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									                     Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute
                   Clubs, Sports and Committees for 2009 - 2010

Clubs                                Staff

A.V. Crew (Anderson Roadies)         Craven,Casey Chessman
Announcements                        D. Craven, P. Sullivan
Art Society                          R. Arndt-Perris, K. Wlasenko, E. Brydges
Chess Club                           C. Stewart

DECA                                 M. Mahoney
Echo Schools Team                    S. McEwan
Environment Club                     S. McEwan, C. Stewart
Film Festival                        D. Craven
Half Marathon Club                   L. Crooks
Impact (Christian Group)             M. Melino, C. Tsai
Latin Dance Club                     L. Pleasance
 Concert - Christmas                 J. Lepage
 Concert - Spring                    J. Lepage
 Jr. Concert Band                    J. Lepage
 Sr. Concert Band                    J. Lepage
 Anderjazz                           J. Lepage
 Jr. Jazz                            E. Brydges
 Vocal Ensemble                      J. Brydges
Ontario Skills Competition           D. Dickie, D. Clark, L. Drapak
Ping Pong Club                       L. Pleasance
Ski/Snowboard Club                   J. Ristow, L. Chambers,
Ski Trip                             S. Stravato, M. Backman
Student Newspaper                    E. Putnam
Theatre Arts
 Drama Production                    TBA
 Improv Team                         M. Rodgers
 Spontaneous Combustion              M. Rodgers, Mike Trites, Sharon Lochan

Weight Training Club                 C. Ordanis

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Sports                           Staff
Badminton - Co-ed Varsity
Baseball - Boys
Basketball - Sr. Boys            D. Hutchcroft
Basketball - Jr. Boys            L. Leonardis
Basketball - Sr. Girls           D. Hutchcroft
Basketball - Jr. Girls           J. White, S. McKinlay
Cross Country Co-ed Varsity      J. Nelson, E. Putnam
Curling - Girls                  C. Bos, J. Nelson
Golf     Boys Varsity            C. Stewart
          Match Play             C. Stewart
Hockey - Boys Varsity            C. Ordanis, K. Scott, D. Gillespie
Lacrosse - Girls Varsity         C. Toll
Lacrosse - Jr. Girls Varsity     C. Toll, J. Piersma
Rugby - Jr. Boys                 J. Dynes
Rugby - Sr. Boys                 S. Noseworthy, L. Leonardis
Soccer - Sr. Boys                L. Leonardis,
Soccer - Jr. Boys                D. Gillespie
Soccer -Varsity Girls            C. Ordanis
Tennis - Co-ed                   B. Dillon, M. Trites
Track & Field - Co-ed Varsity    J. White, P. Sullivan
Volleyball - Sr. Boys            C. Toll
Volleyball - Jr. Boys            P. Sullivan
Volleyball - Sr. Girls           T. Wong, C. Lau

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Committees                                    Staff
Athletic Council                              C. Ordanis, J. White
Christmas Assembly
Commencement                                  S. Tembe, K. Blake
Culture of Peace Committee                    R. Arndt-Perris, C. Bos, D. Craven, L. Crooks,
 Amnesty International                        B. Garrity, B. Harrop, D. Haw, S. Lochan,
 Black History Month                          W. McCormick, S. McEwan, J. Nelson,
 Community Police                             J. Piersma, M. Pires, L. Pleasance, M. Rodgers, M.
 D.R.I.V.E.N.                                 Saney, S. Stravato, P. Sullivan,
  (Durham Region Intimate Partner Violence    S. Tembe
Empowerment Network)
  Foster Child (Wakisa/Angeline)
  Gay/Straight Alliance Group
  Guest Speakers
  Harmony Movement
  Multicultural Month
  Nations of Anderson
  Peace Garden
  Pen Pal Program
  Power Circle
  Remembrance Day Assembly
  St. Vincent’s Kitchen
  Take Back the Night
  United Nations Conference
  White Ribbon Campaign

Grade 8 Orientation for Identified            Academic Resource Department
Grade 9 Day                                   J. Docherty
Grief                                         L. Crooks, S. Tembe, J. Yellowlees
Junior Awards                                 L. Chambers, K. Fitzgerald, J. Nelson,       J.
                                              Ristow, D. Stolar
Library before/after school & lunch)          L. Arvo-Spraggs
Literacy Committee                            J. Docherty, J. Nelson, J. White
Literacy PLC                                  J. Docherty, S. McEwan, K. Blake, K. Soble, J.
                                              Nelson, C. Robinson
LOCOST Car Project                            D. Dickie, D. Clark

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Math Help Room (Rm. 154)      P. Scarth & Math Department
Numeracy in Feeder Schools    P. Scarth

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Prom                                       J Piersma S. Loveless
Resource/Homework Room                     K. Blake, B. Dillon
Rivalry Week                               C. Toll
Safe Schools                               L. Hunter
S.T.A.R. Camp
SCC Representatives                        K. Allan, J. Docherty, L. Hunter, L. Drapak,
                                           P. Scarth
SCC Co-Chairs                              Lynn Leitch, L. Drapak,
Science Fair                               S. McEwan
Science Olympics                           S. McEwan
Site Manager                               C. Stewart
Student Council                            T. Andrikakos, L. Smiley
Staff Book Club                            L. Spraggs
Staff Christmas Party                      L. Drapak
Staff Fund                                 K. Gillespie
Staff Golf                                 L. Crooks
Yearbook                                   K. Wlasenko

Charitable Organizations                   Staff
30 Hour Famine                             M. Melino. C. Tsai
Canadian Cancer Society (Daffodils)        B. Garrity
Christmas Wish                             J. Nelson
Foster Child (Wakisa/Angeline)             D. Haw
Denise House Christmas Collection          K. Gillespie, J. Nelson
Santa Cause                                M. Melino, C. Tsai
Sport-a-thon                               C. Ordanis
Terry Fox Run                              J. White
United Way                                 S. Loveless

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OSSTF                              Staff
Branch President                   J. Scarth
Branch Vice-President
CBC Staff Representative           P. Sullivan, E. Putnam
Branch Secretary/Treasurer         L. Chambers
Health and Safety                  C. Robinson
P.A.C.                             J. Scarth
P.D.                               L. Arvo-Spraggs
P.R.                               J. Scarth
Communications Rep:                J. Scarth

Major School Trips                 Staff
VE Day Trip                        B. Birchard, D. Gillespie, C. Bos, J. Nelson
Shaw Festival Trip                 L. Ibsen
Stratford Trip                     L. Ibsen
Vermont Ski Trip (Feb 2010)        M. Backman, S. Stravato
Japan 2010                         E. Putnam, D. Craven, J. Piersma, L. Crooks

                                                             September 6, 2012 (3:25PM)

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