Concerto-Festival-Schedule3 by cuiliqing


									Time       Name                   Age Category   Instrument      Piece                               Composer
9:15 AM     David B. & Tracy B.   College        cello           Double Concerto                     Vivaldi
9:30 AM    Amy Heald              Adult Prof.    oboe            Oboe Concerto in C K314             Mozart
9:45 AM    David Brown            College        cello           Concerto for Cello                  Lalo
10:00 AM   Forrest Jones          Adult Prof.    bass trombone   Concerto for Bass Tromb. m. 1       Ewazen
10:15 AM   Connor Callister       High School    double bass     Concerto for Dbl. Bass, mvt. 1      Capuzzi
10:30 AM   John O'Neill           High School    horn            Horn concerto #2                    Haydn
10:45 AM   Paul Novak             Middle Sch.    flute           Concertina for Flute                Chaminade
11:00 AM   Andy Shao              High School    violin          Concerto in E minor, mvt. 3         Mendelssohn

11:15 AM BREAK

11:30 AM   Logan McDonald         Middle Sch.    trumpet         Trumpeter's Lullaby                 Anderson
11:45 AM   Mathew Steinberg       Elem. Sch.     violin          Concerto in A minor, Op. 3 #6       Vivaldi/T. Nachez
11:55 AM   Beyer Brady            Elem. Sch.     violin          Gavotte                             Bach
12:05 PM   Wren Brady             Middle Sch.    violin          Song Without Words                  Tchaikovsky/Kreisler
12:15 PM   Wren and Clio Brady    Middle Sch.    violins         Concerto in C minor for 2 violins   Vivaldi


1:00 PM    Max Neidhold           Middle Sch.    bass            L'Elephant                          Saint Saens
1:10 PM    Dennis Wei             High School    violin          Violin Concerto #5 in A major       Mozart
1:25 PM    McKenna Oh             High School    viola           Concerto in D major                 Hoffmeister
1:40 PM    Claire Evans           High School    violin          Violin Concerto in G minor, m1      Bruch
2:00 PM    Charlotte Ebner        High School    flute           Concerto in D major                 Gordeli

2:30 PM    BREAK

2:40 PM    Nathaniel Reyes        High School    bassoon         Bassoon concerto in E minor         Vivaldi
2:50 PM    Rachel Pober           High School    piano           2nd Concerto in G minor, mvt.1      Saint Saens
3:10 PM    Tawni DePaoli          Adult Prof.    violin          Violin Concerto in G mi., m1,2      Bruch
3:30 PM    Sam Knight             Adult Prof.    piano           Concerto #5, mvt. 1                 Beethoven
3:50 PM    Tanya Plescia          Adult Prof.    piano           Piano Concerto, #1, mvt. 1          Prokoviev
4:05 PM    Robyn Neidhold         High School    cello           Concerto #1, mvt. 1                 Shostakovich
4:20 PM    Henry Woolf            High School    flute           Fantaisie Brillante sur Carmen      Borne
4:40 PM    Thyra-Lilja Altunin    Middle Sch.    violin          Concerto in D major, mvt. 1         Bach

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