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									Case Study from Austria
Stefan cel mare University of Suceava                   University of natural resources and
                                                        Applied life Scienes
Faculty of Economics and Public                         Department for Economics- and Social
Administration                                          Science
Suceava, ROMANIA                                        Vienna, AUSTRIA

    Katharina Schmutz
    Environment- & Bio-Ressource Management

                                              Inno Natour 2010
“The Power Arena”

An example of innovative tourism in
                     lower Austria
•   collecting ideas
•   arrangement with Prof. Weiss from BOKU
•   Title: “The mystical Waldviertel”
•   sending e-mails to different tourist organizations
•   Trip to Lower Austria for better information pool and first interview
•   Big surprise -> Project doesn’t exist (anymore)
•   Plan B -> tourist project of the municipality
•   Title: “Power arena of Groß Gerungs”
•   Trekking tours to the attraction “Force Fields”

                              Inno Natour 2010
       Touristical Development
• the region of northern lower Austria is
  barely tapped
• No mass tourism
• Attraction for tourists with
  certain conceptions/interests
  – “archaic” nature -> repose, silence
  – Ancient Castles and monasteries ->
• 2 interviews in Vienna
   – 1st DI Laister: regional planner of Groß Gerungs
   – 2nd Mrs. Floh-Kienast: councilor of cultural affairs
          of Groß Gerungs
• Filter infos

                       Inno Natour 2010
           Idea and Innovation
• 1980: beginning of trekking tours with
  dowsing rods (without route marks)
• Idea: collection of old rural knowledge

                       •Innovational topic:
                       Combine old Knowledge of
                       dowsing rods (Radiesthesia)
                       + force fields “Stonepyramid”
                     (Source: https://www.inf.fu- Natour 2010)
• 1992: The Making Of
   – “Power Arena of Groß Gerungs”
• Formulation of a tourist concept
   – Adventures Theme path for trekking tours
• Application for financial support
   – municipality (rural commune)
   – Leader
• Cooperation with tourist organizations of Waldviertel

                       (Source: Interviews)
• 2 Tourist organization:
                   • Niederösterreich Touristics
     • Destination Waldviertel

• Privat protagonists:
  •Hotels                         •Bakery
  •Inns                           •Butcher

                       Inno Natour 2010
                                  • all inclusive trips:
                                  •Smooth power days
                                  •Fountain of youth days
                                  •Salvation massages
                                  •Trekking tours to the mystical spots
•À la carte: healthy power pyramide

                                      Service: Pyramidebarbecue

               (source:; http://www.herz-
• Creation of marketing
• Convincing the municipality of this idea
• Looking for sponsoring
  – Federal state government
  – Private sponsors (factories)
• Looking for cooperators
  – Rural organisations

                      Inno Natour 2010
• 1980: 7000 overnight stay
  – (without cardio – vascular centre)
• 2008: 20 000 overnight stays
  – (without the cardio – vascular centre;
  – with 90 000)
• There are no statistics about the improvement
  made by the “Power Arena of Groß Gerungs”

                     Inno Natour 2010
         Sustainable Development
• Social issue:
   – How to keep the financial benefit in the region?
   – How to conserve the local authenticity?
• Ecological issue:
   – Positioning of blocking zones on
      • field path
      • water protection area
           – alternative road; parking spaces

• Economic issue:
   – Participation and Involvement in this project

              (Source: Interviews with DI Laister and Mrs. Floh)
  Coucilor of
cultural affairs

(Source: Interview with Mrs. Floh)
Struggles and Challenges to cope with
• No exception from the mayor
   – No more financial support
   – No support from the other councils
• Only 2 people responsible
   – Organic farmer: who has 2 businesses (farmer + tourist guide)
   – Other one is retired
• Project needs relaunch and investment
   – Old homepage, new offers and
• No public transport system
   – Takes 4 ½ hours from Vienna (1 ½ by car!)

                                Inno Natour 2010
• Relaunch and Investment for the Homepage
   – Travel packages all around the “Power Arena”
• Better transport possibilities
   – Offerings with the bus enterprise for groups travels
• My opinion
   – great project with lot of potential
   – Should become an own organization form
   – Search for new Investors and supporting projects

                        Inno Natour 2010
Thank you for your attention!

          Inno Natour 2010

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