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					WALT (We are learning to)
         • Think, share and change
           our ideas
         • Use evidence to
           formulate a theory
WILF (What I’m looking for)
              You will know you’re
              successful because…
            • You have shared your
              ideas to others in your
              group through discussion
              and active listening
            • You have applied your
              knowledge and
              understanding of
              adaptation by making
              suggestions what life on
              Mars might be like
Talk Partners
       • Share your ideas
         with a partner

       • Listen to your
         partner’s ideas

       • Be ready to share
         some ideas with
Paired work
   Agree what the task is about
   (talk together to decide what the
   outcome will be)

   Talk the task through and
   decide on a way forward
   (discuss and make decisions)

   Work together to complete
   each part of the task (focus and

   Review your work (how well have
   you done?)
                  Paired work
Looks like…..                 Sounds like…..

• both pupils are taking an   • partner voices are being
  active role                   used

• positive body language      • you are taking turns to
  can be seen                   speak

• eye contact is made         • sometimes there may be
• focused and productive
             Group Work



contribute                                actively listen

                cooperate   communicate
Effective group work
         • Choose a group organiser
         • Read or listen to the challenge
         • Brainstorm your ideas to help us
           solve the problem
         • Decide on how we will let
           everyone will have their say
         • Decide on the jobs that need to
           be done
         • Agree the jobs that everyone
           will do
         • Decide how to ensure the
           challenge is carried out safely
         • Check the time to see how we
           are doing
Active listening
    •   look at the person talking
    •   make eye contact
    •   sit still
    •   keep focused
    •   think about what is being said

    Try not to…
    • fidget
    • interrupt
    • be distracted
    • lose track of what is being said
Task 1
             Marsimals File
             How is it adapted to respire?

             How is it adapted to survive extremes of
             surface temperature change?
Looks like
             How is adapted to survive lower gravity?

             How is it adapted to survive with little
                                 The Marsimals community
   Task 2
TASK-As a group choose the best 4 creatures to live together.
        How do they move?                                      Think about,
         Do they move together                                 discuss and
        or individually?
                                                               agree the
                                       What is the
           Do they have           relationship between
           any physical            the creatures? How
           relationship            could they all live /
                                                           How do they feed?
           e.g. shelter, a           work together?
           habitat etc.                                     Do they feed together or
           Where do they
                                                            Do they eat other
           live on the                                     Marsimals or do they
           planet?                                         produce their own food?
                                  How many are there?      How do they do this?

                                  How large are they?
         Stays to
        explain idea

Group 1           Group 2
                                   Group 5          Group 6

 Group 3           Group 4           Group 7          Group 8

Movement of pupils. (Pupils shown as black circles and their
movement as red arrows). One stays to explain their idea and
three move to other 3 groups to ask questions. The same happens
with other 3 groups.
       Question cards to                      How does your group / community

       probe validity                         cope with the following:-

      Ask each group these
      questions. You can make                 1.     - extremes in temperature?
      notes from each group on                2.     - the composition of the gases?
      the cards. Try to use
      scientific ideas in your                3.     - lower gravity compared to earth?
      answers.                                4.     - sun and dust storms?        Group

How does your group / community cope
                                               How does your group / community
with the following:-
                                                   cope with the following:-

1.   - extremes in temperature?
                                               1.     - extremes in temperature?
2.   - the composition of the gases?
                                               2.     - the composition of the gases?
3.   - lower gravity compared to earth?
                                      Group    3.     - lower gravity compared to earth?
                                        no                                             Group
4.   - sun and dust storms?
                                    Group      4.     - sun and dust storms?        Group
                                      no                                             nono
What have
you learnt….     …from what you saw?

                    Our question is?

        from what you
       heard?                   …from what you did?

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