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					Angela Davis was born on January 26th 1944 in
     Birmingham, Alabama. Angela was the
    daughter of an automobile mechanic and
   school teacher. Davis attended segregated
      schools before moving to N.Y with her
 mother. Angela was a activist, educator and a
   philosopher! Angela took a great part in the
  civil rights acts she made many changes and
    stood up for her rights even when treated
•   After Angela completed her education, Davis began
    work as a assistant professor on the campus of the
    University of California in Los Angeles.
•   During this period Davis became a member of the
    emerging Black Panther party.
•    In 1969 she got fired from her job.
•   The cause given was her active membership in the
    communist party, not even mentioned was her socialist
    philosophies or her involvement with the Black
•   In 1970 Angela became more involved in the black
    panthers! At this same time the black panthers were
    getting more national concentration not all was
•   This was supposedly due to the leaders which were the
    so called Soledad Brothers, Three men that were held in
    prison in California.
• An attempt to take hostages at the trial of a third
  party, James McClain, led to the shooting death of
  several people .
• Among those who died was Judge Harold Haley,
  who was killed while being abducted. The gun used
  to kill Haley was purposely registered under the
  name of Angela Davis.
• Two months as soon as she fled to California she
  was captured and put to jail.
• She was then freed from all charges.
• She then stayed at Cuba
• The practices of the late
  Malcolm x were deeply
  rooted in the beliefs of the
  Black Panther Party.
• The Black Panthers
  thought about Malcolm X
  as a role model to them.
• He believed that both
  whites and blacks should
  have the same rights to
  be protected.
• The Black panthers were
  the protectors to anyone
                                 -On top are the original 6
  of there color.                members of the Black Panthers.
•   Angela Yvonne Davis was born January 26, 1944, to B. Frank, a
    teacher and businessman, and Sally E. Davis, who was also a teacher.
    Davis was born in Birmingham, Alabama, at a time of great political
    times and racism in the United States.
•   Angela Davis grew up to be a teacher, activists, and a philosopher.
•   Davis traveled to Germany in 1960, where she spent two years
    studying at the Frankfurt School under acclaimed scholar Theodor
•   From 1963 to 1964, Davis attended the University of Paris. Davis then
    returned to the United States and attended Brandeis University, in
    Waltham, Massachusetts. After earning her B.A. (magna cum laude) .
•   In 1968 she receives her masters degree at the University of California
    at San Diego . It was at the University of California at San Diego that
    Davis began closely studying the Communist Party. Davis became a
    member of the Communist Party, as well as a member of the Black
•    During this time she was a professor in philosophy at the University
    of California at Los Angeles after teaching for only one year.
•   In 1970, Davis became only the third woman in history to appear on
    the FBI's most wanted list. Davis was charged by the authorities with
    conspiracy to free George Jackson with a bloody shootout in front of a
    courthouse in California.
•   In 1971 she was released, Davis's essays were published in a
    collection entitled If They Come in the Morning: Voices of Resistance.
•   In 1980, Davis ran for Vice President of the United States on the
    Communist Party ticket.
•   She then published her in 1981 next book, Women, Race, and Class.
•   Then, in 1989, Davis published the first collection of her speeches,
    entitled Women, Culture, and Politics. This book documents Davis's
    speeches from 1983 to 1987.
•   Today, Angela Y. Davis is an accomplished cultural theorist. Davis is
    now a tenured professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz,
    and spends much of her time delivering speeches to eager audiences
    around the country.



•   l
   To conclude our report on Angela Y.
Davis we learned that she fought for the
rights of colored people and never gave
  up though she was blamed for killing
    people she didn’t kill. She was a
 philosopher, activist and educator. We
    should all take this woman as an
  example of what we should do for the

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