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									   Truthful with yourself

• 100% Responsibility
• It is your wellness
• Easy or Simple?
• It is just a decision
 • Treat it like your job
Obesity Trends* Among U.S. Adults 1985
Obesity Trends* Among U.S. Adults 1988
Obesity Trends* Among U.S. Adults 1991
Obesity Trends* Among U.S. Adults 1994
Obesity Trends* Among U.S. Adults 1997
Obesity Trends* Among U.S. Adults 2000
Obesity Trends* Among U.S. Adults 2004
          The full effect of the American Lifestyle has
               taken a while….but here we are !!


              There is no end in site
       Teach every single day
   “FOOD is not just FOOD”

       To the human body foods are

Carbohydrates      Fats          PROTEIN

  CARBS            FATS              PROTEIN
   45%             25%                 30%
“Old Days”                   1120 kcal

             Double Burger with
                Not even close…again
             CARBS    FATS        PROTEIN
280 kcal      45%     25%           30%
        Arby’s Chicken Salad Sandwich

                              Below again is what they tell the ratio
                              should be….but try it

                              CARBS           FATS        PROTEIN
                               45%            25%           30%
16:33                    12
        McDonalds Big Mac

                       Below again is what they tell us the
                       ratio should be….but try find it

                       CARBS           FATS        PROTEIN
                        45%            25%           30%
16:33             13
      Unsaturated Fats.. Hydrogenation introduced, WHEN ?

Unsaturated fat                                              Wilhelm Norman
 Monounsaturated fat                                         Patented the process of
 Polyunsaturated fat                                         Hydrogenation
                                                             in1902..Proctor &
 Today these fats in our                                     Gamble bought it in
 processed food world have                                   1909 and began this
 been partially or fully                                     process to our
 hydrogenated to extend shelf
                                                             unsaturated fats. The
 life, higher breakdown
 temperatures for frying,                                    process generates a fat
 reduce the rancidity of oils..                              called trans fat that
 No nutritional value                                        today is considered
 added.. Any increase in                                     unhealthy..
 hydrogenated oils increase
 risk of HD.
                                                              Denmark bans trans fat

                What’s the biggest problem, the type or the amount ?
Protein is where the food cost is, protein will be in small
amounts, especially in “Daytime Dine Out” with lower
menu prices.

               $ 2.80

                                 $.20                         $.60


     Food Cost $ 4.80                Menu Price $18.95
Labels have no protein daily

             Do you think this whole picture
             may have something to with our
             overweight problem? TOTAL

             8                             07:21
  a. Protein Number………. 30

  b. Divided By 2 = ………. 15

  c. Add the 15 back to protein number 30

  d. This becomes the Carb number…… 45
     to go with that amount of Protein

 Understanding this formula is only the “TIP OF THE ICE BERG”
 for what it is going to do for you, as you build your Business, and
 teach others “FOOD COACHING”

    STAY WITH ME ON THIS…The value is unbelievable
  Teaching this opens an all new world for them..

                                * Learning the Value of this
                                  causes you to read the
                                  Label altogether different

                                * When this balance is
  4 grams
                                  acted on you have
                                  tremendous opportunity to
                                  effect health and weight,
                45 grams          creates Wellness Culture
30 grams
                                * “HIGH CARBOHYDRATE”
                                  intake especially by itself
                                  is creating serious health
        Here are “NUMBERS” we have
               been taught to use

Figure PROTEIN Number:
30% x (your Calorie number) =_____
Divided by 4 Equals Protein Grams Daily     ½ of 30% is 15
Figure CARBOHYDRATE intake :
45% x (your calorie number) = ______        Add the 15 to
Divided by 4 Equals Number of Carbs Daily   the 30%

Figure FAT Gram Number:                     You have 45%.
25% X (your calorie number ) = _______
Divided by 9 Equals Fat Grams Daily

         It gets more interesting all the time
         The difference

                                                   Baked Red Potato w/
                         Grilled Beef on Skewers   Basil Chicken
                         w/ Mushroom Pilaf         Total calories: 452
Beef Stew
                         Total calories: 440       Protein: 37 g
Total calories: 373
                         Protein: 31 g             Carbohydrates: 57 g
Protein: 30 g
                         Carbohydrates: 46 g       Fat: 9 g
Carbohydrates: 44 g
                         Fat: 14 g                 Calories from fat: 18%
Fat: 8 g
                         Calories from fat: 28%
Calories from fat: 20%

    This is a Lifestyle, “NOT A DIET”
A Wellness Culture Must Be CREATED


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Experience                 Belief


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