-frame where
frame house built in Jefferson       407 Merchants Ave.
County, where visitors will get                                           you can see how zinc ore
                                     Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
a feel for pioneer living.                   was hoisted from a mine and
     The National Dairy              920/563-7769                         hand sorted, as well as a
Shrine’s Visitors Center fea-
                                     Open MD-LD Tues-Sat 9:30am-4:30pm,   train ride around the muse-
                                     Sun 11am-3pm; LD-MD Tues-Sat         um grounds in ore cars
tures an 18-minute multime-          9:30am-3:30pm.
dia show that captures the           Admission fees: free.
                                                                          pulled by a 1931 5-ton
                                                                                                         PHOTO COURTESY OF THE HOARD HISTORICAL MUSEUM

Hoard Historical Museum & National Dairy Shrine.

Whitcomb mine locomotive.                                                                 Pendarvis             prairie restoration. A visitors
    The Mining Museum                                                                                           guide to the Mine Hill inter-

building has additional                                                              endarvis, in historic      pretive walking trails is avail-
exhibits with maps, photo-                                                           Mineral Point, is nes-     able free of charge.
graphs, artifacts and mineral                                                        tled in the “driftless”        The Pendarvis Museum
specimens. On the second                                                     area of southwestern               Store offers an extensive
floor, you will find the                                                     Wisconsin, an area noted for       selection of old-fashioned toys
Rountree Gallery featuring                                                   the scenic beauty of its tree-     and candy, hard-to-find
work by area artists.                                                        covered ridges and valleys,        books, English tea wares,
    On the same grounds, the                                                 limestone outcroppings, and        Cornish jewelry and more.
Rollo Jamison Museum dis-                                                    picturesque rustic roads.          A changing gallery currently
plays a priceless collection of                                                   With the discovery of lead    features an exhibit titled,
more than 20,000                                                             in 1827, Mineral Point grew        “Selections from the
items, including                                                                to become one of the            Collections: The Quilts at
everything                                                                         largest and most impor-      Pendarvis.”
from arrow-                                                                          tant cities in the area.       Pendarvis is owned and
heads to car-                                                                         Cornish miners flocked    operated by the Wisconsin
riages,                                                                               to the region in the      Historical Society. The his-
mechanical                                                                            1830s and ‘40s to work    toric house interiors of
music boxes                                                                         the mines of the newly      Pendarvis are not equipped
to farm imple-                                                                    established Wisconsin         for handicapped access, how-
ments. The collec-                                                            Territory. These Cornish set-     ever handicapped persons are
                                           SHAKE RAG ALLEY BY GARY KNOWLES

tion has been in the making                                                  tlers used native limestone to     provided with an exterior tour
since Rollo Jamison, born in                                                 build stone-and-log houses         of the grounds and gardens.
Beetown, Wisconsin in 1899,                                                  that mirrored those they left
found his first arrowhead as a                                               behind in Cornwall.
                                                                                                                114 Shake Rag Street
boy on the family farm. His                                                       Today guided tours lead       Mineral Point, WI 53565
collection grew over the                                                     visitors through several of
                                                                             these historic dwellings. On       866/944-7483, 608/987-2122
years, illuminating the unique                                                                                  Open 2nd wk of May-Oct 31, 10am-5pm
history of Southwest                                                         the restored Merry Christmas       daily (last tour begins at 4pm).
Wisconsin.                                                                   Mine Hill, remnants of early       Admission fees: adults $8, seniors (65+)
    The Rollo Jamison                                                        “badger hole” mines can still      $7.20, children (5-12) $4, family $22.
Museum, the first floor of                                                   be seen as part of a 43-acre                                  continued...
The Mining Museum build-
ing, and the first floor of the
head-frame building are
wheelchair accessible. The
mine and the mine train are
not accessible.
Mining Museum-Rollo Jamison
405 E Main
Platteville, WI 53818-0780
                                                                                                                                                           WISCONSIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY

May-Oct museum & mine open daily
9am-5pm; Nov-Apr museum open Mon-
Fri 9am-4pm.
Admission fees: adult $7, seniors $6.30,
children 5-15 $3, under five free.


                               Early Industry, continued...

                                    Logging Museum

                                                                                                                                        PHOTO COURTESY OF RHINELANDER LOGGING MUSEUM
                                       ocated in beautiful
                                       Pioneer Park, the
                                       Rhinelander Logging
                               Museum is a true recreation
                               of a lumber camp of the
                                    With a bunkhouse, cook
                               shanty, and blacksmith shop
                               the museum is the most com-
                               plete display of its kind in the   Rhinelander Logging Museum.
                               area. It houses lumberjack
                                                                  Barracks preserve some of the           The Logging Museum
                               tools and equipment includ-
                                                                  Northwood’s memorabilia of          Complex is fully accessible
                               ing peaveys, pike poles, cant
                                                                  the Civilian Conservation           with the exception of the
                               hooks, and cross-cut saws, as
                                                                  Corp. The fire barn houses an       Rural School Museum that
                               well as many photographs
                                                                  1887 horse-drawn fire wagon         offers a video tour for the
                               covering the life and work of
                                                                  and restored fire trucks. The       handicapped.
                               the old time logger. Outside,
                                                                  Railroad Museum was once            Rhinelander Logging Museum
                               the museum displays the orig-
                                                                  the town’s Soo Line Railroad        Oneida Avenue
                               inal Thunder Lake Railway
                                                                  depot. It has been restored to      Rhinelander, WI 54501
                               engine No. 5, its coal tender,                                         715/369-5004
                                                                  its 1892 design and paint
                               railroad president Jack                                                Open MD-LD, daily 10am-5pm.
                                                                  scheme. The depot’s base-
                               Mylrea’s private car, and a                                            Admission fees: free
                                                                  ment houses a model railroad
                               Soo Line caboose.
                                                                  display showing Rhinelander
                                    The Logging Museum
                                                                  in years past.                       Stonefield & the State
                               shares Pioneer Park with four
                                                                        With a gift shop, story-       Agricultural Museum
                               other historic buildings.
                                                                  telling teepee, and blacksmith’s

                               Moved to the park and                                                        tonefield is located
                                                                  forge (home to the original               along the Mississippi
                               restored in 1975, the Rural
                                                                  “Black Hodag of the North”),              River just north of
                               School Museum was once the
                                                                  the Logging Museum Complex          Cassville. Developed in the
                               Newhaus School in the town
                                                                  in Pioneer Park is a great family   1860s and encompassing
                               of Newbold. The C.C.C.
                                                                  destination.                        2,000 acres, Stonefield was

                                                                                                      originally the estate of
                                                                                                      Nelson Dewey, the first gov-
                                                                                                      ernor of Wisconsin. Today
                                                                                                      you can discover
                                                                                                      Wisconsin’s agricultural her-
                                                                                                      itage by exploring the four
                                                                                                      parts of Stonefield state his-
                                                                                                      toric site.
                                                                                                           In the State Agricultural
                                                                                                      Museum, browse exhibits of
                                                                                                      striking McCormick advertis-
                                                                                                      ing art and rare examples of
                                                                                                      McCormick farm implements
                                                                                                      from incredibly detailed
                               Stonefield.                                                            miniature models to a full-size

1865 McCormick “Old
Reliable” reaper and other
rare pieces. The museum’s
extensive exhibits also include
an Allis-Chalmers Model U
tractor — the first rubber tire

                                                                                                                           PHOTO COURTESY OF WISCONSIN CRANBERRY DISCOVERY CENTER
tractor produced. The out-
door museum’s 1900 farm-
stead is a re-creation based on
a plan issued by the United
States Department of
     Then, tour the thirty
buildings that re-create a
Wisconsin rural village of the
1900s. See the shops that a
century ago provided the
farm family with access to
                                           Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center.
goods, services and social
activities. Finally, visit the
                                             Wisconsin Cranberry                   the tools and machinery used
Nelson Dewey home site that
                                              Discovery Center                     in cranberry production from
includes historic structures
                                                                                   the 1870s to the present.
once part of Dewey’s expan-

                                                   ocated in the heart of               There are also interactive
sive farm and orchard. The                         the state’s cranberry           displays designed especially
buildings are listed on the                        country, the                    for children, including a cran-
National Register of Historic              Wisconsin Cranberry                     berry corralling game where
Places.                                    Discovery Center preserves              youngsters can try their skill
     Stonefield is owned and               the history of the Badger               at gathering cranberries.
operated by the Wisconsin                  state’s No. 1 fruit crop –                   After touring the exhibit
Historical Society. The                    from Indians gathering wild             hall, visitors can treat them-
Nelson Dewey Barn, which                   berries to modern harvest               selves to cranberry ice cream
serves as the visitor center and           techniques.                             at the Center’s refurbished
museum shop, and the State                      Housed in a historic cran-         soda fountain. Dating to the
Agricultural Museum are                    berry warehouse, the exhibit            1930s, the marble ice cream
accessible to handicapped per-             hall features a 150-year-old            counter graced a Tomah drug
sons. The farmhouse, village               dugout canoe on permanent               store until 1973. You’ll also
buildings and the Nelson                   loan from the Wisconsin                 delight in the Center’s cran-
Dewey home site are not                    Historical Society, a log               berry-themed gift shop.
handicapped accessible,                    cabin-turned-workshop where                  The Center is handi-
although handicapped persons               cranberry hand rakes were               capped accessible with an ele-
are provided with an exterior              once made, early cranberry              vator that services the lower
tour of the village and farm-              harvesting equipment, a 1914            level exhibit hall.
stead.                                     Model T truck, and other                Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery
Stonefield                                 specialized tools unique to             Center
12195 County Road VV                       cranberry production.                   204 Main St.
Cassville, WI 53806                                                                Warrens, WI 54666-9501
                                                During your tour, you’ll
866/944-7483, 608/725-5210                 learn how cranberries are               608/378-4878
Open MD-LD 10am-4pm daily, then            planted, tended, harvested              Open Apr 1-Oct 31, daily 9am-5pm; Nov
10am-4pm Sat & Sun only thru mid-Oct.      and marketed. You’ll walk               1-Dec 31, Tues-Sat 10am-4pm.
Admission fees: adults $8, seniors (65+)   through the development of              Admission fees: adults $4.50, seniors
$7.20, children (5-12) $4, family $22.                                             (65+) $4.25, students (K-12) $3.50.

       Transportation Heritage
    Door County                  exhibit on the raising of the                    EAA AirVenture
   Maritime Museum               George E. Humphrey, one of                         Museum
                                 the largest ships ever salvaged,

F                                                                            T
        rom the beginning of     refitted and sailed. A major                        he EAA AirVenture
        the 20th century,        exhibit on Door County’s                            Museum in Oshkosh
        Sturgeon Bay ship-       early waterway transportation                       is home to one of the
yards have produced fishing      opens in April 2005.                        world’s largest private air-
trawlers, Navy vessels, ore           The museum also oper-                  craft collections. More than
carriers and some of the         ates a smaller but equally fas-             150 rare and historically sig-
finest yachts in the world.      cinating facility in Gills Rock             nificant airplanes are on dis-
That shipbuilding legacy is      at the northern tip of the                  play, covering the dynamic
the focus of the city’s beau-    county, as well as tours of the             history of personal flight
tiful 20,000 square foot         grounds and keepers house at                from the Wright brothers to
maritime museum.                 the Cana Island Lighthouse                  today’s innovators reaching
     Several galleries include   located just north of Baileys               the edge of space. The
scale models of boats and        Harbor.                                     museum’s galleries feature
ships built in Sturgeon Bay,          The museum facilities in               vintage airplanes, homebuilt
an exhibit featuring the coun-   both Sturgeon Bay and Gills                 aircraft, air racing, aerobatics
ty’s ten lighthouses with a      Rock are fully handicapped                  and more. The Eagle
full-sized replica of the        accessible; the Cana Island                 Hanger is an impressive
lantern room of the              Lighthouse is not.                          salute to the men, women
Sherwood Point lighthouse,                                                   and aircraft of the World
                                 Door County Maritime Museum
and Native American dugouts      - Sturgeon Bay                              War II era. The museum’s
and birch bark canoes from       120 N Madison Ave.                          new KidVenture Gallery
the 1800s. There’s also an       Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235                      offers young aviation enthu-
exhibit of lumber schooners      920/743-5958                                siasts the opportunity to
of the late 1800s, a working     Open MD-Oct 31 9am-6pm daily; Nov           explore and discover the
periscope and the pilothouse     1-MD 10am-5pm daily.                        excitement of flight with
from the Great Lakes ore car-    Admission fee: adults $7, children (5-17)   dozens of hands-on exhibits.
rier Elba, and an extensive      $4, family rate $18.
                                                                                                                RJ & LINDA MILLER

Door County Maritime Museum.

                                                                                                         At the East Troy end,
                                                                                                    most trips include a two-
                                                                                                    block run from the depot to
                                                                                                    the East Troy Shop where the
                                                                                                    restoration of the cars takes
                                                                                                    place. This is your opportuni-
                                                                                                    ty to see the other cars that
                                                                                                    aren’t in use at the time of
                                                                                                    your visit. There’s always a
                                                                                                    volunteer handy to show you
                                                                                                    around and answer questions.
                                                                                                         Special events include
                                                                                                    Trolleyfest Weekend in early
                                                                                                    spring, Model Railroad
                                                                                                    Weekend, and Fall Fun Days.
                                                                                                    The ETER also features
                                                                                                    award-winning dinner train
                                                                                                    service aboard the railroad’s
                                                                                                    Art Deco dining cars, the
                                                                                                    Ravenswood and Beverly
                        EEA AirVenture Museum.
                                                                                                         The ETER grounds are
                             From May through mid-                   East Troy Electric             fully accessible to people in
                        October, the museum’s                        Railroad Museum                wheelchairs. The rolling
                        Pioneer Airport welcomes vis-
                                                                                                    stock, however, is not.

                        itors to a faithful re-creation                   he East Troy Electric
                        of an airfield from the “barn-                    Railroad Museum
                        stormers” era. Vintage aircraft                   (ETER) operates on
                        fly from the 2,000-foot grass             seven miles of Milwaukee
                        runway with flights offered to            Electric Railway & Light
                        visitors in such fantastic flying         Company interurban track
                        machines as a 1929 Travel Air             originally laid in 1907.
                        open-cockpit biplane and a                     The ETER is an operat-
                        75-year-old Ford Tri-Motor.               ing railroad with two-dozen
                             The EAA AirVenture                   pieces of rolling stock includ-
                        Museum also features special              ing locomotives, dining cars,
                                                                                                                                              DON JOHANNING

                        events throughout the year                coaches and a variety of
                        for visitors of all ages. The             streetcars. Regular passenger
                        facility is fully accessible for          service is the mainstay of the
                                                                  operation. Streetcars, rapid      East Troy Electric Railroad Museum.
                        disabled visitors and welcomes
                        groups of all sizes.                      transit cars, and interurbans
                                                                                                    East Troy Electric Railroad
                                                                  make a ten-mile round trip        Museum
                        EAA AirVenture Museum
                                                                  between East Troy and The         2002 Church Street
                        3000 Poberezny Rd.
                        Oshkosh, WI 54902                         Elegant Farmer Farm Market        PO Box 943
                                near Mukwonago. The actual        East Troy, WI 53120
                        Open Mon-Sat 8:30am-5pm, Sun
                                                                  running time is twenty min-       262/642-3263
                        10am-5pm.                                 utes in each direction, with a    Open Sat & Sun, May 14-Oct 30, 11am-
                        Admission fees: MD-LD: adult $12,         twenty-minute layover at          5:30pm with 4 trains/day; and weekdays
                        seniors 62+ $10, student 6-17 $9,                                           June 15-Sep 2, 9:30am-4pm with 3
                                                                  either end. In season, trains     trains/day on Wed, Thur, & Fri.
                        children 5 & under free, family rate
                        $29; LD-MD adult $8.50, seniors 62+
                                                                  run at least four times each      Admission fees: adults $9, children (3-
                        $7.50, student 6-17 $6.50, children 5 &   day.                              11) $5, free under 3.
                        under free, family rate $21.                                                                          continued...

                           Transportation History, continued...

                                Railway Museum

                                    he Mid-Continent
                                    Railway Museum is
                                    an outdoor, living
                           museum and operating rail-
                           road recreating the small
                           town/short line way of life.
                           Its primary focus is on the

                                                                                                                                               JIM BACH
                           railroad legacy of the Upper
                           Midwest during the Golden              Mid-Continent Railway Museum.
                           Age of Railroading, 1880-
                           1916. The museum collects              admission to the museum’s        The restrooms across from
                           and preserves rolling stock,           Coach Shed where patrons         the depot are handicapped
                           structures, and other rail-            can view the interiors of a      accessible.
                           road artifacts of that era.            Great Northern wooden            Mid-Continent Railway Museum
                                The museum’s most visi-           caboose, an 1888 DSS&A           E8948 Diamond Hill Rd.
                           ble focus is its seasonal sched-       wooden coach, a combination      North Freedom, WI 53951
                           ule of operating passenger             car, and a 120-year-old
                                                                                                   800/930-1385, 608/522-4261
                           train rides. In summer, four           Wisconsin Central business       Open May 7-Oct 2, 9:30am-5pm.
                           trains leave the historic 1894         car – all from elevated walk-    Weekends only May 7-15 & Sep 10-Oct 2;
                           depot daily on a seven-mile,           ways. While the rides are cur-   daily mid-May-LD. Train rides at
                           fifty-minute round trip on a           rently diesel powered, the       10:30am, 12:30, 2 & 3:30pm.
                                                                                                   Admission fees: adults $12, seniors (62+)
                           former branch line of the              museum will return to steam      $11, children (3-12) $7, under 3 free.
                           Chicago & North Western                power just as soon as exten-
                           Railway through the scenic             sive repairs are completed on
                           Baraboo Hills. There are also          their three steam locomotives.
                           weekend rides in the early and              The train is accessible
                                                                                                        Railroad Museum
                           late seasons, as well as dinner        through the use of a mobile

                                                                                                           stablished by an Act
                           train, fall color, Santa Express       wheelchair lift. The depot is            of Congress in 1958,
                           and Snow Train rides in sea-           the one historic building that           the National Railroad
                           son. Train fare includes               has a ramp to the entry door.    Museum is home to thou-
                                                                                                   sands of artifacts and more

                                                                                                   than 70 pieces of rolling
                                                                                                   stock including diesel,
                                                                                                   steam, and electric locomo-
                                                                                                   tives, and passenger and
                                                                                                   freight cars. Among these
                                                                                                   are some of the most influ-
                                                                                                   ential and unique pieces in
                                                                                                   railroading history, includ-
                                                                                                   ing a number of items that
                                                                                                   pertain to the state of
                                                                                                        When visiting the
                                                                                                   Museum, a must-see is the
                                                                                                   largest steam locomotive ever
                                                                                                   operated, Union Pacific No.
                           National Railroad Museum.

4017 Big Boy. Other favorite
attractions include the British
Railway No. 60008 Dwight
                                            The Yellowstone Trail

D. Eisenhower, a steam loco-                     n 1912 a group of South Dakota businessmen, led
motive belonging to a class                      by J.W. Parmley, organized to identify a series of
that holds the world speed                       good, all-weather roads through their state. They
record for steam locomotives;               thought it would benefit automobile travel, then in its
two of General Eisenhower’s                 infancy, as well as their businesses. In the ensuing year,
World War II Command                        the group’s recommended route stretched from
Coaches; General Motors’                    Minneapolis to Yellowstone National Park. By 1917
1955 experimental Aerotrain;                the Yellowstone Trail was identified as the nation’s first
the streamlined Pennsylvania                transcontinental highway – “a good road from
Railroad No. 4890, a GG-1                   Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound.”
electric locomotive; and the                     Active until 1930, the Yellowstone Trail Association
Frederick Bauer Drumhead                    was not a unit of government. Rather it was a national
Collection, the largest, single             coalition of volunteers; businessmen and auto enthusiasts
collection of railroad drum-                with a “can do” attitude. They lobbied locally for better
heads known to exist in the                 roads, marked the route with the Association’s official yel-
United States.                              low circle and arrow, and served as a network of travel
     In addition to 30,000 sq.              ambassadors.
ft. of exhibit space, visitors                   Stretching across the northern tier of the United
can enjoy a train ride aboard               States, the Yellowstone Trail traversed Wisconsin from
vintage rolling stock with his-             Kenosha to Hudson. The trail passed through Milwaukee,
torical narrative provided by               Oshkosh, Steven Point and Eau Claire, as well as many
the conductor. (Train ride                  smaller communities.
offered May-Sep.) Admission                      By the early 1930s, good
fare includes the train ride, all           roads had become easier
exhibits, model railroad lay-               to find. In 1926 federal
out, theater presentation, and              interstate highways
the 85-foot observation                     were identified and
tower. Throughout the year,                 uniformly num-
the Museum also hosts a vari-               bered throughout
ety of special events for all               the country. State
ages.                                       highway maps had
     Most facilities are accessi-           become common                                  Stevens Point
                                                                              Eau Claire
ble, except where rolling                   and automobiles more
stock cannot be altered due                 reliable. Through the
to their historic nature. The               ‘30s, the advance of the Great                  Oshkosh
Museum’s train ride is accessi-             Depression took the steam out
ble, and a wheelchair lift is               of most travel plans. More than
available.                                  250 named routes across the
                                            country faded into history.                       Milwaukee
National Railroad Museum
2285 S Broadway Ave.                             The truly remarkable charac-                    Kenosha
Green Bay, WI 54304-4832                    teristic of these trails was their                    grassroots nature. Today, that same grassroots appeal has
                                            brought the Yellowstone Trail Association back to life.
Open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 11am-
5pm.                                        Recently reformed and revitalized, the Yellowstone Trail is
Admission fees: May-Oct adults $9,          again promoting travel and tourism across America. To
seniors (62+) $8, children (4-12) $6.50,    learn more about its Wisconsin connection, call the
under 4 free. Jan-Apr & Oct-Dec adults
                                            Stevens Point Area CVB at 800/236-4636.
$8, seniors (62+) $6, children (4-12) $5,
under 4 free.

             Transportation History, continued...

             Pier Wisconsin Center-
               S/V Denis Sullivan

                   cheduled to open in
                   spring 2005, the Pier
                   Wisconsin Center
             promises to be Milwaukee’s

                                                                                                                                  PORT WASHINGTON 1860 LIGHT STATION
             next “Great Lake effect.”
                  The new Pier Wisconsin
             Center, built along the city’s
             Lake Michigan shoreline at
             Municipal Pier, will bond six
             elements in a stellar new
             attraction. The Center will be         Port Washington 1860 Light Station.
             the new home of a pair of
             existing attractions –                 Aquarium will include both            Pier Wisconsin Center - S/V
             Discovery World and                                                          Denis Sullivan
                                                    freshwater and saltwater
                                                                                          500 N. Harbor Dr.
             Wisconsin’s official flagship,         aquariums, an HD digital the-         Milwaukee, WI 53202
             the S/V Denis Sullivan.                ater and interactive exhibits.
             Additionally, the Center will          The Pilot House will offer a          414/276-7700
             house the all-new Great Lakes          dramatic 360-degree rooftop           Dates, rates & hours not available at
                                                                                          press time; call or visit Web site.
             Aquarium, the Milwaukee                view of Lake Michigan. The
             Rotary Amphitheater, the               Center will also provide a per-
             Pilot House, and the Jeffry A.
                                                                                               Port Washington
                                                    manent berth for the S/V
             Posner Park Promenade.                 Denis Sullivan, a 137-foot,
                                                                                              1860 Light Station
                  A hit with kids since             three-masted, 19th century

                                                                                                 ort Washington’s his-
             1984, the new Discovery                Great Lakes schooner built in                toric 1860 Light
             World Museum will house                2000.                                        Station is the second
             more than 150 interactive sci-             The Pier Wisconsin                of four lighthouses that have
             ence and technology exhibits.          Center will be completely             guided Lake Michigan
             The exciting new Great Lakes           wheelchair accessible.                sailors to the city.
                                                                                               The Light Station is a fine

                                                                                          example of a Great Lakes
                                                                                          coastal lighthouse. It was an
                                                                                          active navigation aid from
                                                                                          1860 to 1903. The restored
                                                                                          keeper’s dwelling, with its dis-
                                                                                          tinctive red shingled roof and
                                                                                          cream city brick façade stands
                                                                                          85 feet above the Lake
                                                                                          Michigan shoreline and offers
                                                                                          a spectacular view of the city
                                                                                          and lake front. The main
                                                                                          structure, typical of its era, is
                                                                                          a combination keeper’s
                                                                                          dwelling and lighthouse. It
                                                                                          replaced the city’s first light-
                                                                                          house, built in 1849.
                                                                                               The effort to restore this
             Sailing on the S/V Denis Sullivan.                                           maritime treasure is a won-
derful story of historic preser-
vation and civic pride. In
1935, Port’s present light-
                                                                                    Wisconsin Lighthouses

house was built at the end of                                                                here’s something about them; sole sentinels
a new federal pier. The 1860                                                                 along solitary shores. They are at once lonesome,
Light Station was gutted,                                                                    yet romantic; stalwart, yet graceful; often built
tower and lantern destroyed,                                                        upon the most forlorn landscapes, yet wildly
and the structure remodeled                                                         beautiful in their isolation.
into a duplex for USLHS and                                                              They are lighthouses and they draw
USCG personnel. Late in                                                             admirers like moths to a flame.
2000, after many years of                                                                Wisconsin is blessed with 32 light-
neglect, the Port Washington                                                        houses that grace 860 miles of shore-
Historical Society began                                                            line on the Great Lakes, as well as
restoring the lighthouse. The                                                       three lighthouses on the shores of the
interior and exterior were                                                          state’s largest inland lake – Lake
extensively rebuilt to 1860                                                         Winnebago. The oldest is the Baileys
specifications. The keeper’s                                                        Harbor light built in 1851. The tallest is
dwelling on the first floor was                                                     the Wind Point Lighthouse at Racine; a
authentically refurbished and                                                       white spire soaring 112 feet.

                                                                                                                                                      WIND POINT LIGHTHOUSE BY RJ & LINDA MILLER
furnished, and a new tower                                                               While all of Wisconsin’s lighthouses are spe-
and lantern room constructed                                                        cial, there are two “best places” to see and appreciate
in Europe by the Grand                                                                       these magnificent landmarks.
Duchy of Luxembourg                                                                                    The Door County peninsula, jutting defi-
breathed new life into the                                                                           antly into Lake Michigan just north of
historic building.                                                                                     Green Bay, boasts eleven lighthouses and
     Today the Light                                                                                    range lights. Several offer regular tours.
Station provides a                                                                                       The Cana Island Lighthouse, an 89-foot
glimpse into the life of                                                                                 operating light, offers tours of the keep-
a lightkeeper and his                                                                                    ers house May-Oct daily, 10am-5pm.

                                                                                                                                                      MICHIGAN ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE BY PHILIP OLSON
family nearly a century                                                                                  The Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, located in
ago. An outbuilding                                                                                     Peninsula State Park, offers guided tours
houses a small local his-                                                                              daily June-Oct, 10am-4:30pm. The
tory museum and arti-                                                                                 Potawatomi Lighthouse, a 41-foot light on
facts from the city’s mar-                                                                         the north end of Rock Island, offers tours
                                           EAGLE BLUFF LIGHTHOUSE BY GARY KNOWLES

itime past. The grounds are                                                                    June-Sept Tues-Sat from 11am-3pm.
open year round.                                                                         Scattered off the Bayfield Peninsula in
     The main floor of the                                                          Lake Superior, the Apostle Islands are
Light Station is wheelchair                                                         home to six of the state’s most pictur-
accessible.                                                                         esque lighthouses. National Park
Port Washington 1860 Light                                                          rangers offer daily tours of the
Station                                                                             Raspberry Island Lighthouse June-
311 Johnson Street (follow the                                                      Sept from 9am-4pm. The Apostle
“Historic 1860 Light Station” signs)                                                Islands Cruise Service (800/323-
PO Box 491
Port Washington, WI 53074                                                           7619,,                                                            boards daily lighthouse cruises to
                                                                                    Raspberry Island and several others.
Open Apr-Oct, Sat 11am-4pm & Sun
                                                                                    Park rangers and volunteers offer tours
Admission fee: adults $3, children (7-18                                            of lighthouses on Devils Island, Michigan
accompanied by an adult) $1.                                                        Island, Outer Island and Sand Island as well
                                                                                    (daily June-Sept, 9am-4pm,weather permitting).

Transportation History, continued...   Wisconsin Historical Society.                    Wisconsin
                                       The site has reasonable                      Automotive Museum
        Wade House                     accommodations for handi-

                                       capped access. The Visitor                          he Wisconsin

            ade House is a
            Greek Revival-             Center and its restrooms are                        Automotive Museum
            style stagecoach           accessible. People in wheel-                        displays the largest
inn constructed in 1850 by             chairs can see a videotape of               assembled group of Kissel
Sylvanus Wade. The hotel               the orientation program in                  luxury automobiles in the
served travelers along the             the gift shop. The Wade                     world.
busy plank road that once              House has three steps to navi-                   The Kissel, a custom built
connected Sheboygan and                gate to get to the first floor of           automobile, was manufac-
Fond du Lac.                           the historic inn. The second                tured in Hartford, Wisconsin
     Stocked with many of its          and third floors are not acces-             from 1906-1931. Of the
original furnishings, Wade             sible by wheelchairs. The site              25,000 produced, only 200
House showcases the lifestyles         does provide a book with                    are known to exist today. The
and early transportation               photos of these upper floors                most famous Kissel model was
modes of 19th-century                  that guides explain to the                  the Speedster two-seater,
Wisconsin. The inn became              handicapped. The horse-                     affectionately called the
both a social center of the lit-       drawn wagon ride, the black-                “Gold Bug.” It can be seen at
tle frontier settlement of             smith shop, the Herrling                    the museum, along with
Greenbush and a lodging                sawmill and the Wesley Jung                 Kissel coupes, touring cars,
place for land speculators,            Carriage Museum are all                     fire engines and trucks.
workmen, immigrants, travel-           accessible.                                      Another featured car at
ers, and settlers.                                                                 the museum is the Nash, first
                                       Wade House
     The historic site also            W7824 Center Road
                                                                                   manufactured in Kenosha,
includes a smoke house, the            Greenbush, WI 53026                         Wisconsin in 1916. Other
Robinson House (the home
                                       vintage autos in the museum’s
                                       866/944-7483, 920/526-3271
of the Wade’s daughter Julia                                                       striking art deco interior dis-
                                       Open mid-May thru mid-Oct, 10am-
and her husband Charles                5pm daily. Last tour begins at 4pm.         play themed “99 Rare Treats”
Robinson), a blacksmith shop,          Admission fees: adults $10, seniors (65+)   include the Hudson Essex,
and the Wesley Jung Carriage           $9, children (5-12) $5, family $27.         Pierce-Arrows, Studebakers,
Museum containing more
than 120 horse-drawn vehi-
cles - one of the largest such
collections in the United
     Opened in 2001, the
site’s newest attraction, the
Herrling Sawmill, stands
today where the site’s original
mill stood from 1854 until
1910. A costumed sawyer
operates an original 1855
muley-saw mechanism utiliz-
ing waterpower to saw logs
                                                                                                                     WISCONSIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY

into board lumber. He also
interprets the lives and liveli-
hood of a German immigrant
sawyer and his family.
     Wade House is owned
and operated by the                    Herrling Sawmill at Wade House.


                                                                    Wisconsin                       out northeastern Wisconsin
                                                                 Maritime Museum                    contributed to the national
                                                                                                    defense by building many

                                                                      ounded in 1970 as the         navy vessels – including sub-
                                                                      Manitowoc Submarine           marines. One such submarine,
                                                                      Memorial Association,         the USS COBIA, is parked
                                                              the Wisconsin Maritime                right next to the museum in
                                                              Museum has grown into                 the Manitowoc River. Hi-tech
                                                              one of the largest maritime           exhibits and a multimedia
                                                              museums in the Midwest, a             theater detail the COBIA’s six
                                                              leader in preserving the              wartime patrols and the
                                                              maritime history of                   important role US submarines
                                                              Wisconsin and the Great               played in WWII. Then, climb
                                                              Lakes region.                         aboard for a 45-minute tour
                                                                   In the museum’s perma-           of the COBIA from forward
                                                              nent gallery, you can see a           torpedo room to aft engine
                                                              full-size cross section of the        room.
                                                              famous schooner “Clipper                  The Wisconsin Maritime
                                                              City.” Then, explore the              Museum is very much handi-
                     Wisconsin Automotive Museum.
                                                              streets of old Manitowoc              capped accessible including
                     Chevrolets and Fords. Many               where shipbuilders, sailors           elevators and bathrooms on
                     models displayed are on rotat-           and merchants plied their             each level. Wheelchairs are
                     ing loan producing an ever-              trades more than 150 years            available. However, the
                     changing exhibit.                        ago.                                  COBIA is not accessible. For
                          The museum also displays                 Other major exhibits             those unable to tour the sub-
                     automotive memorabilia                   include the museum’s Model            marine, the museum has
                     including spark plugs, license           Ship Gallery, the 65-ton 1911         replicated the COBIA’s con-
                     plates and signs, as well as a           steam engine that once pow-           ning tower and prepared a
                     collection of outboard                   ered the Chief Wawatam car-           video tour.
                     engines built in Hartford                ferry, the Wisconsin-Built            Wisconsin Maritime Museum
                     from 1936-1992. The latest               Boat Gallery, and the                 75 Maritime Dr.
                     additions to the collection are          Children’s Waterway Room              Manitowoc, WI 54220
                                                              where kids can steer miniature
                     a 250-ton operational steam                                                    866/724-2356, 920/684-0218
                     locomotive and a replica of a            ships across a model of the
                                                                                                    Open MD-LD 9am-6pm daily; LD-MD
                     1949 Lionel model train lay-             Great Lakes.                          9am-5pm daily.
                     out.                                          During WWII, shipyards           Admission fees: adults $12, children (6-
                          The museum is fully                 in Manitowoc and through-             15) $10, under 5 free.

                     wheelchair accessible. It has a
                     gift shop and a nice picnic
                     area in a park adjoining the
                     Wisconsin Automotive Museum
                     147 N. Rural Street
                     Hartford, WI 53027
                                                                                                                                               WISCONSI MARITIME MUSEUM

                     Open May-Sep, Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun
                     noon-5pm; Oct-Apr, Wed-Sat 10am-5pm,
                     Sun noon-5pm.
                     Admission fees: adults $7, seniors $6,
                     children (8-13) $3, under 8 free.

                                                              USS Cobia berthed alongside the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.

                   Military Heritage
    Fort Winnebago                           The French Colonial log        the day and fascinating fort
   Surgeons’ Quarters                   home known today as the             artifacts that include the orig-
        Museum                          Surgeons’ Quarters was built        inal hospital operating table.
                                        between 1819 and 1824 by                 The Surgeons’ Quarters

        he Fort Winnebago               Francois LeRoi, a fur trader        site also features a fully fur-
        Surgeons’ Quarters is           operating a portaging busi-         nished one-room schoolhouse
        the only remaining              ness between the Fox and            used continuously from 1850-
building of historic Fort               Wisconsin Rivers. Purchased         1960.
Winnebago, the middle link              by the army upon their arrival           Due to the structure and
in a chain of three forts               in 1828, the building was           location of the house muse-
established along the Fox-              converted into living quarters      um, the Fort Winnebago
Wisconsin waterway.                     for the fort surgeon.               Surgeons’ Quarters is not
Located at “the portage,”                    Still standing on its origi-   wheelchair accessible.
the fort guarded the crucial            nal foundation, the Surgeons’       Surgeon’s Quarters of Fort
land bridge that connected              Quarters provides a fascinat-       Winnebago
the waters of the Great                 ing study of early Wisconsin        W8687 State Road 33 – East
Lakes with the Mississippi              architecture. The interior has      Portage, WI 53901
River. Fort Winnebago was               been fully refurbished as a         608/742-2949
garrisoned by U.S. soldiers             home of army occupation             Open mid-May thru mid-Oct; Mon-Sat
from 1828-1845.                         days with authentic period          10am-4pm, Sun noon-4pm.
                                        pieces, medical equipment of        Admission fee: adults $4, seniors $3.50,
                                                                            children (4-12) $2, family $10.

                                                                                                                       RJ & LINDA MILLER

Surgeon's Quarters of Fort Winnebago.


                                                                                                            Veterans Museum

                                                                                                                ocated on Capitol
                                                                                                                Square in downtown
                                                                                                                Madison, the
                                                                                                        Wisconsin Veterans Museum
                                                                                                        (WVM) recognizes the con-
                                                                                                        tributions of state veterans
                                                                                                        in American military history
                                                                                                        through life-like displays and
                                                                                                        a variety of public educa-
                                                                                                        tional programs.
                                                                                                             Over the last ten years,
                                                                                                        WVM has received national
                                                                                                        and state awards for exhibit
                       Richard I. Bong WWII Heritage Center.
                                                                                                        excellence. A series of dramat-
                                                                                                        ic dioramas feature tanks, air-
                         Richard I. Bong                       similar to the one Major
                                                                                                        craft, and a helicopter, all in
                       WWII Heritage Center                    Bong flew and bearing his
                                                               markings. Visitors can also see          re-created environments.
                                                                                                        Historical events are illumi-

                                 pened in 2002, the            a Norden bombsight,
                                 Bong Heritage                 women’s military uniforms                nated by thousands of arti-
                                 Center is named for           and accessories, a nice collec-          facts associated with
                       America’s WWII Ace of                   tion of Trench Art, two                  Wisconsin’s military history.
                       Aces and Medal of Honor                 pilot’s footlockers filled with
                       recipient, Major Richard                personal accessories, several
                       Bong. Bong was born in                  collections of German and
                       Superior and grew up on                 Japanese military effects, and
                       the family farm in nearby               a remnant tailpiece from a
                       Poplar, Wisconsin. The                  German Dornier bomber.
                       Heritage Center honors the                   The Center is fully acces-
                       memory of Major Bong, as                sible to wheelchair visitors
                       well as all the men and                 with a wide, ramped drop-off
                       women of World War II                   point at the entrance to the
                       who contributed to winning              building, button operated
                       the peace.                              front doors, large elevator,
                                                                                                                                             TOURISM PHOTO FILE

                            The Center has a growing           and accessible restrooms.
                       collection of more than 5,000           Four wheelchairs are also
                       items of WWII memorabilia               available.
                       from the Homefront and the                                                       Wisconsin Veterans Museum.
                                                               Richard I. Bong World War II
                       front lines. Donated by WWII            Heritage Center
                       veterans themselves or their            305 Harborview Parkway                       Theatrical lighting and
                       families and friends, the arti-         Superior, WI 54880
                                                                                                        specialized sound effects con-
                       facts include archival docu-            888/816-9944, 715/392-7151               tribute to a sense of realism.
                       ments, photographs and                  Open MD-Oct 31, 9am-5pm daily; Nov-      Seventeen video presentations
                       prints, books and pamphlets,            MD, Tues-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun noon-5pm,      can be selected at various dis-
                       and objects such as uniforms,           closed Mon.
                                                               Admission fees: adults $8, seniors $7,
                                                                                                        plays. Hands-on interactive
                       accessories, flags, medals and                                                   exhibits include a functioning
                                                               youth $6, five and under free. Family
                       awards, and weapons.                    and group rates available                submarine periscope and a
                            Special artifacts include a                                                 computerized roster contain-
                       fully restored P-38 Lightning,                                                                         continued...

                            Transportation History, continued...

                            ing the names of every                                                                 Territorial Forts of Wisconsin
                            Wisconsin veteran who served

                                                                                                                            fter the War of 1812, American traders operat-
                            in the Civil War. Enjoy a self-
                                                                                                                            ing in the Mississippi Valley petitioned the U.S.
                            guided audio tour narrated by
                                                                                                                            Government to help regulate commerce
                            Academy Award-winning
                                                                                                                   between the eastern seaboard and the western frontier.
                            actor Gregory Peck, and
                                                                                                                   A series of military outposts was established stretching
                            Pulitzer Prize-winning histori-
                                                                                                                   from Canada to the Gulf Coast.
                            an Stephen Ambrose.
                                                                                                                        Three forts were constructed in Wisconsin. They were
                                                                                                                   located at crucial points along the

                                                                                                                   Fox and Wisconsin Rivers – a
                                                                                                                   pair of waterways that link
                                                                                                                   the Great Lakes to the
                                                                                                                   Mississippi River. Fort
                                                                                                                   Howard (1816-1853)
                                                                                                                   was built at Green Bay.
                                                                                                                   The fort commanded
                                                                                                                   both the mouth of the Fox

                                                                                                                                                                                     FORT CRAWFORD IN 1860, WISCONSIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY
                                                                                                                   River and the eastern gateway
                                                                                                                   to the Great Lakes. Fort Winnebago
                                                                                                                   (1828-1853) was built at the natural portage between the
                                                                                                                   two rivers. The fort served as the linchpin of the fur trade,
                                                                                                                   and later protected the barge traffic passing through the
                                                                                                                   Portage Canal. At Prairie du Chien, Fort Crawford
                                                                   CHIEF BLACKHAWK, WISCONSIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY

                                                                                                                   (1816-1856) commanded the confluence of the
                                                                                                                   Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers.
                                                                                                                        Soldiers and officials stationed along the route admin-
                                                                                                                   istrated and protected commerce, negotiated treaties with
                                                                                                                   Native American populations, and constructed
                                                                                                                   Wisconsin’s military roads.
                            Wisconsin Veterans Museum.                                                                  The forts and roads attracted a wave of new settlers,
                                                                                                                            comforted by the protection and ease of travel
                                 WVM also allows interest-                                                                         they provided. Conflict between new arrivals
                            ed visitors to do research in                                                                            and Wisconsin’s Native American residents
                            its specialized collection of                                                                              increased, leading to a series of uprisings
                            books, historical photographs,                                                                               that culminated in the Black Hawk War
                            and manuscripts. Located on                                                                                   of 1832.
                            the third floor, the Research                                                                                     After Black Hawk’s people were
                            Center is staffed by helpful                                                                                  decimated on the banks of the
                            and knowledgeable people.                                                                                    Mississippi, Wisconsin’s remaining
                                 Admission is free and the                                                                              tribes were pressured into a series of
                            Museum is completely wheel-                                                                               new treaties and land cessions. As Native
                            chair accessible.                                                                                       American populations were confined to
                            Wisconsin Veterans Museum                                                                           reservations or forced beyond Wisconsin’s bor-
                            30 West Mifflin Street                                                                 ders, the need for the fort’s diplomatic and military func-
                            Madison, WI 53703
                                                                                                                   tions was sharply reduced. With statehood, governmental
                            608/267-1799                                                                           and administrative functions passed to civil authorities. In
                            Open Mon-Sat 9am-4:30pm; plus Sun                                                      the 1850’s the forts were discarded by the United States
                            Apr-Sep noon-4pm.                                                                      and sold into private hands.
                            Admission fees: free.

                      Famous People & Historic Homes
                         Captain Frederick              manship, intricate ironwork,             The Pabst Mansion is
                          Pabst Mansion                 brilliant stained glass, and rare   fully wheelchair accessible.
                                                        art, the Mansion helped make        Captain Frederick Pabst

                          n 1892, the Flemish           the 1890’s the “Pabst               Mansion
                          Renaissance Revival           Decade” in Milwaukee.               2000 W. Wisconsin Ave.
                          mansion of Captain                 Captain Frederick Pabst        Milwaukee, WI 53233
                     Frederick Pabst, world             Mansion, Inc. is dedicated to       Phone: 414/931-0808
                     famous beer baron, accom-          the restoration of the Pabst        Open Mon-Sat 10am-4pm, Sun noon-
                     plished sea captain, real          Mansion and the preservation        4pm. (Closed Mon mid-Jan thru Feb.)
                     estate developer, philanthro-      of the Pabst family legacy.         Admission fees: adults $8, seniors $7,
                     pist and patron of the arts,                                           children (6-17) $4, under 6 free.
                                                        The Mansion offers changing         (Special holiday fees apply mid-Nov thru
                     was completed.                     exhibits incorporating Pabst        mid-Jan.)
                          From the day the house        topics, Milwaukee history,
                     was inhabited, it was consid-      and Victoriana. Every year           Circus World Museum
                     ered the jewel of Milwaukee’s      more than 10,000 guests view

                     famous avenue of mansions          the Mansion’s nationally rec-               ircus World Museum
                     called Grand Avenue. The           ognized Christmas display                   houses the largest

                                                                                                                                       CIRCUS WORLD MUSEUM BY ANDY KRAUSHAAR
                     epitome of America’s Gilded        alone. Additionally, the Pabst              circus history collec-
                     Age splendor in Milwaukee,         Archives hold more than             tion in the world. Baraboo
                     the Pabst Mansion is a testa-      4,000 photographs dating            was the birthplace and home
                     ment to Pabst’s success, his       back to 1855 covering the           of the Ringling Brothers as
                     love of life and his German        Pabst legacy, Milwaukee, and        well as the winter headquar-
                     heritage. Boasting stunning        architecture-related topics.        ters of their world-famous
                     interiors, elegant original fur-   The Pabst Archives is avail-        circus from 1874-1919.
                     nishings, elaborate wall cover-    able for public and scholarly       Owned by the
                     ings, the finest wood crafts-      pursuits by appointment.            Wisconsin
                                                                                            Society and

                                                                                            by the

                                                                                            tens of thou-
                                                                                            sands of visitors
                                                                                            tour the 65-acre
                                                                                            Circus World complex each
                                                                                            year - an educational and
                                                                                            fun family experience.
                                                                                                The Irvin Feld Exhibit
                                                                                            Hall and Visitors Center
                                                                                            serves as the Museum’s year-
                     Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion.                                                                 continued...

Famous People/Historic Homes,
round entrance. It offers
state-of-the-art exhibits of
rare circus posters, lavish cos-
tumes, colorful wagons and
spectacular floats. In the Feld
Theater, you can catch “The
World’s Greatest Showmen”
shown several times each day.
     Circus World Museum is
home to more than 270
priceless circus parade wag-
ons. The collection is by far

                                                                                                                 TOURISM PHOTO FILE
the largest and most extensive
of its kind anywhere in the
world. You can also explore
several buildings filled with
model circuses, costumes,             Fairlawn Mansion.
props, and a collection of
more than 10,000 circus                   Fairlawn Mansion              the girl’s dormitory for the
posters – all tell America’s                                            Children’s Home. A recently

                                               ocated on the shore      installed exhibit details the
rich circus story.
                                               overlooking Lake         1.6 million dollar restoration
     Each summer, Circus
                                               Superior, Fairlawn       of the mansion’s exterior and
World brings the circus to life
                                      Mansion stands as a land-         first floor, completed in 1999.
through its spectacular per-
                                      mark of Superior’s boom-          The third floor is dedicated to
formance programs. Daily
                                      town days, as well as a           the Children’s Home, featur-
shows under the Big Top fea-
                                      poignant remembrance of           ing photos and reminiscences
ture professional circus per-
                                      the mansion’s 42 years as a       from many of the 2000 chil-
formers and visiting interna-
                                      children’s home.                  dren who lived in Fairlawn
tional circus stars. In our spe-
                                           Fairlawn tells the stories   between 1920 and 1962.
cial KidsWorld Circus, chil-
                                      of Martin Pattison, lumber             Two large, Victorian era
dren from the audience play
                                      and mining baron and three-       gardens have recently been
every role in the show. You
                                      time Mayor of Superior. It        installed at Fairlawn and are
can also try your hand at a
                                      tells the stories of his wife     open to public viewing.
variety of circus skills, enjoy a
                                      Grace, who upon her hus-               An outdoor ramp pro-
close encounter with tigers
                                      band’s death donated their        vides wheelchair entrance into
and elephants while they
                                      palatial home to The Superior     Fairlawn and the entire first
rehearse, stroll the midway,
                                      Children’s Home and Refuge.       floor. The second and third
take an animal ride, or meet
                                      It tells the stories of those     floors are not accessible, how-
the cast.
                                      children who then called          ever.
     Most areas of the com-
                                      Fairlawn home.
plex are wheelchair accessible.                                         Fairlawn Mansion
                                           Now an award-winning
                                                                        906 E. 2nd St.
Circus World Museum                   house museum, the first floor     Superior, WI 54880
550 Water St.                         has been restored to its origi-
Baraboo, WI 53913                                                       715/394-5712             nal splendor featuring exten-
                                                                        Open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 11am-
866/693-1500, 608/356-0800            sive decorative painting and      5pm.; last tour daily at 4:30pm. (Jan-
Open May 22-LD daily 9am-6pm; LD-     original woodwork. The sec-       May call for winter hours.)
May 21, Mon-Sat 10am-4pm; Sun 11am-   ond floor features the            Admission fee: adult $7, seniors (65+)
4pm.                                                                    $5.50, student 6-18 $5.50, children
Admission fees: $2.95 - $14.95
                                      Pattison’s bedrooms and ser-
                                                                        under 6 free.
                                      vant quarters, and served as

     Galloway House                the nation. Military collec-
        & Village                  tions range from the Civil
                                   War’s General Bragg, to

             isconsin’s            World War I trench art, to
             European history      recent history.
             comes alive in the         Nearby, the CCC
thirty buildings that com-         Barracks Museum, with the
prise the Galloway House &         first CCC statue erected in
Village.                           the state of Wisconsin, show-
     At the center of the com-     cases the depression era’s
plex, the 30-room mid-             New Deal program.

                                                                                                                                      TOURISM PHOTO FILE
Victorian Galloway House is a           The Adams House
showplace of gracious living       Resource Center is also on
from the late 1800s. The           site for genealogy and historic
hand-carved woodwork,              research, but is separate from                                 Hearthstone.
etched glass, and hand-sten-       the tour.
ciled ceilings all echo the             Wheelchair accessible
lifestyle of a bygone era. The
                                   buildings include the Blakely
mid-Victorian mansion boasts

                                   Museum, church, doctor’s                                                  earthstone Historic
four fireplaces, Italianate        office, lawyer’s office,                                                  House was built
detail, and many pieces of the     toyshop, print shop, and the                                              between 1881-82
Galloway’s original furniture.     first floor of the carriage                                    on a bluff overlooking the
     Thirty historic buildings     house. The CCC Barracks                                        Fox River. On completion,
including a church, gristmill,     Museum is a farther distance                                   it became the first residence
town hall, print shop, and         from the rest of the village,                                  in the world to be lighted
one-room school surround           but has a newly paved path                                     by a centrally located hydro-
the mansion. Each building is      for wheelchair accessibility.                                  electric station using the
filled with representative arti-                                                                  new Edison system.
                                   Galloway House & Village
facts of the era.                  336 Old Pioneer Rd.                                                 Designed by Wisconsin
     Also on the grounds, visi-    Fond du Lac, WI 54935                                          architect William Waters,
tors can tour the Blakely                                            Hearthstone is an eclectic
Museum that displays one of                                                                       Queen Anne style building.
                                   Open MD-LD daily 10am-4pm, plus Sat
the largest collections of         & Sun in Sept.                                                 Guided tours spotlight the
Native American artifacts in       Admission fees: adults $8, children (5-                        rare, original Edison light
                                   12) $4, under 5 free, family $20.                              switches and period “elec-
                                                                                                  troliers” which are still in use.
                                                                                                  Intricate interior woodwork
                                                                                                  carved from native Wisconsin
                                                                                                  woods, nine charming fire-
                                                                                                  places – some surrounded by
                                                                                                  imported English Mintons
                                                                                                  tiles - and exquisite stained
                                                                                                  glass windows add to the ele-
                                                                                                  gance of this splendid late
                                                                                                  19th century home.
                                                                                                       Decorated mainly with
                                                                                                  Eastlake style furniture and
                                                                             TOURISM PHOTO FILE

                                                                                                  Victorian decorative arts,
                                                                                                  Hearthstone has received
                                                                                                  numerous awards for its
Galloway House.

Famous People/Historic Homes,                                                                                  over the Midwest to view                Owned and operated by
                                                                                                               the splendid rock formations       the Wisconsin Historical
ongoing restoration efforts. It                                                                                – and to stay for a vacation.      Society, the H. H. Bennett
is designated as a Wisconsin                                                                                        Bennett was also a tireless   Studio & History Center is
Registered Landmark and                                                                                        promoter and entrepreneur          fully accessible to persons
included on the National                                                                                       who advanced the world of          with disabilities.
Register of Historic Sites. A                                                                                  photography with new inven-        H. H. Bennett Studio and
gift shop and hands-on exhib-                                                                                  tions such as his rubber band-     History Center
it area are located in the fin-                                                                                powered stop-action shutter        215 Broadway
ished basement.                                                                                                     that he called the “snap-     Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
     Hearthstone is                                                                                                    per.”                      866/944-7483, 608/253-3523
handicapped acces-                                                                                                             Tour his           Open 10am-5pm daily May 1-Oct 31;
sible on the first                                                                                                         restored 1875 pho-     Sat & Sun only, 10am-4pm Feb-Apr
floor and base-                                                                                                                                   and Nov & Dec, closed Jan.
                                                                                                                            tography studio
                                                                                                                                                  Admission fees: adults (12+) $5, seniors
ment levels.                                                                                                                 (listed on the       (65+) $4.50, children (5-12) $1, family
There is a small                                                                                                             National Register    $12.
booklet with                                                                                                                 of Historic
images and                                                                                                                   Places) and dis-     Lincoln-Tallman House
descriptions of                                                                                                             cover 6,000 square

the second floor                                                                                                          feet of interactive             he Rock County
for those who can-                                                                                                      exhibits. Explore                 Historical Society
not climb the stairs. If                                                                                              Bennett’s three-dimen-              owns and operates
                                                                                                                                                  the Lincoln-Tallman House,
                                          H.H. BENNETT STUDIO & HISTORY CENTER, WISCONSIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY

mobility is an issue, please                                                                                   sional world through a 21st-
call ahead to inform the staff.                                                                                century interpretation of          the most impressive of its
                                                                                                               stereographic photography.         five historic structures.
Hearthstone Historic House
Museum                                                                                                         View his eye-popping vistas             Constructed between
625 W Prospect Ave.                                                                                            on high-end computer moni-         1855-57, the five-story, 26-
Appleton, WI 54911                                                                                                                                room home is a superb exam-
                                                                                                               tors synchronized with spe-
920/730-8204                                                                                                   cially outfitted liquid crystal    ple of Italian Villa-style con-
Open Tues-Fri 10am-3:30pm, Sun 1-                                                                              spectacles. Take home a hand-      struction. While on a speak-
3:30pm; tours begin on the hour and                                                                            made Bennett print from the        ing tour in 1859, Abraham
half-hour. (Closed mid-Jan thru mid-                                                                                                              Lincoln spent two nights in
Feb. Groups of 10 or more must reserve                                                                         museum shop. The history
in advance.)                                                                                                   center is fun and informative      the Tallman home. Nearly
Admission fees: adults $5, children (7-                                                                        for the entire family.             three-quarters of the home’s
17) $2.50, children under 7 free.                                                                                                                 furnishings are original,

  H.H. Bennett Studio
   & History Center

         enry Hamilton
         Bennett, landscape
inventor and promoter, is
“the man who made
Wisconsin Dells famous.”
Considered one of the 19th
century’s 10 best landscape
photographers, Bennett cre-
                                                                                                                                                                                             GARY KNOWLES

ated stereographic views of
the craggy dells of the
Wisconsin River that
brought visitors from all                                                                                      Lincoln-Tallman House.

included the bed in which                       Octagon House                to envision in the kitchen
Lincoln slept.                                     Hudson                    with its wood-burning cast
     The RCHS also operates                                                  iron stove, hand pump and

the Helen Jeffris Wood                             he Octagon House is       pierced copper pie safe.
Museum Center located just                         a fine example of the          On the second floor, visi-
down the street from the                           novel eight-sided         tors can tour the family bed-
Lincoln-Tallman House.                     dwelling popular in America       rooms and the screened porch
While mini-displays appear in              in the mid-1800s. Restored        that overlooks the home’s
both locations, the Center                 and furnished in the              expansive gardens. In the rose
primarily exhibits the                     Victorian era, the complex        garden, hydrangeas, lilies,
Society’s other collections                includes a pair of historic       tulips, daffodils, and lilacs
including Civil War artifacts,             outbuildings.                     frame a gazebo beneath a
Victorian-era textiles, paint-                  The house was built for      canopy of maple trees. The
ings by local artists, and arti-           judge John Shaw Moffat and        garden house displays 19th
facts from Janesville business-            his family, New Yorkers who       century farm life and a gener-
es – a collection of more than             arrived in Hudson in 1854.        al store tableau. Nearby, the
40,000 pieces. Highlights                  Four generations of the musi-     Carriage House includes a
include a large collection of              cally inclined Moffat-Hughes      blacksmith shop, small gift
Pauline Pottery, once thrown               family lived in the home over     shop and research center.
in nearby Edgerton,                        the next 102 years.                    Because of their historic
Wisconsin using local clay.                     On the first floor, the      nature, the house and out-
There’s also a collection of               music room displays a rare        buildings are not wheelchair
Parker Pen Company pens                    1839 Nunns Fischer piano          accessible.
and memorabilia. Fountain                  manufactured in New York
pen manufacturing was once                                                   Octagon House
                                           and transported to Wisconsin      1004 Third St
one of city’s most lucrative               by riverboat. The dining          Hudson, WI 54016
enterprises; as its peak, Parker           room showcases a lovely mir-      715/386-2654
operated a 200,000 square                  rored buffet while the  
foot factory here employing                Victorian settees in the parlor
                                                                             Open May 1-Oct 31; Tues-Sat 11am-4pm
2,000.                                                                       (last tour 3:30pm) & Sun 2-4:30pm (last
                                           provide insight into the cus-     tour 4pm).
     The Lincoln-Tallman                   toms of the era. Mid-19th         Admission fees: adults $5, students $2,
House is equipped with an                                                    children 5-12 $1.
                                           century domestic life is easy                              continued...
outdoor wheelchair lift that
provides access to only the
first floor. Because of the par-
tial access, tours for the dis-
abled are discounted. In addi-
tion, the entire tour is orally
delivered by a tour guide and
visitors have an opportunity
to view a 20-minute docu-
mentary about the Tallman
family and early Janesville.
Lincoln-Tallman House
440 N. Jackson St.
Janesville, WI 53548
800/577-1859, 608/756-4509
Guided tours daily 9am-3pm June-Sep
                                                                                                                       DON DANENPORT

& Nov 20-Dec 31; or year-round by
Admission fee: adults $8, seniors $7.50,
children (7-18) $4, under 6 free.
                                           Octagon House-Hudson.

Famous People/Historic Homes,                                                             Outagamie Museum

   Octagon House/                                                                                he Outagamie
   First Kindergarten                                                                            Museum is housed in
                                                                                                 a Norman Revival-

         he Octagon House,                                                              style 1924 Masonic Temple
         five floors of solid                                                           in downtown Appleton.
         brick construction                                                                  The museum’s all-new
completed in 1854, was                                                                  A.K.A. Houdini exhibit fea-
designed and built by John                                                              tures numerous interactives,
Richards, a pioneer                                                                     models and multimedia dis-
Watertown settler and the                                                               plays, illuminating the life and
city’s first attorney.                                                                  times of the great Harry

                                                                           DON ABRAMS
     The House was one of                                                               Houdini. The exhibit spot-
the largest single-family, pre-                                                         lights the major milestones of
                                  Octagon House-Watertown.
Civil War residences in                                                                 Houdini’s life including his
Wisconsin. Its construction                                                             early life in Appleton (he lived
                                  Moved to the museum
included central heating, run-                                                          here from age 4-8), his associ-
                                  grounds in the early 1960’s, it
ning water and ventilating                                                              ation with Spiritualism, his
                                  now houses a collection of
systems. In addition to those                                                           years as a struggling magician,
                                  pioneer tools and farm imple-
“modern conveniences,” the                                                              and his rise to superstardom
house features a central spiral                                                         as a vaudeville escape artist.
                                      Unfortunately, the
staircase that rises from the                                                                Puliter Prize-winning
                                  Octagon House has no provi-
first floor to the tower room.                                                          author Edna Ferber also spent
                                  sions for handicapped access.
     Occupied only by                                                                   her childhood in Appleton
Richards’ family members, the     Octagon House/First                                   and used it as the setting for
house was given to the                                                                  her early stories The Homely
                                  919 Charles St.
Watertown Historical Society      Watertown, WI 53094                                   Heroine and A Bush League
and has been open to the                             Hero. The exhibit Edna
public since 1938. Many of                                                              Ferber: Her Own Words
                                  Open May 1-MD 11am-3pm daily, MD-
the Richards family original      LD 10am-4pm daily, LD-Oct 31 11am-
                                                                                        offers original documents,
furnishings still grace the       3pm daily.                                            first edition works and his-
house.                            Admission fees: adults $7, seniors $6,                toric photographs to detail
     The First Kindergarten in    children (6-17) $4.                                   her life.
the United States was begun
in Watertown in 1856 by
Margarethe Meyer Schurz,
whose husband was the
famous German- American
statesman Carl Schurz. The
building was moved from
downtown Watertown to the
museum grounds in 1956. Its
interior depicts an early class
in session.
     The Plank Road Pioneer
Barn was built in 1848 by
Wenzel Quis and was origi-
nally located at the western
                                                                                                                           PHILIP OLSON

terminus of the Watertown-
Milwaukee Plank Road.
                                  Outagamie Museum.

                                                                                                                        GARY KNLOWLES

     Another of the museum’s                          Taliesin                 the entire complex of build-
major ongoing exhibits is                                                      ings that served as his studio,

Tools of Change. It details                             ere it just an         workshop, school, farm, labo-
the changes in the working                              opportunity to see     ratory, and retreat. The site
lives of the people of the                              perhaps “the           achieved National Historic
Lower Fox River Valley.                     greatest single building in        Landmark status in 1976.
Exhibit highlights include n                America” as architecture                The school Wright found-
1896 wire weaving loom, a                   critic Robert Campbell             ed in 1932 still maintains its
1920’s newspaper composing                  described it, Taliesin would       summer campus at Taliesin.
room, a 1930’s bulletproof                  be a must-see destination for           The site offers a broad
bank, Dr. Taylor’s 1941                     most travelers. But a visit to     range of public tours led by
examining room, a 1926                      Taliesin offers even more.         guides who share their knowl-
model T Ford, and a working                      Although the name             edge about the history and
19th century paper shop.                    Taliesin is most often associat-   architecture of the site.
     The museum’s major                     ed with the Wisconsin resi-             The Frank Lloyd Wright
exhibits have won awards                    dence of Frank Lloyd Wright,       Visitor Center is completely
from the American                           the term also applies to the       wheelchair accessible. The
Association of Museums. Its                 entire 600-acre property and       Taliesin estate is partially
annual events include geneal-               the other buildings of             wheelchair accessible, wheel-
ogy classes, papermaking                    Wright’s design on the Spring      chair tours are offered by spe-
demonstrations, and changing                Green estate. These include        cial arrangement with two
exhibits. The museum is fully               Hillside Home School,              week’s advance notice.
accessible with ramps and ele-              Midway Farm, Tan-y-deri
                                                                               Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin
vators.                                     House, and the Romeo and           Visitors Center
                                            Juliet Windmill.                   5607 Cty. C (intersection of Hwy. 23
Outagamie Museum
                                                 In addition to the build-     and Cty. C)
330 E. College Ave.                                                            Spring Green, WI 53588
Appleton, WI 54911-5715                     ings, the landscaped grounds,                    roads, waterfall, water garden,    877/588-7900, 608/588-7900
                                            Wright-designed furnishings        Open May 1-Oct 31, daily, 9am-6pm.
Open Tues-Sat 10am-4pm, Sun noon-                                              Call or see Web site for tour times;
4pm, & Mon (June-Aug only) 10am-
                                            and art collections are all part
                                                                               reservations recommended.
4pm.                                        of Wright’s overall architec-
                                                                               Admission fees: tour prices range from
Admission fees: adults $4, seniors $3.50,   tural composition.                 $16-$80; children under 18 free on the
children (age 5-17) $2.                          Throughout his life           Hillside & Walking Tours.
                                            Wright continued to refine                                  continued...

Famous People/Historic Homes,

      Ten Chimneys

          en Chimneys is the
          National Historic
          Landmark estate of
20th century Broadway leg-
ends Alfred Lunt and Lynn

                                                                                                                PHOTO COURTESY OF TEN CHIMNEYS
Fontanne. Nearly all of the
estate’s historic furnishings,
hand-painted murals,
enchantingly personal décor,
and diverse collections are
intact and unchanged since
the Lunts first assembled
                                     Ten Chimneys.
      A living monument to               The first and second                        Villa Louis
theatre and the arts, Ten            floors of the Main House and

Chimneys is overflowing with         the entire Program Center at                     illa Louis is a
memorabilia: notes from              Ten Chimneys are accessible                      Victorian country
Laurence Olivier, snapshots of       by wheelchair. Prior to visit-                   estate located on the
the Lunts with the Queen             ing, we ask guests to alert us          banks of the Mississippi
Mother, mementos from                to any mobility concerns they           River in historic Prairie du
Helen Hayes and Noël                 may have, and if they will be           Chien, Wisconsin’s second
Coward, inscribed first edi-         bringing a wheelchair.                  oldest city. The Dousman
tion books from Edna Ferber                                                  family - fur traders and fron-
                                     Ten Chimneys
and Alexander Woollcott, and                                                 tier entrepreneurs - devel-
                                     P.O. Box 225
remembrances from dozens of          S43 W31575 Depot Rd.                    oped the property in the
other intimates and luminar-         Genesee Depot, WI 53127                 mid-19th century and main-
ies.                                            tained it as their family
      Each tour of 8-10 guests       Open Apr 12-Nov 12, Tues-Sat, 10am-
                                                                             home until 1913.
is led by a trained docent who       3pm. Reservations recommended. Must          Over the past decade a
tells stories that interpret not     be 12 or older.                         careful restoration has repli-
only the objects and décor of        Admission fees: full estate tour $35,   cated original wallpapers, car-
                                     main house only tour $28.
the estate, but also the lives                                               pets, textiles and other interi-
and values of its remarkable
      Ten Chimneys highlights
the natural beauty, quality of
life, and cultural vitality of the
Wisconsin community the
Lunts chose as their home.
United States Senator Herb
Kohl has remarked, “Ten
                                                                                                                WISCONSIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY

Chimneys is more than a
beautiful estate; it serves as a
symbol of both Wisconsin’s
vibrant arts legacy and a com-
mitment to preserving our
state’s treasures for posterity.”
                                     Villa Louis.

or details. With more than 90
percent of the household
decor original to the property,
                                        Famous Wisconsinites
the estate reveals a compelling                Many Wisconsin native sons and daughters have gone
time capsule of domestic life           on to fame in a variety of careers.
at the turn of the 20th centu-                 In literature, Wisconsin’s Pulitzer
ry. It is a superb example of           Prize-winning authors include Edna
British Arts and Crafts design          Ferber (“So Big” 1926, raised in
in a rural setting.                     Appleton), Zona Gayle (“Miss Lulu
     Collection highlights              Bett” 1920, born in Portage), and
include furniture, paintings,           Thornton Wilder (“The Bridge of San
ceramics and decorative                 Luis Rey” 1927, “Our Town” 1938,
objects, especially silver and          and “The Skin of our Teeth 1942,
glass. Many of these objects            born in Madison).                            EDNA FERBER

were crafted in Midwestern                     In art, Georgia O’Keefe, born in Sun Prairie, was a
cities - Milwaukee, St. Louis,          pioneer in American modern art. Owen Gromme,
Chicago and Cincinnati - and            America’s leading wildlife artist was born in Fond du Lac.
represent remarkable artistry                                     In entertainment, magician Harry
and craftsmanship, the best on                                Houdini grew up in Appleton. Jazz
the market in the late 1800s.                                 singer Al Jarreau was born and raised
     The grand landscape of                                   in Milwaukee, as were Liberace,
the Upper Mississippi River                                   Spencer Tracey and Gene Wilder.
enhances the setting of the                                   Actor and Director Orson Welles, who
Villa Louis, where decorative                                 won an Oscar for writing “Citizen
flowerbeds and other land-                                    Kane,” was born in Kenosha. Al,
scape features have been
                                                              Alfred, William, Carl, John, August
restored to their 1890s appear-         ORSON WELLS
                                                              & Henry Ringling - the Ringling
ance. A fur trade museum and
                                        Brothers and their world-famous circus - operated out of
Wisconsin’s only War of 1812
                                        Baraboo for 33 years.
battlefield further add to Villa
                                               Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Richard Bong, con-
Louis’ historic appeal.
                                        sidered the greatest fighter pilot in US history, was born
     Villa Louis is owned and
                                        in Poplar. James Lovell, Jr., one of the astronauts on the
operated by the Wisconsin
Historical Society. The fur             Apollo 13 mission, was born in Milwaukee.
trade museum is accessible by                  Eric Heiden, born in Madison, won five gold medals
means of a ramped entrance.             in speedskating during the 1980 Olympics.
A wheelchair lift provides                     Famed environmentalist and author Aldo Leopold
access to the first floor of the        taught at UW-Madison for nineteen years. John Muir,
mansion and two wheelchair-             noted environmentalist, author and
accessible toilet facilities are        teacher, was raised near Montello.
located on the site. Access to                 In politics, Robert “Fighting
other buildings requires at             Bob” La Follete, former Wisconsin
least minimal auto mobility.            Governor and US Senator, was a
                                        founder of the Progressive movement
Villa Louis
                                        in America. He was born in Primrose.
521 Villa Louis Road
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821              Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel     1969-74, was raised in Milwaukee.
866/944-7483, 608/326-2721              Gaylord Nelson, US Senator and              ROBERT LA FOLLETTE

Open 1st Sat in May-Oct 31, 10am-5pm
daily (last tour leaves at 4pm).
                                        founder of Earth Day, was born in Clear Lake.
Admission fees: adults $8.50, seniors          Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most influential
(65+) $7.50, children (5-12) $4.50,     architects of all time, was born in Richland Center.
family $23.
                                                                          PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE WISCONSIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY

                                                                     Art Museums
                                                     Charles Allis             porcelains, Renaissance         of their kind in existence. To
                                                     Art Museum                bronzes, Japanese netsuke,      complement this collection,
                                                                               and much more. Some of the      the Charles Allis Art Museum

                                                     he Charles Allis Art      highlights in the collection    holds several changing exhibi-
                                                     Museum was origi-         include works by Rosa           tions each year that feature
                                                     nally the home of         Bonheur, Winslow Homer,         the work of Wisconsin artists.
                                             Charles Allis, first president    and several fine examples of    At the Allis there is an
                                             of the Allis-Chalmers             19th century French             emphasis on fine art: drawing,
                                             Corporation, and his wife         Barbizon works. The oldest      painting, photography, print-
                                             Sarah. With keen collecting       paintings in the house are      making and sculpture.
                                             instincts, the couple amassed     those attributed to Lucas           The museum is fully
                                             a unique art collection that      Cranach the Elder (1472-        wheelchair accessible.
                                             spans more than 2,000             1553) who in his time was       Charles Allis Art Museum
                                             years. The collection and         referred to as “the outstand-   1801 N. Prospect Ave.
                                             their 1911 Tudor-style man-       ing representative of German    Milwaukee, WI 53202
                                             sion, intact with original fur-   Protestant painting.” 
                                             nishings, were generously             The Charles Allis Art       Open Wed-Sun 1-5 pm.
                                             bequeathed to the public.         Museum is one of the few        Admission fees: adults $5, seniors (65+)
                                                  On permanent view in the     such ensembles preserved        and students $3, children under 12 free.
                                             Allis home are 19th century       intact in its original form.
                                             French and American paint-        Some items in the collection             Elvehjem
                                             ings, Chinese and Japanese        are the only known examples            Museum of Art

                                                                                                                        he Elvehjem is the art

                                                                                                                        museum for the
                                                                                                                        University of
                                                                                                               Wisconsin–Madison. It has a
                                                                                                               reputation for exceptional
                                                                                                               exhibitions, insightful pro-
                                                                                                               grams, and arts activities for
                                                                                                               all ages.
                                                                                                                    Eight galleries feature
                                                                                                               selections from the museum’s
                                                                                                               permanent collection of more
                                                                                                               than 17,500 works of art
                                                                                                               ranging from ancient to con-
                                                                                                               temporary. Five of these gal-
                                                                                                               leries show European and
                                                                                                               American painting and sculp-
                                                                                                               ture. But the museum also
                                                                                                               displays ceramics, medals,
                                                                                                               coins, silver, furniture and
                                                                                                               glass. An Asian gallery fea-
                                                                                                               tures South Asian and
                                             Charles Allis Art Museum.                                         Southeast Asian sculpture as

                                                                                                                    The museum’s permanent
                                                                                                               collection is on display in its
                                                                                                               Old Master and Modern gal-
                                                                                                               leries. Old Masters include
                                                                                                               Leonaert Bramer, Juan
                                                                                                               Genovés, Ridolfo
                                                                                                               Ghirlandaio, Paulus Moreelse,
                                                                                                               and Francesco
                                                                                                               Trevisani. Modern and con-
                                                                                                               temporary artists in the col-
                                                                                                               lection include Georges
                                                                                                               Braque, Salvador Dalí, Max
                                                                                                               Lieberman, Man Ray, Matta,
                                                                                                               Louise Nevelson, Nam June
                                                                                                               Paik, Ruldolf Schlichter, and
                                                                                                               Jacques Villon. Also part of
                                                                                                               the collection are murals by
                                                                                                               Joe Jones and J.B. Turnbull.

                                        Elvehjem Art Museum.

                                        well as East Asian scroll paint-         Haggerty Museum

                                                                                                                                                      “ON HIS LAST NIGHT SHIFT...TEABREAK” BY KEN CURRIE
                                        ings and ceramics. About ten                  of Art
                                        temporary exhibitions are

                                        mounted each year in three                     he Patrick and
                                        additional dedicated galleries.                Beatrice Haggerty
                                            Docents give free tours                    Museum of Art is
                                        Thursdays at 12:30pm and              affiliated with Marquette
                                        Sundays at 2pm. “Sunday               University in downtown
                                        Afternoon Live From the               Milwaukee. Opened in
                                        Elvehjem” is a free chamber           1984, the museum includes
                                        music series presented on             four main galleries and          Haggerty Museum of Art.
                                        Sundays at 12:30pm                    houses a permanent collec-
                                        September through May.                tion of more than 8,000               The museum’s additional
                                            The museum is wheel-              works of art.                    galleries host temporary exhi-
                                        chair accessible, and will pro-            The Haggerty presents       bitions of individual artists
                                        vide sign language inter-             between ten and twelve spe-      and group shows mounted by
                                        preters for associated pro-           cial exhibitions annually        the Haggerty, supplemented
                                        grams (make requests three            showing cultural diversity and   with occasional traveling exhi-
                                        weeks in advance to the cura-         art influenced by modern         bitions.
                                        tor of education).                    technology. The permanent             The facility is fully wheel-
                                                                              collection includes European     chair accessible.
                                        Elvehjem Museum of Art
                                                                              and American contemporary
                                        University of Wisconsin-Madison                                        Haggerty Museum of Art
                                        800 University Ave.                   art, as well as Old Master
                                                                                                               N. 13th St. & W. Clybourn Ave. on
                                        Madison, WI 53706 -1479               paintings, works on paper,       the campus of Marquette University
                                                                              photography, and small col-      P. O. Box 1881
                                                                                                               Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
                                        Open: Galleries and the Museum Shop   lections of African and Asian
                                        open Tues- Fri 9am-5pm, Sat & Sun     art. As a university museum,     414/288-1669
                                        11am-5pm; closed Mon and major        the Haggerty sponsors lec-       Open Mon-Sat 10am-4:30pm, Thurs ‘til
                                        holidays.                                                              8pm, Sun noon-5pm.
                                                                              tures, symposia, workshops,
                                        Admission fees: free                                                   Admission fees: free.
                                                                              and tours.

                                                    Art Museums, continued...          art. Visitors can expect to see         Leigh Yawkey
                                                                                       8-10 exhibitions at one time         Woodson Art Museum
                                                      John Michael Kohler              and up to thirty in the course
                                                          Arts Center

                                                                                       of a year. The Center’s five                 he Museum’s perma-
                                                                                       performing arts series include               nent collection soars

                                                             stablished in 1967,
                                                                                       dance, music, and theatre                    in celebration of
                                                             the John Michael
                                                                                       companies from around the            nature with historic and
                                                             Kohler Arts Center
                                                                                       world, as well as an excellent       contemporary paintings,
                                                    (JMKAC) mounts an annual
                                                                                       film series.                         sculptures, and works on
                                                    exhibition schedule devoted
                                                                                            On any given day at             paper that focus on birds
                                                    to a wide range of concepts
                                                                                       JMKAC, visitors may find an          and expand art-in-nature
                                                    and directions in contempo-
                                                                                       artist creating an installation      and nature-in-art themes.
                                                    rary art. Particular consider-
                                                    ation is given to craft-related    in the galleries, developing a            Eight to ten changing
                                                    forms, installation works,         performance piece in the             exhibitions each year bring an
                                                    photography, new genres,           Matrix, or teaching in the stu-      array of art from around the
                                                    ongoing cultural traditions,       dios. An interactive space,          world to north central
                                                    and the work of self-taught        The ARTery, engages all ages         Wisconsin. A highlight of the
                                                    artists.                           in hands-on learning activities      schedule is “Birds in Art” in
                                                                                       to enrich understanding of           September and October, an
                                                         Housed in a 100,000-
                                                                                       programming taking place             annual event that features the
                                                    square-foot complex with sur-
                                                                                       throughout the Arts Center.          work of international artists
                                                    rounding gardens, JMKAC
                                                                                            The Center is fully wheel-      and attracts bird-lovers and
                                                    brings together an entire city
                                                                                       chair accessible.                    art-lovers alike.
                                                    block of art. Even the facili-
                                                                                                                                 The Margaret Woodson
                                                    ty’s six public washrooms are      John Michael Kohler Arts
                                                                                       Center                               Fisher Sculpture Gallery, a
                                                    works of art that have been
                                                                                       608 New York Ave.                    landscaped 1.5-acre garden
                                                    featured on the Travel             Sheboygan, WI 53082-0489             dotted with works from the
                                                    Channel and on Good      
                                                                                                                            collection as well as tempo-
                                                    Morning America.                   920/458-6144
                                                                                       Open Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Tues & Thur   rary exhibitions, can be
                                                         Programming at the Arts
                                                                                       ‘til 8pm, Sat & Sun 10am-4pm.        enjoyed year-round against a
                                                    Center focuses on innovative
                                                                                       Admission fees: voluntary donation   natural backdrop of the
                                                    explorations in contemporary
                                                                                                                            changing seasons. The sculp-
                                                                                                                            ture garden is the site of a

                                                                                                                            popular summer concert
                                                                                                                            series. Five smaller gardens
                                                                                                                            feature a pleasing variety of
                                                                                                                            plantings and greenery and
                                                                                                                            additional sculptures.
                                                                                                                                 The Woodson is located
                                                                                                                            on Wausau’s east side in a his-
                                                                                                                            toric structure designed in the
                                                                                                                            English Cotswold Style built
                                                                                                                            in the early 1930s. Since its
                                                                                                                            transformation into an art
                                                                                                                            museum in the 1970s, the
                                                                                                                            building has been renovated,
                                                                                                                            added onto, and updated to
                                                                                                                            merit accreditation from the
                                                                                                                            American Association of
                                                    John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

                                                                                                                                      In addition to more than

                                                                                                                                 13,000 square feet of exhibi-
                                                                                                                                 tion space, the museum’s new
                                                                                                                                 building will include a 220-
                                                                                                                                 seat lecture hall; a classroom;
                                                                                                                                 customized galleries for view-
                                                                                                                                 ing video and studying works
                                                                                                                                 on paper; and a greatly
                                                                                                                                 expanded space for the award-
                                                                                                                                 winning Museum Store. The
                                                                                                                                 largest of the museum’s new
                                                                                                                                 galleries, a 9,000-square-foot
                                                                                                                                 space with 18-foot ceilings,
                                                                                                                                 will enable the museum to
                                                                                                                                 mount exhibitions of an exhil-
                                                                                                                                 arating scope and scale.
                                                    Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.
                                                                                                                                      Exhibitions are free and
                                                        The Museum and                     contemporary and modern               open to the public. All areas
                                                    Sculpture Gallery are wheel-           art. Museum exhibitions have          of the museum’s new build-
                                                    chair accessible.                      featured many of the most             ing are wheelchair accessible.
                                                                                           respected artists of the last         For information about hours
                                                    Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art                                                     and current exhibitions,
                                                    Museum                                 century, including Georgia
                                                    700 N. 12th Street                     O’Keeffe, Romare Bearden,             please call or visit
                                                    Wausau, WI 54403-5007                  Richard Avedon, Cindy       
                                                    715/845-7010                           Sherman, Claes Oldenburg,             Madison Museum of
                                                                                           and Wisconsin artists Truman          Contemporary Art
                                                    Open Tues-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat-Sun noon-
                                                    5pm.; Tues ‘til 8 pm Sept-Oct          Lowe, Fred Stonehouse, and            227 State Street
                                                                                                                                 Madison, WI 53703
                                                    Admission fee: free                    Walter Hamady. The muse-              608-257-0158
                                                                                           um’s permanent collection   
                                                      Madison Museum of                    includes some 5,000 original          Opening April 2006.
                                                      Contemporary Art                     works of art.                                                continued...

                                                         n the shadow of the
                                                         State Capitol building,
                                                         just up the street from
                                                    the University of Wisconsin
                                                    campus, the Madison
                                                    Museum of Contemporary
                                                    Art will unveil a world-class
                                                    new facility in April 2006.
                                                    The museum’s new home, a
                                                                                                                                                                       COURTESY OF MADISON MUSEUM OF CONTEMORARY ART

                                                    part of the Overture Center
                                                    for the Arts, is designed by
                                                    world-renowned architect
                                                    Cesar Pelli.
                                                        More than a century old,
                                                    the museum (formerly the
                                                    Madison Art Center) is an
                                                    independent, nonprofit insti-
                                                    tution whose mission is to
                                                    collect and exhibit works of
                                                                                           Architechtural rendering of the new Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

                  Art Museums, continued...

                          Art Museum

                          he Milwaukee Art
                          Museum (MAM),
                          located on the shores
                  of Lake Michigan, combines
                  art, dramatic architecture
                  and stunning landscape

                                                                                                                             DON ABRAMS
                       Time magazine recently
                  named MAM’s addition “Best
                  Design of 2001” and Conde        Milwaukee Art Museum.
                  Nast Traveler calls it a
                  “Wonder of the World.” The       terraces and The Cudahy        ing exhibitions to suit every
                  new Quadracci Pavilion is the    Gardens.                       taste, including some of the
                  first Santiago Calatrava-            With a history dating      art world’s finest national and
                  designed building completed      back to 1888, the Milwaukee    international collaborations.
                  in the United States. It fea-    Art Museum’s far-reaching           The museum is fully
                  tures the glass-walled           collections include nearly     wheelchair and stroller acces-
                  Windhover Hall enclosed by       20,000 works from antiquity    sible.
                  the Burke Brise Soleil, a sun-   to the present. The Museum’s   Milwaukee Art Museum
                  screen that can be raised or     permanent holdings include     700 North Art Museum Drive
                  lowered creating a unique        important collections of Old   Milwaukee, WI 53202
                                                   Masters and 19th- and 20th-    414-224-3220
                  moving sculpture. Visitors can                        
                  take in lectures, films and      century art. Our collections   Open daily 10am-5pm, Thurs ‘til 8pm.
                  other programs in the MAM        of American decorative arts,   Admission fees: members free, adults $8,
                  auditorium, chat with friends    German Expressionism, folk     seniors $6, students $4, children 12 and
                  over lunch in our lakefront      and Haitian art, and           under free when accompanied by an
                                                                                  adult. Some feature exhibitions require
                  café, shop in the Museum         American art after 1960 are    a separate ticket.
                  store, and enjoy views of the    among the nation’s best. The
                  city and lake from outdoor       museum also features chang-
                                                                                    New Visions Gallery

                                                                                         ocated in the lobby of
                                                                                         Marshfield Clinic,
                                                                                         New Visions Gallery
                                                                                  is a unique example of a
                                                                                  public/private adventure in
                                                                                  art that has flourished for
                                                                                  thirty years.
                                                                                       A nonprofit community
                                                                                  organization, New Visions
                                                                                  organizes a dynamic series of
                                                                                  changing exhibitions that are
                                                                                  displayed in a 1600 square
                                                                                  foot, secure, climate con-
                                                                                  trolled gallery. Exhibits
                                                                                  change every 6-8 weeks and
                                                                                  feature a variety of art forms
                  Milwaukee Art Museum.

                                        including national traveling
                                        exhibitions, significant works
                                        on loan from private and pub-
                                        lic collections, and quality
                                        regional art. “New Visions’
                                        Culture and Agriculture,” an
                                        annual theme show that pres-
                                        ents agriculture through the
                                        eyes of artists from across the
                                        United States, is a favorite
                                        among visitors.

                                                                                                                                                     BEA HALFEN
                                             New Visions cares for and
                                        displays a permanent collec-
                                        tion of fine art. Most of the       Paine Art Center.
                                        collection is a gift of longtime
                                        friends of the gallery, Robert      lections of Haitian paintings,           Paine Art Center
                                        and Barbara Bromberg.               contemporary prints by a vari-             and Gardens
                                        Highlights of the collection        ety of artists, and West African

                                        include 125 Japanese prints         sculpture and masks.                         evered as one of
                                        including woodblock prints               New Visions Gallery is                  “America’s Castles”,
                                        by nineteenth century mas-          fully wheelchair accessible.                 the Paine Art Center
                                        ters, woodblock revival prints,                                          and Gardens is a unique
                                                                            New Visions Gallery
                                        and modern works in many                                                 combination of historic
                                                                            (in the Marshfield Clinic)
                                        printing processes by distin-       1000 N. Oak Avenue                   mansion, art galleries and
                                        guished Japanese printmakers.       Marshfield, WI 54449                 botanical gardens.
                                                                              Experience the grandeur of
                                             More than sixty acrylic        715/387-5562
                                        paintings and original prints by    Open Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm, Sat 11am-
                                                                                                                 a Tudor Revival manor
                                        Australian Aboriginal artists are   3pm                                  house, exquisite craftsman-
                                        currently on display as are col-    Admission fee: Free                  ship, a world-class collection
                                                                                                                 of French and American
                                                                                                                 landscape paintings and

                                                                                                                 exquisite decorative objects.
                                                                                                                 The Paine estate was origi-
                                                                                                                 nally designed in the 1920s
                                                                                                                 as a residence for Oshkosh
                                                                                                                 lumber baron Nathan Paine
                                                                                                                 and his wife, Jessie Kimberly
                                                                                                                 Paine. The architect, Bryant
                                                                                                                 Fleming, was one of the last
                                                                                                                 great estate architects to re-
                                                                                                                 create islands of European
                                                                                                                 high culture in modern
                                                                                                                      Surrounded by three acres
                                                                                                                 of twenty themed garden
                                                                                                                 design areas, the Paine offers
                                                                                                                 an unforgettable experience
                                                                                                                 and source of inspiration to
                                                                                                                 both garden enthusiasts and
                                                                                                                 visiting tourists. Enjoy season-
                                        New Visions Gallery.                                                                          continued...

Art Museums, continued...                  musicals to dramas. The                 The center is completely
al garden displays featuring a             Phipps Children’s Theater            wheelchair accessible.
stunning living collection of              mounts four shows every year         The Phipps Center for the Arts
trend setting plant varieties.             featuring student actors from        109 Locust Street
    The Paine presents travel-             area schools.                        Hudson, WI 54016-1518
                                                Each season The Phipps          715.386.8409
ing art exhibitions of world-                                         
renowned artists in the                    presents a series of five diverse    Open year-round
Paine’s Main Gallery and                   classical concerts highlighting      Performances: Fri-Sun, $12-$21
Gothic Gallery. Discover the               soloists and small ensembles.        The Galleries hours: Mon-Sat 9am-
Paine’s newly opened Family                The special events series            4:30pm, Sun noon-4:30pm, and one hour
                                           includes The Phipps Festival         prior to curtain through intermission
Discovery Gallery with more                                                     for all performances, free of charge.
than a dozen “hands on”                    Chorus, The Phipps Oratorio
exhibits geared for children               Society, an annual dance con-
                                           cert, as well as popular, folk,        Racine Art Museum
ages 5-12 and participate in
                                           and jazz concerts. In addi-

changing family activities.                                                                  ith a concentra-
    The Paine Art Center and               tion, five nationally acclaimed                   tion in ceramics,
Gardens is completely wheel-               musicians annually perform                        fibers, glass, met-
chair accessible.                          on the Wurlitzer theater pipe        als and wood, the Racine
                                           organ.                               Art Museum (RAM) houses
Paine Art Center and Gardens
                                                Over 300 area artists dis-      one of the most significant
1410 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh, WI 54901                          play their work in a wide vari-      collections of contemporary                           ety of media in 10 to 12             crafts of any North
920/235-6903                               juried exhibitions in the five       American museum.
Open Tues-Sun, 11am-4pm.
                                           galleries each year. Two gift             The evolution of its col-
Admission fees: adults $6, seniors (65+)
$5, students $4, children (5-12) $3,
                                           galleries feature the fine art       lection began at the Charles
under 5 free, family $15. (Paid            and traditional crafts of noted      A. Wustum Museum of Fine
admission is required to view the          local artists.                       Arts with 300 pieces created
gardens May 1-Sept 30.)
                                                The Phipps also offers          for the Works Progress
                                           professional instruction in the      Administration’s Federal Art
    The Phipps Center                      visual and performing arts to        Project in the 1930s. This ini-
       for the Arts                        students of all levels of ability.   tial gift created a regionally

        he Phipps Center for
        the Arts, in historic
        downtown Hudson,
has celebrated the creative
spirit for over 20 years by
offering exciting perform-
ances, outstanding exhibi-
tions and professional
instruction. The Star
Tribune, of Minneapolis,
claims, “ . . . the brick-and-
glass arts center overlooking
                                                                                                                        PHOTO COURTESY OF RACINE ART MUSEUM

the St. Croix River has
become a magnet for lovers
of theater, art, and music in
the river valley and beyond.”
    The center annually pro-
duces five community theater
productions ranging from
                                           Racine Art Museum.

                                                                                                  Mansion is listed on the
                                                                                                  National Register of
                                                                                                  Historic Places, and the
                                                                                                  museum is affiliated with
                                                                                                  the American Association of
                                                                                                       Exhibitions are mounted
                                                                                                  in three galleries featuring
                                                                                                  thematic presentations of
                                                                                                  works from the museum’s
                                                                                                  2000-plus collection of
                                                                                                  American art, including
                                                                                                  Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy
                                                                                                  Warhol, and Mary Cassatt.
                                                                                                  The museum’s exhibit sched-
                                                                                                  ule also incorporates a variety
                                                                                                  of media from outside
                     Rahr-West Art Museum.                                                        sources. Visitors can even see
                                                                                                  a replica of a Sputnik frag-
                     significant collection of WPA-   works have in common,                       ment that fell through the
                     era works on paper. The          rather than their differences.              atmosphere to earth, landing
                     museum continues to collect           In addition to regular                 just outside the museum.
                     graphics, photographs and        shows from its permanent col-                    Two levels of the mansion
                     watercolors today, as well as    lection, RAM also brings                    are open to the public. The
                     contemporary crafts.             major temporary art exhibi-                 first floor includes the Central
                         In 2003, having out-         tions to the Midwest.                       Gallery displaying 19th centu-
                     grown the Wustum Museum               The museum is fully                    ry paintings, and a restored
                     space, RAM reinvented itself     wheelchair accessible.                      1910 Victorian parlor. The
                     in downtown Racine opening       Racine Art Museum                           second floor offers collections
                     a 46,000 square foot museum      441 Main Street                             of Chinese ivory carvings,
                     designed specifically for its    Racine, WI 53401-0187                       Boehm Studio porcelain,
                     permanent collection of more
                                                      262/638-8300                                dolls, and exchange gifts from
                     than 3,000 objects. RAM’s        Open Tues-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun noon-           Manitowoc’s sister city,
                     collection features work by      5pm.                                        Kamogawa, Japan.
                     Dale Chihuly, Joel Philip        Admission fees: adults $5, seniors (62+),        Activity backpacks are
                     Myers, Wendell Castle,           students & young adults (12-18) $3,
                                                      under 12 free.
                                                                                                  available for children to inter-
                     George Nakashima, Gertrud                                                    act with the exhibitions.
                     and Otto Natzler, Peter                                                      Classes and workshops are
                     Voulkos, Lia Cook, Sheila        Rahr-West Art Museum
                                                                                                  held regularly.
                     Hicks, Arline Fisch and Albert

                                                             ocated along the                          The museum galleries are
                     Paley in rotating exhibitions.          shores of Lake                       completely accessible, with
                         RAM focuses on artists              Michigan, the Rahr-                  stair access only to the man-
                     with international, national     West Art Museum is housed                   sion. A wheelchair is available.
                     and regional reputations. It     in the 1891 Victorian man-                  Rahr-West Art Museum
                     collects and exhibits both       sion of one of Manitowoc’s                  610 North Eighth Street
                     functional and sculptural        pioneer families. In 1975 a                 Manitowoc WI 54220
                     works. It often combines dis-    modern exhibition wing was        
                     plays of crafts with painting,                                               920/683-4501
                                                      added. In 1986 further                      Open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm, Wed 10am-
                     sculpture and works on paper     exhibition and storage space                8pm, Sat & Sun 11am-4pm.
                     to demonstrate what these        was constructed. The Rahr                   Admission fees: free

                                         Art Museums, continued...

                                                Villa Terrace
                                               Decorative Arts

                                                   verlooking Lake
                                                   Michigan, the Villa
                                                   Terrace Decorative
                                         Arts Museum is an Italian
                                         Renaissance-style villa
                                         designed and built by archi-

                                                                                                                                                               DON ABRAMS
                                         tect David Adler in 1923.
                                         The building was originally
                                         the residence of Lloyd             Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum.
                                         Smith of the A.O. Smith
                                         Corporation and his family.        ciled beamed ceiling of                 down three terraces to the
                                              Reminiscent of a Tuscan       Georgian cypress. Upstairs the          lawn and the Lake Michigan
                                         villa in northern Italy, the       former master bedroom (now              shore.
                                         exterior walls are white-          a gallery for changing exhibi-               The Villa features fine and
                                         washed warm-pink brick and         tions) contains a hand-deco-            decorative arts dating from
                                         limestone trim quarried and        rated ceiling. Another former           the 15th through the 18th
                                         carved in Italy. The low-          bedroom is decorated with               centuries. Changing exhibi-
                                         pitched roof is made up of         Zuber wallpaper, hand-print-            tions emphasize the architec-
                                         red Italian barrel tiles.          ed in France.                           tural, decorative arts,
                                         Milwaukee’s Cyril Colnik                To the rear of the Villa is        European and garden-themed
                                         crafted the intricate wrought      a handsome paved terrace,               subject matter of both
                                         iron entrance gates.               flanked by Palladian-style              Wisconsin and non-Wisconsin
                                              Inside, a circular stairway   pavilions overlooking a formal          artists of national or interna-
                                         rises stunningly without any       Renaissance Garden. The                 tional repute.
                                         central support. The Great         Garden features a dramatic                   Renovations are under-
                                         Hall is accented with a sten-      “water stairway,” flowing               way to make the Villa fully
                                                                                                                    wheelchair accessible.

                                                                                                                    Villa Terrace Decorative Arts
                                                                                                                    2220 N. Terrace Ave.
                                                                                                                    Milwaukee, WI 53202
                                                                                                                    Open Wed-Sun from 1-5pm.
                                                                                                                    Admission fees: adults $5, seniors (65+)
                                                                                                                    and students $3, children under 12 free.

                                                                                                                              West Bend
                                                                                                                             Art Museum

                                                                                                                            he West Bend Art
                                                                                                                            Museum (WBAM)
                                                                                                                            occupies a unique
                                                                                                                    niche as Wisconsin’s region-
                                                                                                                    al art museum. Attractively
                                                                                                                    housed in a deceptively large
                                         West Bend Art Museum.

building in the city’s down-
town cultural district, it is
home to the finest collection
                                      The William F. Eisner Museum
of Milwaukee-born,                    of Advertising & Design
Munich-trained academic

realist painter Carl von Marr                 he William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising &
(1858-1936). Examples of                      Design offers an amazing, amusing and enlight-
every stage of Marr’s glitter-                ening opportunity to explore the science and art
ing career can be seen                of advertising and design.
including his magnificent,                 Originally opened in 2000, the Eisner is the only
massive, magnum opus                  museum of its kind in the United States. It hosts more
painting of 1889, The                 than 20,000 visitors annually from across the country.
Flagellants.                          Visitors can explore changing exhibitions, each telling a
                                      different story through television and radio commercials,
     Featuring many of
                                      billboards, package designs, magazine advertisements and
Wisconsin’s most famous and
                                      interactive displays.
notable artists, the WBAM
                                           As an exhibition and interpretive center, the Museum
also exhibits the finest survey
                                      explores the influence advertising and design has had and
collection of historic
                                      continues to have on our culture. Its mission is imple-
Wisconsin art (1800 to
                                      mented through exhibits, educational programs, industry
1950), which reflects the
                                      retrospectives, and special events.
artistic, cultural and physical
                                           For educators, as well as advertising and design pro-
development of the state.
                                      fessionals, the Museum helps initiate study and offers
This is complemented by the
                                      young people insight into careers through symposia, lec-
state’s primary archive on
                                      tures and mentoring programs. For the general public,
Wisconsin art and artists that
                                      the Museum offers interactive and entertaining exhibits
currently holds almost 4,000
                                      that reveal the strategy and impact of advertising and
files. Contemporary artists
from Wisconsin are also well
                                           Located at 208 N. Water Street in downtown
represented through the
                                      Milwaukee, the Eisner is open Wed & Fri 11am-5pm,
monthly One from Wisconsin
                                      Thurs 11am-8pm, Sat noon-5pm, and Sun 1-5pm.
exhibitions and through seven
                                      Admission fees are: adults $5, seniors $3, students (12-
temporary shows each year
                                      18) $2.50, under 12 free. The facility is completely
that offer an eclectic mix of
                                      wheelchair accessible., 414/847-
exhibitions with broad appeal.
     Truly a gem of an institu-       3290.
tion, the West Bend Art
Museum is proud to be one
of approximately twenty
museums in America that cel-
ebrate and showcase the art
and artists of their own state.
     The museum is fully
wheelchair accessible.
West Bend Art Museum
300 South Sixth Avenue
West Bend, WI 53095
                                                                                                   DON ABRAMS

Open Wed-Sat, 10am-4:30pm, Sun 1pm-
4:30pm, closed Mon & Tues.
Admission fees: free.
                                      William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising & Design.

County, Community & Area
         Do you need information on lodging, attractions or local events? Go right to the source!
    Here we’ve listed Wisconsin’s convention bureaus, chambers of commerce, county and area tourism
         offices. These organizations are ready and waiting to help you plan your Wisconsin Tour.

Adams County Chamber of        Beloit Convention & Visitors         Cable Area Chamber of          Columbia Co Tourism &
Commerce                       Bureau                               Commerce                       Economic Development
608/339-6997                   608/365-4838                         715/798-3833                   608/742-6161
888/339-6997                   800/423-5648                         800/533-7454                   800/842-2524            
Algoma Area Chamber of         Berlin Chamber of Commerce           Cadott Chamber of              Columbus Area Chamber of
Commerce                       920/361-3636                         Commerce                       Commerce
920/487-2041                   800/979-9334                         715/289-3338                   920/623-3699
800/498-4888                               Calumet County Tourism         Conover Chamber of                 Birchwood Area Lakes                 Association                    Commerce
Alma Chamber of Commerce       Association                          920/439-2092                   715/479-4928
608/685-4445                   715/354-7846                         888/576-9196                   800/236-4928          800/236-2252               
Antigo Area Chamber of                  Cambridge Chamber of           Crandon Area Chamber of
Commerce                       Black River Falls Area               Commerce                       Commerce
715/623-4134                   Chamber of Commerce                  608/423-3780                   715/478-3450
888/526-4523                   715/284-4658                           800/334-3387          800/404-4008                         Cassville Department of
Appleton                         Tourism                        Crivitz Recreation Association
(see Fox Cities)               Bloomer Chamber of                   608/725-5855                   715/757-2467
Arbor Vitae                    Commerce                                 800/274-8480
(see Minocqua-Arbor Vitae-     715/568-3339                         Castle Rock-Petenwell Lakes
Woodruff)                        Association                    Darlington
                               Boscobel Chamber of                  608/847-1904                   (see Lafayette County)
Ashland Area Chamber of
Commerce                       Commerce                       Delafield Promotional &
715/682-2500                   608/375-2672                         Cedarburg Chamber of           Tourism Council
800/284-9484                     Commerce & Visitor Center      262/646-8100           Boulder Junction Chamber of          262/377-9620                   888/294-1082
                               Commerce                             800/237-2874         
Augusta City Clerk’s Office
                               715/385-2400                             Delavan-Delavan Lake Area
                               800/466-8759                         Chetek Area Chamber of         Chamber of Commerce
Balsam Lake Village Clerk’s                   Commerce                       262/728-5095
                               Brodhead Chamber of                  715/924-3200                   800/624-0052
                               Commerce                             800/317-1720         
                               608/897-8411                              Dodge County Tourism
Baraboo Area Chamber of
Commerce                       Brookfield Convention &              Chetek Resort Owners           Association
                               Visitors Bureau                      Association                    920/386-3705
                               262/789-0220                         715/924-4440                   800/414-0101
                               800/388-1835                         800/224-3835         
                                            Dodgeville Area Chamber of
Barron County Clerk’s Office
                               Buffalo County Clerk’s Office        Chilton Chamber of             Commerce
                               608/685-6209                         Commerce                       608/935-5993
Bayfield Chamber of                  920/849-4541                   877/863-6343
715/779-3335                   Burlington Area Chamber of
                               Commerce                             Chippewa Falls Area Visitors   Door County Chamber of
                               262/763-6044                         Center                         Commerce
                             715/723-0331                   920/743-4456
Bayfield County Tourism &                                           888/723-0024                   800/527-3529
Recreation                     Burnett County Dept. of
                               Tourism & Information      
                               715/349-7411                         Chippewa Valley Convention     Douglas County
                               800/788-3164                         & Visitors Bureau              (see Superior-Douglas County)
Beaver Dam Area Chamber of                                                                         Eagle River Area Chamber of
                               Burnett County                       888/523-3866                   Commerce & Visitors Center
920/887-8879                   Resort/Campground Owners                                            715/479-6400
                               Association                          Clark County Economic          800/359-6315
                               715/349-2000                         Development Corporation

East Troy Area Chamber of      Geneva Lake West Chamber            Iowa County Clerk’s Office     Lafayette Co. UWEX Office
Commerce                       of Commerce                         608/935-0399                   608/776-4820
262/642-3770                   262/275-5102                        Iron County Development             877/275-5102                        Zone Council                   Lake Geneva Area
Eau Claire                             715/561-2922                   Convention & Visitors
(see Chippewa Valley)          Germantown Area Chamber              Bureau
Eau Claire Lakes Area          of Commerce                         Iron River Area Chamber of     262/248-4416
Business Association           262/255-1812                        Commerce                       800/345-1020
715/376-2322                    715/372-8558         
800/299-7506                   Glidden Area Chamber of                     Lake Mills Area Chamber of         Commerce                            Jackson County                 Commerce
Edgerton Area Chamber of       715/264-4304                        (see Black River Area)         920/648-3585
Commerce                       Grant Co. UWEX Office                                    
                                                                   Janesville Area Convention &
608/884-4408                   608/723-2125                        Visitors Bureau                Lake Tomahawk Information
888/298-4408                      608/757-3171                   Bureau      Grantsburg Chamber of               800/487-2757                   715/277-2257
Elkhart Lake Tourism           Commerce                            Lake Wisconsin Chamber of
Commission                     715/463-2405                        Jefferson County Area          Commerce
920/876-2922                         Tourism Council                608/635-8070
877/355-4278                   Greater Cornell Area                920/563-3210                     Community Development                   Lakewood Area Chamber of
Elkhorn Area Chamber of        Association                         Juneau Chamber of              Commerce
Commerce                       715/239-3713                        Commerce                       715/276-6500
262/723-5788                   Green Bay                           920/386-3359                      (see Packer Country)                                               Lancaster Area Chamber of
                                                                   Juneau County Visitors
Elroy Commons Tourist Info     Green County Tourism                Bureau/Economic                Commerce
Center                         608/328-1838                        Development                    608/723-2820
608/462-2410                   888/222-9111                        608/847-1904                   866/876-2665
888/606-2453                                                                                                   Land O’ Lakes Chamber of
                               Green Lake Area Chamber of          Kaukauna
Ephraim                        Commerce                            (see Fox Cities)               Commerce
(see Door County)              920/294-3231                                                       715/547-3432
                                                                   Kenosha Area Convention &      800/236-3432
Fennimore Chamber and          800/253-7354                        Visitors Bureau
Economic Development                                    
Office                         Green Lake Country Visitor’s        800/654-7309                   Langlade County
608/822-3599                   Bureau                                 (see Antigo Area)
800/822-1131                   800/662-6927                                                       Laona Chamber of Commerce                                                  Kewaunee Chamber of
                                        Commerce                       715/674-3007
Fish Creek Civic Association   Hartford Area Chamber of            920/388-4822                   Lincoln Co. Forestry, Land &
920/868-2316                   Commerce                            800/666-8214                   Parks
800/577-1880                   262/673-7002                             715/536-0327
www.doorcounty-                866/222-5401                                             
                                                                   Kewaunee County                                                 tm
                                                                   Promotions & Recreation
Fond du Lac Area               Hartland Area Chamber of            Dept.                          Long Lake Chamber of
Convention & Visitors          Commerce                            920/388-0444                   Commerce
Bureau                         262/367-7059                                                       715/354-3500
                                                                   Kickapoo Valley Association
                               Hayward Lakes Visitors &            Madeline Island Chamber of
                               Convention Bureau                   Kickapoo Valley Reserve        Commerce
Forest County Advertising      715/634-4801                                                       715/747-2801
Committee                                                          608/625-2960
                               800/724-2992                       888/475-3386
800/334-3387                                                       Kohler Visitor Information        Hazelhurst Information              Center                         Madison Convention &
                               Center                              920/458-3450                   Visitors Bureau, Greater
Fort Atkinson Area Chamber     715/356-7350                                                       608/255-2537
of Commerce                                              
                               Hidden Valleys                                                     800/373-6376
920/563-3210                                                       La Crosse Area Convention &
888/733-3678                   608/647-2243                        Visitors Bureau            Horicon Chamber of                  608/782-2366                   Manitowish Waters Chamber
                               Commerce                            800/658-9424                   of Commerce
Fox Cities Convention &                                                                           715/543-8488,
Visitors Bureau                920/485-3200              
920/734-3358                                                       Lac Court Oreilles Resort
800/236-6673                   Hudson Area Chamber of              Association              Commerce & Tourism Bureau           715/634-2423                   Manitowoc Area Visitor &
                               715/386-8411                                                       Convention Bureau
Fremont Chamber of                                                 Lac du Flambeau Chamber of     920/683-4388
Commerce                       800/657-6775                        Commerce
920/446-3838                                                       715/588-3346
                                                                                                     Hurley Area Chamber of              877/588-3346
                               715/561-4334                        Ladysmith
(see Trempealeau County)
                               866/340-4334                        (see Rusk County)
Gays Mills Tourist   
Information                                                                                                      continued...

County, Community &         Minocqua-Arbor Vitae-              Oneida County Visitor’s      Platteville Area Chamber of
Area Tourism Contacts,      Woodruff Area Chamber of           Bureau                       Commerce
                            Commerce                           715/365-7466                 608/348-8888
continued...                715/356-5266                       800/236-3006       
                            800/446-6784                   Plymouth Chamber of
Manitowoc-Two Rivers Area
Chamber of Commerce                                            Ontario, Village of          Commerce
920/684-5575                Monroe Chamber of                  608/337-4381                 920/893-0079
800/262-7892                Commerce                         888/693-8263    608/325-7648                       Osceola Area Chamber of
                                Commerce                     Polk County Information
Marinette Area Chamber of
Commerce                    Monroe Co UWEX Office              715/755-3300                 Center
715/735-6681                608/269-8722                       800/947-0581                 715/483-1410
800/236-6681                Montello Area Chamber of        800/222-7655    Commerce                           Oshkosh Convention &
Marquette County Clerk’s    608/297-7420                       Visitors Bureau              Portage Area Chamber of
Office                      800/684-7199                       920/303-9200                 Commerce
608/297-9136                       877/303-9200                 608/742-6242
                            Mount Horeb Area Chamber            800/474-2525
Marshfield Convention &                                                           
Visitors Bureau             of Commerce                        Osseo City Hall
715/384-3454                608/437-5914                       715/597-2207                 Post Lake Area Business
800/422-4541                888/765-5929                       Association                   Ozaukee County Tourism       715/275-3906
Mauston Area Chamber of     Muscoda Chamber of                 Council                      Potosi-Tennyson Chamber of
Commerce, Greater           Commerce                           262/284-9288                 Commerce
608/847-4142                608/739-3154                       800/403-9898                 608/763-2261             Neenah                   
Mayville Area Chamber of    (see Fox Cities)                   Packer Country Regional      Prairie du Chien Chamber of
Commerce                    Neillsville Area Chamber of        Tourism Office               Commerce
920/387-5776                Commerce                           920/494-9507                 608/326-8555
800/256-7670                715/743-6444                       888/867-3342                 800/732-1673     888/252-7594             
Medford Area Chamber of                Park Falls Area Chamber of   Prescott Area Chamber of
Commerce                    New Glarus Chamber of              Commerce                     Commerce
715/748-4729                Commerce & Tourist                 715/762-2703                 715/262-3284
888/682-9567                Information                        800/762-2709                 608/527-2095                         Presque Isle Chamber of
Mellen Area Chamber of      800/527-6838                       Pelican Lake Chamber of      Commerce
Commerce                            Commerce                     715/686-2910
715/274-2330                New London Area Chamber            715/487-5222                 888/835-6508            of Commerce              
                            920/982-5822                       pelicanlake/                 Price County Tourism Dept.
(see Fox Cities)                  Pepin County Visitor         715/339-4505
                            New Richmond Area                  Information                  800/269-4505
Menominee Tribal Public                                        715/672-5709       
Relations                   Chamber of Commerce &
                            Visitors Bureau                    888/672-5709                 Princeton Area Chamber of
                            715/246-2900                    Commerce
Menomonie                   800/654-6380                                                    920/295-3877
                                                               Pepin Visitor Information
(see Chippewa Valley)         Center             
Mercer Area Chamber of      Oconomowoc Convention &            715/442-3011                 Racine County Convention &
Commerce                    Visitors Bureau                 Visitors Bureau
715/476-2389                262/569-3236, 800/524-3744                                      262/884-6400
                                                               Peshtigo Chamber of                Commerce                     800/272-2463
Merrill Area Chamber of     Oconto Area Chamber of             715/582-0327       
Commerce                    Commerce                                                        Red Cliff Chamber of
                                                               Phelps Chamber of
715/536-9474                920/834-6254                       Commerce                     Commerce
877/907-2757                     715/545-3800                 715/779-5225                               
                            Oconto County Tourism                                           Reedsburg Area Chamber of
Merrimac                    920/834-6969                       Phillips Area Chamber of     Commerce
(see Lake Wisconsin)        888/626-6862                       Commerce                     608/524-2850, 800/844-3507
Milton Area Chamber of               715/339-4100       
Commerce                    Oconto Falls Area Chamber          888/408-4800                 Rhinelander Area Chamber of
608/868-6222                of Commerce                 Commerce   920/846-8306                       Pickerel-Pearson Business    715/365-7464, 800/236-4386
Milwaukee, VISIT                 Association        
414/273-7222                Omro Area Chamber of               715/484-3901                 Rib Lake Commercial & Civic
800/554-1448                Commerce                           Pierce County Partners in    Club           920/685-6960                       Tourism, Inc.                715/427-5761
Mineral Point Chamber of                    715/273-5864                 Rice Lake Area Chamber of
Commerce                    Onalaska Center for                800/474-3723                 Commerce
608/987-3201                Commerce & Tourism          715/234-2126, 800/523-6318
888/764-6894                608/781-9570                                                  800/873-1901

Richland Center Area           Spring Green Chamber of             Turtle Flambeau Flowage         Waupaca Area Chamber of
Chamber/Main Street            Commerce                            Association                     Commerce
608/647-6205, 800/422-1318     608/588-2054                        715/476-2555                    715/258-7343, 888/417-4040        800/588-2042                        Twin Lakes Area Chamber &
Ripon Area Chamber of                 Business Association            Waupun Chamber of
Commerce                       St. Croix Falls                     262/877-2220                    Commerce
920/748-6764                   (see Polk County)                 920/324-3491               St. Germain Chamber of              Two Rivers            
River Falls Area Chamber of    Commerce                            (see Packer County)             Wausau-Central Wisconsin
Commerce                       715/477-2205                        Uplands of Southwest            Convention & Visitors
715/425-2533                   800/727-7203                        Wisconsin                       Bureau                      608/437-6580                    715/355-8788, 888/948-4748
Rock County Tourism            Stevens Point Area                  800/279-9472          
Council                        Convention & Visitors                      Waushara Area Chamber of
608/757-5587, 866/376-8767     Bureau                              Vernon County Tourism           Commerce             715/344-2556                        Council                         920/787-3488, 877/928-8662
Rusk Co. Visitors Center &     800/236-4636                        608/637-2575          
Rail Displays                 Webster
715/532-2642, 800/535-7875     Stone Lake Area Tourism             Vilas County Advertising &      (see Burnett County)             Information                         Publicity Dept.                 West Bend Area Chamber of
Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of   715/865-2486                        715/479-3649                    Commerce
Commerce                       800/639-6822                        800/236-3649                    262/338-2666, 888/338-8666
608/643-4168, 800/683-2453     Stoughton Chamber of                           Commerce                            Viroqua                         Westby Chamber of
Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of    608/873-7912                        (see Vernon County)             Commerce
Commerce                       888/873-7912                                                        608/634-4011, 866/493-7829
                                      Walworth County Visitor’s
715/542-3789, 888/722-3789                                         Bureau                
Shawano Area Chamber of        Sturgeon Bay Visitor &              262/723-3980                    Weyauwega Area Chamber of
Commerce                       Convention Bureau                   800/395-8687                    Commerce
715/524-2139, 800/235-8528     920/743-6246                  920/867-2500         800/301-6695                        m                     
Sheboygan County                                                   Warrens Area Business           Winchester Chamber of
Convention & Visitors          Sun Prairie Chamber of              Association                     Commerce
Bureau                         Commerce                            608/378-4200                    715/686-2872
920/457-9495                   608/837-4547                    
800/457-9497                   800/400-6162
                                                                   Washburn Area Chamber of        Winneconne Area Chamber of    
                                                                   Commerce                        Commerce
Sheboygan Falls                Superior-Douglas County             715/373-5017                    920/582-4775
Chamber/Main Street, Inc.      Convention & Visitors               800/253-4495          
920/467-6206                   Bureau                    
                               715/392-2773                                                        Winter Area Chamber of                                                                            Commerce
                               800/942-5313                        Washburn County/Spooner
chamber-mnst.htm                                                   Area Tourism                    715/266-2204, 800/762-7179
Shell Lake Chamber of                                              715/635-9696          
Commerce                       Taylor County Tourism               800/367-3306                    Wisconsin Dells Visitor &
715/468-4477                   715/748-4729                        Convention Bureau             888/682-9567
                                                                   Washington Co. Convention       608/254-4636, 800/223-3557
Shullsburg Community                                               & Visitors Bureau     
Development Corp.              Three Lakes Information             262/677-5069                    Wisconsin Indian Head
608/965-4401                   Bureau                              888/974-8687                    Country Tourism             715/546-3344                 715/924-2970, 800/826-6966
Siren Area Chamber of                                              Washington Island Chamber
                                                                   of Commerce                     Wisconsin Rapids Area
715/349-2273                   Tomah Convention &                  920/847-2179                    Convention & Visitors
800/788-3164                   Visitors Bureau                     www.washingtonislandchamber.    Bureau               608/372-2166                        com                             715/422-4650
                               800/948-6624                                                        800/554-4484
Sister Bay Advancement                                             Watertown Area Chamber of
920/854-2812                   Tomahawk Regional Chamber           920/261-6320                    Woodruff       of Commerce                       (see Minocqua-Arbor Vitae-
Somerset Chamber of                                                Waukesha & Pewaukee CVB         Woodruff)
Commerce                       800/569-2160
715/247-3366                                                       800/366-8474
Sparta Area Chamber of         Trempealeau Chamber of    
Commerce                       Commerce
608/269-4123                   608/534-6780
800/354-2453                            Visit and sign up for e-mail news             Trempealeau County Tourism            and travel information. Besides news on the activities
                               Council                               that fit your interests, your subscription will give you
Spooner Area Chamber of
                               608/534-6615                          access to fall color and snow condition reports by e-
715/635-2168                   800/927-5339                          mail, special updates and publications on Wisconsin
800/367-3306                   www.trempealeaucountytourism          events and activities, and the first chance to win get-      .com.                                 aways and vacation prizes all year long!

                      More Sources of Tourism Information
 1. Access for the Mobility      publication of the Wisconsin           maple syrup and honey             recreational activities and
    Impaired                     Bed and Breakfast Association          products, wineries, Christmas     amenities offered by each
 2. Accommodations               (WBBA), featuring 248                  tree farms, farms where you       destination. To access this
 3. Agricultural                 unique B&Bs throughout the             can pick-your-own fruits and      Wisconsin travel information,
    Information                  state, call 800/432-8747, or           vegetables, organic produce,      visit
 4. Arts Information             order from the tourism Web             and much more.          
 5. Attractions                  site,                                                                    Wisconsin Association of
                                                                        4. Arts Information
                        To                                              Convention & Visitor Bureaus
 6. ATV Information                                                     For a free copy of the
                                 view the same data on-line,                                              P.O. Box 393
 7. Biking Information           including amenities, contact           Wisconsin Arts Board’s Art
 8. Business Development                                                and Craft Fairs Directory,        Sun Prairie, WI 53590-0393
                                 information, and photos of                                               608/837-6693, 877/967-
 9. Boat, Snowmobile &           each property, visit the WBBA          listing more than 400 art and
                                                                        craft fairs statewide, call       9674
    ATV Licensing and            Web site at
                                                                        800/432-8747, or order  
                                 Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast              from the tourism Web site,        6. ATV Information
10. Camping Information          Association                   To       For a free copy of the
11. Educational Vacations        108 S. Cleveland St.                   view the same data on-line, as    Wisconsin Spring/Summer
12. Fishing & Hunting            Merrill, WI 54452                      well as an online copy of the
    Licensing & Regulation                                                                                Event and Recreation Guide,
                                 715/539-WBBA (9222)                    Wisconsin Art Museum &            which includes information
13. Golf Courses                                  Gallery Guide, visit the          about ATV trails in many
14. Group Travel                 For a free copy of the                 Wisconsin Arts Board’s Web        Wisconsin counties, call
15. Hiking Information           Wisconsin Lodging Directory,           site at     800/432-8747, or order on-
16. History & Heritage           the official publication of the        Wisconsin Arts Board              line at
17. Horseback Riding             Wisconsin Innkeepers                   First Floor, 101 E. Wilson St.
    Information                  Association (WIA), listing             Madison, WI 53702                 The Wisconsin ATV
18. Map Sources                  more than 1,000 hotels,                608/266-0190                      Association has free
19. Meeting &Convention          motels, resorts, B&Bs and              TDD 608/267-9629                  membership information,
    Planning                     country inns across the state,              publishes a magazine, and has
20. Multi-Cultural               call 800/432-8747, or order
                                                                        The Cultural Coalition of         additional information on its
    Contacts                     from the tourism Web site,
                                                                        Wisconsin has created             Web site, or
21. Paper Mill Tours                                           to        call 920/565-7531.
                                 view the same data on-line,
22. Regional Tourism             including amenities, contact           support the state’s culture,      7. Biking Information
    Contacts                     information and photos of              arts, humanities and history.     For a free copy of the
23. Restaurants                  each property, visit the WIA           It is a comprehensive guide       Wisconsin Biking Guide
24. Road Conditions &            Web site at www.lodging-               to Wisconsin’s performance        including detailed maps and
    Construction Detours                                and visual arts.                  descriptions of 30 designated
25. Rustic Roads                 Wisconsin Innkeepers                   5. Attractions                    bike trails, off-road mountain
26. Snowmobiling                 Association                            For a free copy of the            bike trails, and on-road loop
    Information                  1025 S. Moorland Rd. Suite             Wisconsin Highway Map &           tours, call 800/432-8747, or
27. Sports                       200                                    Attraction Guide, a               order on-line at
28. Weather Reports              Brookfield, WI 53005-6945              publication of the Association
29. Wisconsin Travel             262/782-2851                           of Wisconsin Tourism              That same Web site also
    Information Centers                     Attractions (AWTA) featuring      includes maps, descriptions
                                                                        64 member and associate           and trail facts for more than
                                 For information about the                                                fifty other Wisconsin bike
                                                                        member attractions, call
1. Access for the Mobility       three hostels in Wisconsin,                                              trails and tours.
                                                                        800/432-8747, or order
Impaired                         contact:
                                                                        from the tourism Web site,        The Bicycle Federation of
Direct questions about the       Hostelling International      To       Wisconsin sells a set of four,
accessibility of Wisconsin’s     American Youth Hostels                 view the same data on-line,       comprehensive maps showing
State Parks to:                  Wisconsin Council                      visit the AWTA Web site at        on-road bicycle routes as well
                                 Bayshore Shopping Center                  as linear bike trails. The large,
Wisconsin DNR
                                 5900 N. Port Washington Rd.                                              foldout maps are available in
Bureau of Parks & Recreation                                            Assn. of Wisconsin Tourism
                                 Suite 128                                                                many Wisconsin bicycle shops
P.O. Box 7921                                                           Attractions
                                 Milwaukee, WI 53217                                                      for suggested retail $3.95
Madison, WI 53707-7921                                                  Chet Gerlach
                                 414/961-2525                                                             each, or $12.95/set, plus tax.
608/266-2181                                                            44 E. Mifflin St. Suite 900
                                                                                   The maps can also be ordered                                                         Madison, WI 53703
                                 3. Agricultural                        608/250-4873                      by calling 800/362-4537; the
For information about
                                 Information                                set of 4 maps is $15.95, single
accessible hunting and fishing
                                 The Wisconsin Dept. of                                                   maps are $6.95 (tax and S&H
in Wisconsin, consult the                                               The Wisconsin Association of
                                 Agriculture maintains an                                                 included).
Department of Natural                                                   Convention & Visitors
Resources’ Web site at           excellent Web site,                    Bureaus maintains an              Bicycle Federation of    It offers          attractive Web site with direct   Wisconsin
                                 the most advanced search               links to each of its twenty-      106 E. Doty St.
2. Accommodations                capabilities to find your                                                Madison, WI 53703
                                                                        seven member city sites.
For a free copy of the           favorite Wisconsin products,           There you’ll find plenty of       608/251-4456
Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast        including municipal farmers            timely information about the
Directory, the official          markets, roadside markets,             events, attractions,

Wisconsin Off-Road Bicycling        campsite reservation at a              Chequamegon-Nicolet                Golf Course Owners of
Association                         Wisconsin State Park or State          National Forest                    Wisconsin, Inc.
P.O. Box 5184                       Forest, call 888/WI-PARKS              1170 Fourth Avenue S.              8989 N Port Washington Rd
Elm Grove, WI 53122-5184            (888/947-2757), or go on-              Park Falls, WI 54552               Ste 205                       line at                                715/762-2461                       Milwaukee WI 53217F
8. Business Development                    TTY 715/762-5701,                  414.540.3833, 800/348-
                                    County Park Campgrounds                    2721
Forward Wisconsin is a
                                    Wisconsin counties offer               Chequamegon-Nicolet      
unique public-private state
marketing and business              hundreds of beautiful parks.           National Forest                    14. Group Travel
recruitment organization. Its       For camping information,               68 S. Stevens St.                  For assistance in motor coach
job is marketing outside            contact the counties you plan          Federal Building                   itinerary planning in
Wisconsin to attract new            to visit. (See the “County,            Rhinelander, WI 54501              Wisconsin, contact:
businesses, jobs and increased      Community & Area Tourism               715/362-1300
                                                                                                              Circle Wisconsin
economic activity to the state.     Contacts” index in Wisconsin           TTY 715/362-1383
                                                                                                              Attn: Peggy Bitzer
                                    Department of Tourism        
Forward Wisconsin, Inc.                                                                                       2012 Esmond Rd.
                                    guides, including this one.)           11. Educational Vacations
201 West Washington Ave;                                                                                      Eau Claire, WI 54701
Suite 500                           National Park and Forest               Many programs, seminars,           800/223-0652,
Madison, WI 53703-2796              Campgrounds                            workshops and special classes      715/833-1100,
800/669-1190, 608/261-              Two federal agencies manage            are offered through Wisconsin
2500                                national properties in                 educational institutions,
                                    Wisconsin: the National Park                                              15. Hiking Information                                                          environmental centers, at state
                                    Service and the Forest Service.                                           For a free Wisconsin State
9. Boat, Snowmobile &                                                      parks and even at some
                                    Most camping on these                                                     Park Visitors Guide including
                                                                           resorts. For those over 55
ATV Licensing and                   properties is on a first-come,                                            hiking opportunities in state
                                                                           years of age (may include
Regulation                          first-served basis.                                                       parks and forests, call
                                                                           companion of unrestricted
For information about boat,                                                                                   800/432-8747, or order on-
                                    The National Park Service              age), one popular program is
snowmobile, and ATV                                                                                           line at
                                    operates two properties in             Elderhostel. More than thirty
licensing and regulation,                                                                           
                                    Wisconsin: the Apostle Islands         Wisconsin sites offer
contact:                                                                                                      The Wisconsin DNR, Bureau
                                    National Lakeshore, and the            Elderhostel programs. For
                                                                                                              of Parks & Recreation also
Wisconsin DNR                       St. Croix National Scenic              details contact:
                                                                                                              maintains some hiking trail
P.O. Box 7924                       Riverway. Limited camping              Elderhostel, Inc.                  information on-line at
Madison, WI 53707-7924              opportunities are available at         11 Avenue de Lafayette   
608/266-2107                        both sites.                            Boston, MA 02111-1746                 Apostle Islands National                                                  For information about
                                                                           877/426-8056, FAX
                                    Lakeshore                                                                 Wisconsin’s unique 1,000-
10. Camping Information                                                    877/426-2166
                                    Route 1, Box 4 - Old                                                      mile Ice Age Trail, contact:
Private Campgrounds                 Courthouse Bldg.                                                          Ice Age National Scenic Trail
For a free copy of the WACO         Bayfield, WI 54814                     12. Fishing & Hunting              207 E. Buffalo St., Suite 515
Campground Directory, the           715/779-3397                           Licensing & Regulation             Milwaukee, WI 53202-5712
official publication of the                       For information about fishing      414/278-8518, 800/227-
Wisconsin Association of                                                   and hunting licensing and          0046
Campground Owners,                  St. Croix National Scenic              regulations, contact:    
featuring 164 privately owned       Riverway
                                    P.O. Box 708                           Wisconsin DNR                      For information about
campgrounds across the state,                                              P.O. Box 7921                      Wisconsin’s section of the
call 800/432-8747, or order         St. Croix Falls, WI 54024
                                    715/483-3284                           Madison, WI 53707-7921             North Country Scenic Trail,
from the tourism Web site,                                                 608/266-2621 (Mon-Fri              contact: To
                                                                           8am-4:30pm)                        North Country National
view the same data on-line,         The Department of                      877/945-4236 (24/7,
visit the WACO Web site at          Agriculture’s Forest Service                                              Scenic Trail
                                                                           including Non-resident             229 E. Main St.        operates the Chequamegon-              Snowmobile Pass sales)
                                    Nicolet National Forest, a 1.5                                            Lowell, MI 49331
Wisconsin Assn. of                                                               616/897-5987, 888/454-
Campground Owners                   million acre property divided
                                    into four major tracts that            13. Golf Courses                   6282
P.O. Box 130                        sprawl across northern                 For a free copy of the
Galesville, WI 54630-0130           Wisconsin. The Forest                  Wisconsin Golf Guide,              For information about hiking
800/843-1821, 608/582-              Service operates 47                    Directory of Courses, the          opportunities in the 1.5
2092                                campgrounds within the                 official publication of the Golf   million-acre Chequamegon-        Chequamegon-Nicolet with               Course Owners of Wisconsin         Nicolet National Forest,
                                    nearly 1,200 campsites. For            (GCOW) featuring more than         contact:
State Park and Forest               camping reservations call              450 golf courses in the state
Campgrounds                                                                                                   Chequamegon-Nicolet
                                    877/444-6777, or make                  available for public play, call    National Forest
To request a free Wisconsin         reservations on-line at                800/432-8747, or order from
State Parks Visitors Guide, call                                                                              68 S. Stevens St.
                           The                the tourism Web site,              Federal Building
800/432-8747, or order from         Chequamegon-Nicolet           To
the tourism Web site,                                                                                         Rhinelander, WI 54501
                                    maintains major offices in             view the same data on-line,        715/362-1300 To         both Park Falls and                    visit the GCOW Web site at
view the same data on-line,                                                                                   TTY 715/362-1383
                                    Rhinelander. Those addresses   
visit the state parks Web site at   follow: To make a


More Sources of Tourism            Coulee Pathways                      Wisconsin’s Ethnic Settlement       For maps of the Fox River,
information, continued...          P.O. Box 165                         Trail                               Lake Winnebago, or the Great
                                   New Lisbon, WI 53950-0165            518 Water Street                    Lakes, contact:
                                   Fox-Wisconsin Rivers                 Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085           FAA Distribution Division
Also see the “Birding” section
                                   Heritage Corridor                    920/467-9518                        Nautical Chart Sales
of the Wisconsin
                                   c/o East Central Wisconsin                         6303 Ivy Lane, Suite 400
Spring/Summer Event &
Recreation Guide for wildlife      Regional Planning                    17. Horseback Riding                Greenbelt, MD 20770
areas that may include public      Commission                           The Horseman’s Guide to             800/638-8972,
nature and hiking trails. To       132 Main St.                         Wisconsin Trails lists all          301/436-8301
order this free guide, call        Menasha, WI 54952-3100               county, state and national
800/4342-8747, or order on-        920/751-4770                         parks and forests with riding       State Highway Map
line at                                 trails. The guide includes          For a free Wisconsin State           Frank Lloyd Wright Heritage          terrain maps, fees and facilities   Highway Map (single copies
16. History & Heritage             Tour                                 with listings of stables, camps,    only), call 800/432-8747, or
                                   P.O. Box 6339                        and ranches. To learn cost of       order on-line at
Wisconsin Historical Society       Madison, WI 53716-6339               booklet, including postage
Sites                              608/287-0339                         and handling, contact :
                                                                                                            Topographic Maps
The Wisconsin Historical             Wisconsin State Horse               Wisconsin Geological Survey
Society operates ten historic      From Pineries to the Present         Council                             3817 Mineral Point Rd.
sites and museums statewide        P.O. Box 38                          132A S. Ludington St.               Madison, WI 53705-5100
that illuminate and preserve       Shawano, WI 54166-0038               Columbus, WI 53925-1516             608/263-7389
Wisconsin’s past. For              715/524-2139, 800/235-               920/623-0393              
information about these            8528                                 www.wisconsinstatehorsecoun
educational and cultural sites,                               
                                                                                                            19. Meeting &
contact:                                                                                                    Convention Planning
                                   Iron County - Rooted in              For information about               For assistance in planning a
Wisconsin Historical Society       Resources                            horseback riding                    meeting or convention in
816 State St.                      c/o Iron County                      opportunities in Wisconsin          Wisconsin, contact:
Madison, WI 53706-1482             Development Zone                     state parks and forests, visit      Wisconsin Association of
608/264-6400 (Information          P.O. Box 97                                    Convention & Visitor Bureaus
Desk),                             Hurley, WI 54534-0097
608/264-6535 (Library                                                   18. Map Sources                     P.O. Box 393
                                   715/561-2922                                                             Sun Prairie, WI 53590-0393
Reference Desk)                          Aeronautical Charts &
                                                                                                            608/837-6693, 877/967-
608/264-6555 (Museum at                                                 Wisconsin Airport Directory
                                   Lac du Flambeau Band of                                                  9674
30 N Carroll on the Square)                                             Wisconsin Dept. of
                                   Lake Superior Chippewa                                                                                               Transportation
                                   Indians                              Bureau of Aeronautics               20. Multi-Cultural
The Wisconsin Historical           P.O. Box 67
Society also offers a wide                                              P.O. Box 7914                       Contacts
                                   Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538-           Madison, WI 53707-7914
range of historical books and                                                                               For activities and events of
                                   0067                                 608/266-3351
manuscripts on Wisconsin                                                                                    special interest to the African
                                   715/588-3303                         Or, visit
topics. To obtain a free                                                                                    American, Native American
catalog of its publications,                                                                                and Hispanic communities,
contact the University of          Lake Superior Heritage               ir.htm                              contact:
Wisconsin Press at 608/263-        Highways                             (A small fee includes shipping      African American Chamber of
1110, or visit their Web site at   29270 County Road G                  & handling.)                        Commerce        Ashland, WI 54806                    County Highway Maps                 6203 W. Capitol Dr.
                                   715/685-2646                         Wisconsin Dept. of
Wisconsin Heritage Traveler                                                                                 Milwaukee, WI 53216
The Wisconsin Department of                                                                                 414/462-9450
Tourism publishes a guide to       Point of Beginnings                  Maps & Publication Sales  
72 of the states best art and      P.O. Box 608                         P.O. Box 7713                       Great Lakes Intertribal
history museums. For a free        Platteville, WI 53818-0608           Madison, WI 53707-7713              Council, Inc.,
copy of the Wisconsin              608/723-4170, 888/225-               608/246-3265                        P.O. Box 9,
Heritage Traveler, call            9225                                 FAX 608/246-5632 to                 Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538.
800/432-8747, or order on-            request an order/fee sheet.         715/588 3324
line at                            Rivers, Rails & Trails               Or, visit                            New Richmond Area COC      
                                                                        /maps/county.htm                    Hispanic Chamber of
Wisconsin Heritage Tourism         235 S Knowles Ave
                                                                                                            Commerce of Wisconsin
Sites                              New Richmond, WI 54017               Navigational Maps                   816 W. National Ave.
Wisconsin recognizes twelve        800/654-6380, 715/246-               For a map of the Upper              Milwaukee, WI 53204
heritage tourism areas in the      2900                                 Mississippi River from Cairo,       414/643-6963
state. Contact information for         Illinois to St. Paul, Minnesota,
those areas is listed below:       Timber Trails in the Chippewa        contact:
                                                                                                            21. Paper Mill Tours
Cheese Country Heritage            Valley                               Mississippi River Visitor
                                   Chippewa Valley CVB                  Center                              Four Wisconsin paper mills
Green County Welcome                                                                                        host regularly scheduled tours.
Center                             3625 Gateway Dr., Suite F            P.O. Box 2004
                                   Eau Claire, WI 54701-8187            Rock Island, IL 61204-2004          They all require reservations
N3150B Hwy 81                                                                                               in advance. For more
Monroe, WI 53566                   715/831-2345, 800/344-               800/645-0248,
                                   3866                                 309/794-5338                        information, visit
608/328-1838, 888/222-                                                                            
                                                                                                            s.htm, or contact:

Wisconsin Paper Installation       neighboring states, or visit           Milwaukee (Sullivan)                              eastbound only); and Superior
Tours                               414/744-8000                                      (Rest area 23, Hwys 2/53).
c/o Wisconsin Paper Council        /road/workzones.htm                    29. Wisconsin Travel                              Additionally, four seasonal
P.O. Box 718                       25. Rustic Roads                       Information Centers &                             tourist information centers,
Neenah, WI 54957-0718                                                                                                       open April through October,
                                   The Wisconsin Rustic Roads             Rest Stops
920/722-1500                                                                                                                are located at: Genoa City
                                   Program identifies rural,              Wisconsin has six year-round                                                                                                 (Hwy 12 rest area,
                                   lightly traveled roadways that         tourist information facilities.
s.htm                                                                                                                       northbound only); Grant
                                   retain the charm of an era             Their locations are: Beloit
22. Regional Tourism                                                                                                        County (Hwy 151/61 just
                                   when people traveled slower            (Interstate 90, westbound/
Contacts                                                                                                                    north of Hwy 11
                                   and savored the sights and             north only); Hudson                               interchange); Prairie du Chien
Great Lakes: Wisconsin’s           sounds along the way. There            (Interstate 94, Exit 2); Hurley                   (at the Hwy 18 bridge); and
harbor towns welcome visitors      are 90 rustic roads in                 (Hwy 51); Kenosha                                 Marinette (US Hwy
to 1,100 magnificent miles of      Wisconsin ranging from 2.5 to          (Interstate 94, exit 347 at                       41/Bridge St; closed in 2005,
coastline on the Great Lakes;      10 miles in length. Most are           Lakeview Parkway); La Crosse                      reopening in 2006).
Lake Michigan forms                paved, but some are gravel.            (Interstate 90 rest area,
Wisconsin’s east coast, with       The speed limit is often 45
Lake Superior to the north.        mph or less. Visit the rustic
The Wisconsin Harbor Towns         road’s Web site at
Association is a non-profit
organization marketing             bop/rustic-index.htm where
fourteen of these coastal          each roadway is detailed with
communities. Their Web site        a small map, driving directions
at        and descriptions.
provides direct links to each      26. Snowmobiling
member city. Their 42-page         Information                                          53
printed travel guide includes
                                   For a free Wisconsin
harbor maps and is available
                                   Snowmobile Trails Map or for
free by calling 800/554-1448
                                   a free Wisconsin Fall/Winter
(the Milwaukee CVB).
                                   Event & Recreation Guide                        94                                                            141
Mississippi River: Trace 238       listing county contacts for                                                              51

miles of quaint river towns,       local maps and conditions, call                                                          39
historic sites, soaring            800/432-8747, or order on-
limestone bluffs, inviting state   line at                                                             94

parks, water recreation and                                                                             41              43
fun along the banks of the                                                                             90
                                   For membership and contact                                                     94
mighty Mississippi River. The                                                                                          90
                                   information about local
river forms Wisconsin’s
                                   snowmobile clubs in all 72                                          61
western border; the route
                                   Wisconsin counties that
you’ll follow is Hwy 35, a                                                                                                                  94
                                   groom and maintain                                                                  18
National Scenic Highway                                                                                                           90   12          94
                                   Wisconsin’s 22,000 miles of                                              151
called the Great River Road.
                                   trail, contact:
For a free 16-page guide to
                                   Association of Wisconsin
the area titled “Of Boats,
                                   Snowmobile Clubs
Bikes and Binoculars,” call
                                   5497 Waterford La. Suite B
800/658-9424 (La Crosse
                                   Appleton, WI 54913
Area CVB). For a
comprehensive view of river
communities, their attractions,
events, recreational activities    27. Sports
and amenities, visit               Wisconsin offers venues for          sports in any season. For
23. Restaurants                    assistance in siting athletic            Acknowledgments
                                   competition of any kind,
To verify whether or not a                                                  This publication was produced by the Wisconsin
                                   contact the Wisconsin Sports
restaurant is a member of the                                               Department of Tourism, Jim Holperin, Secretary, under
                                   Development Corporation at
WRA, contact:                                                               the direction of Jim Bach, Publications Coordinator and
                                   608/226-4780, or visit
Wisconsin Restaurant Assn.                                                  John Cronin, designer.
2801 Fish Hatchery Rd.
Madison, WI 53713-3197             28. Weather Reports                      Published April 2005
608/270-9950,                      Before you travel, you can               Wisconsin Department of Tourism
or 800/589-3211                    check the weather report for             201 W. Washington Avenue               Wisconsin and the Midwest by             P.O. Box 8690
24. Road Conditions &              visiting                                 Madison, WI 53708-8690
Construction Detours                  800/432-8747
                                   For sectors in Wisconsin, call 
For recorded reports of
statewide detours, closures,       one of these numbers:                                This publication is printed on recycled paper, underscoring
traffic inconveniences or          Green Bay 920/494-2363                               Wisconsin Tourism’s commitment to the environment and to
                                   La Crosse 608/784-7294                               fostering stronger recycling markets in Wisconsin.
winter road conditions, call
800/ROAD-WIS (762-3947)            Madison (Sullivan)
toll-free from Wisconsin and       608/249-6645
More Free Wisconsin Travel Guides
          Wisconsin Event &              Wisconsin
          Recreation Guides              Campground Directory
          Seasonal, full-color guides    A 60-page guide to the
          to Wisconsin fun, including    private campgrounds of
          events. Two editions per       Wisconsin, listed by region.
          year – spring/summer and       Provided by the Wisconsin
          fall/winter.                   Association of Campground

          Official Wisconsin             Wisconsin State Parks
          Travel Guide                   Visitors’ Guide
          A full-color, 80-page guide    A pocket-sized guide to the
          to 400+ Wisconsin              recreational facilities offered
          attractions – a perfect tool   at Wisconsin’s 94 state
          to plan your next              parks, forests and trails.
          Wisconsin getaway.

          Wisconsin                      Wisconsin Birding Guide
          Lodging Directory              – Lake Superior
          A comprehensive directory      Northwood’s Edition
          describing more than 1,100     A 72-page, glove-box guide
          Wisconsin hotels, motels,      to 88 birding hot spots in
          resorts and B&Bs.              northern Wisconsin.
          Provided by the Wisconsin      Includes maps and driving
          Innkeepers Association.        directions.

          Wisconsin Bed &                Wisconsin Arts & Craft
          Breakfast Directory            Fairs Directory
          An 88-page guide detailing     An 72-page directory to
          250 Wisconsin B&Bs and         more than 250 Wisconsin
          historic inns. Each is         art & craft fairs. Provided
          pictured. Provided by the      by the Wisconsin Arts
          Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast      Board.

          Native Wisconsin               Wisconsin Attractions
          A full-color guide             Guide & Highway Map
          showcasing the attractions,    A pocket-sized guide to 45
          events and history of          of Wisconsin’s most popular
          Wisconsin’s Indian people.     attractions, plus a state
          Provided by the Great          highway map. Provided by
          Lakes Inter-Tribal Council.    the Association of Wisconsin
                                         Tourism Attractions.

 To order these guides, call toll-free 1-800-432-8747,
       or order on-line at
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