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Sefton Central MP Bill Esterson calls for Atos Healthcare to be axed in benefits row


AN AMPUTEE who can’t work because of his poor health has been told he is no longer eligible for disability benefits. George Mullen, from Brighton-le-Sands, had a leg amputated when he was 18 after an accident as an apprentice joiner. Despite this, he continued to work for over 35 years full-time. At the time, a solicitor told him not to go back to work, but he ended up as a successful clerk for a small business, despite suffering from chronic pain. From chronic infections and abscesses at the amputation site, to developed arthritis in his neck, shoulders, back, and the knee and foot of his remaining leg, every day is a struggle for Mr Mullen. But, despite this, he continued to work until a member of the HR department at the company told him he was being retired on health grounds.

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