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Social Networking Mindset

You might say that at my birth when the social networking mindset traits were handed out I stood
in the wrong line. My wife and my children spend many hours a week on Facebook. They have
friends from as far away as England, Philippines, and Puerto Rico. Did you know that about 12%
of web users worldwide are on Facebook? What is it that makes people spend tens of hours per
week on Facebook, Twitter, and other social network sites? What kind of traits are people looking
for on those they link up with on the social web sites? Are they looking for people who are a lot
like they are? Are they seeking out people with whom they have some kind of common attraction?
Or are they just in need of friendship in general?

Virtual Friends

Almost every day I get friend requests from Facebook users and followers on Twitter. All this
made me ponder about what inspires a persons social networking mindset. What kind of need is
being filled for people who use the social networks? With the many millions of people online every
day it is quite obvious that these sites are filling some kind of void in the lives of not only men and
women but young children as well. It may be that the social networking mindset makes people
reason that the number of virtual friends they have in the social network sites would somehow
reflect the number of friends they have in their real social circles.

Lack of Charm?

Some think that those who lack charm in real life or are not very popular would tend to over
indulge in the virtual world to compensate for what they lack in their real circle of friends. This
group of people would be expected to spend more time in the social web than they would in the
real world. Their social networking mindset would make them search for friends any place they
can find them.

Personality Types

In actuality the social networking mindset is not that simple because other things like personality
types must be added to the equation. Some people are just extraverts and need attention from
others in real life as well as in the virtual world. Many of us tend to ignore attention getters in the
real world because we are able to read their body language and do not like their endless need for
attention. But they can thrive in social networks where only pictures and words are exchanged
without any hint of body language. Therefore, on a social web site an introvert can be friends with
and extrovert and not even know the other person has a contrasting real attitude.

The 'Self' Social Networking Mindset
The social networking mindset favors the fact that most people love to talk about themselves. And
since people cant read the body language of the other as in a face to face chat a person can get
away with as much talk about him or herself as they like. Statistics show that 80% of posts on
social sites are about the person who made the post.

Social networks fill the human need to connect and expand their circle of friends. Social sites help
people to build ties with others whom they would never have met in their familiar real life circle of


The fact that 90% of web users in the United States alone spend 20% of their online time
connected to a social network site shows us the huge power and influence the social web holds on
our online world.

I am not a social analysis expert or psychologist so what you read here expresses my opinion
about what drives the social networking mindset in people and what makes such sites as
Facebook and Twitter so popular. It may be a few year before sociologists and psychologists
gather enough valid research data to either support or counter my opinions but every attempt was
made to ensure the validity of the points expressed in this post.

About the author: C. Echevarria is a retired military currently dedicated to blogging on several
online sites. You can visit his primary site at

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Check This Link For SOCIAL NETWORKING News Ideas, And Solutions

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