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					                                     SECTION A:
                                     ( 30 marks)
                               Answer all questions.

1.   Diagram 1 shows a device.

                                     Diagram 1
     This device is used to overcome the limitation of
     A      the eyes
     B      the ears
     C      the skin
     D      the nose

2.   Diagram 2 shows two devices.

                           Diagram 2
     These devices are the production of technology in the field of ….
     A      transport
     B      medicine
     C      pharmacology
     D      communication

3.   Which of the following shows how technology is important to us ?
     A      We become cleverer
     B      We need not do work anymore
     C      Technology saves money
     D      Works become easier
4.   What is meant by technology?
     A      The convenience of life as a result of scientists’ inventions
     B      The use of scientific knowledge to overcome humans’ limitation
     C      The use of methods by scientists to carry out scientific investigation
     D      Communication devices invented to enable humans to communicate

5.   The list below shown several activities.

               P         Azizah is typing using a typewriter

               Q         Azman swims across a river

               R         Pak Abu is cutting a tree trunk using an axe

               S         Raju is lifting up a sack of rice

     Which of the following activities involve in the use of technology?
     A      P and Q only
     B      P and R only
     C      P, R and S only
     D      Q, R and S only

6.   The usage of a microscope helps
     A      in the research of space
     B      in the research of bacteria
     C      a doctor to check a patient
     D      in the process of producing chemical

7.   The following information are ancient methods of agriculture, except…
     A      digging by using a hoe
     B      harvesting by using a machine
     C      harvesting using a knife
     D      ploughing using buffalos

8.    The compass can help people to
      A      look at tiny objects
      B      determine direction
      C      watch the stars in the sky
      D      respond to certain sound waves

9.    A devices can help humans in medical field is…
      A      Microscope
      B      Telescope
      C      Binocular
      D      Chainsaw

10.   Which of the device is needed by a farmer while ploughing the paddy field?
      A      Axe
      B      Knife
      C      Sickle
      D      Tractor

11.   Diagram 3 shows an animal used to send messages in olden days.

                                    Diagram 3
      Which of the following is the device used today?

      A                                   B

      C                                    D

12.   Mei Ling’s mother cannot see distance object very well. Which of the following
      device can overcome her problem?
      A      Microscope
      B      Spectacles
      C      Magnifying glass
      D      Stethoscope

13.   The following pictures show the development of technology in air transportation.

      I                                           II

      III                                         IV

      Which of the following is the correct sequence of the changes ?
      A      I , II, III, IV
      B      II, I, IV, III
      C      II, IV, I , III
      D      III, IV, I, II

14.   Diagram 4 shows a type of transportation.

                               Diagram 4
      What is the disadvantage using this vehicle?
      A      People become jobless
      B      High cost of living
      C      People become lazy
      D      Air pollution

15.   What is meant by ‘limitation’?
      A      Ability to do things
      B      Disability to do things
      C      Certain abilities to do things
      D      Can do things

16.   Diagram 5 shows a device.

                       Diagram 5
      This device is used to overcome human limitation in …
      A      transportation
      B      communication
      C      agriculture
      D      medical

17.   Compact disk and diskette are the latest devices in the invention in technology.
      These devices can be used in…
      A      a radio
      B      a satellite
      C      a computer
      D      a television

18.   The flow chart shows human sensory organs.

                                 Sense organ

  Tongue                Skin              Nose               Ears               X

      Which of the following devices is used to overcome the limitation of X?
      A      Crane
      B      Abacus
      C      Microscope
      D      Aeroplane

19.   Bridges, dams and skyscrapers are examples in the development of technology in
      the field of…
      A      transportation
      B      construction
      C      communication
      D      agriculture

20.   What is the most important role of a dove in olden days?
      A      As a singer
      B      As a pet
      C      As a messenger
      D      As a play mate

21.   Table 1 shows the frequency of planting paddy in Malaysia.

                  Year                Frequency to plant the paddy
                 1960s                          Once a year
                 1980s                          Twice a year
                                 Table 1
      What are the devices involved to make it possible?
      I      Harvesting machine
      II     Ploughing machine
      III    Photocopy machine
      A      I and II only
      B      I and III only
      C      II and III only
      D      I, II and III

22.   Which of the following activities can be overcome by using a computer?
      A      Counting
      B      Storing information
      C      Writing
      D      Designing

23.   A microscope is invented to help human in seeing…
      A      objects in the dark
      B      star in the sky
      C      very tiny objects
      D      object in the deep sea

24.   The information below shows the characteristics of some devices.

                 Communication devices.
                 Giving information
                 Entertaining listeners

      Which of the following devices have these characteristics?
      I      Television
      II     Fax machine
      III    Computer
      A      I and II only
      B      I and III only
      C      II and III only
      D      I, II and III

25.   What is the first method of communication used by humans?
      A      Smoke signal
      B      Light signal
      C      Telephone
      D      Telegraph

26.   An X-ray picture of a human helps to …
      A      make the movie
      B      detect the health condition of a person.
      C      increase production in factories
      D      make work easier and faster.

27.   The abuse in the drugs production create the following incident EXCEPT…
      A      drugs for medicine
      B      drugs for drug addicts
      C      weapons for wars
      D      drugs for pleasure

28.   What does the train used in the olden days?
      A      steam engines
      B      solar energy
      C      mechanical energy
      D      fire engines

29.   Choose the false statement.
      A      Technology can help to raise the standard of human lives
      B      Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants without soil
      C      The first innovation in long distance communication is the telegraph
      D      A magnifying glass is used for hearing

30.   Johan wants to watch birds from far distance. What is the most suitable device for
      him to use?
      A      Microscope
      B      Telescope
      C      Bioscope
      D      Binoculars


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