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					                                      A recent product review by Every Model Magazine titled the 'Natural Botox

Alternative' found Collagen UK's collagen gel to be a fantastic 9/10 with EMM testers with one tester stating

"For a product you can both see and feel working, this is real, it works!".

                                                    The results of the test can be found in the Summer edition of

Every Model Magazine on page 25. In February this year Collagen UK were asked if they could donate product

samples to the EMM team in order to be reviewed for their upcoming Summer edition. The review would be

looking at natural alternatives to botox treatment. The editors at EM Magazine have been on a mission to

promote natural products and non-invasive treatments to all readers as they believe a healthy lifestyle is the key

to maintaining healthy skin, something they want models around the country to embrace.

One of the main founding principles behind Collagen UK was to change the stigma attached to collagen and

prove that collagen isn't something to be feared (or injected) and there are natural alternatives that can produce

the same effects without lasting damage. We felt a review by an authority such as Every Model Magazine would

help us spread the word and get more people interested in the alternative uses of collagen.

We were very excited and proud to see that the EMM testers enjoyed the benefits of using our collagen gel

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