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					Using the Groove 2007 Backup Server
Vanderbilt domain Groove accounts have access to a Groove 2007 backup service. The Groove 3.1 backup service was discontinued on
Feb. 29, 2008. If you have workspaces created with version 3.1, please follow steps 1-5. If you are backing up Groove 2007 workspaces,
skip to steps 4-5.

Preparing Groove 3.1 workspaces for Groove 2007 backup service.
(Steps 1-3 must be performed for each 3.1 workspace.)

Step 1. Archive your workspace
Right-click on the desired workspace, then click Save As, then Archive.
Click Save when prompted. This will save a complete copy of your workspace, just as it is at this moment.

Step 2: Configure your 3.1 workspace to accept Groove 2007 tools.
Right-click on the desired workspace, then click Properties.
Click the drop-down button for adding tools; select 2007, then click OK.
Step 3: Delete the 3.1 backup tool.
(If your workspace doesn't have this tool, skip to Step 4.)

Double-click on the desired workspace to open it in a new window. Right-click on the Space Backup tool tab; then
click Delete.
When prompted, click Yes.

[Start here if you are backing up Groove 2007 workspaces]
Step 4. Adding Vanderbilt Backup Account 2007 to your Contacts List.
(The Vanderbilt Backup Account 2007 only needs to be added to the Contacts List once. If you've already done
that, skip to Step 5.)
Since Groove workspaces reside on individuals' machines, as opposed to a server, backup is the responsibility of
workspace managers. If you are not a manager of a workspace, you cannot add the backup server to the

To access Vanderbilt's Groove 2007 Backup Server:

      Click the link to the Vanderbilt Backup 2007 VCard.
      Save the page on your desktop with the filename Vanderbilt Backup 2007.vcg.
      Launch Groove Office 2007 (Start bar>>All Programs>>Microsoft Office>>Microsoft Office Groove 2007)
      Go to your desktop and double-click Vanderbilt Backup 2007.vcg.
      Click on the Contacts tab of the Launchbar, and you will see Vanderbilt Backup Account 2007 now listed as
      a contact.

Step 5. Inviting the backup server to your workspace.

      Right-click on Vanderbilt Backup Account 2007.
      Click Invite to Workspace.
A listing of all your workspaces will appear. Select the desired workspace, then click OK.

      In the Send Invitation dialog box, change the role of Vanderbilt Backup Account 2007 to Manager. (Only
      workspace managers have the option to do this.)
      Click Invite.
Once the workspace is downloaded to the backup server, you should see Vanderbilt Backup Account 2007 as
an active member of the workspace.
There will be a new tool tab listed in the workspace called Archive Log. Access this tool tab.
Make sure that the Enable Backup option box is checked.
The workspace will be backed up every 24 hours. The Archive Log tool provides information pertaining to the
backup date and time, filename, and file size. For information on how to restore a workspace, go to How to Restore
a Workspace .

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