Fire_Alarm_Practice_Test_1 by cuiliqing


									Fire Alarm Practice Test 1

Based on the 2010 NFPA 72

Select the best possible answer based on the information contained in the above referenced code only.

    1. A fire alarm system installed in an occupancy that does not require a fire alarm system shall
            a. comply with NFPA 72
            b. not be required to comply with NFPA 72
            c. comply with chapters 17 and 18 of NFPA 72 only
            d. comply with the NEC only
    2. A class A circuit in a protected premises using physical conductors shall be installed so that the
       outgoing and return conductors are routed separately unless for a distance not to exceed
       __________ feet where the conductors enter or exit the initiating device, notification appliance,
       or control unit enclosures.
            a. 3
            b. 6
            c. 10
            d. 15
    3. A class B circuit in protected premises shall be designed and installed in a manner to ensure so
       that a _____________________ signal shall annunciate in the condition of an open or ground
       condition in the wiring.
            a. Supervisory
            b. Alarm
            c. Trouble None of the above
    4. Actuation of alarm notification appliances or emergency voice communications, fire safety
       functions, and annunciation at the protected premises shall occur within ____________ after
       the activation of an initiating device.
            a. 5 seconds
            b. 10 seconds
            c. 30 seconds
            d. 1 minute
    5. Signals from a carbon monoxide detectors and carbon monoxide detection systems transmitted
       to a fire alarm system shall be permitted to be ______________________ signals.
            a. Alarm
            b. Trouble
            c. Supervisory
            d. Indicative
    6. Visible notification signals _______________________ be required in exit stair enclosures and
       exit passageways.
            a. Shall
            b. Shall not
7. The evacuation signal ____________________ be required to operate in elevator cars.
         a. Shall
         b. Shall not
8. As applies to guard’s tour supervisory service, the system shall automatically transmit a
    delinquency signal within ________________ after the predetermined actuation time if the
    guard fails to actuate a tour station as scheduled.
         a. 10 seconds
         b. 30 seconds
         c. 5 minutes
         d. 15 minutes
9. The occurrence of any single fault at the protected premises that disables transmission between
    any low-power radio transmitter and the receiver/ fire alarm control unit shall cause a latching
    trouble signal within ____________.
         a. 10 seconds
         b. 30 seconds
         c. 60 seconds
         d. 200 seconds
10. A fire alarm system must be supplied by a minimum of __________ independent and reliable
    power supplies.
         a. One
         b. Two
         c. Three
         d. Four
11. A coded alarm signal shall consist of not less than__________ complete rounds of the number
         a. One
         b. Two
         c. Three
         d. Four
12. A coded supervisory signal shall be permitted to consist of ___________ rounds of the number
    transmitted to indicate a supervisory off-normal condition.
         a. One
         b. Two
         c. Three
         d. Four
13. Two way telephone communications circuit installation conductors shall be monitored for
    ______________ fault conditions that would cause the telephone communications circuit to
    become fully or partially inoperative.
        a. Ground fault
        b. Open fault
        c. Both ground fault and open fault
        d. None of the above
14. Which of the following is not required to be delivered to the owner or the owner’s
    representative upon final acceptance of a fire alarm system?
        a. Record drawings
        b. A written sequence of operation
        c. And owner’s manual
        d. The Authority Having Jurisdiction’s final inspection report
15. A discharge system such as an Ansul system is required to be tested ______________________.
        a. Every 6 months
        b. Once every year
        c. Twice every year
        d. None of the above
16. The lamps and LED’s for the control equipment of a Mass Notification System shall be visually
    inspected ________________________________.
        a. Monthly
        b. Quarterly
        c. Semi-annually
        d. Annually
17. Smoke detectors are required to be visually inspected ____________________________.
        a. Monthly
        b. Quarterly
        c. Semi-annually
        d. Annually
18. A magnetic trip form of test is acceptable for the required smoke entry testing of a smoke
        a. True
        b. False
19. Smoke detectors are required to be tested for function __________________________.
        a. Monthly
        b. Quarterly
        c. Semi-annually
        d. Annually
20. Spot type smoke detectors shall be located on the ceiling, or if on a side wall, between the
    ceiling and ___________ inches down from the ceiling to the top of the detector.
         a. 6 inches
         b. 12 inches
         c. 18 inches
         d. 24 inches

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