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									What is CrossFit? Experience the CrossFit Style Workout with North
                   Rim CrossFit Chico, California
 North Rim CrossFit Chico is a new gym in Northern California that uses the CrossFit method.
CrossFit is designed for people who desire a higher level of health and fitness in their life. North
   Rim CrossFit Chico offers customized workouts for people who just want to commit to a
        healthy lifestyle or for those who are looking for a more competitive approach.

Chico, CA, September 6, 2012 (Straight Line PR) -- North Rim CrossFit Chico is a CrossFit
gym in Chico, California that offers traditional CrossFit style workouts consisting of core
strength and conditioning. North Rim CrossFit Chico follows the CrossFit method of
encouraging effort in the areas of diet, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weight
lifting and throwing, and sport.

"At North Rim CrossFit Chico each person receives the same training. We just vary the weight and
intensity according to skill level," said owner Ryan Hignell. "We use times and benchmark
workouts to track each individual's progress."

North Rim CrossFit Chico practices the CrossFit method ( http://www.northrimcrossfit.com/what-
is-crossfit ) which is designed to provide clients with workouts that reach 10 separate fitness

* Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance
* Stamina
*   Strength
*   Flexibility
*   Power
*   Speed
*   Coordination
*   Agility
*   Balance
*   Accuracy

"Community is a huge part of the CrossFit way at North Rim CrossFit Chico," Hignell
explains. "We work together even if we are at different levels, to make it more fun and

An example of a Workout of the Day or "WOD" at North Rim CrossFit Chico can be viewed on the
club's blog ( http://www.northrimcrossfit.com/workout-of-the-day ). A typical workout lasts
approximately 45 minutes to an hour because the intensity of training that optimizes physical
conditioning is not sustainable beyond an hour. Members are encouraged to attend a regular class
a minimum of three days a week.

A North Rim CrossFit Chico gym membership includes unlimited CrossFit classes and
access to the gym whenever it is open. ( http://www.northrimcrossfit.com/schedule) Every
person is seen as an athlete because being healthy is synonymous with being an athlete. North
Rim CrossFit Chico invites anyone who is interested to come down to tour the gym and meet the
owner and trainers. The first class is free.

Contact North Rim CrossFit Chico online at http://www.northrimcrossfit.com/contact/ for more
information about the CrossFit method or call 530-487-4374.

According to the CrossFit Journal, gyms that are CrossFit affiliates are "part of a charter
agreement that offers the affiliate owners the opportunity to earn a professional wage while
running their own business and supporting the greater community... and CrossFit is fully
committed to supporting each and every affiliate."

About North Rim Cross Fit Chico:
North Rim CrossFit Chico is committed to the CrossFit training method of core strength and
conditioning designed to help customers optimize their physical competence and reach individual
fitness goals. North Rim CrossFit Chico is dedicated to providing the best CrossFit training and
technology in a disciplined, safe, and orderly environment. North Rim CrossFit Chico values
helping each customer achieve desired results through carefully designed workouts customized to
individual fitness levels. Contact North Rim Cross Fit Chico online at
http://www.northrimcrossfit.com/contact/ for more information or call 530-487-4374.

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