Quirky Crafts Booking Conditions 2012 by TinaMulgrew


									                                  BOOKING CONDITIONS – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

          Only those goods detailed on the application form may be displayed for sale on your stall. You may be
           asked to remove any items not previously agreed.

         All applications must be made on the QUIRKY CRAFTS application form.
         Telephone applications are not acceptable.
         All stall charges are non-refundable.
         Positioning of stands and allocation of stalls is at the discretion of the organiser. The final allocation is
           designed for the overall benefit of the fair and public safety.
         If you do not receive an acknowledgement of payment and receipt of monies sent, within 14 days, please
           contact us.
         Under no circumstances may space booked be sublet.

         Failure to attend an event, without prior cancellation, or bona fide explanation within 48 hours of the fair,
           will result in cancellation of all future bookings without refund.
         If an event has to be cancelled, interrupted or curtailed due to circumstances beyond the organiser’s
           control, the organisers shall not be liable to make good any loss incurred by any party booked for the fair.

         The area contained by the stall allocated is your total area for display/demonstration. Any additional
           display items must be positioned within this stall area & must not obstruct your own access, pedestrian
           walkways or Fire Exits.
         All traders must be unloaded & have parked their vehicles in the designated area by 11.00am. Access to
           the Hall and trading pitches will not be available until 10.30am. Vehicles must be parked in the Car
           Park area as soon as unloading is complete & before the display is set up.
         All refuse is the responsibility of the stallholders and must be taken from the site when leaving.
         Trading times are 11.30pm to 3.00pm. No stall shall be vacated earlier than 2.30pm unless prior
           authorisation is obtained from the organiser. Please do not disrupt the market by packing up before the
           official closing time.
         All traders must comply with the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene Regulations 1995, & the provisions
           of the Food Safety Act 1990).
         Traders shall comply with all current and future legislation, notices, orders, discretion's, by-laws & others of
           all Government & Local Authorities or Agents or other bodies having statutory powers & shall comply with
           all restrictions, directions & conditions lawfully imposed by any public authority having statutory power.
         Traders must comply with all reasonable directions of the organiser for the management, control & conduct
           of the fair.

Booking Conditions 2012                                                                       Created 21.08.2012
          Please supply a neat and tidy covering for your stalls which must reach the floor at the front. Packaging
            under your table MUST NOT be visible to the public. Failure to comply with this may result in cancellation
            of all future bookings.
          Traders MUST display their business name, or individual name, and address. THIS WILL BE CHECKED
          Any special requirements should be put in writing to the Committee attached to your application form.
          Use of flammable, explosive or otherwise dangerous materials or equipment is strictly prohibited at the fair.
          Please ensure that your area is kept clean and tidy during the event and that your area is left clear and all
            debris removed from site at the end of the day.
          The venue has a "No Smoking Policy" which will be rigidly enforced.

         Electricity is available at the event subject to authorisation. The requirement for an electrical supply must
           be requested in advance using the booking form.
         Where electricity is made available, the following restrictions apply: the maximum amount of electricity you
           may draw is 500 watts per pitch. The use of high powered halogen lights is regarded as dangerous and
           unnecessary. If you exceed this limit you will be asked to reduce or disconnect due to overloading, which
           causes considerable problems to other exhibitors. If an electricity supply has been booked, you must
           provide your own extension leads and multi-panels. Under no circumstances will the organiser or venue
           provide, or loan, extension leads or multi-panels.
         The use of kettles, coffee percolators, heaters, radios, records or any similar equipment during the fair is
           strictly forbidden. Electricity can sometimes be erratic.

         To comply with the “Electricity at Work Act 1989” – all electrical equipment including light fittings,
           extensions, leads and working tools should be tested for electrical safety and a certificate of compliance
           obtained. Should an inspector attend an event and find any uncertified electrical equipment he/she has the
           right to prevent that electrical equipment from being used. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that
           equipment is tested and certificated annually.
         The trader will be liable for any loss or damage occasioned to the fabric of the stall, site or any equipment
           therein or injury to other persons, as a result of their negligence.
         The organiser cannot be held responsible for the wellbeing of stall holders or persons whilst travelling or
           during the event. All traders are strongly advised to take out Public Liability Insurance whilst at the fair,
           this is your responsibility and a signature on our application form indicates you understand the risks
           involved if you prefer not to obtain such, we will not check this is based on trust.
         The distribution of leaflets or other documents on behalf of other persons or events is not permitted without
           the prior consent of the organiser.
         The organiser reserves the right to substitute, waive or change without notice, any details of the market, or
           booking conditions and procedures.
         Failure to comply with ANY of the above conditions and procedures may result in cancellations of all future


Booking Conditions 2012                                                                      Created 21.08.2012

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