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									To: Goehring, Tessa M (S-Menno)

Thursday, September 29, 2011 7:46 AM

I got a hold of Carol last night. She is very excited about the possibilities, but needs some information
from you. The email address below is a way to contact her as well as her cell 261- 5716. She usually
doesn't get home until after 9 from her job at Sanford. So...let me know what you think.
-Mrs. K.

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From: Betsy Knodel []
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 6:02 AM
To: Knodel, Betsy
Subject: Adaptive

Email -adaptive

What you need to do for this project?
What are your expectations?
Would you be interested in an adaptive aquatics position that is open right now?
They meet for lessons M-TH 3-8, but the SO team will meet on Saturdays.


   Hi! This is Tessa Goehring from Menno High School! First I'll tell you a little
about myself I guess. I'm a senior here at Menno and next year I plan on
attending USD as a pre-physical therapy major with an emphasis on aquatic
therapy. I have taught swimming lessons for my community for the past year and
last summer I volunteered at the Special Olympic summer games and really
enjoyed it! I'm a certified WSI and in CPR and in Lifeguarding.

Each year the seniors have to complete a Senior Project which consists of a
research paper and based on your research you have to come up with some type
of product. Mrs. Knodel gave me the idea of working with you and I thought that
was a super! They want you to focus your work on community involvement
whether in your own or anyone else’s it doesn’t matter. Um, what I expect from
this is just kind of like a job shadowing and a bit of research but more
importantly fun. I want to work with kids in the water when I’m older and I
figure maybe I would be able to talk to some parents on the Saturdays if I could
come up and just talk to them about maybe if they have seen improvements in
their children threw water and more importantly if they have fun while being in
the water. Last year I did a research paper on the benefits of aquatics and I
asked Mrs. Knodel if Shane liked the water and I got really positive feedback
from that so it’s almost been an inspiration to me. At this point I’m open to any
ideas you might have with anything I can do! Let me know you have any
anymore questions or anything really! Thanks so much for your time!

Tessa Goehring
Menno High School

Tess I look forward in working with you but before you start I will need you to go to Sanford hospital and
see some one in the volunteer office and tell them you would like to “volunteer for Carole Wolf re: the
Adaptive Aquatics program at the wellness center” Once that is in place then we can talk re: your
involvement in the program.

As to Special Olympics that is another different piece please see other email.

Carole Wolf
Master Teacher/Licensed Sd Teacher
Adaptive Aquatics

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