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Think: UPS logistics for the Hospitality Industry

         Our mobile apps and desktop software
                 manage and optimize
operational departments of guest-oriented organizations.
Adria                                       (CEO)

•Extensive background in all hotel operations
•Strong connections to decision makers in hospitality

•Leads ownership group and national account sales efforts
•Maintains partner relationships
•Manages product development from user perspective
Kazys                                      (CIO)

•20+ years of IT directing and software developing experience
•Built several IT infrastructures for startups in the past

•Helps build and manage product development
•Manages property management system integration
•Oversees all technical support
Vytas                                      (COO)
•Successful in founding and running a software company
•20+ years in software sales and marketing to large national

•Ensures all internal infrastructures are strong (CRM, sales
systems, billing, etc.)
•Manages all national and international sales representatives
                                      Director of
Justin                                Sales and

•Full career in hospitality with executive level positions
•Strong connections to decision makers in hospitality
•Leads regional sales effort
•Trains and manages internal sales executives
•Manages marketing strategy
      Why us?
 •Fully developed and tested product

•Strong personal hospitality connections

    •Leading university incubation

   •Well-connected advisory board

  •Extremely well-experienced team
   The Problem is that
current hotel communications are handled by
 radios and lengthy paper reports
             generated from
  legacy property management systems.
 This current process is…
1. Time consuming
              •Managers’ hours spent on menial tasks
              •Slow room-turnover

2. Costly
              •Expensive guest satisfaction mistakes
              •Denied potential revenue
              •Crippling communication barriers cause mistakes
3. Wasteful
              •Expensive and irresponsible paper consumption
              •Needless outside labor service costs
             Wasteful Costs
Slow room-turnover      Manager Productivity Loss

2 unsold rooms              $20 per hour
        X                             X
  $200 per night              3 hours a day
                           (completing menial tasks)

Decreases revenue by:         Costs the hotel:
$146,000/ year              $21,900/ year

        Total waste to hotel
              = $167,900
           Our Solution
Integrate      Communicate              Analyze
with current        internally       collected data for
 systems       with real-time data   visibility reports
Our Market
 in the US
  The Global
 hotel market
   is worth

$965.3 bn
Why Now
Guest-facing apps are
being adopted rapidly
         …and lastly,
 our personal experiences
enabled us to create a product
that has significant advantages
            over our
             Our Competitors
Focus on getting work done quickly but not in the most effective manner.

They offer separate software solutions for different departments
          adding both cost and training time,
       while not strengthening internal communications.

      REX for Housekeeping by Mtech    Hot SOS for Maintenance by Mtech
         Our Advantage
• We combine four operational departments into one user-
  friendly and consistent program
• Incorporate proven organizational behavior features to
  create the most collaborative and morale-enhancing work
• Our focus on user experience allows us to generate more
  data and provide valuable analytics to our clients.
Customer Benefits
Customer Satisfaction- Quantified

   72% of travelers start their travel plans at

    The value of a satisfied guest:
   • Spend $20 more than other guests within the hotel

    • 89% recommend the hotel to friends and family
    • Occupancy rates increase within a 3 month period
                   of recommendations
Employee Satisfaction-Quantified
 60% annual turnover in hospitality for
             service-level employees

The cost of turnover in a full service hotel:
         • $9,246/employee for an upscale hotel
        • $12,135/employee for 108+ room hotels

 “Hotel executives acknowledge this is a key concern, but state they
               have little time to train and support staff

Unmotivated staff and lack of experience are cited as common hurdles
                     to providing quality service.”
  What does this all mean?
Our clients can begin to see
       a positive ROI
    from our program in
 less than 2 months.
  Revenue Model
Modules are sold on a monthly user subscription
   On average priced at $49/month/user

        In year 2, we will begin selling
       aggregated hotel trend analytics
         at $200 per hotel, per month
$550K Revenue    $6.3 mil Revenue   $27 mil Revenue
$(400K) EBITDA     $2.2 EBITDA      $15 mil EBITDA

    Year 1            Year 2            Year 3
We are looking to raise
     in seed funding.

 This will help us achieve a successful
market launch, and an early and strong
        competitive advantage.
     The funds
  will be used to:
  • hire additional developers
• hire sales account executives
   • fund marketing expenses
 • bring founders on full-time
     We are looking for
            who are…
         • familiar with our space
• willing to provide warm introductions
        • provide strategic advice


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