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					Support for the Contras
       By Ronald Reagan
   Born February 6, 1911, to Nelle and John
    Reagan in Tampico, Illinois.
   He attended high school in nearby Dixon
    and then worked his way through Eureka
   There, he studied economics and sociology,
    played on the football team, and acted in
    school plays.
   A screen test in 1937 won him a contract in
    Hollywood. During the next two decades he
    appeared in 53 films.
   Reagan became governor of California, the
    most populous state, in 1967
   Ronald Reagan won the Republican
    Presidential nomination in 1980 and chose
    as his running mate former Texas
    Congressman and United Nations
    Ambassador George Bush.
   He became the 40th president.
Anastasio Somoza Debayle
& Sandinista Soldiers
                          Main Points
   To win popular support of the American People for the Contras
    because they were fighting against communist forces.
      “The Sandinista rule is a communist reign of terror. Many of
       those who fought along side the Sandinistas saw their
       revolution betrayed.” They…have taken up arms against
       them and are now called the contras.”

   To raise enough aid such as money and arms to resolve the crises
    and help prevent the possibility of refugees fleeing to America
       “Concerns about the prospect of hundreds of thousands of refugees
        fleeing communist oppression to seek entry in our country are well-
                    Main Points
   Support Democracy abroad for Central America
       “Together with our friends, we can do in Central
        America to support democracy, human rights, and
        economic growth that we want no hostile
        communist colonies here in the Americas-South,
        Central, or North”
   Did we really have any business supporting the
    contras by sending aid to them in Nicaragua.
   If the Sandinistas had not been backed by
    communist forces would the US have supported
    the Contras.

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