 Indian Market
                                           Indian equity markets up by 0.24% .

                                           Nifty up by 12.70 pts and settle at

                                           Sensex up by 32.93 pts at 17346.27

                                           Bank Nifty up by 65.25 pts at 9893.15

        DAILY EQUITY                           Global Market
        NEWSLETTER                         European markets were down with FTSE
              TH                           down by 16.20 pts at 5655.81 ,CAC down
          7 SEPTEMBER 2012
                                           by 1.58 pts at 3397.46 and DAX up by
                                           19.73 pts at 6952.31

                                           Dow future down by 31.00 pts at
    HEADLINES                             13019.00

• Hero MotoCorp to launch 8-10
  products, refreshes this year
• JSW Steel's August production up 15%
• Mahindra to offer IT services to
  Australian airline Jetstar
• Vedanta Aluminium to temporarily shut

          WWW.EPICRESEARCH.CO                               09993959693
         Key benchmark indices edged higher in choppy trade as world stocks rose on hopes that the European
          Central Bank (ECB) will announce a bond-market intervention at its policy meeting later in the global

         The BSE Sensex was up 41.17 points or 0.24% to 17,354.51. The index rose 105.06 points at the day's
          high of 17,418.40 in mid-afternoon trade, its highest level since 4 September 2012.

         The S&P CNX Nifty was up 13.95 points or 0.27% to 5,239.65, as per provisional figures. The index
          hit a high of 5,260.60 in intraday trade, its highest level since 4 September 2012. The index hit a low of
          5,217.65 in intraday trade.

         The market breadth, indicating the overall health of the market, was positive. On BSE, 1,429 shares
          rose and 1,350 shares fell. A total of 171 shares were unchanged.

         Index heavyweight Reliance Industries (RIL) lost 0.65%.Lupin jumped 3.92% to Rs 609. Tata
          Consultancy Services (TCS) rose 1.28% to Rs 1378.60. HCL Technologies rose 1.25% to Rs 569.

                                                                                 STOCKS TO WATCH
                            FII’s and DII’s                                   APOLLO TYRE

CATEGORY         DATE             BUY            SELL           NET            OIL

    FII               5-Sep-12        2135.61        2324.26        -188.65    ABAN

    DII               5-Sep-12        910.44         1076.72        -166.28    R POWER

                                                                              SCRIPS IN BAN PERIOD
                       NIFTY DAILY PIVOTS
                                                                               COREEDUTEC
PIVOT     R4     R3      R2      R1      PP     S1     S2      S3      S4
NIFTY     5367   5324    5281    5259    5238   5216   5195    5152    5109    SUZLON

                  WWW.EPICRESEARCH.CO                                                        09993959693
                                                                       EXPERT OPINION

                     DAILY NIFTY GAINERS
                                                                                  Nifty looks Sideways
SCRIPS     RATE       VOL.        PR.         NET          %
                                                                                  Strategy: Sell on rise, Buy on dips
                      (000)       CLOSE       CHANGE       CHANGE
Ambuja      189.25    4198.66     180.45          8.8          4.88
                                                                                  Resistance: 5270
 Wipro      377.45    1945.63      362.1         15.35         4.24          BANK NIFTY

                                                                                  Bank Nifty looks Sideways
            2422        952.92    2339.45        82.55         3.53
                                                                                  Strategy: Sell on rise, Buy on dips
  ACC       1335.7      258.66    1301.55        34.15         2.62
   JP                 11952.0
             65.2                  63.85         1.35          2.11
 Asso                    1                                                        Resistance:9960

                                                                           PREVIOUS PERFORMANCE
                     DAILY NIFTY LOOSERS                                   TYPE         SCRIP          B/S    RESULT

SCRIPS        RATE        VOL.          PR.        NET     %
                                                                                           BHARTI             NOT
                          (000)         CLOSE              CHANGE          CASH            AIRTEL
   BHEL         201.2      6854.04      207.65     -6.45       -3.11       CASH              OIL       S
    ITC        260.45      4601.35      267.75      -7.3       -2.73       FUTURE          AMBUJA      B
  Bharti                                                                                                      TGT
                252.1     14102.88      257.85     -5.75       -2.23       FUTURE            PFC       S
  Airtel                                                                                                      ACHIEVED
    IDFC       124.05      10413.1      125.9      -1.85       -1.47

               545.15      1221.53      552.8      -7.65       -1.38

          www.epicresearch.co                                                        09993959693
                                                                       MARKET CALLS


                                                                  ST                    ND                RD
        SCRIPS            ACTION             LEVEL            1        TARGET       2        TARGET   3         TARGET     STOP LOSS

          ABAN                BUY             428.70                   432.00                436.50             442.50         421.90

     APOLLO TYRE              SELL             91.20                   90.50                 89.60              88.40           92.60


                                                                  ST                    ND                 RD
        SCRIPS             ACTION            LEVEL            1        TARGET       2        TARGET    3        TARGET     STOP LOSS
        RPOWER                BUY              79.80                   80.55                 81.55               83.00           78.30

        POLARIS               BUY             124.00                   124.75                125.75             126.00          122.45

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