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I do not know if you have one of those books.             out between participative and reflective openness.
These are the books that you have started to read         He defines the traditional approach to openness
but it just seems like you can only handle them in        when he states:
small portions. If you decide to pick up the book,                Participative openness… concerns speaking
you’d better be ready to engage with the                          openly about one’s views…letting
information on a deep level. You are not                          management know what they think without
necessarily going to be captured by how the author                taking any responsibility for problems…
has demonstrated mastery of the English language.                 These mechanisms fail because… they do
This is just a book that you know that you need to                not encourage individual accountability.
read because it encourages you to challenge your                  And they do not surface the kinds of…
mindset. I am currently working through Peter                     information that can motivate learning and
Senge’s book The Fifth Discipline. I have been                    produce real change. (260)
reading it for over a year, and every time that I pick
it up I am challenged to consider an alternative          It is in our attempt to become “reflective” in our
perspective.                                              openness that we are continuing the process of
                                                          creating a true “community of learners.”
I would only recommend this book if you are
interested in exploring a model for change. The           Note: We will defining and sharing ways that we are
                                                          developing in the area of “reflective openness” in the
main idea that has truly resonated with me relates to
                                                          coming editions of this newsletter.
the development of a learning organization. The
idea of a group of people challenging their mental
models and learning from one another is
foundational to who we are becoming as a school
and more specifically as a division.
As I was reading this book over the weekend I was
particularly struck by a contrast that Senge points

                                     Nathan Stevens, Head of Upper School
                                        Hilton Head Preparatory School
                                               671-2286 ext. 306
                                         General Information
•   Check out the Upper School blog http://headofupperschoolhhp.blogspot.com/ . You will also be able to
    access previous versions of this newsletter, follow the Upper School calendar, and access digital media
    that may help to answer some of your questions.

•   3-D (Division, Direction, Discussion) Meetings:
    o First Upper School focused meeting will be Thursday, September 6th, at 8:10 am in the Lower
      School commons
              An update on the enhancements to the Upper School program.
              A time of questions and answers
    o First cross-divisional (all three division heads) meeting will be Thursday, September 13, at 8:05
      am in the Lower School commons.

•   We will have a half day (11:30 Dismissal) for Faculty Development next Wednesday, September

                                Nathan Stevens, Head of Upper School
                                   Hilton Head Preparatory School
                                          671-2286 ext. 306
                                          College Counseling News

Hilton Head Prep is excited to announce that we will be the host campus for “Discover Duke” on
Saturday, October 13, in our Lower School Commons. At that time, Morgan Kirkland, an admissions officer
at Duke, will present an information session about Duke University. The program, which will include a
presentation along with question and answer, will begin at 11:00 a.m. Advance registration is requested, and
will be open initially to our seniors and their families; Duke will be inviting students and families from other
schools in our area, so we request that you let us know that you plan to attend as Duke will give Prep seniors
and their families first priority. (We hope to be able to open this program to underclassmen as well.) If you
wish to attend, please let Peg Hamilton know by Monday, Sept. 10. Thank you.

We will be welcoming many college representatives to the Prep campus over the early fall months. All
students are invited to meet informally with a rep and receive information. We will provide a table on campus
so everyone may have access.
   College representatives currently scheduled are:
      Lynn University – US break, Tuesday, Sept. 4
      Mercer University – US break, Wednesday, Sept. 12
      High Point University, Salem College, and Berry College – US break, Friday, Sept. 14
      Bates College- US break, Monday, Sept.17
      SMU – 1:30 p.m., Friday, Sept. 28 (we hope students will stay a few minutes extra at day’s end for this)
Even though we’re still in the early weeks of the college application season, we are already receiving
information about possible scholarships for seniors. Seniors and their families are encouraged to note the
following opportunities:
   o Wendy’s High School Heisman – open to seniors who have at least a “B” average and who participate in
     at least one school-sponsored sport may apply. Applicants should go to WendysHeisman.com for
     details. Ms. Ham will be pleased to assist.
   o Davidson College announces the nomination process for The Belk Scholarship and The Bryan
     Scholarship. Seniors who are interested in being nominated by Prep should see Ms. Ham.
   o QuestBridge once again announces that its National College Match program is open for this year. This
     program “helps high-achieving lo9w-income students gain admission and full four-year scholarships to
     some of the nation’s best colleges.” The application is available at www.questbridge.org. Ms. Ham will
     be delighted to assist.

                                    Nathan Stevens, Head of Upper School
                                       Hilton Head Preparatory School
                                              671-2286 ext. 306
New testing rules have been announced. All test-takers for both the ACT and the SAT must remember to
bring with them their test admission ticket and a photo ID on the morning of testing. We are no longer
permitted to admit test-takers by “personal recognition” (even though we have known our Prep students for
years). Please help us abide by these new rules; they have been implemented by both the ACT and the SAT to
insure security at all testing administrations. The first ACT of the school year will take place on Saturday, Sept.
8; the first SAT of the school year will occur on Saturday, Oct. 6. For more information, please consult Ms.
Ham in the college office.

We have scheduled a PSAT/SAT review workshop for Sunday, Sept. 23, here on campus. Presented by
Endeavor Resources, the workshop will begin at noon and run until approximately 6:00 p.m. Cost is $75
(which includes all materials) and advance registration is requested. Please let Peg Hamilton know if you are
interested in having your child attend. Note: the PSAT will be given to all sophomores and juniors on
Wednesday, Oct. 17 here at school (no registration for the PSAT is necessary); the SAT will be administered on
Saturday, Oct. 6 here at school. Students wishing to sit for the SAT on that date should go
DcTOMitZ4H3MIY.&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.collegeboard.com%2fwww.collegeboard.com to register.

St. Andrews School in Savannah is hosting a College Information Night on Thursday, September 13th, at
7 pm. Representatives from Wesleyan, Williams, and Swarthmore will be presenting. No reservations

                                     Nathan Stevens, Head of Upper School
                                        Hilton Head Preparatory School
                                               671-2286 ext. 306

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